Advanced Biometrics Services By CRO’s

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					                            Advanced Biometrics Services By CRO’s

The biometric recognition technologies records unique features of an individual. It also makes use of this
data to recognize whether a person is sanctioned to do what he is claiming to do. The features that are
used to make the recognition comprises elements such as hand print, vascular patterns, voice patterns,
finger print, typing speed, walking style and much more. This data is useful for the employers into order
to control the access to strategic and confidential areas. It is also helpful in enhancing the attendance
and for logical access control. When utilized in an organized manner this technology can be used to
enhance the productivity and minimize occurrences associated with absenteeism.

Over the past few years there have been several biometrics discoveries. The biometric fingerprint
reader is one such device that helps in recognizing and using the unique set of ridges on the underside
of the fingerprint. Experts are of the opinion that, even two identical twins having the same DNA
might have separate prints. This device effectively captures the fingerprint image with the fingerprint
recognition algorithm estimating the difference between valleys and ridges making use of a high-end
sensor. To make a print it is important for the individual to roll his fingers on the sensitive area of the
reader. This biometric technology is useful in securing data, for instance the USB fingerprint reader can
be plugged into the desktop in order to control access to the data.

Today Indian CRO’s (Clinical Research Organizations) engaged in clinical trials have their own dedicated
Biometrics team working to speed up the regulatory service and submission process, lessen the
timelines through innovative thinking and offering quality services. The service portfolio includes the

Database Programming

    ●   CRF Design (paper & electronic)
    ●   CRF Annotation
    ●   Database Programming
    ●   Validation Checks
    ●   Metadata Repository Management
Data Management

    ●   Data Acquisition
    ●   Data Reconciliation
    ●   Discrepancy Management
    ●   Medical Coding (MeDRA & WHODD)
    ●   Database Lock
    ●   Data Extraction for Reporting

Pharmacokinetic & Pharmacodynamic Studies

    ●   Sampling Point Estimation
    ●   Technical Document Review
    ●   PK/PD Query Resolution
    ●   PK/PD Subject Matter Expert
    ●   Clinical Pharmacokinetic support across study engagement

PK/PD Reporting

    ●   SDMS Data Extraction
    ●   PK Data Analysis
    ●    PK Summary Reporting


    ●   Randomization
    ●   Sample size estimation
    ●   Trial Design Inputs
    ●   Statistical Analysis Plan
    ●   Statistical Analysis
    ●   Biostatistics Subject Matter Expert
The modern day biometrics service portfolio offered by CRO’s also comprise of report writing, protocol
writing and statistical analysis. Furthermore, they also use the updated software’s such as Win NonLin
and SAS (SDMS & MED X view).

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Description: The biometric fingerprint reader is one such device that helps in recognizing and using the unique set of ridges on the underside of the fingerprint.