Gray Taxidermy is Continuing to Perfect the Art of Mounting Fish. Now Showcased with an Entirely Newly Designed Website by


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									Gray Taxidermy is Continuing to Perfect the Art of Mounting Fish. Now
Showcased with an Entirely Newly Designed Website.

Pompano Beach, FL, February 01, 2013 --( Graytaxidermy announces the launch of its new
and updated interactive web site

The new site features an enhanced user experience using a dynamic state of the art design and layout.
Once again the main navigation has been enhanced and simplified for accelerated navigation. Multiple
new categories are added with continued video section and service options. Visitors can more easily
connect with the company and other users via redesigned Social Media applications. Automatic
testimonials and photo submission features are also added. In addition a product image zoom feature has
been added to allow visitors to more closely view the details of each product offered.

Among the many enhanced features are:

· Enhanced graphic design utilizing the latest html5 standards.
· Product imagery zoom feature, allowing visitors a detailed product view.
· Faster, simplified navigation with quick access to product imagery and instant acquisition of species and
product information.
· Video and editorial theatre of television segments, news and topics regarding Gray Taxidermy, marine
taxidermy in general and the overall fishing industry.
· Streamlined customer service access.
· Website blog including easy sharing and bookmaking via RSS feeds and social media.
· Automatic testimonial submission
· Automatic photo gallery submission

“Customer satisfaction is the most vital part of our business,” said CEO Ian Hall. “We strive to create a
broad spectrum of quality products backed by superior customer service. Each Graytaxidermy product
featured on the site is handcrafted for maximum durability. Graytaxidermy now gives visitors the speed
they need to quickly browse the site and acquire their targeted need.”

About Gray Taxidermy
Graytaxidermy is specializing in handcrafting the finest fish mounts and tournament trophies available.
We have been in business for over 50 years and have now created more than 500,000 of the world's finest
made marine taxidermy and replica fish mounts. Gray Taxidermy fish trophies are available and
distributed world-wide.

Choosing Gray Taxidermy means not only will you be receiving your fish mount of a life time; you are
also getting the most expertise and the best quality fish mount backed by top Captains and
Fishermen/Women in the world. Professional fishermen and recreational anglers keep coming back to
gray's for their fish mounts, knowing quality is never compromised.

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