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									 Import Data to SharePoint 2010 with Accuracy and Preciseness

                                                  In order to import data to SharePoint 2010 with
                                                  preciseness, you are required to invest on an
                                                  application like ours.

                                                  With SharePoint to SharePoint migration
                                                  application it is possible to avail the ability of
                                                  importing data on-premise SharePoint and

                                                  Wide range of abilities and features are instilled
                                                  within the tool to help you transfer local data to
                                                  SharePoint data successfully from one platform to
                                                  another without any complications faced.

              Know what’s In Store for You in SharePoint Migration Tool?
SharePoint to SharePoint: Avail the fine processing ability of migrating data from one
SharePoint platform to another. Hence, if you need to import data to SharePoint 2010 from a
SharePoint 2007 or below version server in the same organization, this tool will help you.

Mapping Ability: With mapping feature offered by the software you simply need to provide the
URL of your Server, Username, Password and the target location. The rest of the processing will be
smoothly carried out by the tool.

Office 365 To Office 365: In case of Office 365 platform upgradation you can avail this ability of
our tool to do migration from one Office 365 platform to another Office 365 platform of higher

Filter Capability: With our application to shift SharePoint data to Office 365 you also get several
filter options to ease the process of migration. Migrate Dates, Migrate Permissions, Overwrite
Folders/Files, etc filters.

SharePoint to Office 365: In order to avail online services of SharePoint moving to Office 365
will help and for that, Office 365 to SharePoint migration tool is the best choice.

Free Demonstration: The ability to move SharePoint database files or Office 365 from either of
the platforms in the limit of 50 items is offered for free via the trial version of the tool.

Office 365 To SharePoint: In order to moving files in SharePoint or any other version from online
SharePoint, availing our application would help successfully.

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