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                                                                                 San Ramon Valley
                                                                       United Methodist Church
 July 15, 2010                    “Open Hearts! Open Minds! Open Doors!”                                  Volume 14

 A “Parsonal” Point of View

                                        Danville’s 4th of July Parade
                                        I write this in the afterglow of our recent 4th of July experience—one that
“Takin’ It To                           involved a rather creative and hospitable witness to the Alamo / Danville
                                        Community. As you know, the Danville 4th of July Parade annually

The Streets”                            attracts approximately 40,000 people. It has become “the” community
                                        gathering of the year and, as such, provides an excellent opportunity to
                                        make our presence known. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of
                                        quite a number of people, we were able to do that in impressive fashion.

The Grill Team, under the patient direction of Brad
Soderlund and the creative engineering of Jeff Lang,
re-invented themselves into the “Airborne Division,” with
each member of this “elite” marching unit “flying”
his / her own bi-wing plane—complete with a BBQ grill                                    SR
in front and a spatula propeller! These cardboard
creations combined with our WW1 Flying Ace uniforms
and flight formations created quite a sensation among
parade viewers.

Needless to say, we left a lasting impression!
In addition to our flight squadron, we were blessed by the presence of a great supporting cast who passed out
approximately 1,000 water bottles—each one containing an invitation to join us in our courtyard for a party after
the parade. Warren McGuffin drove an 18 ft. flat bed truck that held an additional contingent of parade
“wavers” and “greeters,” making tangible the witness of our invitation.

As we neared the end of the parade, the temperature (which hovered around 100 degrees) began to take its toll.
The initial spring in our step was noticeably missing as we begin to feel the effects of our mile and half journey
down Danville Blvd. We did, however, manage to make to the finish line without any serious collisions or sun

As the parade ended, our Community Party began. Through the inspiration and leadership of Angela Norton and
Jennifer Helms, this witness of “radical hospitality” (everything was free—including the hot dogs, pop corn, snow
cones and jump house), offered a relaxing way to simply enjoy the afternoon. We were blessed by the marvelous
music of “Desayuno,” a Latin jazz band led by recent new member, Michael Cerda. An unexpected musical
bonus was provided by Michael’s daughter, Allyson and three of her friends who provided an impromptu concert
featuring tight harmony and youthful energy. They were great!

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(Continued from page 1)
By the time the courtyard tables and chairs had all been put away and the planes returned to their “hanger” in
Wesley Center, I was ready to head for home in order to keep my appointment on the couch. It had been a very
long day. But, as I drove home, I did so with a sense of satisfaction and gratitude.

                                        It was really satisfying to think of the creative and energetic way that we had
                                           chosen to offer our witness to our community. No one who had seen our
                                             parade formations could ever accuse SRVUMC of being a dull, boring,
                                              or predictable place. We are a people who enjoy life and that was a
                                               message that was clearly communicated.

                                             I was also very grateful for the many creative, talented and hard
                                            working people who joined forces to make this effort the success that
                                          it was. A lot of people put in a lot of hours to make this all come to-
                                        gether as it did. Thank you to all of you who did just that. While it’s not
                                      possible to name all of those folk, one by one, I trust that they know just
                                 how much all of their efforts are appreciated.

          In his letter to the Corinthians Church, the Apostle Paul suggests that in the Body of Christ, there are
many gifts, but one Spirit at work within them for the common good. That was certainly the case in this
impressive witness that we were able to offer to our community. There were many different gifts offered and yet,
one Spirit at work through it all, weaving these gifts together in a very creative and hospitable witness of faith.
Thanks be to God!

                                             Now, for next year…


                          Pastor Ron to Take A Study Leave
   With the blessing and encouragement of the Staff Parish Committee, Pastor Ron will be taking a Study Leave
   beginning on Monday, August 2nd. He will be returning to preach and lead worship on Sunday, September
   12th. During his time away, Ron will attend a week-long retreat dealing with the theme of how our personal
   stories of hope, struggle and transformation connect us to the larger spiritual and cultural story. It is entitled,
   “Before and After: Creatively Exploring Our Transformative Stories” and will be led by singer and story
   teller, Carrie Newcomer.

   In addition, Ron’s plan is to read a number of books that are related to our emerging vision and our purpose
   of making disciples of Jesus Christ. He will also be developing a worship / preaching plan for the year ahead.
   The first week away will be devoted to family and a vacation to southern California.

   In Ron’s absence, Pastor Alison (after August 8th) and Pastor Dawn will be available to meet any pastoral
   needs that you might have.
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Did you know there is a big, loose-leaf binder in the Church Library that contains all of the previous
Messenger library columns, going back many years? It stands in the tall bookcase right next to the
Library desk and is well marked. It's there for one and all to look at and consult, so if there was a book
mentioned weeks or months ago and you just can't remember the title, check the Messenger binder--
you can flip through the pages quickly and you'll probably find what you're looking for.


Here's what's new on the Book Cart for your summer reading enjoyment:

Dees, Morris.
  A Lawyer's Journey: the Morris Dees Story. Morris Dees grew up the son of a tenant farmer in the south. As
an adult, he chose law as a career and finally had a chance to do something about many of the injustices he had
seen firsthand. He founded the Southern Poverty Law Center and became a crusader for civil rights. Among
those he targeted were the Ku Klux Klan, and more recently, the Aryan Nation. This book will be reviewed at an
Adventuresome Seniors meeting, tentatively in September. Read it now and be prepared! Many thanks to Dawn

Hitchens, Christopher.
   God Is Not Great. What can one say about Christopher Hitchens? He's a prolific journalist and a frequent
guest on talk shows, where his quick mind and articulate, although confrontational, arguments enthrall and
frequently shock. English born, he became an American citizen. He reveres Thomas Jefferson, has no time for
Mother Teresa, and has now taken on God. Hitchens has become an avowed atheist and "anti-religionist" and the
subtitle of this book is "how religion poisons everything". Thank you to Fred Toney for providing a thought-
provoking look at the "other side", written by a man with a first-rate mind.

Metaxas, Eric.
   Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy. From what I hear, the current class on Dietrich Bonhoeffer has gen-
erated more than the usual interest. If you've taken part in that class, or have heard people talking about it, you
might enjoy this new biography. Bonhoeffer's growing up years, adult life, and courageous stand against Nazism
that cost him his life, are wonderfully told in this engrossing book. Thank you to Terry Sherman for suggesting it
for our Library.

Regrettably, cost-cutting and economy have reached the Library, although we have always been careful with our
small budget. The price of every book we add to the Library is now included on the check-out card and noted in
the book itself. If a book is lost, damaged or long overdue, the person who checked it out will be asked to reim-
burse the church for the replacement cost of the book. A modest charge of $1.00 will be added to cover the cost
of the spine label, card and pocket, and the plastic jacket cover on hardcovers or reinforcing plastic on paper-
backs. So please check your shelves and tables and return all library books, videos and DVDs that you've had
longer than the two week check-out period. My least favorite, and most time-consuming, job as Librarian is
making those reminder calls for books and materials that are overdue and others are waiting for.

Books are the treasured wealth of the world...Their authors...more than kings or emperors,
exert an influence on mankind. — Henry David Thoreau, 1817-1862

                                          Sally Christopherson, Librarian
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                           about                    Our church friends
 Dick Shoner, Barb McWilliams, Lenore Cooper
 Mike Robinett, Robert da Roza, Rob Meyer
 Helen Slentz, Marshall Reed

 All those who continue to live with long-term illness, unemployment, life
 decisions, and sickness in their families: Bill Andrew; Alma Brown’s granddaughter, Sharon Adkisson; Catha-
 rine Baker’s mom, Sandy Barley; Kelley Cochran; John Evans; Sandy Gomez; Robin Hammond; Dave &
 Lillian Holleman; JoAnn Koobatian; Jada Koonce; Lorraine Knotts; Alleen Landstrom; Jen Lotz; Mary Lou
 Lovell; Harry Lyon; Margaret Matteson; Rob Meyer; Alex Maddux; Ken Millar; Brooke Nickelson; Mary
 Ogden; Margaret Ricker; Ethel Ricker; Mike Robinett; Ann Schroeder; Alice Shaner; Rhona Sherrill’s father,
 Al Axsom; Vic Stephens; Carol Webb.

 Declyn Eileen, born to Whitney & Bryan McCollum on 6/28. Proud grandparents are Nancy & Al Tiedemann.

 Lyn Arscott’s new email: lynarscott@comcast.net
 Linda Schardt’s new address: P.O. Box 1093, Danville 94526

 Please contact Shannon Dever in the church office if you need a new name tag ($6/ea.)

                                                                                      Stephen Ministry is a
                                                                                       complete system for
                                                                                      training and organizing
                                                                                   lay people to provide one-on-
 I am sure, by now, many of you have noticed the new land-                        one Christian care to people in
 scaping in front of the Sanctuary alongside the creek. We can    and around our congregation who are hurting
 thank Sutton Guldner who assumed responsibility for this         and in need of someone who will listen and
 project to earn his Eagle Scout Badge. Under the gentle          care.
 tutelage of Boyd Hasik, Brian Roberts and an army of Scouts      .
 under Suttons’ direction, we now have a very nice extension of   For more information on this caring ministry,
 the Meditation Garden. Sutton was responsible for the prepa-     contact Pastors Ron Dunn, Alison Berry or
 ration of the landscape plot plan, plant selection, irrigation   Referral Coordinator, Shirley Stephenson,
 plans along with developing total project costs and implemen-    820-0513.
 tation for presentation before the Board of Trustees for final

 Job well done! Thank you Sutton and your fellow Scouts.

       — Rudy Ceragioli, Chairman, Board of Trustees —
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It is good to be back!
My three months in Reno allowed
me to gain some perspective. I feel
good here at SRVUMC. I feel
empowered here.

I think it is a very special thing
when someone can be sent off in
such a special way, as I was, from
this wonderful church family and
then welcomed back so warmly.

The truth is that I missed this place

and the ministry that I do here and in
the short time that I was in Reno I
realized it just wasn’t clicking for
me there. One of my biggest
realizations there was that my “old”
life just wasn’t there anymore and it
was okay for me to move on. I just
wish that I hadn’t had to pack and
unpack so many boxes to realize that!

So here I am, back, with a new expanded role. Currently I am jumping right back into my old role as the
Director of Youth Ministries. I just had to update some files, hang some pictures and I was off. The nails were
still in the walls! Devon Drake did an absolutely amazing job of keeping things together while I was gone
although I did find her in the corner of my office mumbling to herself (just kidding).

Beginning September 1st, I will also take on my new role as Director of Children’s Ministries. I am really
excited about this. I am meeting with parents of children at 7:00pm on August 10th to dream about what we’d
like to see happen. I have a Children’s Sabbath service to celebrate Children’s Ministry planned for mid October
along with a 3rd grade bible retreat/ Camp out~ in with tents and an indoor S’more maker. We even have a
Halloween Carnival on October 30th in the works complete with a CAKE WALK (my fav) and a HAUNTED

So, I just got back July 1st but on July 11th , I left for 3 weeks with the youth on mission trips on the Sierra
Service Project and Gleanings for the Hungry. I will be back for business on August 1st after which time I’ll be
available by cell phone (you can get that number from the front office).

Don’t forget to join the youth on August 22nd at 11am in the youth room for our annual Youth Missions
Gathering…with the usual embarrassing DVDs of our trips, Testimonials and laughter- all are invited!
Again, thanks for having me back!

                                         Take Good Care,
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 A talented magician who will surprise and amaze you. Great audience involvement. Singles, couples and fami-
 lies will be totally entertained.
 Meal: Barbeque Ribs.

 Adam, the Dancing Cowboy, will teach you fun Country Western dance steps. Come single or with a partner.
 Dancers and non-dancers will enjoy the music. A good time for all.
 Meal: Cajun Extravaganza.

 Surprise, celebrity callers. Play bingo and be entertained by our guests. Prizes awarded
 Meal: Tender barbequed Flank Steak.

                            SINGLE EVENT                        ALL FOUR EVENTS
                            ADULT $ 8.00                        $28.00
                            ( 13 + )
                            KIDS $ 5.00                         $17.00
                            ( 5 – 12 )
                            FAMILY $20.00                       $70.00
                            (1 HOUSE)

 “Dinner for Eight (or Seven)” is starting up this fall. We meet four times a year, rotating houses and people. The
 Host house prepares the main course, appetizers, salad and dessert is assigned to the guests. This group is
 "Food, Fun and Fellowship". Contact:Barb McWilliams, 837 0971 or Winnie Stribling, 838 2601

 AFTERNOON BOOK GROUP meets at 1 pm , Wesley Center, room 202, to discuss:
 x   July 19th The Unlikely Disciple by Kevin Roose
 x   August 16th Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay

 THE CHRIST CARE BOOK GROUP will meet on Wednesday, July 28 at 10 am in
 the church library to discuss The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver. Come and join us.
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                                        MEN'S BREAKFAST
                                        All Methodist men are invited to Christian fellowship and a hearty break-
                                        fast on the 3 rd Saturday of each month at 8:00 in Wesley Center.
                                        The speaker for Saturday July 17 is Dr. Lisa Thompson. Lisa is on the
                                        faculty of UC Davis and is an expert on California fish. She will help us
                                        understand the current crisis in the fish population in California. You
                                        might also become familiar with the term,"anadromous fish". She will
                                        cover the issues of dams, hatcheries, water usage, and fishing quotas.

ADVENTURESOME SENIORS annual cook-out is Tuesday, July 27 at 12 noon.
Ted Wolfram is grilling hot dogs and hamburgers for the group. Seniors are invited to bring a picnic side dish,
home made or store bought.

LUNCH WITH FRIENDS August dates are Monday, August 2 and Tuesday, August 17.
Seniors are invited to attend and invite friends as well. $5 helps cover the cost of food but is not required. Lunch
begins at 12 noon in Wesley Center Great Hall.

Monday, August 2, Dawn Boyd, Nancy and John Harrison are planning a menu that includes something hot off
the grill! Tuesday, August 17 John Sanders is in charge of our meal. Reservations may be made at the July 20
Lunch, at the Adventuresome Seniors event on July 27 or by calling the church office, 837-5243. Reservations
help us plan and are appreciated.

SENIORS OUTING on Sunday, July 25.
Gather at 8:30 Sunday morning, July 25 to travel to Morgan Hill, where we will worship at the historic Morgan
Hill United Methodist Church with a variety of connections to us. The church is the home church of Kay &
Johnnie Jones. Joyce Kayser's grandfather was pastor of the church and her mother was born in the parsonage.
Alice Impraim has long-time friends who are active members of the congregation. The most recent connection is
their newly appointed pastor, Patrick Davis, who is Dawn Boyd's husband. There may be more connections
Dawn hasn't heard about yet! Let her know if you have one.

The group will worship with the Morgan Hill congregation and see the pulpit Johnnie Jones built, the organ Kay
played and hear first-hand history. We'll stop at the restored Morgan Hill home and have lunch at Marie
Callendars before heading home. We have drivers for any who would like to go with us! Reservations at the
church office, 837-5243.

 Kits for Haiti         Please deposit all kits for Haiti in the barrels in Wesley Center. There will be a continu-
 ous need for these kits, so there is no deadline, just willing hands and hearts. Again, kits are available in church
 office or online at www.sagerbrown.org (top of page click on "How to Give", then go to "Relief Supplies.")
 Thank you in advance for your generosity and care. God's Blessings, Ruth Riggin Mission Commission
7/15/10                                                                                                    Page 8

Film Event for All Ages
Please come and invite friends! Free 2-Day Film Festival in honor
of Nelson Mandela’s July birthday!

                          Featuring the following films:            In Wesley Center – Free refreshments!

                                   Saturday, July 17 - 3 P.M.
                                   “Mandela and DeKlerk” starring Sidney Poitier and Michael Caine

                               Saturday, July 24 - 3 P.M.
                               “Invictus” starring Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman

                               A discussion led by Lonnie Bristow will follow these very re-
                               cent films exploring Mandela's use of reconciliation to transform the future of
                               South Africa. Please join us for relaxed matinees in Wesley Center on the big

                 Donate A Car
The Endowment committee is offering a program that will enable church members and friends to donate a
vehicle to the SRVUMC Endowment Fund.

If you or anyone you know has a vehicle to donate, simply call (866)332-1778 or
go to www.Auto-Donation.com. Provide the pertinent information and the vehicle
will be picked up and sold. The money from the sale less expenses will be donated
in the donor’s name to the Endowment Fund. If you have additional questions,
please call someone you know on the committee.

FACTS about SRVUMC Endowment Fund:                                                     Support the
                                                                                     Endowment Fund
1. The Church Endowment Fund has been in business since 1992
2. Church members and friends have contributed over $438,000 since inception
3. The Fund has distributed over $120,000 back to the Church
4. Current investments are over $500,000 and growing
5. In 2009 “the fund” provided $1400 for Missions, $1400 for Youth Ministry, $1400 for Music, $1400 for Sun-
day School, $3900 for Capital Improvements, $250 for Wesley Hall Maintenance and $250 for the Library.

This program has provided scores of members an ongoing vehicle in which they can support the church in
general or a specific ministry in which they may be particularly interested. The Endowment Committees over the
years have been good stewards of your money. The value of “the fund” has increased over 25% in 2009.
If you want learn more about how you or your family can participate in this important program, please contact
someone you know on the Endowment Committee.

Member List: Quentin Alexander, Joe Anderson, Ron Dunn, Bill Higgins, Joel Jung, Anne Kuelz, Rob Meyer,
Dave McWilliams, and Fred Toney

                 A gift to the Endowment Fund is truly a gift that keeps on giving!
Page 9                                                                                                      7/15/10

                      Summer Sunday school is offered every Sunday for New 6th to 12th grade
                       These youth are to go to Rm 206 in the Wesley center at 9:30am.
                               Sunday School Classes are from 9:30-10:30am
                      Confirmation (8th grade) will begin in September~ More info later
                 Parents and youth are encouraged to attend the happenin’ 3rd service at 11am

                                 UMYF- Resumes in September!! ;-}>
                          YOUTH GROUP!!! 6-9pm (6th-12th grades) Wednesdays!!!

                              TUTORING on Wednesdays resumes in September
                                          Times 4-5:30pm~ Computer room

                                              YOUTH CHOIR!!!
                                           MS and HS BELL CHOIR!!!
                                      BOTH WILL RESUME IN SEPTEMBER

                             We are right in the middle of our Summer mission projects!
           High School has returned from an amazing trip to North Sacramento UMC (and White water raft-
          9th Grade is currently on their trip to Loleta, California/ Wiyot Reservation with Sierra service pro-
                  ject… I can guarantee you we’re having a great time and doing great work!
          Middle School leaves for Sultana , California next week, 7/25, for Gleanings for The Hungry where
         we will be drying peaches and nectarines and sending them to needy people around the world.
           Please join us for our Youth Mission Gathering on August 22nd at 11am in the youth room.
 You will see awesome DVDs of our trips, hear youth and counselor testimonials and you might even have a
                                               good time!

            *** There is an increasing sponsor need for youth missions. Any donations will be put in a spe-
 cial fund and given according to need! Your help is always appreciated. Please talk to Michael Stephenson if
                                         you’re interested in donating.

                                   Contact Michael Stephenson 837 5243 ext 108
                                           UMYF Counselors/ Event/trip chaperones
                         We would love to talk with you about joining the youth ministry team and come as a
                                                    Trip counselor! We need Males!
                                             Without parent help- we can’t do this!!!!
                                              …please let Michael know!
7/15/10                                                                                          Page 10

                                           Childcare-Yard work-Odd jobs????
                                         How ‘bout hiring an SRVUMC youth?
                           Please call Michael in the youth program office- 837 5243 ext 108
                                  I am telling you, most that ask really need our help!!

Wednesdays       4-5:30pm        Tutor Time Math~ Biology~ English~ Spanish resumes Sept
                 6-9pm           Youth group/ UMYF resumes Sept
Sundays          9:30-10:30am Sunday school/ grades 6-12 Rm 206 (Continues thru summer)
                 Confirmation Class~ begins Sept.
                 4-6pm           High School Christ Care resumes Sept
                 4:30-6pm        MS/HS School Bells~ resumes Sept ~ Times tentative
                 6:15-7:30       Youth Choir resumes Sept~ Times tentative
Special Events
                 7/11-17          Sierra Service Project/ Confirmation Mission Project – Lolita, CA
                 7/25-31          Gleanings for the Hungry/ Middle School in Mission
                 8/10 Children    Parent’s meeting with Michael/ Children’s Ministry- Youth room 7pm
                 8/15             Freshman Orientation~ 10:45 till noon: Youth Room
                 8/22             Youth Mission Gathering~ Youth Room 11am
                 9/12             Welcome Back Sunday
                 9/17-19                                 ~ 2010     Monte Toyon/ Santa Cruz
                 10/10 Children   Children’s Sabbath Sanctuary service!
                                  3rd Grade Bibles camp out in Lamm Hall very “in-tents”
                 10/30 Children   SRVUMC Halloween Carnival plus Haunted house
                 7/24-30          Gleanings for the Hungry/ Middle School in Mission

Please check out the church web site YOUTH PAGE for more important youth information!
Youth hotline for current week information, 837 5243 extension 112
Page 11   7/15/10
SAN RAMON VALLEY                                                                        Non-Profit Organization
UNITED                                                                                      U. S. Postage Page 12
902 Danville Boulevard                                                                           PAID
Alamo, California 94507                                                                    Alamo, CA 94507
(925) 837-5243                                                                               Permit No. 1

Time Valued Material–Deliver Promptly

                                      Ministers: Everyone!
 Pastors: Ron Dunn and Alison Berry                                Support, Membership, & A. R.: Shannon Dever
 Office and Finance Administrator: Trice Rainer                    Facilities and Purchasing Mgr.: Marilyn Clarke
 Minister of Discipleship: Dawn Boyd                               Messenger Editor: Layne Alfrey
 Music Director: Bruce Koliha                                      Child Care Manager: Angela Norton
 Organist: Nadia Blank                                              U.M. Preschool Director: Kelley Cochran
 Director of Youth Ministries: Michael Stephenson

           CHURCH OFFICE: 925-837-5243 FAX: 925-837-2763 902 Danville Blvd., Alamo, CA 94507
                             www.srvumc.org / email: info@srvumc.org

Worship Schedule
           ™ 8:15 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
                    Traditional / Reflective Worship (Sanctuary)

           ™ 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
                    Traditional Worship and Sunday School for all ages (Sanctuary)

           ™ 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
                    Contemporary Worship “Living Water” (Wesley Center)
Child Care & Sunday School
8:15 service: Child Care only for Kindergarten and younger on the 1st floor of the Children’s Ministry Bldg.
9:30 service: Child Care for children younger than 3 / Sunday School for children who are 3 & older
Youth grades 6 - 12 (gather in room 206 in Wesley Center), along with adult study opportunities.
11:00 service: Child care for preschool age children. K and older are invited to LIVING WATER.
The Adult Discussion Class                               meets every Sunday in at 9:30 a.m. Wesley Center, rm 202.

                             “San Ramon Valley United Methodist Church
                   seeks to be an open community
      of caring people, transformed by grace, and called to serve in the
                                    Spirit of Christ.”
 Messenger Newsletter                                                DEADLINE DATE               MAILING DATE
 The deadline for all articles is the Sunday preceding               July 11                     July 15
 the mailing date. Submit by email to                                July 25                     July 29
 Layne4info@aol.com. Please reference                                August 8                    August 12
 “For Messenger” on subject line.                                    Sept. 5                     Sept. 9

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