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Mussorie Of Uttarakhand Best Summer Excursion Destination


HimalayanEcoLodges - One of the leading Indian Tour Operators provides complete information about chardhams camps in india, summer destinations india, himalayan getaways, weekend getaways from delhi, garhwal himalayas in uttarakhand tours and many more

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Mussorie Of Uttarakhand Best Summer
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Trave l & Le isure | By: anaimasharma (02/01/13)                                                                                Username:
Mussorie the most beautiful hill station of India got its name from a plant called            Cat e go rie s
'mansoor', which is abundantly found the region. This Queen Hill Station of India                                               Password:
is nestled in Dehradun District of Uttarakhand and perfect summer destination of
India. Mussoorie or Mansoor is considered to be one of the most attractive                       Arts & Entertainment
                                                                                                                                Remember Me:
holiday destinations of India but also on earth and it is also mentioned as
heaven on earth. It is located at an altitude of nearly 6,600 meters above sea
level. As has panoramic views of the Himalayas and the Doon valley, but also can                                                             Lo g in
be called as a fairy tale for visitors, especially newlyweds. Explored by Captain
Young in 1827, the site is turned into a center for education, business and                      Computers
tourism. A trip to here takes to a world far away from the hustle and bustle of city                                                Signup to submit articles »
life where you can relax and so that you can start your life all over again with a               Environment
fresh mind. Another important thing of the region is that it acts as a gateway to the
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Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. During you tour to here you can visit the below
places:-                                                                                         Finance
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                                                                                                 Food & Beverage
Gun Hill: Gun Hill is the second highest peak of Mussorie offers scenic beauty of                                                  A fee soon
the Himalayan Mountains. Gun Hill is named after the pre- independence days                      Health & Fitness
when a gun was fired to announce here at noon, which allows people to adjust                                                       For academics
their watches. Gun Hill can be reached by cable car.                                             Home & Family

                                                                                                 Internet Business

                                                                                         Internet Business
Lal Tibba: Lal Tibba a picturesque and lovely lookout point and the highest point
from where you see the whole valley below. It is one of the spot for summe r
d e st inat io n Ind ia .                                                                Product Reviews

                                                                                         Reference & Education
Kempty Falls: Tucked away from the main city 15 km this majestic water fall is
bounded by scenic beauty of nature at a height of 1370 meters. It is one of the          Science & Technology
most popular picnic spot where during weekend lots of people come here to
relax in the midst of the nature. It's a huge waterfall, which is divided into five      Self Improvement
different falls. It is a very nice picnic spot to visit, especially in monsoon.

                                                                                         Sports & Recreation
Happy Valley: Happy Valley makes everyone happy with their estates, temples,
gardens, etc. It's a Tibetan settlement area with the first Tibetan temple in India.     Transportation

                                                                                         Travel & Leisure
Camel's Back Road: " Camel Back Road " is one of the best place to stroll around
and it got its name after a rocky outcrop shaped hump camel. It is a road of 3 km        Writing & Speaking
in length, extending from Kulri Baz ar to the library. As you stroll the way you will
be mesmeriz e to see nature beauty and in the evening you can also see the most
beautiful sunset view as the sun sets behind the mountain in the far horiz on.

Lake mist: Mist Lake is located about 5 km before Kempty falls. The place has the
nature of an exquisite way, where the river flows through it Kempty makes several
small waterfalls.

Mussorie Lake: This Lake is an artificial lake built by the City of Mesa Mussorie
Dehradun Development Authority located 6 km from Mussorie- Dehradun road. On
a clear day you can also get the view of Doon Valley and nearby villages with
Himalaya Mountains behind it.

These are some of the important place to visit here and if you have extra time
with you then you can also go to Joshimath and then Valley of Flowers to see the
magical beauty of the nature. Hotels of Joshimath is set on the backdrop beauty
of snow caped Himalaya Mountains.

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