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Jacksonville Laser Professional, Dr. Jill Lezaic, Helps Reduce Tattoo Removal Completion Time


Dr. Jill Lezaic provides the tattoo removal Jacksonville residents can rely on. The doctor uses the most advanced technology and methods to remove tattoos quickly and effectively. The doctor offers patients the care plans that are designed to address their unique needs and give them the results they want using state-of-the-art methods, techniques and equipment.

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									Jacksonville Laser Professional, Dr. Jill Lezaic, Helps Reduce Tattoo
Removal Completion Time

Jacksonville Beach, FL, 1-FEB-2013 - Dr. Jill Lezaic has recently been
recognized for her success in providing the tattoo removal Jacksonville
residents seek effectively and quickly. The doctor uses the most
advanced, state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the process of
tattoo removal is completed with minimal discomfort or damage to the
areas of the skin being addressed.

When interviewed recently Dr. Lezaic shared her commitment to providing
the highest quality of care to her patients. "A tattoo received when a
person is young can often impact their later life in a negative way. In
some cases a tattoo may prevent an individual from getting the job they
want or cause them to feel uncomfortable about removing clothing that is
covering the embarrassing ink. In the past getting a tattoo removed was
often painful and, in most cases, did damage to the skin or could not be
removed to the satisfaction of the individual. I am continually expanding
my knowledge and use of equipment, methods and changes in the industry to
ensure that my patients receive the care that fits their specific needs
and we get the desired results as quickly as possible. It is very
fulfilling to erase the regrets of an individual and see their self
confidence improve when the tattoo has been removed."

A problem for most people who want to get tattoos removed is the fact
that there are so many different inks used by tattoo artists and the
depth of color can vary greatly. A person may get a meaningful tattoo
when they are young that loses its significance and becomes unsightly as
they age. During the initial consultation Dr. Lezaic performs an
examination and testing to determine the type of removal procedure that
will be most effective for the patient.

As part of the removal process the patient receives a tissue nutrient
solution that is specifically designed to repair, hydrate and sooth the
skin. The doctor makes recommendations for the steps that the patient can
take to protect their skin during and after the process has been
completed. When a number of tattoos must be removed the doctor will
assess each tattoo and discuss the length of time required before the
procedure will be completed. In addition, the doctor provides valuable
information about the type of ink that has been used for the tattoo being
removed and what the patient can expect when the removal is completed.

To get more information about the tattoo removal Jacksonville residents
can get from Dr. Jill Lezaic, visit today.
Individuals and members of the press wishing to get more details about
this press release will find contact information below.

Dr. Jill Lezaic

Laser Skin Solutions Jacksonville

1300 Marsh Landing Pkwy #104

Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
Telephone: 904-273-5454


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