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Mosquito Bat Manufactures by BalajiEle


Balaji Electronics offers wide range of mosquito swatter bat. We are the leading manufacturer & supplier of Handheld electronic rechargeable mosquito swatter bat, outdoor mosquito killer machine.

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									  – Mosquito Bat Manufactures

                            MOSQUITO BAT

Tup has been composed to put a close to the bothersome mosquitoes that make our

lives wretched. Just swat them distant there is no preferable course to do this as

effortlessly & securely as this unlike different routines for killing mosquitoes that

depends on toxic fumes, vapors and whatnot. That may create hypersensitivities

and contamination. TUP is comprehensively protected & causes no health or

ecological harm.
   – Mosquito Bat Manufactures

•      Rechargeable

•      Very sheltered to utilize

•      Eco neighborly

•      Non dirtying

•      Convenient

•      Economical

Headings for Use:

•      Plug the Bat in the AC mains supply

•      Confirm the red light shines in the bat handle while charging the electric cell

for 24hrs at first

•      Remove the mosquito bat. Presently the unit is prepared for utilization

•      Press the catch the green light shows the force moves in the net layers

•      Bring the unit near the mosquitoes creepy crawly

•      Gently swing/ waver the pursuer with the bind pressed, with the intention

that the net touches or verges on the mosquitoes/ creepy crawlies
  – Mosquito Bat Manufactures

Balaji Electronics was Incorporated in the year 2000,It is one of the heading

groups occupied with the territory of assembling, supplying and sending out of

capital value mosquito crushing units and inside a short compass of time got

elevated distinguishment near clients for having the proficiency to fulfill them in

every conceivable way.

Our Mentor

Mr. S. Durairaj, has taken the group to new statures of victory on the groundwork

of his endless industry know-how and sharp business astuteness. His capable

direction has urged us to lead business on honest and moral grounds and in the

meantime grasp client require and make according to their necessities and needs.


Engaged with a vigorous base spread crosswise over a zone of 25000 sq ft and

decently qualified workforce, we have been ready to accomplish elevated

processing limit with a decreased expense of processing. We have given our ready

assets to the exploration and growth of our mosquito regulating apparatuses and

have concocted extraordinary and imaginative outlines and headlines.
  – Mosquito Bat Manufactures
Feature Portfolio

All the more normally pointed to as the Hunter Mosquito Terminator, the extent

containing electronic mosquito swatter, rechargeable mosquito swatter, electronic

mosquito bat, rechargeable mosquito bat, mosquito swatters / mosquito bats /

mosquito rackets has been considerably valued for operational productivity and

best purpose. The apparatuses are protected to utilize and being earth agreeable, it

creates no symptoms dangers to human health and well-being.

Our Team

We are furnished with a group of dynamic faculty who shape the possession of the

group as our development, business development, and whole victory is totally

subject to the working of different sections. It is exclusively because of their hard

work and effectiveness that we have been ready to produce and supply extends of

mosquito controlling devices according to the client desires. The client criticisms

and note of gratefulness stands as a testimony to the duty and hard work put in by

our group of masters.
  – Mosquito Bat Manufactures
Value Assurance

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company. We have given our ready assets to the

examination and infrastructure of our mosquito regulating units and have

concocted extraordinary and imaginative outlines and headlines. Besides our

specialty, the complete configuration and creation methodology is undertaken

under the best possible direction of specialists. This has encouraged us to earn the

trust and dedication of residential and global clients, giving them enough excuse

for why to turn to us for rehashed business

Contact Us:
Mr.Karunakar / Ms.P.Presitha
S.No. 287/1, Pappampatti Road, Kannampalayam P.O.
Coimbatore 641402, Tamil Nadu, India

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