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Michael Ornstein is an educated professional who studied from Indiana State University-School of Business. He became the marketing agent of Reggie Bush when he joined NFL.

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									Michael Ornstein Is Counted
Amongst Top Marketing Agents
The Super Bowl is the most overwhelming experience for
footballers. They eagerly anticipate the Super Bowl
but they also have to face the pressure of performance
and each player strives to perform well on the field.
The pressure on the players tend to increase on the
field due to a huge crowd at the stadium and knowing
that they are being watched by the whole world as they
win or lose. Apart from this, there is also a struggle
for psychological dominance off the field which is
equally important.
Michael Ornstein was born in New York and currently
resides in Los Angeles. Over the years, he has helped
several teams and managed the tedious logistics of
Super Bowl which is America’s biggest sporting
event. He was also an important asset to New Orleans
Saints. During his thirteen years work period with Al
Davis and the Oakland Raiders, he took three trips to
the Super Bowl. He knows how to make his way and get
things done in the world of pro-sports.
Michael Ornstein is a educated professional who is
familiar with the art of getting things done, even the
most challenging ones. After Reggie Bush (an offensive
NFL player) joined NFL, Michael became the marketing
agent of Reggie and managed all his marketing deals. He
also connected Reggie with an array of off-field
opportunities. He accompanied Reggie Bush to Los
Angeles to shoot for a promotional spot for the NFL on
Fox Chanel with Fox broadcasters Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy
Johnson and Howie Long. Apart from this, Michael
Ornstein was also a Reebok consultant.
Michael Ornstein made consistent efforts to enthrall
the players with his arrangements and he hit the nail
on its head when he managed to convince an
acquaintance who gave him the access to the stadium's
public address system and when the team took a fourth-
quarter lead, he played the favorite song of the
Saints' “Halftime (Stand up and Get Crunk)― by
the Ying Yang Twins. The campaign lead by Ornstein was
highly effective.

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