Tips for Professional Formatting by liamdavis


									Tips for Professional Formatting

The free fax messaging is a communication service you can enjoy with a VoIP service plan. VoIP is an
acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. Although that sounds terribly complicated, all it really means
is that you now have a more affordable alternative other than the traditional landline service. What’s
more, VoIP service plans tend to include cool features like being able to send online fax messages –
something you would never experience with a landline service plan.

   Common Tips for Professional Formatting of Fax Messages- If it’s just a personal fax message that
    you are sending out, then sure, you can get away with any kind of formatting. It’s different,
    however, when it comes to business fax messages. The wrong formatting choices can easily cause
    you to lose important clients or business partners. If you want to avoid unnecessary risks for your
    business, take the time to learn the basics of proper formatting for sending online fax messages.

   Take your Time with Formatting- This is very important. You may have the luxury of sending and
    receiving free fax messages, but what about your recipient? Remember that every page you fax will
    cost them money, too. You may afford to commit mistakes and resend your messages, but they

   Stick with a Plain White Background- Even if you are a creative advertising firm, it’s still safe to stick
    with a plain white background. Most other firms prefer their fax messages formatted that way. If
    you are keen to impress the other party with your professionalism, then you should play by their
    rules as often as you can. There are other opportunities to be creative. Also, you need to keep in
    mind that a plain white background helps make the content of your message more visible and
    legible. If you opt for a printed or colored background, the other party may be forced to request for
    your message to be faxed again. Again, this boils down to whether or not the recipient also has the
    means to receive and send free fax messages. If they don’t, then you have just created an
    unnecessary expense for their business.
   Use Proper Font Formatting- It is also important to pay attention to font color. As much as possible,
    stick with black color for your text because this is the easiest shade to be recognized when working
    with a plain white background. Font size 12 is also ideal especially if you combine it with standard
    sans serif font faces such as Arial or Times New Roman.

   Use a Standard Page Size- Last but not the least; remember to use a standard page size for your fax
    message. Letter (8.5” x 11”) and legal (8.5” x 14”) sizes are standard choices but many firms also
    consider A3 and A4 sizes acceptable. If you are unsure, then do not hesitate to contact the other
    party and ask about their preferred paper size. It’s also the courteous thing to do if you already
    know that the other party is not capable of sending or receiving free fax messages.

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