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   Android befall iOS in popularity in
            Singapore, HK
When it comes to Smartphones, It is clearly a battle between
Android and iOS. But signs are emerging that Apple might be loosing
grip in the two Asian markets.

Conforming to Reuters report, most of the well-off smartphone users
in Singapore and Hong Kong are turning to Android handsets, mostly
Samsung, rather than iOS of Apple. The trouble that iPhone is their
desire to be different that causing them as weakness and in turn an
advantage to competing device.

Reuters states that Apple’s share of mobile devices in Singapore–iPad
and iPhone–fell from a peak of 72 percent in January 2012 to 50
percent this month. As for Android devices, they now account for 43
percent of the market, up from 20 percent in the same month last
Hong Kong shows no different aftereffect, iOS devices declined from
45 percent to 30 percent in a year, while Android accounts for about
two-thirds of smartphones used.

These findings are not surprising at all, maybe not foreseen but
definitely not shocking. We are used to long lines for the new iPhone
but we are seeing longer lines for the Samsung Galaxy S III and Note
II LTE in Singapore.

With the support of our familiarity, we can safely claim that the
interest in the apparent S4 will surely come as another hit in the
market for the coming months.

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