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									Jewelry from Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh, also called the land of diversity, is a state located in northern India. It is the fifth largest state of India
with over 200 million inhabitants; it is the most populous state in the country. Lucknow as we all know is the capital of
Uttar Pradesh, and Kanpur is its economical and industrial capital. Hindi is the official language spoken in UP.

Uttar Pradesh offers a mix of traditional and western fashion. The same is reflected in its jewelry. Be it necklaces or
bracelets, earrings or bangles, this state gives you innumerable number of options to choose from.

Changing Trends in Jewelry

India and jewelry, jewelry and Indian women – these terms are interlinked. In India, at weddings, parents and
relatives of the bride and groom gift her jewels. They say jewelry is the most apt gift that could be given to a girl as it
enhances the beauty. The most popular jewelry that a girl wishes to have is gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, or last but
not the least silver ornaments.

Heavy gold jewelry is nowadays not used in daily wear as with time the sense of fashion has also changed. Instead
majority of girls are opting for brass jewelry, German silver jewelry and gold plated ornaments. Also, there is no need
to travel to faraway places or get locally sourced and in many cases hand crafted jewelry as girls can buy jewelry
online now. But, where to buy from? Go to and explore the beautiful collection of bracelets,
earrings, necklaces, rings, pendants, and so on…

Places like Hathras and Moradabad are famous for their brass and German silver jewelry. Hathras district, earlier
known as mahamaya nagar is a district of uttar Pradesh state in India, and hathras district is a part of Aligarh
division. Hathras in particular is famous for its beautiful handcrafted Brass and German silver accessories, making it
the 'Accessories Capital' of India. Accessories like oxidized gold brass earrings, silver colored brass earrings, brown
bead earrings, blue beads necklace, brown beads german silver necklace, golden colored brass choker, golden
colored brass mesh choker, filigree butterfly pendant, filigree rose design pendant, etc are famous items of hathras,
odisha, and Moradabad.

The artisans in this town have been exporting their products to Europe and the US for decades now. You will even
find accessories from this town in the collections of many fashion houses.

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