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					                       Preliminary Program
                        International Congress of
               International Medical Laser Association and
    European Medical Laser Association (Reg. No. VS/1-1/58752/04-R)
                           in cooperation with
 State Research and Clinical Center for Laser Medicine (Moscow, Russia),
           V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Ukraine),
          Laser and Health International Association (Ukraine),
                Medical Acupuncture and Laser (Finland),
                World Association for Laser Applications

              LASER HELSINKI 2012
                          Helsinki, Finland
                         24 – 29 August 2012
    and satellite XXXVII International Scientific and Practical Conference
      Application of Lasers in Medicine and Biology
            organized by Laser and Health International Association                              
 Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress                 2                        Preliminary Program

 Important Dates and Deadlines for Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress
 We are happy to invite you to visit Finland and participate at Laser Helsinki 2012
 International Congress and satellite XXXVII International Scientific and Practical
 Conference Application of Lasers in Medicine and Biology. This meeting is
 dedicated to various fields of laser medicine and research, medical laser technology,
 phototherapy and photobiology.

Dates of scientific sessions of Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress      25 - 26 August 2012
Pre- and Post- conference courses                                 24 and 27 August 2012
Cultural program, trip to Stockholm                               27 - 29 August 2012
 Main topics of the congress are: update of basic research and clinical experience of
 laser therapy and photodynamic therapy of different diseases and conditions, laser
 application in surgery and aesthetic medicine, lasers in veterinary medicine, laser
 acupuncture, laser vs. LED therapy, etc. Topics how to combine laser therapy with
 LED therapy, electric and magnetic stimulation, as well as with the correct diet and
 food supplement application will be also presented.
 Simultaneous translation from Russian to English, Finnish , possibly German and back
 during the Congress will break language barrier and will significantly improve
 communication between professionals from different countries.
 Abstracts of the congress will be published in a supplement to the journal
 “Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy”, published by Elsevier.
 Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress will take place in Scandic Marina Congress Center. It
 is a unique congress and conference complex in the heart of Helsinki.
 Cultural program includes tours of the central historic part of Helsinki, as well as one
 day visit to Stockholm (Sweden) after completing the congress.                                   
Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress                     3                           Preliminary Program

                                Organizing Committee

                            Co-chairmen and Managing Director
     Alexander V. Geinitz, MD., PhD. (Russia), Co- chairperson of the Organizing Committee,
     Dc.M.Sci, Professor, Director of the State Research and Clinical Center for Laser Medicine
     Anu Makela, MD., PhD (Finland), Co-chairperson of the Organizing Committee, ABER
     Levon Gasparyan, MD., PhD (Finland), Managing Director of the Congress, EMRED Oy

                                Members of Organizing Committee
     G. Brill (Russia), MD., Dc.M.Sci, Professor, Department of Pathophysiology, Saratov State
           Medical University named after V.I. Razumovsky, Saratov
     H. Hainz (Germany), MD., Medical Senior Adviser Laser Industry, Rheinbach
     М. Кaplan (Russia), MD., Dc.M.Sci, Professor, Chief of the Laser and Photodynamic
          Therapy Department of the Medical Radiological Research Centre of Russian Academy
          of Sciences, Obninsk
     A. Korobov (Ukraine), PhD., Head of Scientific and Research Laboratory for Quantum
          Biology and Quantum Medicine, V.N. Karazin Kharkov National University, Kharkov
     G. Litscher (Austria), Prof. MSc PhD MDsc, Head of the Stronach Research Unit for
           Complementary and Integrative Laser Medicine, of the Research Unit of Biomedical
           Engineering in Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine, and of the TCM Research
           Center Graz, Medical University of Graz, Graz
     U. Oron (Israel), PhD., Prof., Department of Zoology, The George S. Wise Faculty of Life
          Sciences, Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv
     N. Petrishchev (Russia), MD., Dc.M.Sci, Professor, I.P. Pavlov Federal Medical University,
           St. Petersburg
     M. Procházka (Czech Republic), MD., Rehabilitace Jarov, Prague
     H. Romberg (Germany), PhD., Dr. Hans Romberg Medizintechnik, Stutensee, and I³M,
     K. Samoilova (Russia), PhD., Dc.Sci, Professor, Head of Department of photobiology,
          Institute of Cytology of Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg
     C. Schroeter (the Netherlands), MD., Department of Lasertherapy, Medical Centre
          Maastricht, Maastricht
     D. Siposan (Romania), Assoc. Prof., Ph.D in Physics, Technical Military Academy, Bucharest
     P. Smalley (USA), R.N., CMLSO, Course Lecturer, Chicago
     G. Tam (Italy), MD., LaserCentro Tam, Villa Santina
     L. Wilden (Germany), MD., Privatpraxis Dr. Lutz Wilden, Regensburg                                           
Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress                 4                        Preliminary Program

              Main Topics of the Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress
            Local and systemic effects of laser light
            Local and systemic applications of photodynamic therapy (PDT)
            Laser light and skin, laser-tissue interactions, aesthetic surgery
            Laser safety and quality of laser treatment
            Intravenous laser therapy
            Methods of laser surgery in different branches of medicine
            Laser and electro-laser acupuncture
            Laser modulation of stem cell activities
            Comparison of effects of laser light of different colours
            Lasers and LEDs: comparative studies
            Lasers in physiotherapy
            Lasers in dentistry
            Laser ENT
            Lasers in gynecology and urology
            Laser treatment of cardiovascular disorders
            Intra-articular Laser Therapy
            Lasers in veterinary sciences
            Lasers is diagnostics
            Basics of laser physics                                    
Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress                        5                            Preliminary Program

                  Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress Preliminary Program
                            Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th August 2012
August 24, 2012
 Time    August 24, 2012
         Rooms 1
         Pre congress Courses
         Scandic Marina Congress Center
        Welcome cocktail
August 25, 2012
 Time    August 25, 2012
         Main hall, August 25, 2012
         Opening words and Welcome greetings

 Time    Main hall, August 25, 2012
         Plenary session: Lasers in surgery
         Chair: A.V. Geynits, G. Litscher,
         Laser technologies for treating acute destructive pancreatitis and peritonitis; S1(1),
         S21(62), S26(77), S26(78)
         A.V. Geynits
         Microspot CO2, pulse dye laser, KTP for laryngeal surgery in benign lesions: when
         and how? S7(20)
         J. Abitbol, P.Abitbol.
         Experience concerning integration of NdYAG laser and PDT used sequentially in
         tracheo-bronchial cancers; S7(22)
         K. Moghissi
         Combination of rectangular pulsed Er:YAG and Nd:YAG laser treatments for skin
         ageing signs correction; S21(61)
         L. Spokoyny, D. Shustov
         Core decompression by laser osteoperforation: a new & minimal invasive modality
 10.55   for treatment of avascular necrosis (AVN) of femoral head. A preliminary report;
 11.10   S8(25)
         M. Yakub Ali, J. Md. Sarwar, Muhd. M. Rahman
 11.10   Announcement and information about World Laser Congress (20-23 June
 11.15   2013)
         Coffee break and exhibition
Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress                    6                          Preliminary Program

 Time    Main hall, August 25, 2012
         Plenary session: Systemic effects of light and PDT
         Chair: K. Moghissi, Y. Salomon
         Cellular and molecular mechanisms of photobiomodulation via activation of
         mitochondrial respiratory chain; S4(13)
         T.I. Karu
 12.00   Evidence-based integrative laser medicine; S15(43)
 12.30   G. Litscher
 12.30   Current state of photodynamic therapy in Russia; S13(37)
 13.00   E.Ph. Stranadko
         Photo-generated oxygen and nitroxide radicals drive tumor ablation in vascular
 13.00   targeted photodynamic therapy with Tookad®-Soluble: from the laboratory bench to
 13.30   the patient's bedside; S12(36)
         Y. Salomon,A.Scherz
         Comparative evaluation of antitumoral efficiency of preparation chlorin-amine-
         amide-1 in a various forms for photodynamic therapy of sarcoma M-1; S11(32)
         I.V. Kashirtseva, M.A. Kaplan, G.V. Ponomarev, A.I. Malygina
         Lunch break and exhibition
         Poster session
Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress                    7                           Preliminary Program

 Time Room 1 Main hall, August 25, 2012        Time    Room 2, August 25, 2012
      PDT in oncology                                  Lasers in Dermatology and
      Chair: K. Moghissi, N.F. Gamaleia                cosmetology
                                                       Chair:      G.      Ponomarenko,
                                                       N. Petrishchev
         Nanotechnology–a key to improving             Laser remodeling of keloid scars;
 15.00   efficiency in photodynamic therapy    15.00   S20(58)
 15.30   of tumors (review lecture); S10(30)   15.30   I. Kurganskaya, G. Ponomarenko
         N.F. Gamaleia
         Modern state of photosensitizer               New generation red and infrared
         synthesis for photodynamic therapy            therapeutic lasers in antiage
 15.30                                         15.30
         and photodiagnostics in Russia and            treatments of face and neck; S18(54)
 15.45                                         15.45
         future perspectives; S38(113)                 L. Efimova, E. Nikiforova, P.
         G.V. Ponomarev, V.A. Borisov                  Kozhevnikov
         Photodynamic therapy in treatment             Possibilities of usage of laser
         of breast cancer; S10(31)                     technology for diagnosis and
         E.V. Goranskaya, M.A. Kaplan, V.N.            treatment of lipofilling and
 15.45                                         15.45
         Kapinus, Y.A. Ragulin, E.V.                   facelifting; S18(53)
 16.00                                         16.00
         Yaroslavceva-Isaeva, I.S.                     A.I. Baybekov, I.M. Baybekov
         Spichenkova, A.M. Shubina, M.V.
         Lasers and light emitting diodes in           Correction of age-related changes in
         diagnostics and treatment of tumors           facial skin using incoherent narrow-
 16.00                                         16.00
         located in ocular adnexa; S9(27)              band radiation of a wavelength 650
 16.15                                         16.15
         L. Bloznelytė-Plėšnienė                       nm; S19(56)
                                                       V.V. Kiryanova, A.S. Kirillova
       Photodynamic therapy of skin                    Korobov photon chambers for
       melanoma; S13(38)                               treatment and prevention of diabetic
 16.15                                         16.15
       E.Ph. Stranadko                                 foot syndrome;
 16.30                                         16.30
                                                       A.M. Korobov, V.A. Korobov,
                                                       O.M. Boykacheva
       Photodynamic therapy of dermal                  The comparison of autofluorescent
       metastases of disseminated                      dermoscopy (AFD) diagnostic
 16.30                                         16.30
       melanoma; S9(28)                                efficiency. Possible uses of AFD in
 16.45                                         16.45
       O. Borgul, M.A. Kaplan                          dermatocosmetology; S19(57)
                                                       A.V. Krylov, E.V. Krylova
       Immunocorrecting action of the                  Prospects of application of new
       Selective Chronophototherapy of the             photosensitizer “Elophit” in
       breast cancer and the cancer of the             photodynamic therapy for treating
 16.45                                         16.45
       brain; S10(29)                                  some dermatologic diseases;
 17.00                                         17.00
       V.A. Borisov, O.A. Guseva                       S20(59)
                                                       E.V. Nikolaeva, Yu.V. Alexeev,
                                                       G.V. Ponomarev, R.F. Baum
       New highly effective nanostructured             The use of laser therapy in the
       IR-photosensitizers for                         treatment of ichthyosis in newborns;
       photodynamic therapy of deeply                  S18(52)
 17.00 located and pigmented tumors;           17.00   A.H. Abrahamyan
 17.15 S36(108)                                17.15
       M.A. Grin, I.V. Pantjushenko, R.I.
       Reshetnikov, G.A. Meerovich, A.F.
       Mironov, A.V. Geynits                                          
Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress                    8                           Preliminary Program

 Time Room 1 Main hall, August 25, 2012        Time    Room 2, August 25, 2012
       Chemical traps of singlet oxygen as a           Comparison of effects of low level
       method of investigation of                      laser and LED irradiation on
 17.15 mechanisms of photodynamic              17.15   experimental skin wounds in rabbits;
 17.30 therapy; S36(104)                       17.30   S19(55)
       I.V. Berezovska, M.M. Rozhitskii                M. Ghaemi, D. Sharifi, S. Mokmeli,
                                                       P. Golmai
       Spectral luminescent properties of              Visualization of the early
       methylpheophorbid a in molecular                manifestations of ischemic injury
 17.30 and nano forms; S37(110)           17.30        using autofluorescence
 17.45 V.B. Loshchenov, S.Yu.             17.45        organoscopy; S38(112)
       Vasilchenko, A.V. Ryabova, G.V.                 N. Petrishchev, K. Uk, М.
       Ponomarev                                       Galagudza, G. Papayan
       General Assembly of EMLA, Room 1
       General Assembly of IMedLA, Room 1
 19.00 Gala Evening, Scandic Marina Congress Center                                          
Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress                       9                           Preliminary Program

 Time Room 3, August 25, 2012
       Cellular and tissue effects of light, Lasers in rheumatology, Lasers in
       Chair: S.M. Fedorov, G. Tam
       Effects of coherent and incoherent optical radiation on pathologically functioning
       spermatozoa; S6(17)
       V.A. Timanyuk, E.A. Romodanova, A.P. Lytyuga, T.A. Strelkova
       Effect of magnetic-photo stimulating the system of nitric oxide in arterial
       hypertension; S4(11)
       S.M. Fedorov, Y.P. Korkach, V.F. Sagach
       Deceleration of tumor growth after irradiation of tumor-bearing mice and
       transplanted tumor cells with polichromatic visible and infrared light; S5(14)
       V.V. Kosheverova, N.A. Knyazev, N.A. Filatova, K.A. Samoilova
       The absorption behaviour of oxygen and the mitochondrial energy transfer – the
       importance of electromagnetic radiation (light); S6(19)
       L. Wilden
 16.00 Investigations on photoreceptor systems for the development of light therapy; S6(16)
 16.15 D. Siposan
       Symptomatic therapy of mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the knee with light
       emitting diodes; S32(94)
       I. Frangez, T. Kuralt, H. Ban-Frangez, D.M. Smrke
 16.30 LLLT for scoliosis; S33(96)
 16.45 A. Harila
       Method of psychological and reflex treatment of locomotive disorders (stroke,
       humeroscapular periarthritis, hip arthrosis); S33(97)
       V.V. Kiryanova, E.A. Demchenko, E.R. Barantsevich, A.S. Reukov
       Effects of LLLT on the periarthritis of the shoulder: a clinical study on different
 17.00 treatments with low level laser therapy, corticosteroid injections or a wait-and-see
 17.15 policy; S33(98)
       G. Tam
       Preliminary findings of a randomised placebo-controlled trial to test the effectiveness
       of laser acupuncture on osteoarthritis knee pain; S15(44)
       M.L. Rees
 17.30 Advantages of laser acupuncture; S16(45)
 17.45 O.E. Schegol
       General Assembly of EMLA, Room 1 Main hall
       General Assembly of IMedLA, Room 1 Main hall
 19.00 Gala Evening, Scandic Marina Congress Center                                            
Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress                     10                          Preliminary Program

August 26, 2012

 Time    Main hall, August 26, 2012
         Plenary session: Cellular and tissue effects of light
         Chair: G.E. Brill, F. A.H. Al-Watban
         Effect of low power laser and microwave radiation on human histone self-assembly;
         G.E. Brill
 09.30   Laser biomodulation of normal and neoplastic cells; S3(8)
 09.50   F. A.H. Al-Watban
         Use of laser and light on the regulation of growth factors and inflammatory
 09.50   mediators involved in oligodendrocyte maturation and function and myelin repair;
 10.20   S30(90)
         A. Mäkelä
         Antitrombotic effect of polychromatic visible and infrared light in experimental
         model of thrombosis of main artery; S25(75)
         K.A. Samoilova, E.Yu. Vasina, T.D. Vlasov, S.G.Chefu
 10.50   Therapeutic action mechanisms of low intensity laser radiation; S5(15)
 11.15   S.V. Moskvin
         Coffee break and exhibition

 Time    Main hall, August 26, 2012
         Plenary session: Lasers in immunology and preventive medicine
         Chair: F. Raggi, L. Hode
         Nonspecific resistance factors and humoral immunity indicators animals blood with
 11.30   experimental peritonitis after visible light irradiation λ = 595 nm; S27(80)
 11.50   E.M. Klimova, A.M. Korobov, A.I. Bojkov, T.A. Lesnaya, E.V. Lavynskaya, E.A.
         Bichenko, A.N. Agarkova
         Leykocytic response of inflammation zone and peripheral blood of experimental
 11.50   animals with peritonitis model to the effect of nonmonochromatic radiation with 530
 12.10   nm wavelength
         Korobov A.M., Lesnaya T.A., Korobov V.A., Lobanov A.N.
         Medical applications of intravenous laser blood irradiation and LED phototherapy in
         sport medicine; S29(85)
         F. Raggi, G. Vallesi
 12.30   Effect of green LED light on the injured nerve in the experiment; S30(89)
 12.50   P. Guzalov, V.V. Kiryanova
 12.50   Immunomodulatory effects of non-monochromatic infrared radiation; S28(82)
 13.10   T.A. Lesnaya, A.M. Korobov
 13.10   Threshold and WALT dosage recommendations; S2(4), S2(6)
 13.30   H.A. Romberg
 13.30   Lasers are not dangerous; S1(2)
 13.50   L. Hode
         Poster session
         Lunch break and exhibition
Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress                       11                           Preliminary Program

 Time Room 1 Main hall, August 26, 2012           Time    Room 2, August 26, 2012
       Lasers in dentistry, Lasers in ENT,                Lasers       in     urology       and
       Lasers in haematology and                          gynaecology,         Lasers         in
       circulation                                        endocrinology
       Chair: D.V. York, S.A. Gulyar                      Chair: H. Hainz, A.M. Korobov
       Laser used for bone recovery at the                High energy lasers enable a
       periodontal patient; S18(51)                       paradigm shift in surgery with cost
 15.00                                            15.00
       D.V. York, A.Kh. Butaev, N.                        reduction pattern could be history of
 15.30                                            15.15
       Koufmann, I.M. Baybekov                            prostate therapy; S7(24)
                                                          H. Hainz
       Anti-inflammatory and bactericidal                 Photodynamic therapy in vulva
       action of LED Medolight device at                  dystrophic diseases treatment;
 15.30                                            15.15
       treatment of dental diseases; S17(48)              S35(103)
 15.45                                            15.30
       S.A. Gulyar, N.I. Koval, N.I. Gryg,                O.V. Makarov, A.Z. Khashukoeva,
       I.E. Voronina, E.A. Koval                          O.B. Otdelnova, E.S. Kupeeva
       LLLT four step treatment method for                Fluorescent control of
       pain reduction in temporomandibular                photodynamic therapy of benign
       joint dysfunction; S16(47)                         virus-associated diseases of the
 15.45                                            15.30
       M.E. Dincher, J.D. Carroll                         uterine cervix using chlorin-based
 16.00                                            15.45
                                                          photosensitizer; S34(101)
                                                          A.R. Khachaturian, G.V. Papayan,
                                                          N.N. Petrishchev, Uk Kang
         The effect of an Er, Cr: YSGG laser              Fluorescent cystoscopy at first and
         on the microleakage and bond                     control examination of the patient
         strength of silorane and micro-hybrid            with bladder cancer; S34(100)
 16.00                                            15.45
         composite restorations to human                  S.I. Gorelov, E.Z. Scherbakovskii
 16.15                                            16.00
         permanent molar teeth; S16(46)
         O. Baygin, F.M. Korkmaz, T.
         Tuzuner, B. Bagis , I. Arslan
         Medical combined laser and                       Diagnostics of insufficiency of
         lightdiode technoloqies in out-patient           connective tissue component of
         otorhinolaryngology; S23(67);                    vaginal wall at pelvic organ prolapse
         Photodynamic therapy for non-                    and urinary incontinence in women
 16.15   tumoral diseases; S23(68)                16.00   by the technique of stokes
 16.30   E.V. Likhacheva, Yu.V. Alexeev,          16.15   polarimetry of orientation fibrillar
         G.V. Ponomarev                                   structure of the connective tissue
                                                          component of vaginal wall;
                                                          L. Tryfonyuk, O. Ushenko
       The different response of the main                 Use of photon matrices for the
       symptoms of inner ear exhaustion to                correction of disorders, associated
 16.30 a specific high dosage low level laser     16.15   with organism adaptive ability of the
 16.45 therapy; S24(70)                           16.30   antarctic winterers; S29(84)
       L. Wilden                                          Y.V. Moiseyenko, V.B. Pavlenko,
                                                          S.A. Madyar, A.M. Korobov
       Trial of low power (790-805 nm)                    Less common indications for LLLT;
 16.45 diode laser in reduction of tinnitus       16.30   S26(76)
 17.00 symptoms; S24(69)                          16.45   C. Bäckström, L Hode
       W.M. Salman                                              
Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress                    12                           Preliminary Program

 Time Room 1 Main hall, August 26, 2012        Time    Room 2, August 26, 2012
       Efficiency of laser technology in               Antiviral effect of photodynamic
       prognosis and treatment of                      therapy in experiment in vitro;
 17.00                                         16.45
       gastrointestinal bleeding; S24(71)              S28(83)
 17.15                                         17.00
       I.M. Baybekov, A.Kh. Butaev, N.A.               O.V. Makarov, A.Z. Khashukoeva,
       Strizhkov                                       O.A. Svitich, E.A. Markova
       Laser irradiation of blood for                  Paradoxical potentiation of
       correction of the RBC forms in ulcer            antimicrobial photoinactivation by
       bleeding; S24(72)                               sodium azide using seven
 17.15                                         17.00
       A.Kh. Butaev, D. Pulatov, I.M.                  phenothiazinium photosensitizers;
 17.30                                         17.15
       Baybekov                                        S27(79)
                                                       K.R. Kasimova, R.R. Sadykov, R.A.
       Effects of laser irradiation of blood           Intravascular laser blood irradiation
       for the treatment of acute coronary             of different spectral and frequency
       syndrome on the shape of                        range in the correction of hormonal
 17.30                                         17.15
       erythrocytes and microcirculation;              imbalance of patients with bronchial
 17.45                                         17.30
       S25(73)                                         asthma; S21(63)
       Y.Y. Juravleva, R.A. Rakhimova,                 H. Ivanov, E. Pysarenko, K.
       I.M. Baybekov                                   Mazhak, N. Rudnytska, V. Bondar
                                                       Low-level laser therapy in thyroid
                                               17.30   autoimmune disease treatment;
                                               17.45   S22(64)
                                                       O. Melekhovets, J. Melekhovets
                                                       Influence of laser therapy on the
                                                       immunological status in patients
                                                       with diabetic foot syndrome;
                                                       V.V. Shimko, L.K. Reshetnikova,
                                                       A.P. Sakharyuk, A.B. Golova,
                                                       O.V. Burdilovskaya
       Closing ceremony, Room 1 Main hall
Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress                      13                          Preliminary Program

 Time Room 3, August 26, 2012
       Lasers in Neurology, New laser technologies and laser diagnostics
       Chair: M.F. Posokhov, V.V. Kiryanova
       Clinical evaluation of the laser therapy in the prevention of relapse of burning mouth
       syndrome; S30(87)
       E.G. Borisova
       A method of surgical laser treatment of trigeminal neuralgia; S8(23)
       M.F. Posokhov, V.I. Tsymbaliuk, O.V. Pykhtin, C.M. Posokhov, O.V. Gorbunov,
       A.M. Korobov, V.V. Kholin
       28 years of clinical experience in the treatment of neurologic diseases by laser light
       and electrostimulation; S31(91)
       A. Mäkelä
       Electrostimulation and laser therapy in postoperative recovery of cerebral glioma
       patients; S31(92)
       V.D. Rozumenko, A.P. Khoroshun
 16.00 The light emitting diodes radiation in patients with damage cranial nerves; S32(93)
 16.15 E.N. Zharova, V.V. Kiryanova
 16.15 Properties of real phototherapy laser and LED devices; S2(5)
 16.30 H.A. Romberg
 16.30 Use of laser radiation in regulation and measurement of nano-particle; S37(109)
 16.45 N. Kokodiy, V. Timaniyk
       Ytterbium porphyrin complexes and their conjugates with nanoparticles for
 16.45 fluorescent tumour diagnostics; S37(111)
 17.00 A.F. Mironov, V.D. Rumiantzeva, A.V. Ivanov, N.G. Hlebtzeov, I.P. Shilov, A.V.
       Nanoscale composites with ytterbium porphyrin metallocomlexes for luminescence
 17.00 diagnostics and photothermal therapy of tumours; S38(114)
 17.15 I. Shilov, A. Ivanov, A. Panas, N. Khlebtsov, V. Rumyantseva, A. Mironov, K.
       Shchamkhalov, A. Ryabov, B. Khlebtsov, A. Rjabova, G. Terentyuk, E. Panfilova
 17.15 Detection of organic carcinogens in water by nanophotonic method; S39(115)
 17.30 O.A. Sushko, O.M. Bilash, M.M. Rozhitskii
 17.30 Fiber optics systems for fluorescent diagnostics and photodynamic therapy; S40(117)
 17.45 V.V. Volkov, A.I. Volkova, V.I. Makarov
 17.45 Thin film electrochemiluminescent sensors for biodiagnostics; S40(118)
 18.00 Yu.T. Zholudov, O.M. Bilash, M.M. Rozhitskii
       Closing ceremony, Room 1 Main hall

August 27, 2012
 Time    August 27, 2012
         Rooms 1
         Post congress Courses
Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress                      14                          Preliminary Program

        Poster session
        Usage of low-intensive laser radiation in the treatment of patients with urological
   1    and proctologic diseases; S34(102)
        V.V. Lubimov, A.P. Godovalov
        Effect of magnetic laser irradiation on the sensitivity of microorganisms to «Radent»
   2    filler material; S17(49)
        L.A. Mozgovaya, I.I. Zadorina, L.P Bykova., A.P.Godovalov, E.Yu Kosolapova
        Effect of magnetic and laser irradiation on biofilm formation by microorganisms
   3    obtained from patients with chronic apical periodontitis; S17(50)
        L.A. Mozgovaya, I.I. Zadorina, L.P.Bykova, A.P. Godovalov
        Effect of Raman laser irradiation on healthy mice organism; S4(12)
   4    T. Gening, A. Kurkov, O. Voronova, T. Abakumova, I. Antoneeva, E. Vasilyeva, V.
        Trigger effect of femtosecond laser irradiation on blood plasma and red blood cells
        in intact mice; S6(18)
        O. Voronova, A. Sysoliatin, I. Zolotovskii, D. Dolgova, S. Gening, L.
        Poludnyakova, A. Peskov
        Proliferation index of keratinocytes in 4-NQO-induced oral dysplasias submitted to
   6    5-aminolevulinic acid-mediated photodynamic therapy; S9(26)
        A.R. Barcessat, I. Huang, G.D. Rabelo, D. Zezell, L. Corrêa
        Sonodynamic therapy with photolon for intracranial glioma C6 in rats; S14(40)
        D. Tzerkovsky
        Laser atherectomy in the treatment of peripheral arterial occlusive disease; S8(24)
        A. Randula, M. Thieme, M. Schwenk, L. Veverková, O. Číp, Z. Buchta
        Effect of laser irradiation on mammalian cells with different levels of neoplastic
   9    transformation; S2(3)
        O. Hodovana, A. Martovlos, L. Rudavska, R. Horbay, O. Klyuchivska, R. Stoika
        Effects of blue and green low power laser irradiation on the mitochondrial
  10    respiration in experimental endotoxic shock; S3(10)
        E.A. Buravlev, T.V. Zhidkova, Yu.A. Vladimirov, A.N. Osipov
        Photodynamic therapy of intractable purulent wounds with photoditazine-polymer
        complex immobilized on hydroxyapatite nanoparticles; S14(39)
        P.I. Tolstih, A.B. Solovieva, N.A. Aksenova, A.A. Sorokaty , N.N. Glagolev, A.A.
        Berlin, A.V. Ivanov, A.L. Spokoyniy
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  12    S12(34)
        G.V. Ponomarev, M.N. Solovieva, N.O. Dugin, A.R. Mehtiev, A.Yu. Misharin
        Organotypic regeneration after interstitial laser irradiation for the treatment of
  13    benign nodular diseases of the thyroid gland and breast; S22(65)
        T. Sergeeva, E. Zharov, A. Kumar
        Tissue oxygenation measurements in vivo; S36(106)
        A. Butenin, B. Kogan, N. Andronova, E. Treshchalina, E. Lukyanets, G. Vorozhtsov
        Detection of human breath biomarkers by femtosecond laser based absorption
  15    spectroscopy; S36(107)
        O. Cip, A. Lesundak, Z. Buchta, R. Smid, J. Lazar, A. Randula
        Construction of high-power laser system for production of hyperpolarized xenon;
  16    S35(105)
        Z. Buchta, J. Rychnovský, J. Lazar, O. Číp and A. Randula
        Influence of intravenous laser irradiation of blood on the condition of autonomic
        nervous system and microcirculation of patients with gastroesophageal reflux
        disease; S30(88)
        N.M. Burduli, D.J. Tadtaeva                                            
Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress   15      Preliminary Program     
Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress                      16                        Preliminary Program

               Preliminary Program Pre- and Post-congress Courses
                           Friday 24th and Monday 27rd August 2012

August 24, 2012, Friday

10.00-12.00     Laser safety                                           P. Smalley, A.
12.00-13.00     New laser technologies and techniques                  H. Romberg
14.00-15.00     Quantum physics (laser related issues)                 H. Romberg
                Cellular and molecular mechanisms of laser and LED
15.00-16.00                                                            G. Brill
16.00-17.00     Lasers in neurology                                    A. Mäkelä
17.00-18.00     Basics and New developments in PDT                     M. Kaplan

August 27, 2012, Monday

09.00-10.00     Clinical applications of LED therapy                   A. Korobov
10.00-11.00     About danger of laser radiation                        L. Hode
                Laser and electro-laser acupuncture: new life of old
11.00-12.00                                                            A. Mäkelä
                Laser therapy for the treatment of diabetes and
13.00-14.00                                                            A. Mäkelä
                internal diseases
                Various effects of different colours in phototherapy
14.00-15.00                                                            L. Gasparyan
                and Intravenous laser therapy                                          
Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress                          17                             Preliminary Program

Registration Fee of the Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress
                              Early registration before Late registration after   On site
                                   May 31, 2012             May 31, 2012        registration
Members*                                 310 Euro                        330 Euro                350 Euro
Non-members*                             370 Euro                        400 Euro                450 Euro
Students                                 170 Euro                        180 Euro                200 Euro
Accompanying persons                     170 Euro                        180 Euro                200 Euro

*refers to members of IMedLA, EMLA, WALT, SALT, MAL, WALA, Laser & Health International
Association, State Research and Clinical Center for Laser Medicine, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

                             One Day Only Registration Fee
                              Early registration before Late registration after   On site
                                   May 31, 2012             May 31, 2012        registration
Members*                                 210 Euro                        230 Euro                250 Euro
Non-members*                             270 Euro                        300 Euro                350 Euro
Students                                 120 Euro                        130 Euro                150 Euro
Accompanying persons                     120 Euro                        130 Euro                140 Euro

           Registration Fee of the Pre- and Post-congress Courses
                                           Laser safety course with     1 course with      1 course without
                    2 days      1 day
                                                  certificate             certificate         certificate
Members           170 Euro 100 Euro                60 Euro                 40 Euro              20 Euro
Non-members       200 Euro 120 Euro                75 Euro                 50 Euro              25 Euro

                                Participation in gala-dinner
                                                60 Euro

                    Cruise on the Silja Symphony to Stockholm
                                               160 Euro

                                           Bank details:
Bank name:                      NORDEA
Bank address:                   Aleksanterinkatu 30, Helsinki, Finland
SWIFT/BIC:                      NDEAFIHH
Account name:                   Laser congress
IBAN:                           FI13 1745 3000 0073 87
Details of payment:             Your full name, Laser Helsinki congress registration fees                                                 
Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress                                18                             Preliminary Program

               Registration form for the Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress
                           Please send the completed form to

First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Street Address:
Street Address:
City:                                                                  Zip/Postal code:
Web site:
Date of arrival:
Date of departure:

Additional information:

Is the registration fee paid? If yes, when? If no, when are you planning to pay it?

Do you need official papers for visa application?

Are you planning to have a presentation? If yes, please put title here.

        This form is also available at official site of the Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress                                                       
Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress                         19                           Preliminary Program

                                 Scandic Grand Marina Hotel
Scandic Grand Marina hotel is the official hotel of the Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress, offers special
rates for congress participants during the congress. The number of rooms available at special rates is
limited, so reservations will be made on a 'first come, first served' basis.
Bookings should be made directly at the web site of Scandic Grand Marina hotel. Please visit web
site of Hotel to make reservation

Scandic Grand Marina is situated next to Helsinki’s Viking Line ferry terminal, just a short walk
from Helsinki's city center. The hotel makes a perfect base for exploring Helsinki attractions such
as Kaivopuisto Park, the market square or popular Uspenski Cathedral. The Presidential Palace,
Helsinki's shopping streets and restaurants are within walking distance of the hotel. The Scandic
Grand Marina is less than 2 km from the central train station.

                              Scandic Marina Congress Center
Scandic Marina Congress Center is a unique congress venue located right in the heart of the city.
The waterfront location, only a short walk from Helsinki centre, makes Marina Congress Center an
incomparable venue for conference and gala events. Accommodation is easily arranged at Scandic
Grand Marina across the street.                                               
Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress                          20                       Preliminary Program

                           Map of the central areas of Helsinki

                              Time table Stockholm - Helsinki

            05.04-31.12.2012         Silja Symphony
           Helsinki                           Stockholm
             17.00                               09.30
          Stockholm                            Helsinki
             17.00                               09.55

                                       Contact information
     Organizing Committee
     Levon Gasparyan, PhD
     Kaisaniemenkatu 3 A 5
     00100 Helsinki, Finland
     Tel: +358 44 562 4747

     Scandic Grand Marina Hotel
     Katajanokanlaituri 7
     00160 Helsinki, Finland
     Tel: +358 9 16661

     Scandic Marina Congress Center
     Katajanokanlaituri 6
     00160 Helsinki, Finland
     tel. +358 9 16661
                                                                   See you soon in Helsinki!
                                         Updated: August 6, 2012                                             

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