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          22 Showground Road
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               PO Box 3212
        West Tamworth, NSW 2340
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          Phone: 02 6765 7969
         Facsimile: 02 6765 7515
       Email: info@appaloosa.org.au
      Website: www.appaloosa.org.au

        Kiara Le Cerf and Toni Gagie

          OFFICE HOURS:
 Monday to Friday • 9.00am to 4.00pm
              T.M. ARTnDESIGN
                Tracey McClurg
            PO Box 7205 NEMSC
            Tamworth NSW 2348                                # EI - LIFTING THE FOG - Well                                                 # MEMOIRS FROM A MEMBER
             CONTACT:                                        some of us in the infected areas of                                           A Nostalgic look at past members
       Phone: 02 6769 7779                                   Queensland and New South Wales                                                and horses from long time member
      Mobile: 0416 063 204
 New email: art.design@bigpond.com                           have had our horses vaccinated.                                               Don Clare............................................. PG. 9
         HOURS: 9.00am to 5.00pm                              .................................................................... PG. 7
           PRINTER: Evans Printing                           # APPALOOSA SPRINT RACING                                                     # AUSTRALIAN BREEDING
                                                             BACK IN AUSTRALIA - “We                                                       SHOWS OFF IN NEW
                                                             thought the Appaloosa was going to                                            CALEDONIA - Australian bred and
                                                             win with 100m to go” was the catch                                            registered mare, AR Night Drive, Reg
                                                             cry after Sprint Racing                                                       No 59928
                                                              ................................................................ PG. 12      . ................................................................ PG. 15

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          Cover Photo By: Tania Hobbs

The National Appaloosa Journal is the official publication
     of The Australian Appaloosa Association Ltd.
     This magazine is endorsed by the Association.                                                                      The National Appaloosa Journal • JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 1

                                                                                                             JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008

Updated news from the AAA Office...
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed
welcoming in the New Year without too much of a hangover!
As I am sure you can imagine the Office          A reminder to all members that End of        shown as a gelding. Geldings who gain
has been very quiet since early October          Year High Point of Australia awards for      points whilst being shown with a PC
and even more so now I am the only               2007/08 have been cancelled. However,        Registration Number will not be
one in the Office for the moment, but            State End of Year High Point awards for      included. Please note: This rule only
towards the end of 2007 things had               2007/08 will still be presented.             applies to End of Year High Point Awards
started to pick up, so fingers crossed this                                                   and not ROM’s etc.
will continue and we will once again be          This decision has no bearing on Regional
back on track.                                   Club or Show High Point Awards. I have       At this state of the game, the
                                                 included the Rules for State High Point      preparations are continuing for the 36th
There are a few things that came out of          Awards for you all to read as there are      National Championship Show to be held
the October Board Meeting that the               changes to some of the qualification         in April 2008. This however, will depend
Directors would like to know from you,           requirements for this year only.             on the Board and what decision they
the members.                                                                                  made at the end of December and of
                                                 STATE AWARDS                                 course what situation each State is in.
• The Board would like to know how               High Point Halter Horse
many mares you have bred in the                  High Point Performance Horse                 Most State Shows are coming up in the
2007/08 breeding season. If you have not         High Point Amateur                           very early part of 2008. Beginning with
already done so, please contact the              High Point Youth 11yrs & under               the Tasmanian State Show on February
Office and let us know.                          High Point Youth 12 to 14yrs                 2nd & 3rd, followed by the Victorian
• If you have recently moved or are              High Point Youth 15 to 18yrs                 State Show from February 15th to 17th
moving soon, please ensure that you                                                           and South Australian State Show from
advise the Office of your new postal             QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS                   February 29th to March 1st (tentative).
address. Not doing this will mean that           Points for State Awards will be calculated   Please get out and support your State
you may not receive your National                from ‘AA’, ‘A’ and ‘B’ Class shows.          Show if you can.
Appaloosa Journal or other important             National Points are excluded, State Show
information that is sent out to you.             Points from the State in which the           Good Luck to everyone who will be
                                                 Owner of the Horse, Amateur or Youth         attending all major Shows in the coming
Also at the October Meeting, the Board           Resides will be included. All other State    months and heres hoping we are back in
decided to waive late fees on 1st and            Shows are excluded. ‘C’ Class shows are      full swing sooner rather than later.
2nd Futurity Payments. So if you haven’t         awarded ROM Only points and are
paid your 1st and 2nd payments, you can          therefore excluded.                          Bye for now,
still do so with no late fees. 1st Payment
was due 1st September, 2nd Payment               The points gained by a gelding when          Kiara
was due 1st December and 3rd and final           shown as a colt (prior to gelding) do not
Payment is due 1st February.                     accumulate. The points must restart once

 2 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 • The National Appaloosa Journal

                                                                                                                                                AAA Current
                                                                                                                                                              Director (National)
                                                                                                                                                              Office Management
                                                                                                                                                              • JOHN ETCELL
                                                                                                                                                                 PO Box 1449
                                                                                                                                                              Dubbo NSW 2830
                                                                                                                                                             Home: 02 6887 3128
Notice...                                                                                                                                           E-mail: redfernpark@optusnet.com.au

                                                                                                                                                             Director (National)
DNA Samples.                                             Notice...                                                                                   Vice President/Executive/National
We have been advised that                                 Saddle Log Participants                                                                           • DON NORTHEY
the Australian Equine                                     Congratulations to the following members                                                        1178 New England Hwy
Genetics Research Centre                                  who have achieved hours in the AAA Ltd                                                            Tintinhull NSW 2352
(AEGRC) is now accepting                                  Saddle Log Program since March 2006.                                                              Home: 02 6760 9447
DNA Samples from all states                                                                                                                         E-mail: donorthey@optusnet.com.au
of Australia and there are no                             2006                                       2007
                                                                                                                                                              Director (Qld/NT)
further restrictions.                                     Member Hours                               Member Hours                                             Treasurer/Website
                                                          Amy Bright                                 500                                                • MARCUS SWEENEY
Please contact the Office if                              Brodie Ward                                100                                                 684 Caboolture River Rd
you have any questions.                                                                                                                                Upper Caboolture QLD 4510
                                                          Natalie Fisher                             250                                                    Home: 07 5497 0229
                                                          Karen Fischer                              250                                                    Mobile: 0404 848 251
Thanks                                                    Zoanne Barns                               100                                             E-mail: sweensmkm@yahoo.com.au
Kiara                                                     Zoanne Barns                               250
                                                          Helen Sharp                                1000                                                   Director (SA/WA)
                                                                                                                                                         Regional Clubs/Amateur
                                                                                                                                                         • BRIAN DEDICOAT
                                                          If you would like information on how you can                                                     Siann Appaloosa Stud
                                                          record those long hours that you spend in                                                            PO Box 223
                                                          the saddle and get recognition for it, please                                                      Yankalilla SA 5203
                                                          contact Head Office.                                                                           Home/Fax: 08 8558 2406
                                                                                                                                                         E-mail: siann@aapt.net.au

                                                                                                                                                               Director (VIC/TAS)

                                                                                                                                                  Insurance/Risk Management/Rule Book
                                                                                                                                                            • DEBERA EBBETT
                                                                                                                                                            Riverdowns Appaloosas
                                                                                                                                                                375 Edelsten Road
                                                                                                                                                             Jimboomba QLD 4280
 Brittni Cook and Hot Chocolate Dee Light.                                                                                                                    Phone: 07 5547 8888
 Brittni Cook won the National Pleasure Horse Association’s High Point                                                                                          Fax: 07 5547 8877
 Junior Youth Western Pleasure and High Point Junior Youth Hunter                                                                                 E-mail: riverdownsappy@optusnet.com.au
 Under Saddle for 2007.
                                                                                                                                                            Director (NSW/ACT)
 Brittni also placed 6th in the All Age Youth Western pleasure Feature
                                                                                                                                                              Promotions/ Youth
 event, the only junior youth in the top ten and riding the only Appaloosa.
                                                                                                                                                       • SHARON COLDWELL
 YOU GO GIRL!!!                                                                                                                                                Stillwaters Lodge
                                                                                                                                                             50 Guntawong Road
                                                                                                                                                            Rouse Hill NSW 2155
                                                                                                                                                          Phone/Fax: 02 9838 1336
                                                                                                                                                     Email: appaloosa1@optusnet.com.au
 Statements, opinions and articles printed in the The National Appaloosa Journal do not necessarily reflect the opinion or the views
 of the publisher, T.M. ArtnDesign, or The Australian Appaloosa Association Ltd. If in the publishers opinion, not all articles can be
 published that may be defamatory, or which exposes the publisher to a potential liability for damages, or which is in any other way                         Director (National)
 unlawful. While due care and attention is paid to the preparation of this magazine, the publisher takes no responsibility for any                               Merchandise
 misprints or errors and their subsequent effects. The contents of advertising material that appears in this magazine are the                                • KEVIN PEATEY
 responsibility of the advertisers.                                                                                                                       203B Woodlands Drive
 COPYRIGHT                                                                                                                                                  Wamuran QLD 4512
 No part of this magazine may be reproduced by any means without the written consent of the publisher. Advertisments prepared                              Mobile: 0419 740 877
 by the publisher remain the property of the publisher.                                                                                               Email: kevinpeatey@hotkey.net.au

                                                                                                                         The National Appaloosa Journal • JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 3

                                                                                                                JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008

                                                 Director - John Etcell
                                                 President Report

                                                 At the time of writing this report I cautiously say that the Equine
                                                 Influenza effect is showing signs of dissipating, even if ever so slowly.

                       can’t emphasise how devastating this has been on        The other matter I wish to raise is the election of
                       those members who have been affected. Some              Directors to the Board of the Association. There are
                       people have been completely isolated for months;        three (3) vacancies that members have an opportunity
                       there are members who have horses at trainers/on        to nominate for.
                  adjustment/ breeding establishments who haven’t seen
                  those horses for months, some with foals three months        Two of the Directors who are up for re-election are
                  old that they haven’t seen yet.                              Debera Ebbett and Marcus Sweeney. I commend both
                                                                               to you as Directors they have provided invaluable input
                  As stated in the flyer attached to the last journal, a       to the decision making process of the Association. As
                  decision on the National and NSW State Show being            President they have provided me with valuable input
                  held in Dubbo commencing early April 2008 will be            and varying opinions – not always the same as mine but
                  made (or will have been made) on 1 January 2008. Signs       always well thought out and based on fact or common
                  around Dubbo are looking positive with permits to            sense.
                  move horses being granted. Also a number of race
                  meetings in the district have been held or are being         Being on the Board is a big commitment – more than
                  planned so things are looking a little more hopeful.         many members realise. Sometimes it is a thankless job
                                                                               where criticism is often misdirected - however it is very
                  In considering holding the National Show in April, the       rewardingwhen you consider how well the Appaloosa
                  Board will take into account such things as other states,    horse is performing and how well the
                  EI status and whether or not those in EI free states will    Association is going.
                  be able to, or want to, attend. This decision by the Board
                  will be the most considerate decision for the whole of       I would recommend to any member who is considering
                  the membership.                                              standing for election to the Board to do so. If you feel
                                                                               you have the time, the enthusiasm, the best interests of
                  I would remind everyone that, irrespective of where you      the Appaloosa horse and the Australian Appaloosa
                  are, before you plan to transport your horses or             Association at heart – then nominate.
                  consider attending any event with your horse, please
                  ring your state Department of Primary Industry and           I remind members that if you have any queries or
                  make appropriate enquiries and above all else adhere to      require any information about anything that relates to
                  their instructions to the letter of the law.                 the Appaloosa horse or the Association to contact
                                                                               myself or any of the other Directors.
                  Despite the disappointing attitude of some members it
                  must be stated very clearly that EI has and does affect      John Etcell
                  us all and the Association needs your continued              President
                  support.                                                     AAA - The Breed of Choice

4 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 • The National Appaloosa Journal

                              Director - Don Northey
                              Vice President

                              Over the last few month things have been very quite for members in
                              South East Queensland and the Eastern half of New South Wales with
                              Equine Influenza affecting the horse industry with no shows approved by
                              in the area during the outbreak.

            t the last board meeting, it was decided to run     in early January on when these Championships will be
            both the NSW State Championships on the             run. Temporary bookings of the grounds have been made
            first three days before the Nationals, there will   for April, September or October next year. There will be
            be a rest day in between both Championships         two American Judges judging,
when the Youth, Amateur and Annual General Meetings
will be held, following these meetings there will be a          The Hall of Fame nominations printed in the last Journal
sausage sizzle, with proceeds going to the Youth                contained a miss print as Mrs Carol Ricketts nomination
Association and then Mel and Frank Larrabee will                did not fulfil the criteria as set out by the board.
conduct a Hunter in Hand clinic for members.
                                                                Don Northey
The revised program for the Nationals is printed                VICE PRESIDENT
elsewhere in the Journal. Your board will make a decision

Director - Kevin Peatey
Director (National) - Merchandise
I hope every one has a merry Christmas and a great new year.
With EI dictating to us what we can and can not do hopefully we can try to work with the DPI
and get some normality back in to our lives and start showing and training our horses.

                 e have the first of our new merchandise        fleece and polyfilled inner. Jackets are lite weight and in
                 range in the magazine for you all to look      bright colours as well.
                                                                We also have oil skin vests and jackets due to be released
Some of the prices have gone up a little but we have            in the new year also I have a full range of custom made
tried to keep them down as much as possible but I do            buckle samples being designed exclusively for the AAA so
think that the quality and extra embroidery looks great         that clubs can purchase these for shows or for there high
the caps alone have three different lots of embroidery on       point awards. I am also looking at other products for our
them and are very comfortable caps.                             merchandise range and will have more samples soon.

We have also taken on THE BREED OF CHOICE as our                Please feel free to contact me with any ideas you might
new slogan and jackets, vests and caps will have this           have or any queries on any other maters.
printed on them as well as the AAA logo.
                                                                Kevin Peatey
The polo’s are a new light weight fabric in some bright         DIRECTOR (NATIONAL) MERCHANDISE
colours. The vests are 100% polyester outer and micro

                                                                                   The National Appaloosa Journal • JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 5

                                                                                                                             JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008

            Director - Debera Ebbett
            Insurance/Risk Management/Rule Book Report

           I am sure everyone is over the whole EI thing and I suppose it is great that we have Christmas just
           around the corner anprobably for the first year for a long time many of us will actually spend the
           whole holiday season with our family and friends instead of half our time mucking out stables and
           working horses.

                 nsurance will be a major issue for the AAA in the new year,        The status of horses immunity has to be established and only
                 for 2 reasons. One because we are going to have a                  vaccinated and immune resolved horses (those which have had
                 substantially reduced income in 2008 and some further flow         the virus and recovered) will be permitted to attend events and
                 on in 2009 so the cost of insurance as a percentage of             all such horses will be micro-chipped for identification. There is
            ourincome is going to increase. We are unable to reduce our             still some discussion as to who pays for the testing and micro-
            costs as we have trimmed them to a minimum over the last few            chipping of the immune resolved horses. Then there is insurance
            years as part of our general fiscal policy. I will be having meetings   and who is going to cover the costs of a lock down if an
            with our insurers over the coming weeks to discuss these                infection outbreak occurs at an event. THIS IS NOT covered by
            matters and try to mitigate our insurance as much as possible.          our, or any existing equine insurance and it would be impossible
                                                                                    to find any one while we are in the throws of an outbreak to
            I am also working with others on addressing changes to the              provide such insurance even if one could contemplate the
            grants available to not for profit associations in the hopes some       number of 0’s on the premium. Then there is competitor
            funding may become available for Breed Associations to assist           confidence in attending events and hence the viability of running
            with the overall losses which will be suffered. The second issue is     events for the clubs involved including the increased costs
            in relation to the running of shows in the interim until we are         associated with compliance. Given that this whole situation is one
            declared EI free which if you are reading the DPI web sites is          we have never experienced before it is easy to understand how
            expected to be in June / July 2008.                                     these questions are creating extraordinary levels of anxiety and
            By the time you read this magazine there should have been
            some increased movement allowed within restricted zones                 I would urge everyone to read my other article and to get out
            to move mares for breeding in the tail end of the breeding              there and support the industry as much as you can as we all
            season and to get horses to trainers for breaking / training.           have a role to play in the recovery process. I also intend to
            It is hoped this will go some of the way to assisting some sectors      remain involved in ensuring that the AHIC gains all the assistance
            of the industry get back up and running.                                it requires to ensure the pressure is kept on government so that
                                                                                    there is equality in the equine industry and we are never put in
            I also understand that by early January it is expected that Victoria    this situation again and that our Quarantine measures again
            and South Australia will relax the restrictions on shows to allow       become the most stringent in the world. We can only hope we
            those green zones to return to showing early in the new year.           regain our free status as quickly as possible and restore our
            (although the AAA will still impose some increased biosecurity          integrity.
            measures connected with show approvals until we are EI free).
                                                                                    We are not out of the woods yet and strict vigilance still needs
            The NMG (National Management Group) and the Queensland                  to continue to beat this thing but the trees are thinning and I
            and NSW DPIs are all working on possible movement protocols             have no doubt we will soon be back out in open fields. I am
            to allow some limited restricted events to occur within the red         involved in meetings at several levels and attend the weekly
            and purple zones of these two States during the remainder of            Qld DPI / QPPHI meetings and if you have any questions or
            the lockdown. If you check the progress maps on the DPI web             concerns you are welcome to call me.
            sites you will get an idea of the time frames for the expected
            zone changes and return to green. Any such relaxing of                  I wish us all a speedy resolution and to all those that are suffering
            restrictions will only be considered in light of the overall            out there, hang in, things can only get better!
            objective of control and eradication of the virus.
                                                                                    Debera Ebbett
            There are significant hurdles to overcome before this is possible.      Insurance/Risk Management/Rule Book Report

6 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 • The National Appaloosa Journal


                                                ARTICLE: Debera Ebbertt - PHOTOGRAPHS: Ev Lagoon

 Well some of us in the infected areas of Queensland and                                           to eradicate the disease (and I DO believe
                                                                                                   that is the current intention and that such
 New South Wales have had our horses vaccinated and                                                has a high probability of success) and have
                                                                                                   made a number of financial packages
  many others have dealt with and come out the other                                               available, we, as an industry, can do more.
  side of the virus and wondered what all the fuss was                                               There has been talk of a "Tackeey
    about as the virus certainly has not lived up to its                                           Christmas" and we should all support this
                                                                                                   idea. In recent weeks 5 saddleries have
      early warnings of high mortality rates (figures                                              closed their doors in Australia, unable to
                                                                                                   continue from the impact of EI and some
      indicating less than .08%) and some still wait                                               of those are in Green Zones! A reduction
                                                                                                   in competition is never good for the buyers
          with baited breath for one or the other.                                                 in the long run. Get out there and replace
                                                                                                   those shredded rugs, buy some shampoo
                                                                                                   and give all your buddies a bath, I am sure
   For those in the green zones life also      significantly financially impacted by the EI
                                                                                                   they will enjoy it as many wonder why they
seems to exist in a bit of a fog. The big      but since being employed by Queensland
                                                                                                   have been chucked out in the paddock. Get
financial loser in this has not actually       Government to represent the Pleasure and
                                                                                                   your trainer or coach to come and give you
proven to be the horses or even many of        Performance Industry in the Equine
                                                                                                   a lesson at home. Buy that new saddle or
the people that own a horse or two, the big    Influenza       Employment        Assistance
                                                                                                   halter that you had planned to get but have
losers are the support industries that keep    Program and other Government meetings
                                                                                                   been putting off because you thought
us all going.                                  and after talking to literally thousands of
                                                                                                   there was no point and some of us might
                                               people it has become apparent that for the
                                                                                                   need some new show clothes because all
   They are the saddleries, produce stores,    majority of us, while our lifestyle has been
                                                                                                   this sitting around has not done the
farriers and equine services that support us   significantly curtailed, the same cannot
                                                                                                   waistline much good! Don’t forget it is
all year by supplying us with services,        generally be said about our incomes. Of
                                                                                                   Christmas and many of our usual haunts
products and sponsorship.                      course there are some who have had some
                                                                                                   have things to buy for all your family, even
                                               hefty vet bills and for the trainers who did
                                                                                                   the non-horsy ones.
Why are these people suffering?                not have horses at the time of the lock
  Because we are avoiding them like the        down or have had to turn them out since,
                                                                                                     At many of the meetings I have been
plague, literally!                             there have been significant losses.
                                                                                                   speaking at and in talking to the shops and
                                                                                                   providers themselves it would seem that in
  Initially I believed that these groups         However, our service providers are
                                                                                                   fact the biggest concern of patrons in the
were suffering because a large number of       hurting and some are now haemorrhaging
                                                                                                   infected areas is contamination. (I am
equine owning people were being                badly. While Government is doing all it can

                                                                                        The National Appaloosa Journal • JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 7
really not sure what the reason is in the         If you are concerned about your               support us or when we come out of this
green zone guys! I would be interested to       purchases, then drown the bag in Glen 20        they may all be GONE!!!!!
know)                                           (gee, don’t you wish you had shares inthat        And do not forget! The AAA needs your
                                                company) and leave it sit in your car for a     support too. If you have not paid your
How can this be?                                couple of days. While it is certainly true      membership, even if you are in a red or
Aren’t we all practicing our own personal       that this EI virus is highly contagious it is   purple zone and do not look like you will
Bio-security?                                   also incredibly easy to kill. People at         be out showing any time soon, PLEASE
                                                Morgan Park in Queensland went                  pay your 2007/2008 membership.
  It is clearly the case that if we are all     backwards and forwards between Morgan
practising safe Bio-Security then THERE         Park and their homes where they had               Remember the two areas where we get
IS NO RISK of us transporting this virus        other horses and NONE of them caught            our income to provide the services to
in or out of our properties. ‘But what          the virus because they practiced good Bio-      members        is memberships     and
about everyone else’ you say! It does not       security.                                       registrations.
matter, if you are practising good Bio-
security then someone on the outside can          If it is not a fear of contamination but        We have all but lost the registration
drown you in snot rags and your horses          because we are all feeling a bit apathetic      income for 2008 and a loss of
will still be safe and distribution will end    and sorry for ourselves then we had better      memberships as well will be devastating.
with you. If you are unsure about the bio-      pluck up and get out there or no matter
security practices of your farrier,             what the government does we will lose far         I do wish everyone a Merry Christmas
chiropractor, equi sage or feed delivery,       more than we could imagine.                     and a Happy and might I say show filled
then take the initiative and decontaminate                                                      2008! &
them yourself before they enter your              Come on everyone, do not use this as an
property. I am sure none of these providers     excuse to stay away form visiting or using      Debera Ebbett
would object if it meant a job or sale.         those people that have always been there to

                                                                                                    HAVE YOUR SAY
                                                                                      POST TO: Australian Appaloosa Ass
                                                                                                PO Box 3212 NSW 2340
                                                                                      EMAIL TO: design@smartchat.net.au

                                                                                                      Please make sure you provide your
                                                                                                       full name & membership number.
                                             The Editor - The Hall of Fame
  Since the last AGM I have been asked by various                       induction. I advised her that I had been informed by
  persons why I was not in Dubbo for the Hall of Fame                   Brian. She asked if I was coming to Dubbo and I told
  Induction Ceremony. The reason is, I was never                        her that I would decide when I had received official
  advised when it was to take place.                                    notification of the time and place of the ceremony.

  My first knowledge that I was to be inducted into the                 I never received any such notification which is a pity
  Hall of Fame was in a phone call from director Brian                  as I do appreciate the honour and would certainly
  Dedicote when he phoned to congratulate me and                        have tried to be there.
  advise me that I would receive a letter of official
  notification with all the relevant details as to the                  Perhaps an apology and explanation
  date and place, etc.                                                  of how this happened would be in
  I never received such letter and the only further
  mention of the matter was in a phone call to Carol                    Yours sincerely
  Ricketts on another matter when she mentioned my                      J Noel Cook

                  To ensure your magazine is delivered on time, we need all advertising material, articles and
                          editorial for the JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 - AAA Journal
                                            no later than 1st DECEMBER 2007

 8 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 • The National Appaloosa Journal
                               REPORTS / NEWS / FEATURES / NOTICES / YOUTH / AMATEUR

                                                                        • Free Venture
                                                                        David Stephenson        Memoirs from a Member……
                                                                                                    A Nostalgic look at
                                                                                                     past members and
                                                                                                      horses from long
                                                                                                          time member
                                                                                                             Don Clare
                                                                 • Free Venture
                                                                                                                  ARTICLE: Don Clare - PHOTOGRAPHS: ????
• Zips Super Star and David Stephenson

               This is the story of one of our great Appaloosa Families of the                          This formidable team shone best in the
                                                                                                      sporting events. Free Venture, with David
               1980 and 1990 era, the Stephenson family. Arthur and his                               at the reins, won the keyhole event ten
                                                                                                      times and was reserve once, being beaten
                  wife Doreen and their son David had two horses that                                 by Dollar Bill in 1987. Another of his
                          were absolutely ‘Hall of Fame’ category.                                    favorite events was the Nez Perce Stake
                                                                                                      race. He was reserve champion from
         Arthur and Doreen’s first entry into      Super Star. David showed her for several           1983 till 1987 then champion in 1988,
      Appaloosas was at the Melbourne              years at both halter and performance for           ‘98 and 1991.
      National Show in 1979. This show as the      his parents. That mare won the senior
      last National show ran by a regional club,   mare class at the 1979 and 1983                      In the Camas Prairie Stump race he
      at the general meeting it was decide that    Nationals. She also was Grand Champion             won in 1982, 84, 89. Cow Hide Drag, he
      the National shows were getting too big      mare both times and ran reserve                    won in 1988, 91. He ran reserve for this
      for the regional clubs to put on and from    champion in 1981 and 82.                           event in 1983 and 89. In the Rescue Race
      that time on it has been run by the                                                             he was reserve in 1983, 85, 86.
      Appaloosas Association. It was also then       In 1982 she was senior trail champion
      decided that that the next show would be     and in 1983 was reserve western pleasure             It must be remembered theses were
      held at Tamworth NSW. The Nationals          champion. She went on to produce three             huge events in the early days of the AAA
      moved there the next year and stayed         national champions. The first was                  and were hotly contested, and David was
      there for the following 19 years before      Chimo’s Mighty Zip sired by Mighty                 a youth for many of these years.
      changing to Dubbo. But let’s get back to     Bright Spark ( imp iiu.) The second was
      the Stephenson family.                       Zips Cororalette, sired by Circle J                  David was not just a great horse rider;
                                                   Corporal. This mare is the grand dam of            he was a very impressive young man in
        The     Stephenson’s     began     with    the current national w/p & HUS                     everything he participated in. Arthur and
      Appaloosas at that show and were             champion, The Socialite. The third foal            Doreen could be very proud of his
      hooked on showing Appaloosas from            was also sired by Circle J Corporal; his           achievements. As a youth David was High
      then on. From that time on they became       name was Star Trek and was later sold and          Point Youth in 1979 and 1980 and was
      involved in many areas and would be          exported to New Caledonia, a very proud            runner up in 1981. Again a great
      remembered for their involvement in the      achievement for the family.                        achievement considering youth events
      Dinner Dances and Sausage Sizzles at the                                                        could average 20+ in competitors for
      National shows. Arthur owned a butchery        The Stephenson’s had another great               many events.
      business in Victoria. and their steak and    horse that was owned and shown by their
      sausage sandwiches were terrific!            son David. David trained and showed the              Free Venture is currently 32years old
                                                   great gelding Free Venture (GC171). He             and enjoys his retirement at Arthur and
         As time progressed Arthur was             was born in 1975, sired by Cowboy                  Doreen’s property at Barnawartha,
      eventually elected to the board of           Venture imp T50 from the mare Rollacre             Victoria.
      directors and this is where he began his     Sparkle A8.
      long association with the AAA. His input                                                          It is horses and people like Arthur and
      to the Appaloosas Association, over many       In early history of the AAA, what                Free Venture that should be thought of
      years, was enormous. He was the National     David and that horse achieved was truly            for the AAA Hall of Fame. They achieved
      Show Chairman from 1989 to 1996,             remarkable. Free Venture was shown                 so much in our early days as an
      eight years in total, nobody to my           from 1981 to about 1991. During that               Association and breed. As my research
      knowledge has achieved this before or        time he won 23 National titles, was                shows; they were one of the great early
      since. In all those years Arthur worked in   reserve champion on about ten occasions            families of the association which has
      the arena at the shows, if you had a         and in addition, won numerous Victorian            helped make the AAA into what it is
      problem he would get it fixed pronto.        and NSW state titles. During this time             today. &
                                                   David was still a youth for three of these
        In 1978 Arthur and Doreen imported a       years and was competing against fierce             Till next time, Don Clare.
      terrific mare from Canada named Zips         competion in open events.

                                                                                           The National Appaloosa Journal • JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 9
                    (To be run after NSW State Show)

 NSW STATE CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW.                              Halter for 2 and under, ‘Y’ lead or reins acceptable)   F13. 2yr old
 DAY 1.                                                    26. Yearling Hunter in Hand. (Will count towards        WESTERN PLEASURE
 STATE SHOW WESTERN EVENTS                                 Yearling Versatility) (Halter with lead or ‘Y’ lead)    F14. 4yrs & over
                                                           27. 2yr old Hunter in Hand. (Will count towards 2yr     F15. 3yr old
 DAY 2.                                                    old Versatility) Led horses only no ridden 2yr olds     F16. 2yr old
 STATE SHOW HALTERS EVENTS                                 (Halter with lead or ‘Y’ lead)
                                                           28. Nez Perce $500 Hunter in Hand (Bridle for 3yr &     TRAIL Futurities
 DAY 3.                                                    over, Halter for 2yr and under, ‘Y’ lead or reins       F17. 4yrs & over
 STATE SHOW ENGLISH EVENTS                                 acceptable)                                             F18. 3yr old
                                                                                                                   F19. 2yr old
 DAY 4.                                                    DAY 6.
 Youth AGM                                                 Western Judge No. 1                                     Western Judge No.1
 Amateur AGM                                                                                                       59. Yearling Led Trail.(Will count towards Versatility)
 am AAA AGM                                                HUNTER UNDER SADDLE                                     60. 2yr old led trail. (Will count towards Versatility)
 National High Point Awards                                29. Nez Perce $1000 HUS Go round                        Led horses only no ridden 2yr olds
 Gold Coin Donation Sausage sizzle                         30. 11yrs & under                                       61. Nez Perce $500 Amateur W/P Go round
                                                           31. Ltd Amateur                                         62. Yearling on lunge.(Will count towards Versatility)
 Hunter in Hand Clinic. Mel & Frank Larrabee               32. Youth 15-18yrs                                      63. 2ry old on lunge. (Will count towards Versatility)
                                                           33. 2yr old# See below                                  Led horses only no ridden 2yr olds
 Evening Fun events bingo?                                 34. Ltd Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation                    64. Nez Perce $500 Youth W/P Go round
                                                           35. 50yrs & over                                        65. Yearling Halter. (Will count towards Versatility)
 DAY 5.                                                    36. Senior Horse                                        66. 2yr old Halter. (Will count towards Versatility) Led
 Two Dressage Judges, one to Judge classes 1& 2            37. Youth 12-14yrs                                      horses only no ridden 2yr olds
 then both to judge Dressage                               38. Amateur Junior Horse                                67. Nez Perce $1000 W/Pleasure Go round
                                                           39. Youth 11yrs & under Walk/Trot*see below
 1. Suitability for Dressage 2yr & under led (Will count   40. 3yrs old+ See below                                 Yearling Versatility Presentation
 towards Yearling & 2yr Old Versatility) Led horses        41. Youth 12-14yrs Hunt Seat Equitation.
 only no ridden 2yr olds.                                  42. Junior Horse                                        2yr old Versatility Presentation
 2. Suitability for dressage 2yrs & over led               43. Amateur Senior Horse
                                                           44. Youth 15-18yrs Hunt Seat Equitation                 Youth judging Clinic
 DRESSAGE.                                                 45. Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation
 Two Dressage Judges,                                      46. Youth 11yrs & U Hunt Seat Equitation                DAY 8
                                                           47. Youth 11yrs & U W/T Equitation* see below           Western Judge No.1
 3. Preliminary 1.4                                        48. 50yrs & over Hunt Seat Equitation
 4. Elementary 3.2                                         FINAL Nez Perce $1000 Hunter under Saddle               HALTER
 5. Amateur Preliminary 1.3                                                                                        68. Stallion 2003 & over
 6. Ltd Amateur Preliminary 1.2                            AMATEUR HALTER                                          69. Stallion 2004
 7. Novice 2.3                                             Western Judge No. 2                                     Grand Champion & Res. Champion
 8. Youth 15-18yrs Preliminary 1.4                                                                                 70. Colt 2005
 9. Youth 12-14yrs Prelim. 1.3                             49. Stallion 2005 & over                                71. Colt 2006
 10 Youth 11yrs & under Prelim.1.1                         51. Colt 2006                                           72. Colt 2007
                                                           52. Colt 2007                                           Grand Champion & Res. Champion
 GRASS ARENA                                               Champion & Res. Champion                                73. Gelding 2003 & over
 One Hack Judge                                            53. Gelding 2005 & over                                 74. Gelding 2004
                                                           54. Gelding 2006                                        Grand Champion & Res. Champion
 11. Led hack 2yrs & under (Will count towards             55. Gelding 2007                                        75. Gelding 2005
 Yearling & 2yr Old Versatility) Led horses only no        Champion & Res. Champion                                76. Gelding 2006
 ridden 2yr olds                                           56. Mare 2005 & over                                    77. Gelding 2007
 12. Led hack 2yrs & over                                  57. Filly 2006                                          Grand Champion & Res. Champion
 13. Galloway hack 14hh & NE 15hh                          58. Filly 2007                                          78. Mare 2003 & over
 14. Youth 15-18yrs Hack 14hh & over                       Champion & Res. Champion                                79. Mare 2004
 15. Hack over 15hh                                                                                                Grand Champion & Res. Champion
 16. Youth 12-14yrs Hack 14hh & over                       Presentation of Overall Amateur Exhibit.                80. Filly 2005
 17. Amateur Hack 14hh & over                              Youth Ice Cream Challenge?                              81. Filly 2006
 18. Youth 11yrs & under Hack 14hh & over                                                                          82. Filly 2007
 19. Ltd Amateur Hack                                      DAY 7.                                                  Grand Champion & Res. Champion
 Grand Champion Hack                                       FUTURITIES                                              83. Most Colourful at Halter
 Dressage Presentation                                     Western Judge No. 2                                     Supreme APPALOOSA
                                                                                                                   84. Get of Sire
 HUNTER IN HAND                                            HALTER                                                  85. Produce of Dam
 Western Judge No. 1                                       F1. 3yrs & over (all sexes)                             86. Exhibitors Group (3 head)
                                                           F2. 2yr old (all sexes)                                 87. Mare & Foal
 20. Stallion 4yrs & over (Bridle mandatory, ‘Y’ lead or   F3. Yearling Colt                                       88. Open Heritage Costume
 reins acceptable)                                         F4. Yearling Gelding
 21. Colt 3yrs & under (Bridle mandatory for 3yr old,      F5. Yearling Filly                                      SHOWMANSHIP at HALTER
 Halter for 2 and under, ‘Y’ lead or reins acceptable)     F6. Weanling Colt                                       Western Judge No. 2
 22. Gelding 4yrs & over (Bridle mandatory, ‘Y’ lead or    F7. Weanling Gelding
 reins acceptable)                                         F8. Weanling Filly                                      89. Youth 11yrs & under Showmanship
 23. Gelding 3yrs & under (Bridle mandatory for 3yr        F9. 2 & over Hunter in Hand                             90. Ltd Amateur Showmanship
 old, Halter for 2 and under, ‘Y’ lead or reins            F10. Yearling Hunter in Hand                            91. Youth 15-18yrs Showmanship
 acceptable)                                                                                                       92. Amateur Showmanship
 24. Mare 4yrs & over (Bridle mandatory, ‘Y’ lead or       HUNTER UNDER SADDLE                                     93. Youth 12-14yrs Showmanship
 reins acceptable)                                         F11. 4yrs & over                                        94. Youth 11yrs & under walk/trot* Showmanship
 25. Filly 3yrs & under (Bridle mandatory for 3yr old,     F12. 3yr old                                            95. 50 Yrs & over Showmanship

  10 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 • The National Appaloosa Journal
96. Youth Tiny Tot Lead Line 2-6yrs.
FREE no entry fee
97. Youth 12-14yrs Bareback Equitation
98. Youth 11yrs & U Walk-Jog W/P*
                                                                  122. Senior Horse
                                                                  123. Youth 15-18yrs Western Equitation.
                                                                  124. Amateur Senior Horse
                                                                                                                                     J14. Amateur Keyhole Jackpot Less 10% costs
                                                                                                                                     J15. Open barrels Jackpot Less 10% costs
                                                                                                                                     J16. Youth barrels Jackpot Less 10% costs
                                                                                                                                     J17. Amateur barrels Jackpot Less 10% costs
99. Youth 15-18yrs Bareback Equitation                            HORSEMANSHIP
                                                                  Western Judge No. 2                                                CONFERENCE CENTRE
FUN NIGHT Calcutta for Nez Perce                                                                                                     Presentation 35th National Show High Point
Western Pleasure & dog race?                                      125. 2yr old#                                                      Performance Awards
                                                                  126. Junior Horse
DAY 9.                                                            127. 50yrs & over                                                  Youth 11yrs & under W/T*,
TRAIL JUDGES Nos 1 & 2 (Co-judged)                                128. 3yr old+ See below                                            classes 39. 47. 94. 98. 101. 121.
                                                                  129. Senior Horse                                                  Youth 11yrs & under, 10. 18. 30.
100. Nez Perce $1000 Open Trail                                   FINAL Nez Perce $1000 Western                                      46. 89. 103. 111. 114.
101. Youth 11yrs & under walk/trot* No Gate                       Pleasure Western Judge No.1                                        Youth 12-14yrs, 9. 16. 37. 41. 93.
102. 50yrs & over                                                                                                                    97. 117. 119. 132.
103. Youth 11yrs & under                                          DAY 10                                                             Youth 15-18yrs, 8. 14. 23. 35. 69.
104. Ltd Amateur                                                  TRAIL JUDGES Nos. 1 & 2 (Co-judged)                                98. 100. 103. 112. 118.
105. Youth 15-18yrs                                                                                                                  Limited Amateur. 6. 19. 31. 34. 90. 104. 109. 118.
106. 2yr old# See below                                           TRAIL                                                              Amateur Junior Horse. 5. 17. 38. 45. 92.
107. Amateur Senior Horse                                         130. Junior horse                                                  113. 115. 133.
                                                                  131. 3yr old+                                                      Amateur Senior Horse. 5. 17. 43. 45.
Western Judge No. 1                                               132. Youth 12-14yrs                                                92. 107. 115. 124.
WESTERN PLEASURE                                                  133. Amateur Junior horse                                          50yrs & over. 35. 48. 95. 102. 116. 127.
                                                                  134. Senior Horse                                                  2yr old# See below. 2. 21. 23. 25.
108. Youth 15-18yrs                                                                                                                  33. 106. 110. 125.
FINAL Nez Perce $500 Amateur W/Pleasure                           WESTERN RIDING                                                     3yr old+ See below, 2. 21. 23. 25.
109. Ltd Amateur                                                  Western Judge No. 2                                                40. 120. 128, 131.
110. 2yr old# See below                                                                                                              Junior Horse. 2. 3. 4. 7. 13. 15. 42. 112. 126. 130.
111. Youth 11yrs & U Western Equitation.                          J4. Amateur Jackpot Less 10% costs                                 Senior Horse. 2. 3. 4. 7. 13. 15. 36. 122. 129. 134.
112. Junior Horse                                                 J5. Youth Jackpot Less 10% costs                                   English Performance Horse, 2. 3. 4. 7. 13.
113. Amateur Junior Horse                                         J6. Open Jackpot Less 10% costs                                    15. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 33. 36. 40. 42.
114. Youth 11yrs & under                                                                                                             Overall Performance Horse, 2. 3. 4. 7. 13. 15. 20.
115. Amateur Western Equitation                                   REINING                                                            21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 33. 36. 40. 42. 106. 110. 112.
116. 50yrs & over                                                 J8. Amateur Jackpot Less 10% costs                                 120. 122. 125. 126. 128. 129. 130. 131. 134.
117. Youth 12-14yrs Western Equitation                            J9. Youth Jackpot Less 10% costs
118. Ltd Amateur Western Equitation                               J10. Open Jackpot Less 10% costs                                   *Competitors cannot compete in any other class
FINAL Nez Perce $500 Youth West Pleasure                                                                                             # These Classes will only count towards
119. Youth 12-14yrs                                               GAMES                                                              2yr old High Point only
120. 3yrs old+ See below                                          J12. Open Keyhole Jackpot Less 10% costs                           + These Classes will only count towards
121. Youth 11yrs & under W/T West Equitation                      J13. Youth Keyhole Jackpot Less 10% costs                          3yr old High Point only

 Rules & Regulations                                                                              16. Dressage – A Horse can only compete in two consecutive levels E.g. Prelim/novice or
                                                                                                  Novice/ elementary – but no more than 3 tests can be ridden in one day. One rider per
    1. NO REFUNDS after closing date. No entries accepted with registration pending.              horse only is permitted. Exception to this rule is the two youth dressage tests, all tests
    2. Show run under AAA Ltd. and HSAA rules. All hater classes are Western attire.              SNAFFLE BITS ONLY.
    Dressage tests contact AAA Ltd. office.                                                       17. Event 78 - Most colourful at halter will be judged 60% on colour, 40% on
    3. Committee reserve the right to alter the program and/or order of events.                   conformation, action, substance, quality & manners. Only Adult colour registered
    4. Horses must be registered with the AAA Ltd. in the correct Registration Category           horses are eligible for this class. Not ‘B’ or ‘BT’.
    applicable to the National show.                                                              18. Yearling Versatility – Horses must compete in a minimum of four events to be
    5. All Owners, Competitors, Strappers, Riders and/or Handlers must be current                  eligible for versatility awards. Placegetter in individual versatility events will be
    financial members of the AAA Ltd. to be covered by Insurance.                                 awarded at the end of each event.
    6. Electric Fences or makeshift yards are NOT to be erected by order of Dubbo Council.        19. 2yr old Versatility – Horses must compete in a minimum of four events to be
    7. All Dogs – Must be under control at all time, (Tied up or on a leash) Must be registered   eligible for versatility awards. Placegetter in individual versatility events will be
    with the Council’s ground Manager on arrival. Any dogs found running loose will be            awarded at the end of each event. NOTE: 2yr olds ridden in this show not eligible
    impounded by the Council.                                                                     to compete in 2yr old Versatility.
    8. Drug testing will be carried out at the committee’s discretion.                            20. Limited Amateurs can enter both Ltd and Amateur events, Ltd. High point
    9. High Point Awards will be calculated on the 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 system,                       award will only be calculated on Ltd Amateur events only.
    Tie breakers as per AAA Ltd. rulebook.                                                        21. 50 years & over – Excludes professionals as defined in AAA Ltd. rule book.
    10. High points – Horses competing in more than one (1) Dressage test only the                These competitors may enter other events but only these events will count
    highest point scoring place will count towards the Overall Performance Horse award.           towards the 50 yrs & over High point award.
    11. Amateurs who are competing on more than one horse in Amateur Junior or Amateur            21. Exhibitors Group – All horses must be owned/leased and shown at National
    Senior horse events can nominate a maximum of two horses per age group whose points           show by the exhibitor as per AAA Ltd. rule book.
    will count towards their Amateur Junior or Amateur Senior High point awards prior to the      22. Hunter in Hand – Dressage whips are allowed, Bridle mandatory for 3yr old & over,
    commencement of the show with the show secretary. Only the highest placing from amateur       Halter or bridle for 2 yr old, ‘Y’ lead or reins acceptable. Yearlings halter & lead, ‘Y’ lead
    events will count towards High Point Awards.                                                  acceptable. Weanling halter only, lead or ‘Y’ lead, No chains over the nose or through the
    12. Youth may nominate a maximum of two horses that will count towards their High point       mouth, Snaffle bits, egg-butt, D-ring, O-ring or full cheek only.
    award of the show. Nominations must be made prior to the commencement of the show             23. Events 29 - $1000 Hunter under Saddle, 67 - $1000 Western Pleasure,
    with the show secretary. Only the highest placing from youth events will count towards        & 100 - $1000 open Trail, entry fee $100 – Prizemoney to 3rd – Ribbons to 10th.
    High Point Awards.                                                                            24. Event 28 - $500 Hunter in Hand – Entry fee $50, Event 61 - $500 Amateur
    13. Two & Three year old Horses entering a Junior Horse event cannot enter a                  Western Pleasure – Entry fee $50 – Prizemoney to 3rd – Ribbons to 10th.
    2 or 3 yr old event. E.g. Three year old entering a Junior Trail cannot enter a               25. Event 64 - $500 Youth Western Pleasure – Entry Fee $25 – Prizemoney
    three year old trail and vice versa.                                                          to 3rd – Ribbons to 6th.
    14. Lead line - Event 96, no rider competing in this class can enter any other                26. Open & Amateur events - entry fees – $30.00 inc. GST
    ridden event at the show.                                                                     except events 28, 29, 61, 67 & 100 see above.
    15. Walk/jog – trot – Events* 39, 47. 94. 98. 101 & 121 no rider competing in                 27. Youth events – entry fees - $13.00 all, except event 96.
    these events can enter any other ridden event at the show.

                                                                                                               The National Appaloosa Journal • JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 11

Sprint Racing
                                                       ARTICLE: Wayne - PHOTOGRAPHS: ????

 “We thought the Appaloosa was going to win with 100m to                                       with a powerful display over approx 275m
                                                                                               (300yds). Show Rose won her second in a
 go” was the catch cry after Sprint Racing returned to NSW                                     row to the delight of new Sprint Industry
                                                                                               participant Phyllis Smith from Canberra
    Thoroughbred race tracks with an NSRA sanctioned                                           who is racing the mare in partnership with
                                                                                               her Daughter Justine Smith. The TB mare
       Sprint Race at the annual Cowra Picnic Race                                             has now had 4 Sprint starts for 3 x wins
                 Meeting on 6th July 2007.                                                     and 1 x Third Placing.

  However it was not to be as although          Rose and Lite My Fire (NSB) in a Photo           The Jarama bred Tallon, now with 5
Tallon broke from the barriers in front and     Finish that covered all placegetters. The      weeks of light work under his belt again
was close up in the photo finish, first start   race was the first conducted as part of a 12   broke in front and improved his result to
jockey Ingrid Eidling had lost a stirrup at     month Trial approved by the Board of           second while NSRA Board Member Ian
the start and both horse and rider were         Racing NSW to determine the viability of       Rosnow from Toowoomba Queensland
unbalanced during the run.                      Alternate      Code     Racing       within    was third with gelding Lite My Fire
                                                Thoroughbred race programs.                    (Double Dozen QH – Casam NSB). A copy
  The vocal crowd, which totalled in                                                           of the Photo Finish from Queanbeyan is
excess of 3000 people had lined the fence         The first race was almost immediately        attached.
to watch the Livestock Transport Group          followed by a second race at Queanbeyan
Sprint in which 7yo Appaloosa stallion          race track near Canberra on 21 July 2007.        Tallon was then being prepared for a
Tallon raced by the Jarama Racing               This was the first time the Sprinters had      return to Queanbeyan on 1 September
Syndicate with 3 weeks training, ran third      been on Queanbeyan since the 1970s and         2007 and with eight (8) horses nominated
to Show Rose (TB) Al Hareb – Galway             the small field again delighted the crowd      there was quite some excitement building

 12 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 • The National Appaloosa Journal
                                                                                                place. After 5 years of negotiation with
                                                                                                government and TB administrators NSRA
                                                                                                racing has access to TB race tracks for
                                                                                                competition and training, TB Industry
                                                                                                equipment on race days and TB industry
                                                                                                trained personnel including barrier
                                                                                                Attendants, Clerks of the Course etc to
                                                                                                professionally conduct NSRA Racing.

                                                                                                   The NSRA is committed to the
                                                                                                introduction of a high quality professional
                                                                                                Sprint Racing Industry in Australia – no
                                                                                                more novelty racing in ploughed paddocks
                                                                                                with no facilities and little regard for safety
                                                                                                or integrity. NSRA sanctioned Racing is
                                                                                                conducted primarily on licensed TB race
                                                                                                tracks at high quality venues meeting
                                                                                                industry safety standards. Participation in
                                                                                                NSRA sanctioned racing on real race
                                                                                                tracks means access to Tie up Stalls,
                                                                                                Swabbing Stall, Sand Roll and Wash Bay
                                                                                                and of course a Vet, Doctor and
                                                                                     Illusion   Ambulance are all on course at all times.
                                       and      QH – Special Effort ex An Easy Illusion.        The racing is at surveyed race distances
plans in hand for several Sprint Races on       Sadly Jarama lost Mystery Dier earlier this     with electronic timing, computerised
each future TB race program. However, the       year – she leaves a yearling colt by Rspecial   Photo Finish and Stewards video coverage
outbreak of Equine Influenza has                Illusion.                                       in addition to strict integrity and probity
temporarily closed the NSRA Sprint                                                              standards – things that have been sadly
Racing program leaving Industry                    Tallon is by Wicket Keeper - Crickadier      missing from the majority of Sprint
participants disappointed that the              ex New Designer TB and is out of the            Racing conducted in Australia in recent
Sprinters are again in recess after such a      Pillaster mare Flying Lady TB. Crickadier       years.
positive start. Currently the NSRA Board        is a full brother to USA Hall of Fame
and Goulburn Sprint racing Club are in          Appaloosa race horse producer Perfect
discussions relating to when the Sprinters      Union who has created a dynasty of
may be able to re commence racing.              successful Appaloosa race horses in
                                                the USA. The 2006 USA Champion
  Tallon - Wicket Keeper ex Flying Lady         2yo Gelding and the 2006 Champion
TB is part of a breeding program at Jarama      Appaloosa race Horse were both
which is located near Goulburn in NSW to        from this family and Jarama are
produce competitive Appaloosa race              utilising the same genes in their
horses. Jarama have several Appaloosa           Australian breeding program. Tallon
horses with racing bloodlines including         is named after Don Tallon the
Ocala Flight, Ledge Deck and Crickadier         Australian “Invincibles” wicket
along with Australian sprinting TB lines.       keeper who toured the UK with
Jarama also stands Australia’s only             Don Bradman. Bradman stated
imported race winning QH stallion               that in his view Tallon was
Rspecial Illusion (imp USA ,SI 90). Jarama      Australia’s best ever wicket keeper.
who have been involved in Sprint Racing
on and off since 1977 and raced their first       NSRA Sprint Racing is the only
Appaloosa in 1985, believe Appaloosa race
horses can beat the Quarter Horse
Sprinters at their own game and are
working towards that aim.

   Tallon will cover his first mare this year
                                                Sprint Racing conducted in
                                                Australia that is “recognised” by
                                                racing administrators under
                                                Australian Racing Board Rule
                                                AR(6) as the NSRA have
                                                demonstrated to Government
when Jarama mare Viper – WP Flight Deck         and TB Administrators that they
ex WJ Mystery Dier will go to him. Viper
already has a yearling colt by Rspecial
                                                have acceptable rules and
                                                integrity & safety procedures in
     Jarama have several Appaloosa horses with racing bloodlines including Ocala
         Flight, Ledge Deck and Crickadier along with Australian sprinting TB lines.

                                                                                   The National Appaloosa Journal • JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 13
                                                                                               member and Jarama partners along with
                                                                                               stable rider Ingrid Eidling are regular
                                                                                               visitors. The NSRA Forum will hopefully
                                                                                               be the venue for discussion of Australian
                                                                                               Appaloosa racing

                                                                                                  The NSRA is the national body for
                                                                                               Sprint Racing in Australia. As the
                                                                                               organisation with exclusive rights to
                                                                                               sanction Sprint Racing on Thoroughbred
                                                                                               race tracks in Queensland and New South
                                                                                               Wales the NSRA is implementing
                                                                                               strategies that will develop a sustainable
                                                                                               industry utilising existing infrastructure
                                                                                               and based largely around the 200 year old
                                                                                               successfully established model of the
                                                                                               Australian Thoroughbred Industry.

                                                                                                 As is the case in the USA, the NSRA is
                                                                                               working with other codes of racing
                                                                                               including Thoroughbred and Arabian
                                                                                               Racing. The highly successful USA model
                                                                                               of interspersing Sprint Racing with
                                                                    The NSRA website has       Thoroughbred Racing and Arabian Racing
                                                            a History of Australian Sprint     has the potential to work equally as well on
                                                            Racing section which is being      Australian race tracks.
                                                            expanded with stories and
                                                           photos     of    NSRA       and       With Tallon already racing we are
                                                           predecessor sanctioned Racing       working to encourage the participation of
                                                           including SRAC and AQHA             further Appaloosa race horses, Paint
                                                          Racing Division sanctioned           Horses and Australian Stock Horses in
                                                          racing at Goulburn, NSW.             NSRA sanctioned events and the NSRA
                                                          Gympie, QLD, Great Western Vic       will program breed specific racing if the
                                                          and Chiltern Vic.          Some      demand is there. We encourage everyone
                                                         interesting photos and video          with an interest in the Australian Sprint
                                                         tapes which recently came to light    Racing Industry to work with us to
Interested in racing your                                include AmQHA President Jerry         demonstrate to Government and the wider
Appaloosa with the NSRA? Have a look at         Wyndham, AmQHA Director of Racing              racing industry that we have the numbers
www.nationalsprintracing.org where you          Dan Fick and AQHA President Paul               to be sustainable and at least in NSRA
will find everything you want to know           Lorimer presenting trophies to All             sanctioned racing there are high levels of
about     NSRA       sanctioned    racing.      Australian Futurity and Derby winners at       integrity and a professional approach to
Download a copy of the Rules of Racing or       Goulburn and representatives from the          our racing.
detail on integrity and safety standards        Japan Racing Association presenting
that will help ensure that you and your         winners on their visit to observe Sprint          Regrettably the Equine Industry
horse have a safe and enjoyable experience      Racing at Goulburn.         Some of this       lockdown is still in effect as this article is
in a professional racing environment.           material is being prepared for display on      written and there is no restart in sight for
Further information on NSRA sanctioned          the website alongside the embedded             widespread racing in Australia. NSRA
racing can be obtained direct from the          Youtube feed of Overseas Quarter Horse         Affiliate the Goulburn Sprint Racing Club
NSRA Directors and contact details for          Racing.                                        is currently in discussions regarding
each of them can be found on the website,                                                      running a major race meeting at
or      email       the      NSRA       at         The NSRA Board recently authorised          Queanbeyan Thoroughbred race track in
info@nationalsprintracing.org Want to           the implementation of a discussion forum       March 2008 with a view to having a full
chat about Appaloosa race horses? You can       on the NSRA website. They have provided        afternoon of Sprint Racing including a
ring Wayne Graham at Jarama on 02 4848          the Forum for industry participants to         Futurity and Derby. The Down Under
0108 – he is happy to talk about Sprint         widely discuss the industry and buy and        Dash is likely to be run on the same
Racing any time.                                sell horses, services and gear. There is no    program along with racing for 3yo,
                                                restriction on commercial operations and       Maiden and perhaps other classes over the
  Prize money at various levels is on offer     businesses participating at this time and      afternoon of racing. The NSRA website
in NSW while unplaced horses will               we intend to make this the place to discuss    will have further detail as it comes to hand.
continue to receive a $100 starters bonus       all the activities of our exciting industry.   In the mean time the NSRA wants to hear
to assist with travel costs. Owners and         Feel free to drop by and have a look around    from those members who have an interest
Trainers will also appreciate the fact that     – maybe give the NSRA your views on the        in Appaloosa Racing – lets outnumber
there is no cost to nominate for the            Australian Industry or chat about              those Quarter Horses and beat them at
majority of NSRA sanctioned races as            bloodlines. USA based author Pat Mefford       their own game! &
NSRA sanctioned racing is generally free.       who wrote ‘”The Appaloosa” is a forum

 14 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 • The National Appaloosa Journal
                         REPORTS / NEWS / FEATURES / NOTICES / YOUTH / AMATEUR

Photo: AR Night Drive with Richard Fayard at Noumea Hippodrome Henri Milliard.

Australian Breeding Shows
                                                                         ARTICLE: ??? & Kiara - PHOTOGRAPHS: ????

  Mr Christian Fayard, who is one of our International                                                                   chosen as the winner of the Appaloosa
                                                                                                                         Female class and was again exhibited
   Members, has been kind enough to supply some show                                                                     by Richard Fayard.

 results and photos for an Australian bred and registered                                                                  Thursday 1st November 2007 French
                                                                                                                         Judge Celine Pialla-Lasbleiz officiated
          mare, AR Night Drive, Reg No 59928.                                                                            over the Appaloosa Classes at La Foa
                                                                                                                         Lasbleiz Western Training Centre
  Held on the weekend of 10, 11 & 12                              Saturday 11 August – 3rd Snaffle bit                   where AR Night Drive won the
of August 2007 was the Foire de                                  Western Trail.                                          Showmanship at Halter and was placed
Bourail, which is an Agricultural and                                                                                    3rd in Horsemanship.
Arts Show held in New Caledonia, this                              Christian writes “We are very very
show was judged by New Zealand                                   proud of her, she was only ridden 10                      The last show that Christian has
judge, Mr Dave Young. AR Night Drive                             times before this exhibition.”                          supplied results for was the Dumbea
was shown by Christian’s cousin                                                                                          Cheval Loisir NRHA Final where
Richard Fayard and her results, as                                 Following on from the Foire de                        Breed classes also were held at Centre
supplied by Christian, are as follows:                           Bourail was their next contest held                     Henri Colardeau in Dumbea on
                                                                 Saturday 27th October 2007, which                       Sunday 11th November 2007. Under
 Friday 10 August – 1st Appaloosa                                saw New Zealand Judge Mr Brian                          Australian Judge Andrew Soper, AR
Mare at Halter, 2nd Appaloosa Most                               Gibbinson Judging the Appaloosa                         Night Drive placed 2nd in her Trail
Colourful.                                                       classes at Noumea Hippodrome Henri
                                                                 Milliard where AR Night Drive was
                                                                                                                         class and 3rd in her Western Pleasure

                     “                 We are very very proud of her, she was only
                                         ridden 10 times before this exhibition.

                                                                                                            The National Appaloosa Journal • JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 15
                                                                         As well as owning AR Night           Australian mare Lancers Lucky
                                                                       Drive, who is by MPA’s Mega            Charm (AAA).
                                                                       Drive, out of AR Doc’s Total Night
                                                                       Fall, bred by RJ Irving & Associates     Go With Pride is a stallion with
                                                                       Pty Ltd and Exported to New            lots of Australian Blood running
                                                                       Caledonia early 2007, Christian        through his veins. He is by
                                                                       has another connection with            Northbound Ima Tuff Goer
                                                                       Australian Bred Appaloosas.            (Registered as Ima Tuff Goer with
                                                                                                              ApHANZ) who was bred by
                                                                         Lucky Pride (ApHANZ) is              Norm & Conny Barry of
                                                                       Christians’ resident Stallion. A       Northbound Appaloosa Stud in
• Totalee Pride by Lucky Pride (ApHANZ), out of Sarah                  New Zealand horse I hear you say!      Victoria and Exported to New
des Souces (Appaloosa)                                                 Lucky Pride is by Go With Pride        Zealand in 1989. His Dam is
                                                                       (ApHANZ) and out of the 1980           Trelibra Pride who was bred by
                                                                                                              Trelibra Pty Ltd and was Exported
                                                                                                              to New Zealand in 1981 by G
                                                                                                              Ramsay of Reporoa, NZ.

                                                                                                                Lancers Lucky Charm is by the
                                                                                                              Imported Stallion Sullys Lancer 11
                                                                                                              and out of Patches Lady Stacys and
                                                                                                              was bred by R & D James. &

    • Christian’s Resident Stallion Lucky Pride (ApHANZ)       • Talk About Pride (ApHANZ) by Lucky Pride
                                                               (ApHANZ) out of Hillary III (TB)                       • AR Night Drive & Richard at Foire de Bourail

                          To ensure your magazine is delivered on time, we need all advertising material, articles and
                                  editorial for the JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 - AAA Journal
                                                           no later than 1st DECEMBER 2007

   Brisbane Royal

 16 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 • The National Appaloosa Journal
                                 ~ AUSTRALIAN APPALOOSA ASSOCIATION LTD ~

                                                                                       2007 RECIPIENTS
                                                                                                              By Terry & Don Northery

                                                      arrived and started breeding, I started thinking of
                                                      an Appaloosa club. As most people thought it
                                                      was too early I went ahead and had six service
                                                      books of service certificates printed, two for each
                                                      stallion. If it was not for these books we would
                                                      never have traced the first mare bred. Two years
                                                      later I was still wishing for a club to keep records,
                                                      so I called a meeting in 1971 at Nathalia and
                                                      with a constitution drawn up, we had a meeting.
                                                         This meeting was held on the 13th February
                                                      and the Appaloosa Association of Australia was
                                                                                                                    ~ COLIDA’S LAD ~
                                                         Helen was elected to Council and then the                (IMP) AAA – A97 • No. 1 Supreme
                                                      Council appointed her Honorary Secretary –                  All Round Champion of Australia – 1978
                                                      Treasurer. She spent seven years as Secretary –
       ~ J. NOEL COOK ~                               Treasurer.
                                                                                                                   Colida’s Lad was Australia’s Number
           FIRST PRESIDENT                                                                                      1 Supreme All-Round Champion, awarded in
                                                         1972 saw Helen organize the first National
  Of the Australian Appaloosa Association                                                                       1978 and he was also awarded the first “Register
                                                                                                                of Merit”, he won “Hi-Point Performance Horse”
   J. Noel Cook – Foundation AAA member                  Helen was instrumental in providing a
                                                                                                                at both the 1975 and 1976 National Appaloosa
elected to Council at the inaugural meeting held      constitution, a Rule Book and the first Stud Book
                                                                                                                Championships and was Hi-Point Performance
13th February 1971. Later at the first Council        for the Association.
                                                                                                                Horse at every other show he competed in. In top
meeting he was elected first President, this was a                                                              Australian company Colida’s Lad won at
three year term for President only.                                                                             Western Pleasure, English Pleasure, Working
   He spent much time guiding the Association in                                                                Cow horse, Nez Perce Stake and Rope races,
its initial stages through knowledge gained on the                                                              Keyhole and Indian Costume classes.
Appaloosa and the running of a breed registry                                                                      His progeny include “Colida 76” and “Colida
though various trips to the USA over six years –                                                                77” both National “Hi-Point Halter Horses of
This information from his history for re-election –                                                             Australia”.
   He was President seven times from 1971 –
1977 and re-elected 1985 – 1986.
   Along with Helen Cook, they travelled to
America and imported many Appaloosa Horses
and showed many National Champions
including Colida’s Lad.

                                                              ~ MAX HAYES ~
                                                                     HAYSRAE STUD
                                                         Max Hayes AAA member – 1973 as per list
                                                                                                                  ~ JOKER’S MONTE ~
                                                      in “First Stud Book’ by Helen Cook                          (IMP) ApHC 28264 AAA - A19
                                                         He was from Tongala in Victoria, and along
                                                      with his wife Beryl as Haysrae Stud bred and                 Joker’s Monte was known, in the US, as the
                                                      showed Appaloosas from 1972. He was elected               Champion of Champions in Halter, Western
                                                      to Council on the 22nd April 1977 and he was              Pleasure, Reining and Roping, and won at some
                                                      Vice-president and Treasurer, re-elected in 1979          of America’s largest shows e.g. The Nationals,
                                                      and became President, when the association                Fort Worth, Houston and the All American
                                                      needed a sensible guiding hand. Max was also              Sweepstakes.
                                                      president 1980 – 1981, 1983 – 1984, and 1984                 He was purchased from Money Creek Ranch,
                                                      - 1985.                                                   in America, by Ted Hodges of Willow Park Stud,
                                                         Max along with his wife Beryl were very                Scone NSW, and he arrived in Australia in April
     ~ HELEN COOK ~                                   committed to the Murray Country Regional                  1974. Once here Joker’s Monte, trained and
           FIRST SECRETARY                            Appaloosa Club helping to run the very                    ridden by Joe Davis, continued on his winning
  Of the Australian Appaloosa Association             successful Victorian State Show, Max was                  ways on the show circuit in four states. Some of
                                                      involved in running the 4th National Show in              his achievements in Australia include being “Hi-
   A foundation member of the AAA Association                                                                   Point Performance and Cattle Horse” at the 5th
Helen saw the need in 1969 for a breed registry       April 1976.
                                                         Unfortunately both Max and Beryl are now               National Show held in Maitland, NSW, in April
for the Appaloosa horse.                                                                                        1977. Many of his progeny have competed
   In her notes for re-election to the Council in     deceased.
                                                                                                                successfully at National and State level and his
May 1974 she said “in 1969 Lucky Dash Jnr                                                                       bloodlines still run through modern day horses.

                                                                                              The National Appaloosa Journal • JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 17
The National Appaloosa Journal • JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 19
                       REPORTS / NEWS / FEATURES / NOTICES / YOUTH / AMATEUR

                            Youth Report...
         Sharon Coldwell - Youth Director
                                                                                      Youth Profile...
I know many of you have had a rough time                                                             Emily Archer
with the horse flu. I hope your horses are
                                                                                        Hi I m Emily Archer I live in Perth, Tasmania.
on the road to recovery and fingers crossed                                           I m 11 years old turning 12 in September, I go to
we ll all soon be able to get back to showing                                             St. Thomas More s School in Launceston.
our appies.
Thank you to all the kids that replied to our questionnaire. You have
helped to organize some of our future programs. A youth profile will
appear in each journal and even on the new website s youth page.
SO…please start sending in details about yourself, your Appaloosas
and what you do.

Here are some ideas.
Name, age, state you live in, family, what you do with your horses,
what you like best about your Appaloosa. Don t forget to include a
photo of you and your Appy.

Our art competition is underway.
Details to enter are on the next page and on the AAA website.

And remember that your state shows are coming up in the new
year, if you can help in fundraising or sponsorship just contact
myself or your state youth delegate.

I m looking for a sponsor/s to pay for youth entry to the barrel,
keyhole and hunter hack classes at the National show, so if there s               My hobbies are Horse Riding and Gymnastics, I like pretty
anyone out there give me a call.                                                  much any thing sport related but my favourite is riding and
                                                                                  running also I like reading and writing stories.
Oh, and I still need photos of youth with their horses for
promotional material on the website or in adverts so come on                      My first pony was a bay Shetland cross welsh called Starlight,
guys get those cameras out! You could be a star!                                  my 2nd pony was a palouse his name is Bingo, my 3rd pony, a
                                                                                  fleabitten grey welsh cross she, is very old now, she s in her 20 s
Till next time,                                                                   her name is Blossom, we still have her at home with us, I don t
Sharon Coldwell - Youth Director                                                  ride her anymore but we have lent her to a little girl who rides
                                                                                  her at pony club and comes out to our house to ride her quite

youth committee                                                                   often, their family loves her just as much as we do. Quite
                                                                                  recently we have bought a jet black Australian Stock Horse
                                                                                  cross, he s14.3hh, his name is Noel if your wondering why he
                            DETAILS...                                            such a strange name just like I did when I bought him, it is
                                                                                  because he was born on Christmas Eve. I also have a beautiful
           &                         &                          &                 Appaloosa named Heart to Heart aka Zoe, my mum and I share
 Phillip Henderson           Emma Tucker              Sharon Coldwell             her but I own her I also sometimes take her to pony club.
    Youth President          Youth Director              Youth Director
         • Email:                  • Email:                   • Email:
  gkhendos@bigpond.net.au   sapoles@chariot.net.au   appaloosa1@optusnet.com.au
                                                                                  My goals for the future are to become a successful amateur
                                                                                  rider, I would also like to give riding lessons when I m older but
           &                         &                          &                 at the moment I m happy at the level I m at now, but I m all
                                                                                  ways ready for improvement.
    If any youth in Tas, Qld and WA would like to represent their state,
                     please contact the youth director

  20 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 • The National Appaloosa Journal
          L AU S T R A L I A N A P PA LO O S A YO U T H A S S O C I AT I O N L

                        ART CONTEST
      Objectives:     To encourage youth to become familiar with the Appaloosa breed. This offers young
                      Appaloosa enthusiasts the opportunity to express their skills and love of the
                      Appaloosa through art.

      Title:          Entrants have their choice of title as long as the theme relates to the Appaloosa breed.

      Entry Fee:      There is no charge to participate. Youth may enter as many times as they like.

      Deadline:       Artwork must be received in the AAA Ltd office by 1st March each year.

      Age Groups: Age is determined as of August 1 of the current year.
                  * 11 yrs and under.
                  * 12-14 yrs
                  * 15-18 yrs

L     Judging:        The winning artwork will be selected by a panel of persons familiar with the Appaloosa and
                      its history, and with the appropriate credentials needed to judge this class. All submitted
                      artwork will be displayed at the AAA Ltd National Show. Judging will occur at this time.
                      A ‘members choice award’ will also be judged from all artwork submitted.

       % AU S T R A L I A N A P PA LO O S A YO U T H A S S O C I AT I O N %
     L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L
1.     At the time of entry, entrant must submit a completed entry form along with his/her artwork. A parent or legal guardian
       must sign the entry form.
2.     Artwork may be a drawing, painting, or a hand built ceramic or sculpture. No model ceramics or crafts will be accepted.
       Any variance from this will be evaluated on a case by case basis before entry into the contest is allowed.
3.     Artwork must be easy to ship.
4.     Artwork will be judged on originality of approach, creativity and Appaloosa theme.
5.     Artwork to be clearly marked with artists name on back or base for identification.
6.     Artwork must be the participant’s own work.
7.     Artwork submitted becomes the property of the AAA Ltd and will only be returned upon the request of the entrant.
       Return shipping must be paid by the entrant and be included with the artwork.

                                       * MAIL ART WORK & ENTRY FORM TO:
                                                 AAYA Art Contest
                                              Australian Appaloosa Association
                                                        PO Box 3212
                                                West Tamworth, NSW 2340

     L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L

                                                                          The National Appaloosa Journal • JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 21
         L AU S T R A L I A N A P PA LO O S A YO U T H A S S O C I AT I O N L

                          ART CONTEST
                                         L      ENTRY FORM                            L

This completed form must accompany the artwork by the deadline. Incomplete entries will not
be accepted.

Entrant’s Name: _________________________________________________________________________________

AAA Ltd Membership#____________________________________________________________________________

Age: _____________________ Birthdate:________________________ Grade in School: _____________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________


State: _______________ Postcode ___________

Phone: ( ______ ) ____________________________ E-Mail: ____________________________

Short Description of Artwork: _____________________________________________________________________


If selected as a winner, this information will be sent to your local Regional Appaloosa Club:

Name of Regional Club: __________________________________________________________________________

Address of Regional Club: _________________________________________________________________________

I acknowledge that the AAA Ltd has the sole right to control the use of this submitted artwork for use in the
promotion of the Australian Appaloosa and the AAA Ltd. I also waive the right to claim for any damage/loss that
may occur to the submitted art work while in transit to/from the competition or while in the AAA Ltd’s care.

Signature: ________________________________ Date: _______________
My signature allows my child to participate in this event.

Signature: ________________________________ Date: _______________

                                           * MAIL ART WORK & ENTRY FORM TO:
                                                      AAYA Art Contest
                                                   Australian Appaloosa Association
                                                             PO Box 3212
                                                     West Tamworth, NSW 2340

22 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 • The National Appaloosa Journal

AMATEUR LIST as at 1st December 2007                                                      Australian Appaloosa
                                                                                          Amateur Association
The following list of AAA Members have applied for Amateur
Status for the Show Season 2007/2008, if anyone knows of any                              OFFICE BEARERS
reason why their Amateur Status should not be confirmed, please
send your written objection to the AAA Ltd Office within                                  COMMITTEE
30 days of Publication of this Journal.                                                   • PRESIDENT
                                                                                          MEAGHAN HENNESSY
                                                                                          PO Box 10 Wauchope NSW 2446
      F9172 .............................. WHITTINGTON     REBBECCA                       Ph: (02) 6587 1228
      F10825 ............................ BOURKE           MARGRET                        Email: tsstud@bigpond.com
      F7288 .............................. HEWSON          KAREN                          • VICE PRESIDENT
      F10445 ............................ HEWSON           MICHAEL                        JOANNE GREGORY
      F9331 .............................. MALLIA          TRACEY                         61 Fifth Avenue
      F3546 .............................. MATTINSON       RICHARD                        Austral NSW 2179
      F5108 .............................. MATTINSON       TANYA                          Ph: 02 9606 9789
      C3516.............................. LAW              BERENICE                       jo-greg@bigpond.net.au
      F9460 .............................. DOWNING-SMITH   MICHELLE                       • SECRETARY/PUBLICILTY OFFICERS
      F4455 .............................. TURNER          KARIN                          KAREN OBORN
      F5287 .............................. TURNER          KEVIN                          'Pinewood' 315 Neville Rd, Blayney NSW
                                                                                          Ph: 02 6368 2415
      F3368 .............................. HARVEY          JUDY
                                                                                          Email: pinewood@colourcity.com
      F9014 .............................. SALMON          PAIGE
      F10547 ............................ PARKINSON        JANE                           • TREASURER
                                                                                          SALLY COLE
      F7917 .............................. RAMSAY          JOANNE
                                                                                          Medowie NSW
      F1223 .............................. BRAND           LOUIS                          Ph: 0419 426 585
      F9536 .............................. AUSTIN          PATRICIA                       Email: sally@ziggyshotrods.com
      F8006 .............................. LAWRIE          TANYA
      F3269 .............................. HOSKING         RON                            DELEGATES
      F8497 .............................. JOHNSON         JOANNE
      F10546 ............................ ELLERY           JULIE                          • NEW SOUTH WALES
      F2642 .............................. LORD            SHARON                         DEBBIE PEARSON
                                                                                          Lyn Lee
      F3010 .............................. POLLOCK         SHARON
                                                                                          Huntley Road, Huntley NSW
      F9266 .............................. MAITLAND        PETA                           greatwesternsaddlery@colourcity.com.au
                                                                                          • VICTORIA
                                                                                          KAREN LEONCELLI
  Don’t miss out on advertising your business or                                          Ph: 04070508
                                                                                          Email: kleoncelli@hotmail.com
   stallion in the next issue of the AAA Journal.                                         • SOUTH AUSTRALIA
                                                                                          DEBBIE COTTON
                                                                                          55 Bethesda Road, Lewiston.
                     All Advertising must be in by the                                    Ph: 041267 5529
           DEADLINE... 1st FEBRUARY 2008                                                  Email: dcotton@twpo.com.au
                                                                                          • QUEENSLAND & NORTHERN TERRITORY
                 New email: art.design@bigpond.com                                        TRISH BROWN
                                                                                          m/s 366 Hiddenvale Rd, Calvert QLD
                                                                                          Ph: 07 5465 5176
       To ensure your magazine is delivered on time, we need all                          • TASMANIA
                                                                                          TERESA ROBINSON
             advertising material, articles and editorial for                             "Regal Park"
                      MARCH/APRIL 2008 magazine                                           Springdale Rd, Collinsvale TAS 7012
                                                                                          Ph/Fax: (03) 6239 0082
                     no later than 1st FEBRUARY 2008...                                   Email: regalparkappy@bigpond.com.au

                                                                      The National Appaloosa Journal • JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 23

In the past regional clubs                      can be where people can share a               fun for her and her family members, many
                                                common interest, make a network of new        are more likely to stay and even have
have been a way for the                         friends and above all, have fun.              family members join.
Appaloosa Association to
                                                Your clubs mission statement should be a      • How does your club benefit a
be in touch with members,                       reflection of who you are and what the        member?
to be involved in new ideas                     club is about. Your statement should let
                                                                                              Make a list of great things about your club
                                                prospective members know what the club
and contact potential new                       stands for and where its future lies.
                                                                                              and provide this information in your
                                                                                              material regarding the club. You really have
appaloosa owners by                                                                           to sell the club to potential members. Let
                                                As a committee, there should be goals set
introductiong them to the                       for the future, both long and short term.
                                                                                              them know that they could be apart of
                                                                                              a great group of fun people, receiving
world of the Appaloosa.                         While committees changes the club needs
                                                                                              awards for their efforts and learning
                                                direction for the future. When establishing
Over the years the purpose                      these goals be sure to keep an open mind.
                                                                                              along the way.
and general makeup of                           Remember the best way to grow is to be
                                                                                              People have a limited amount of time and
                                                an INCLUSIVE club rather than an
regional clubs has changed.                     EXCLUSIVE one. Personal agendas,
                                                                                              finances to spend on hobbies. Remember
                                                                                              to make this hobby sound fun and
One of the most significant                     fractions of committee members generally
                                                                                              enjoyable. Unless a member is someone
                                                spells the death of a club with old
changes has been the                            members leaving in disgust and
                                                                                              who derives an income from this industry
reduction in membership                                                                       such as a breeder or trainer, it is very easy
                                                disappointment and new members being
                                                                                              to walk away from something that
numbers and a change in                         warned off by rumors of discontent. As
                                                                                              becomes boring or socially stressful.
                                                committee members you must be
the kind of members that                        prepared to rise above your own personal
                                                                                              The committee also needs to look at fees
do join and why.                                wants and needs and see to the care of
                                                                                              for membership too. Are they keeping
                                                the majority of the members for the good
                                                                                              with the times? Do they cover the cost for
                                                of the club and the breed.
• What is a regional club?                                                                    the production of news letters, insurance
In the clinical sense, a regional club is a                                                   fees, purchases of awards etc? For their
group of Appaloosa enthusiasts who have                                                       fees members will expect something. Let
                                                • What do you offer                           them know what they are to expect
joined together to form an organization
that follows the AAA Ltd’s mission              your members?                                 (newsletters, awards etc) and stick to it,
statement “to preserve, improve, promote        A very objective look needs to be taken       don’t have them asking was it worth it to
and enhance the breed known as the              at what the club offers a prospective         join.
Appaloosa”.                                     member. How would the club be
                                                perceived by a potential member? As a         • Who are your current
In the actual sense, a regional club makes      friendly group, with an approachable          members and why?
up much more than that. It is a promoter        committee? A club with events that met
                                                                                              Knowing the demographics of the
of AAA approved shows and clinics which         their needs? A club that offers support to
                                                                                              membership helps a committee to
in turn promote improvement of                  ‘newbie’s’ to the horse industry with
                                                                                              formulate upcoming events that will be
competitors and horses. It can be a             clinics, training days etc?
                                                                                              beneficial to the majority and will be well
promoter of the breed and the                                                                 patronized. Nothing is more financially
association, by being its representative at     One thing that has changed from the past
                                                                                              wasteful and frustrating for a committee
all breeds shows, expos and events              is now many members are alone in their
                                                                                              than to organize an event and it not be
                                                pursuit of this interest. Most are women,
involving horses. And on a human level, it
can be a social gathering of like mined
people who love the Appaloosa breed. It
                                                many that are married with family. By
                                                creating an atmosphere of support and                                            “
                                                                                              well patronized. By knowing such things as
                                                                                              number of youth, amateurs, or equine
                                                                                              interests (i.e. reining, hunter etc) a

          AAA Ltd’s mission statement “to preserve, improve, promote and
                   enhance the breed known as the Appaloosa”.

 24 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 • The National Appaloosa Journal

committee can create events that include       work. Club sponsorship or support of           attend. Don’t let rumors amongst fractions
most members and their interests.              local events or shows is a way of gaining      to fester. Hold a forum and weed those
If the committee is aware that most            public awareness of the club. However in       problems out. Hold meetings at
members live in a certain area, events can     theses circumstances make sure exactly         convenient times and places for members
be conducted that allows members to            what the club is offered for its support, in   to attend, not which is just suited to the
travel to a central area.                      writing. Always balance ‘what you get’         convener.
                                               against ‘what you have to give’.
• How limited is your potential                                                               Be prepared for new ideas, give them time
pool of new members?                           Regardless of how you choose to                to be discussed and thought over. The best
                                               promote your club it must be in a laid out     way to kill a new member’s creativity is to
If the club is in an area that has little
                                               plan, which future committees can follow.      dismiss an idea straight out with out
chance of growth, it is important to retain
                                               There is a cycle of how and when to            discussion or thought. Again, just cause it
current members or consider moving its
                                               promote the club and its events, they          didn’t work ten years ago doesn’t mean it
general location to a growth area.
                                               need to know this for the club to continue     won’t work now. In these new times we
                                               to be promoted in the best possible light.     need to learn to ‘think outside the box’ of
Keep in mind no more than 25 % of horse
                                                                                              our traditional areas.
owners are involved in showing, and less
than that at breed only shows. So who are      • Retaining members.
you leaving out? Think of programs that        The best way to retain current members         Some major DON”TS for clubs.
will appeal to a wide group of horse           is to pay attention to them. Make them         • Don’t encourage negativism by
owners. Ask members what new events            feel welcomed and wanted. Sent them a          tolerating it or being a part of it.
they would like to see introduced.             welcome letter when they first join, with      • Don’t think the old way is the best way.
Remember that clubs generally have a           details of up coming events/ shows, and        • Don’t allow your club to be run for the
cycle of new members, with new interests,      committee contact details. Include details     sole enjoyment of, or to serve the
every five years or so. So what may have       of member’s accomplishments in                 personal agenda of any one person or
been popular in the past holds no interest     newsletters, human tidbits such as get         small group of individuals.
for new members now. By providing              wells; births etc make them feel part of a     • Don’t limit your horizons. Expand your
events for non ‘Appy’ people, the club         larger family. If something needs doing ask    thinking power by including everyone.
gains financially and has the opportunity to   for help, people have other skills than to     • Don’t expect your club to be around for
introduce them to the Appaloosa way of         just own a horse.                              ever if its members are not willing to
life. Remember you must move with the                                                         contribute to its success. It’s a two way
times to survive.                              The easiest thing to do and the most           street between the committee and the
                                               forgotten is to just say thank you.            members to keep it alive.
• Marketing the club.                          People want to feel wanted and                 • Don’t expect that what you like as
                                               appreciated. Most are happy to just            being the same as everyone else’s. Test
So, you know who you are, where you’re
                                               receive simple acknowledgement of              your ideas and thoughts on a variety
headed and what you have to offer
                                               their work, help, and support. And it is       of members for opinions.
prospective members. Now you need to
                                               something that doesn’t cost the club to
look at every possible method to
                                               do but can cost the club members of it         • And remember;
advertise your existence to potential
                                               doesn’t.                                       • If you’re going to do something; do it
members. Advertising that need some
imagination and thought, is adverts in local                                                  right. Go for marvelous not mundane.
                                               Solicit members’ opinions and suggestions,
papers or flyers at local business. It must
                                               include them in decision making. The           • There is nothing permanent except
be concise, appealing and simple.
                                               fastest way to lose members is to make         change.
Membership incentives such as free
                                               executive decisions without informing
membership/ reduced fees for those who
                                               them of the circumstances. That is why
bring in new members are a way to
involve all members in the membership
drive, not just the committee doing the
                                               it is important to hold regular general
                                               meetings that all members are invited to
                        Be prepared for new ideas, give them time to be
                                  discussed and thought over.

                                                                                  The National Appaloosa Journal • JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 25

                                            2008 Australian Appaloosa Association Ltd

                           ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                 Notice is hereby given that the Twenty Ninth Annual General Meeting of the
                Australian Appaloosa Association Ltd will be held in the Expo Centre Building,
                         Dubbo Showground on Wednesday 9 April 2008, at 11.30am.
  Please note the following important dates for return of:                  • Proxy Votes must be received by the AAA Ltd Office no
         • Motions of Special Notice to be received by the                  later than 5pm Thursday 3 April 2008 or must be received
           AAA Ltd Office by Friday 22 February 2008.                        by AAA Ltd President, PO Box 1449, Dubbo NSW 2830
                                                                                      no later than 5pm Monday 7 April 2008.
           • Directors Nominations to be received by the
            AAA Ltd Office by Friday 22 February 2008.                   PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY ORIGINALS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
                                                                               This applies to Voting Papers, Proxy Forms & Board
       • Motions of Special Resolution to be received by the                    Nomination Forms. Upon legal advice we cannot
          AAA Ltd Office by Friday 29 February 2008.                                 accept the above forms via fax or email.

            • Ballot Papers must be received by the                       *** Motions of Special Notice and Motions of Special Resolution
    AAA Ltd Office no later than 5pm Wednesday 2 April 2008.             will not be accepted unless they have a Mover and a Seconder ***

      SECTION A:           1. Weanling Filly                          SECTION D:       12. 3 Year old Hunter Under Saddle
                           2. Weanling Colt                                            13. 3 Year old Western Pleasure
                           3. Weanling Gelding                                         14. 3 Year old Trail

      SECTION B:           4. Yearling   Filly                        SECTION E:       15. 4 Yrs & over Hunter Under Saddle
                           5. Yearling   Colt                                          16. 4 Yrs & over Western Pleasure
                           6. Yearling   Gelding                                       17. 4 Yrs & over Trail
                           7. Yearling   Hunter In Hand (all sexes)
                                                                      SECTION F:       18. 2 Yrs & over Hunter In Hand (all sexes)
      SECTION C:           8. 2 Year old Halter (all sexes)                            19. 3 Yrs & over Halter (all sexes)
                           9. 2 Year old Hunter Under Saddle
                           10. 2 Year old Western Pleasure
                           11. 2 Year old Trail

                                                    SECTION A, B, C, D, E & F
                                    3rd Payments due 1 February 2008. $40.00 per horse per event.
                    • Late Payment - accepted up until 3pm on the day prior to commencement of the National Show,
                                                 late fee of $40.00 per horse per event.
                           NB: Post date on envelopes will be taken into account – no other exceptions.

               * NOTICE: The Board reserves the right to cancel any event if there are insufficient numbers in class.
                           All owners, riders and handlers must be current financial members of the AAA Ltd.
                                                  Official entry forms can be photocopied.
                                            NB: All the above fees include GST

26 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 • The National Appaloosa Journal

                                          The National Appaloosa Journal • JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 27
                                                                       Regional Club Contacts - JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008

                  NEW SOUTH WALES                               Tamworth District Western         Burnett-Wide Bay Regional
                                                            Performance & Appaloosa Club Inc.         Appaloosa Club Inc.
                     Central Coast Regional                         Pres: Brian Orton                 Pres: Tanya Pressler
                      Appaloosa Club Inc.                             PO Box 6091                      121 Rollings Road
                       Pres: Mary Ward                             Westdale NSW 2340                 Yandaran QLD 4673
                      93 Kingstown Road                             Ph: 02 6769 7644                   Ph: 07 4156 1711
                     Woodberry NSW 2322                                                            tanyamat@bigpond.com
                       Ph: 02 4966 5720                           Sec: Carol Willding
                                                                     PO Box 3280                        Sec: Prue Wales
                     Sec: Kerry Davis-Marsh                   West Tamworth NSW 2340                   32 Billabong Way
                       620 Bruce Crescent                          Ph: 02 6769 7644                    Bucca QLD 4670
                      Wallarah NSW 2259                         tamappy1@hotmail.com                   Ph: 07 4157 8351
                        Ph: 02 4394 0114                      www.freewebs.com/tamappy1           kangaroohills@hotmail.com
                     kerry@exemail.com.au                                                          http://bwbrac.tripod.com
                         www.ccrac.com                              Sydney Regional
                                                                  Appaloosa Club Inc.                 South East Queensland
             Central Western Performance Horse                     Pres: Joanne Green                     Appaloosa Club
                    & Appaloosa Club Inc                          19 Rawson Crescent                    Pres: Debera Ebbett
                     Pres: Carolyn Allan                       Horningsea Park NSW 2171                 375 Edelsten Road
                      7R Yallamba Road                              Ph: 0414 313 602                 Jimboomba QLD 4280
                     Dubbo NSW 2830                                                                      Ph 07 5547 8888
                      Ph: 0429 023 742                             Sec: Joanne Gregory          riverdownsappy@optusnet.com.au
              cmcdowall@ambulance.nsw.gov.au                          61 Fifth Avenue
                                                                   Austral NSW 2179                  Sec: Marcus Sweeney
                        Tre: Jenni Dennis                            Ph: 02 9606 9789              684 Caboolture River Rd
                      117R Old Dubbo Road                        jo-greg@bigpond.net.au           Upper Caboolture QLD 4510
                       Dubbo NSW 2830                                                                  Ph 07 5497 0229
                        Ph: 02 6884 9813                                                          sweensmkm@yahoo.com.au
                   j.dennis@bluemaxx.com.au                  NORTHERN TERRITORY

                     Hunter Valley Regional                     N.T. Appaloosa & Western           SOUTH AUSTRALIA
                      Appaloosa Club Inc.                           Performance Club
                    Pres: Bonnie Roosendaal                        Pres: Laurie Brown                  Adelaide Regional
                  1170 Limeburners Creek Rd                            PO Box 130                    Appaloosa Club Inc.
                   Clarencetown NSW 2321                          Katherine NT 0851                  Pres: Brian Dedicoat
                        Ph: 02 4996 4666                             Ph: 08 8972 2142                     PO Box 223
                                                                                                      Yankalilla SA 5203
                      Sec: Samantha James                           Sec: Robina Plume                Ph/Fax: 08 8558 2406
                         66 Rugby Street                              -Fowler-Dreon                    siann@aapt.net.au
                      Ellalong NSW 2325                                 PO Box 12
                        Ph: 02 4998 1667                           Katherine NT 0851                 Sec: Brendalea Packer
                         www.hvrac.com                               Ph: 08 8971 0282                      PO Box 23
                                                                                                       Virginia SA 5210
                        Orange Regional                                                                Ph: 0408 050 188
                      Appaloosa Club Inc.                          QUEENSLAND                         arac@chariot.net.au
                     Pres: Debbie Pearson
                           ‘Lyn-Lee’                            Regional Appaloosa Open               Northern Regional
                       864 Huntley Road                          Performance Club Inc.                Appaloosa Club Inc.
                     Huntley NSW 2800                                Pres: Sam Jukic                  Pres: Sandy Tucker
                       Ph: 02 6365 5381                             175 Denman Rd                      Lot 6 Tiver Road
                       Fax: 02 6365 5394                         Mutdapilly QLD 4307               Evanston South SA 5118
              greatwesternsaddley@colourcity.com                    Ph: 07 5467 1488                   Ph: 08 8522 5565
                       Sec: Sue Roughley                          Sec: Rachael Jacobsen
                       921 Peabody Road                              29 Justin Street                  Sec: Judy Harvey
                      Molong NSW 2866                            Toowoomba QLD 4350                       PO Box 10
                        Ph: 02 6366 8477                            Ph: 07 4635 9650                  Mt Barker SA 5251
                  kleinpark@optusnet.com.au                                                            Ph: 08 8389 3156

28 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 • The National Appaloosa Journal
JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 - Regional Club Contacts

         TASMANIA                Murray Loddon Regional         WESTERN AUSTRALIA
                                  Appaloosa Club Inc.
  Southern Appaloosa Club Inc.     Pres: Alan Wilson                    Perth Regional
        Pres: Jason Harris            PO Box 225                     Appaloosa Club Inc.
       23 Cromwell Street         Rochester VIC 3561                Pres: Malcolm Seaward
        Perth TAS 7300              Ph: 03 5484 1734                      PO Box 435
        Ph: 03 6398 2698                                             Bakershill WA 6562
      tasdoor@intas.net.au          Sec: Leanne Wilson                 Ph: 08 9276 9654
                                        PO Box 225
       Sec: Rebecca Jones          Rochester VIC 3561                  Sec: Lana Denteith
           PO Box 81                 Ph: 03 5484 1734                     PO Box 255
        Ouse TAS 7140                                                Wanneroo WA 6946
        Ph: 03 6287 1451            Bendigo Regional                 Ph/Fax: 08 9575 7693
   bec.jones69@bigpond.com         Appaloosa Club Inc.               lanadent@tpg.com.au
                                   Pres: Warren Lewis
                                      75 Garth Rd
         VICTORIA                  Woodend VIC 3442
                                    Ph: 03 5427 1681
       Gippsland Regional
                                     Sec: Ev Lagoon
       Appaloosa Club Inc.
                                       PO Box 21
     Pres: Danyelle Jacobson
                                   Gisborne VIC 3437
        16 Katjusha Court
                                    Ph: 03 5428 1123
      Pakenham VIC 3810
         Ph: 03 5941 3634
        Sec: Caroline Jones
           5 Kelly Road
  Cranbourne South VIC 3977
         Ph: 03 5998 1595

                                                          The National Appaloosa Journal • JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 29
Don’t miss out on advertising
your business or stallion in the
next issue of the AAA Journal.
        All Advertising must be in by the
     New email: art.design@bigpond.com
 To ensure your magazine is delivered on time,
  we need all advertising material, articles and
 editorial for MARCH/APRIL 2008 magazine
      no later than 1st FEBRUARY 2008...

    Australian Appaloosa                                                            IDEAL WESTERN SADDLERY
    YOUTH Association.                                                                             @ Pretty Spot
                                                                                      Newbridge, Vic 3551 Phone: 03 5438 7415
#                                   #
                                                                                     *SHOP NOW OPENED* Watch out for us at shows or
           Youth President                                                             visit www.users.bigpond.com/prettyspotstud
         360 Hickey Road,                                                          We stock only the best brands of new and near new show
                                                                                   saddles/bridles/halters/saddle blankets and much more.
    Katandra West, Victoria. 3634                                                          Layby/mail orders welcome. Best prices.

Australian Appaloosa                                Australian Appaloosa
Amateur Association                                   Association Ltd
 AAA SECRETARY - Karen Oborn                                    .O.
                                                               P Box 3212
 'Pinewood' 315 Neville Road, Blayney NSW                West Tamworth NSW 2340

        Ph: (02) 6368 2415                                   Phone: 02 6765 7969
   Email: pinewood@colourcity.com                   email: info@appaloosa.org.au

 30 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 • The National Appaloosa Journal
                                                                       Show Approval List - JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008

                                      Show Approvals for period 7/10/2007 – 30/7/2008
                     PLEASE NOTE: Some shows have not been marked as cancelled as we have not been
                         officially advised at Head Office as at the close of printing of the magazine.

                                                             • JANUARY 2008 •
Show Date         Club Name                          Contact No         Location                       Status    Judge            Cancelled

12-13 Jan-08      Southern AC - STQHA                03-6425-2790       Pontville Equestrian Centre    A         Conny Barry            No

19-20 Jan-08      Winderadeen Classic - SQHA         02-4773-9645       SIEC                           A         Carl McCulston (USA) No

21-Jan-08         Orange RAC Pre-State Show          02-6362-4787       Dubbo Showground               AA        Don Northey            Yes

22-25 Jan-08      NSW STATE SHOW                     02-6362-4787       DUBBO SHOWGROUND               STATE     Sue Farrell            Yes

                                                            • FEBRUARY 2008 •
02- 03 Feb-08     TASMANIAN STATE SHOW               03-6211-8792       PONTVILLE ARENA                STATE     Conny Barry            No

09-Feb-08         Pioneer Country QHA                03-5037-6690       Tyntynder Arena                A         Judy Cotterill         No

10-Feb-08         Orange RAC                         02-6362-4787       Orange Showground              Pending   TBA                    No

15-17 Feb-08      VICTORIAN STATE SHOW               03-5828-3439       TATURA PARK                    STATE     Peter Belldon          No

17-Feb-08         Manning Valley PHC                 02-6553-8086       Wingham Showground             A         Don Northey            No

17-Feb-08         Burpengary WPC                     07-5495-3770       Burpengary                     A         Kerris Holzberger      No

29-Feb-08/01-Mar-08 SA STATE SHOW                    04-0805-0188       MALLALA                        STATE     TBA                    No

                                                              • MARCH 2008 •
01-Mar-08         Pioneer Country QHA                03-5038-6690       Tyntynder Arena                A         Conny Barry            No

03-Mar-08         Orange RAC                         02-6362-4787       Orange Showground              Pending   TBA                    No

03-Mar-08         Diamond Futurity Post State Show   04-0805-0188       Mallala Equestrian Centre      AA        TBA                    No

09-Mar-08         North Coast WRC                    02-6654-4514       Hawthorne Park, Grafton        A         Mary Ward              No

30-Mar-08         Burpengary WPC                     07-5495-3770       Burpengary                     A         Shane Massingham       No

                                                                  • APRIL 2008 •
05-Apr-08         Pioneer Country QHA                03-5037-6690       Tyntynder Arena                A         Karen O'Keefe          No

06-12 Apr-08      36th NATIONAL SHOW                 02-6765-7969       DUBBO SHOWGROUND               NATIONAL TBA                     No

12-Apr-08         Paint Horse Assoc of SA            08-8864-5070       Northern Equestrian Centre     A         Conny Barry            No

12-Apr-08         Northern Victorian QHA             03-5436-1165       Pyramid Hill                   A         Judy Cotterill         No

13-Apr-08         Northern Victorian QHA             03-5436-1165       Pyramid Hill                   A         Brenda Meinhold        No

                                                                    • MAY 2008 •
03-May-08         Pioneer Country QHA                03-5037-6690       Tyntynder Arena                A         Andrea Woolger         No

04-May-08         Pioneer Country QHA                03-5037-6690       Tyntynder Arena                A         John Young             No

15-18 May-08      NPHA - Pleasure Celebration        02-9606-9789       SIEC                           AA        Charlie Cole (USA)     No

                                                                  • JUNE 2008 •
07-Jun-08         Pioneer Country QHA                03-5037-6690       Tyntynder Arena                A         Sue Carra              No

15-Jun-08         Burpengary WPC                     07-5495-3770       Burpengary                     A         John Maher             No

                                                                                           The National Appaloosa Journal • JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 31
             PLEASE TICK BOX                                 COLOUR - ADVERTISING RATES & SIZES
                  ADVERTISING SIZES - (All prices include GST)                                                                                               RATE
                    Double Page Spread                      SIZE: 420mm wide x 297mm deep (please add 10mm bleed)                                            @ $660
                    Full Page                               SIZE: 210mm wide x 297mm deep (please add 10mm bleed)                                            @ $330
                    Full Page - BACK COVER                  SIZE: 210mm wide x 297mm deep (please add 10mm bleed)                                            @ $385
                    Full Page - INSIDE COVERS               SIZE: 210mm wide x 297mm deep (please add 10mm bleed)                                            @ $385
                    Half Page                               SIZE: 180mm wide x 130mm deep                                                                    @ $165
                    Quarter Page                            SIZE: 88mm wide x 130mm deep                                                                     @ $110
                    Stallions/Sales & Services              SIZE: 90mm wide x 85mm deep                                                                      @ $44
                                                                                                                                                             or $198 (x 6 issues)

             PLEASE TICK BOX                      MONO (BLACK & WHITE) - ADVERTISING RATES & SIZES
                  ADVERTISING SIZES - (All prices include GST)                                                                                               RATE
                  Double Page Spread                      SIZE: 420mm wide x 297mm deep (please add 10mm bleed)                                              @ $330
                  Full Page                               SIZE: 210mm wide x 297mm deep (please add 10mm bleed)                                              @ $176
                  Half Page                               SIZE: 180mm wide x 130mm deep                                                                      @ $88
                  Quarter Page                            SIZE: 88mm wide x 130mm deep                                                                       @ $66
                  Stallions/Sales & Services              SIZE: 90mm wide x 85mm deep                                                                        @ $22 each or
                                                                                                                                                             $132 (for 6 issues)
                  Stud & Business Directory               SIZE: 60mm wide x 32mm deep                                                                        @ $66 (6 Issues)

           ISSUE -               ADVERTISER DETAILS -                                                   PAYMENT METHOD -
           PLEASE TICK BOX 
                                 Name: ____________________________________________                               Cheque (enclosed) made payable to:
                                                                                                                  The Australian Appaloosa Association
                                 Address: __________________________________________
                SEPT/OCT                                                                                          Bankcard              Visa             Mastercard
                NOV/DEC                                                                                 Credit card number: _______________________________________
                                 Phone: ____________________________________________
                JAN/FEB                                                                                 Name on credit card: ______________________________________
                                 Facsimile: _________________________________________                   Expiry date: ___________ Membership Number: _______________
                MAY/JUN          Email: _____________________________________________                   Signature: _______________________________________________

              ADVERTISER COPY -            Please print clearly

                    PLACING AN AD: Please complete the above form correctly & clearly, including all details.
                              FAX TO: The Australian Appaloosa Office on (02) 6765 7515
                 * NEW EMAIL: art.design@bigpond.com - Artwork to be sent as a 300dpi jpeg or PDF file or
                                 MAIL TO: The Australian Appaloosa Association • P.O. Box 3212, West Tamworth NSW 2340
                      Please phone Tracey if you have any questions in regards to sending your artwork on 02 6769 7779 or 0416 063 204

    32 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 • The National Appaloosa Journal

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