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                   Part I
           Those Who Have Served            Program
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Inside Corrections is an Oklahoma                     INSIDE CORRECTIONS
  Department of Corrections monthly                  May/June 2007 • Volume 19, Issue 3
  publication distributed to employees,
retirees and friends of criminal justice, to
 enhance communications and provide                  6         Someone You Should Know
  information on the development and
       achievements of this agency.                  8         Educational Services
                                                     12        Entrepreneurial Program
       Justin Jones, Director
                                                     16        Part I - Those Who Have Served
                                                               A Military Connection
              Joyce Jackson
       Executive Communications                      21        Pre-Service Classes Merge for Reentry
                                                     24        Sex and Violent Offender Registration Unit
              Senior Editor
               Jerry Massie                                                                Oops! In our March/April
        Public Information Officer
                                                     departments                           cover story on Oklahoma
                                                                                             Female Offenders, we
               Copy Editor                           4         Director’s Comments           forgot to mention the
               Marcella Reed                                                               Altus Work Center has 110
                                                     5         In Other Words                female offenders. We
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       On the Cover                            essential meaning.

  Offenders from the Kate                      This publication, printed by Oklahoma Correctional Industries, is issued by the Oklahoma
   Barnard Community                           Department of Corrections as authorized by the Executive Communications Administrator.
                                               The publication of this document consisted of 2,000 copies that were prepared and
    Corrections Center                         distributed at a cost of $3.41. The costs of this publication have been paid by Oklahoma
      in a classroom.                          Correctional Industries in exchange for the advertising and marketing opportunities for
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Welcome to
	 Inside	Corrections	
                                            if it were not for net offender growth        and allow them to reside at home once
                                            and certain unfunded employee benefit         they have completed a residential
                                            increases that the department has to          treatment program provided by DOC,
                                            pay, a supplemental request would not         DMHSAS or contract provider.
                                            be necessary. From July 1, 2005, to the        Since 2001 our largest increase of prison
                                            present day, there has been a net increase    receptions has been sex crimes with a
                                            of almost 900 offenders into our prison       63.5 % increase, assaults at 48% increase
                                            system. The Bureau of Justice Statistics      and Burglary I at 22.7 %. Again, this
                                            projects that Oklahoma will continue to       is an increase in receptions and not
                                            grow at a net rate of over 2% per year,       total population, but this type of data
                                            for the next decade. Needless to say that     is helpful in that it helps project future
                                            other than a few county jail beds, there      bed and security needs. Also, these listed
    By the time this version of Inside      are no potential offender growth beds         crimes are all 85% to serve crimes so these
Corrections goes to print, the department   available at this time in Oklahoma. The       increase are especially concerning when
will have received a total supplemental     Burdick building at WSKCC has opened          applied toward future bed needs. Of
appropriation of 33 million dollars.        and we will soon have additional beds         course life without parole will continue
All of these funds will be expended on      with the new Healdton CWC and an              to increase as high index crimes are on a
contract bed deficits which include         addition to the Idabel CWC. There are         record setting pace in Oklahoma.
county jail contracts and back up,          plans to add a 200 bed minimum unit at         With all the net growth and other issues
private prisons, and halfway houses. This   JCCC next year and lastly, the CWCCC          that our employees address every day; by
supplemental allows the department          will open in late fall 2008. Of course the    all definitions the Oklahoma Department
to not have to reduce facility and other    main concern is now and the current           of Corrections is continually viewed as a
operating budgets in an effort to pay       unavailability of growth beds.                national standard of excellence. Of all key
the aforementioned deficit areas. Payroll    To assist with receiving a continual net     indicators of a well ran system to include
trending excess and the closing of the      growth of offenders we have explored          low inmate on staff assaults, inmate on
Hinton Private Prison Facility reduced      several options to include a non              inmate assaults, escapes, absconder rates,
our supplemental request need to where      violent offender deportable detainee          uses of force, recidivism rates, and many
the 33 million received was adequate.       commutation      docket.    This    would     more, the department always rates as one
    Our fiscal year 2008 appropriation      accelerate federal immigration officials      of the best in the nation.
is still being negotiated and progress      to exercise their detainers on these
is being made. Due to net offender          individuals. We are also exploring usage of
growth, it may take another year and        a state statute concerning DUI offenders
another supplemental cycle to arrive at     that was passed in 1997 and has not
a point where we are funded to operate      previously been utilized. This law allows
                                                                                                                   Justin Jones
for a full year without a supplemental.     the DOC to place incarcerated DUI                                         Director
As some of you may recall me say that       offenders on GPS and ignition interlock         Oklahoma Department of Corrections
                                                                                    In Other Words
Director Jones,                               We are very appreciative of Warden              Warden Province,
I would like to take this opportunity to     Workman taking time out of his busy               Thank you for allowing your Chief of
recognize and thank you and the be-          schedule to become involved in the lives         Security, Paul Rogers, to visit East Cen-
low listed officers for the outstanding      and futures of our students who, many            tral University’s campus and to speak to
support provided to our officers during      of which, will one day join the ranks of         our Adult Corrections class. Paul’s com-
Operation “Return to Sender” which           DOC employees. We hope that Warden               ments on Wednesday, November 29th,
was conducted in Tulsa and Oklahoma          Workman continues to visit ECU and               were very relevant to our course work.
City from July 12, 2006, through July        speak to future classes. Warden Work-            He spoke to our students about becom-
15, 2006. Specifically, I would like to      man is also allowing Lesia Miser, his            ing a correctional officer and some of the
recognize: Rick Parish, District II Su-      Case Manager Coordinator, to supervise           demands the profession demands of its
pervisor, Johnny Blevins, Asst. District     one of our interns this semester and we          members.
Supervisor, and senior officers Rosa Bal-    are grateful for that as well.
andran, Alice Gillispie, Pat Dankbar,                                                           Paul’s vast experience working at the
Robert Hert, and Kevin Nunnelee.              Thank you again for the department’s            Oklahoma State Penitentiary, at the
                                             continued support in the education and           Jackie Brannon Correctional Center,
 When asked to assist in this operation,     experiential learning of our students.           as a Pittsburg County Reserve Deputy
these individuals did so without hesita-                                                      and as a Volunteer Firefighter were evi-
                                                                                              dent as he spoke with our students. He
tion and with a commitment to continue                              Dan Denny, Ed.D.          described the process of executions and
until all targeted aliens were taken into                     ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
custody. This reflects highly on your                                                         the coordination involved in performing
                                                         EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY
staff’s dedication and commitment, and                                                        this duty as an agency. Paul is highly
also reflects how important it is for mu-                                                     professional and represented your facil-
tual cooperation between law enforce-                                                         ity in a capable manner. We certainly
                                              Director Jones,                                 appreciate his insightful comments and
ment agencies to work together to meet        I would like to commend to you several of
our mission mandates. Their participa-                                                        knowledgeable presentations.
                                             your employees beginning with J.C. Colbert
tion was vital, and as a result, we were     and Kristin Tims, who came to speak to my         Again, we thank you for allowing Paul
successful in making 127 arrests.            Introduction to Criminal Justice class earlier   to come and speak to our class. Please
                                             this semester. They provided excellent infor-    express to him our gratitude. We un-
 Again, I want to thank you and your         mation about departmental job opportuni-         derstand you are busy in your duties as
staff for a job well done.                   ties and served as very positive representa-     Warden; however, if you have time, we
                                             tives of the department.                         would love to have you come and speak
                     Nuria T. Prendes                                                         to our class.
             FIELD OFFICER DIRECTOR           I also took tours of Oklahoma State Peni-
               U.S. IMMIGRATION AND          tentiary and Elk City Community Work                                        Dan Denny, Ed.D.
             CUSTOMS ENFORCEMENT             Center for my U.S. Corrections class. These                              COORDINATOR
                                             were excellent tours, efficiently arranged and               CRIMINAL JUSTICE PROGRAM
Director Jones,                              very informative as conducted by several                      EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY
  Please extend to Warden Workman our        staff members.
sincere appreciation for visiting our cam-    I am continually impressed by the many
pus. On Friday, October 13, Warden           dedicated employees in the department.
                                                                                                 Inside Corrections welcomes the views of readers.
Randy Workman spoke to our Adult
Correctional Systems class here on the                                Philip D. Holley           Letters are subject to editing and must include
                                                                                                 name, address, and a daytime phone number.
East Central University campus. War-                                     CHAIR
                                                                                                 Send letters to Inside Corrections, Attn: Editor,
den Workman did an outstanding job of             PROFESSOR OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE
                                                                                                 3400 Martin Luther King Avenue, Oklahoma City,
giving our students a perspective of what            SOUTHWESTERN OKLAHOMA
                                                                                                 OK 73111, or fax to (405) 425-2502. Address
it is like to run an Oklahoma prison fa-                       STATE UNIVERSITY
                                                                                                 electronic mail to

                                                                                                  and train narcotics detection dogs, helped
                                                                                                  to make academy training memorable by
                                                                                                  bringing a K-9 officer and narcotics dog and
                                                                                                  staging competitions between cadets and the

             Someone You	                                                                         dog to see who was first to find contraband
                                                                                                  hidden in an agency van.
                                                                                                   Lynne joined the Y2K Embedded Systems

             Should	Know                                                                          Team in 1999, developing a Y2K database
                                                                                                  and web site. When the team’s work ended,
                                                                                                  she transferred to Staff Training & Develop-
                   by Teresa Patton, Training Administration                                      ment where she currently works. She cre-
                                                                                                  ated the training web site and developed the
                                                                                                  agency’s library of online training courses.
                                                                                                  The online courses have been welcomed by

                                                                                                  agency employees. In fact, over 62,000 hours
               eet Lynne Presley. Lynne and     and Mabel Bassett Correctional Center in          of online training, the majority CLEET-ac-
               her family moved to Oklaho-      1982. In late 1982, she was offered a posi-       credited, were earned by employees in 2006.
               ma in 1975, after her husband    tion in the DOC Security Unit (later to be        Her online courses have also been requested
Del discharged from the Marine Corps in         known as Internal Affairs.) She worked in         by The National Institute of Corrections
California. Del was hired at OSP in 1975        that unit for 16 years performing a variety of    and the Federal Law Enforcement Training
as a correctional officer and Lynne became      duties including drug abuse testing, provid-      Center in New Mexico.
involved in DOC activities soon after as an     ing security at the hospital units, perform-
                                                                                                   Lynne has also participated in our agency’s
“E-Squad wife.” (E-squads were the fore-        ing security audits and duty officer readiness
                                                                                                  partnership with Metro Technology Center
runners of CERT.) Members frequently            drills, running the escape desk, supervising
                                                                                                  in Oklahoma City setting up and running
met after work to practice maneuvers and        the teletype unit, performing background
                                                                                                  the electronics at Upper Management meet-
many of the wives came along as volunteer       investigations on all new employees, escort-
                                                                                                  ings. This partnership led to Metro Tech
helpers lugging equipment, clothing, and        ing escaped prisoners from out of state to
                                                                                                  personnel offering Lynne a part-time job
picnic lunches. The friendly OSP employ-        Oklahoma, and acting as the agency’s secu-
                                                                                                  teaching computer workshops on Satur-
ees and their families were Lynne’s introduc-   rity intelligence officer. During this period
                                                                                                  days. She taught several classes during the
tion to our agency, eventually influencing      she and Alice Parker of Information Tech-
                                                                                                  winter semester and will teach seven classes
her to apply for employment.                    nology developed an intelligence database.
                                                                                                  during the 2007 spring-summer semester
  She began her DOC career in 1978 as a         In fact, Lynne used this data to create the
                                                                                                  including classes in graphics enhancement,
correctional officer at Joseph Harp Correc-     original “Visitor Alert” intelligence bulle-
                                                                                                  introduction to video editing, and creating
tional Center then transferred to McAlester     tin. She also worked closely with local law
                                                                                                  multimedia slide shows. Students in her
Community Treatment Center in 1981              enforcement gang units sharing informa-
                                                                                                  classes include the public and Metro Tech
                                                            tion about street gang members.
                                                                                                  employees earning in-service hours. Since
                                                            Lynne and Officer Ray Gehrig of
                                                                                                  Lynne also offers periodic computer classes
                                                            the Edmond Police Department
                                                                                                  to our agency’s employees, the partnership
                                                            started an intra-agency gang intel-
                                                                                                  with Metro Tech has helped to improve her
                                                            ligence group; this group eventu-
                                                                                                  teaching skills and techniques.
                                                            ally became the Oklahoma Gang
                                                                                                   Lynne considers herself fortunate to be a
                                                            Investigators’ Association.
                                                                                                  DOC employee. She commented, “In what
                                                              She became a familiar sight at
                                                                                                  other job could I have been assigned such a
                                                            the training academy in Wil-
                                                                                                  wide variety of interesting duties through the
                                                            burton where she would give a
                                                                                                  years? DOC is an amazing place to work!”
                                                            day-long orientation on street
                                                                                                   We think you’re pretty amazing, too,
                                                            gangs to each cadet class. Lynne,
                                                            who helped her husband to raise

                                                   Council on Law Enforcement
                                                          Education & Training

                                                                                                award reCipients
                                                                                                     Christopher Brooks
                                                                                                    Lexington Assessment &
                                                                                                       Reception Center
                                                                                                        Academic Award

                                                                                                        James shepherd
                                                                                               James Crabtree Correctional Center
                                                                                                        Academic Award

                                                                                                      raphard Leon Cox
                                                                                                Joseph Harp Correctional Center
                                                                                                         Class Speaker

 The Correctional Training Academy            different facilities ranging in security level            James shepherd
                                                                                               James Crabtree Correctional Center
in Wilburton hosted a graduation cer-         from maximum security to community                         Class Speaker
emony on February 15, 2007, for Cor-          security had students in W010807.
                                                                                                      reBeCCa BosCh
rectional Officer Cadet Class W010807.          The staff of the Correctional Training         Dick Conner Correctional Center
Lewis McGee, Chief of Security, Mack          Academy in Wilburton would like to                  Outstanding Performance
Alford Correctional Center was the grad-      commend the Class of W010807 on a
                                                                                                       antonio Vasquez
uation speaker. The 54 cadets in this class   job well done and wish them the best of          Walters Community Work Center
successfully completed the required 240       luck in their careers with the Department           Outstanding Performance
hours of pre-service instruction. Eighteen    of Corrections.

                                                                                                     new appointments
 Renee Watkins was appointed to               Center and Deputy Warden at Mabel
serve as the Administrator of Private         Bassett Correctional Center.
Prisons, Jails and Safety Administra-          During her tenure with Corrections
tion effective April 23, 2007.                Corporation of America (CCA), she
 Renee began her career with the              served as the Deputy Warden at Ci-
Oklahoma Department of Corrections            marron Correctional Facility (CCF)
in 1986.                                      and Warden of Whiteville Correction-
 During her career with the Depart-           al Facility in Tennessee.
ment, she held the position of Deputy
Warden at Eddie Warrior Correctional

                                       Cover Story

Oklahoma Department of Cor-
rections’ Education Program
maintains full accreditation
through North Central Associa-
tion Commission on Accredita-

tion and School Improvement
(NCA CASI) and the Oklahoma

State Department of Education.
All teachers in the Department          By maintaining accreditation, Oklahoma         ment of Education is committed to high
of Corrections’ Education Pro-         Department of Corrections’ Educational          standards of performance. Oklahoma sub-
gram must be certified through         Program qualifies for federal funds. Edu-       mits application to the U. S. Department
the Oklahoma State Depart-             cational programs are provided under the        of Education for the fiscal year. Oklahoma
                                       umbrella of adult basic education.              must establish levels of performance and
ment of Education, possessing
                                        Adult Basic Education has grown tre-           have core indicators which are standards
either an elementary or second-        mendously over the years. The purpose           that ensure program quality. Department
ary teachers’ certification. More      of adult education is as follows:               of Corrections must also meet all of those
than half of our teachers possess                                                      standards in order to qualify for federal
masters’ degrees, and some pos-        1. To assist adults to become literate and      money.
                                           obtain the knowledge and skills neces-        Through the years, millions of federal
sess doctorates.
                                           sary for employment and self sufficien-     dollars have been received in support of
                                           cy                                          this program. These dollars, intended to
                                       2. Assist adults who are parents to obtain      supplement, not supplant, provide the
                                           the educational skills necessary to be-     students with the necessary software pro-
                                           come full partners in the educational       grams, books, and related materials that
                                           development of their children, and          support the teachers’ instructional meth-
                                       3. Assist adults in the completion of a sec-    ods. The cutting-edge technology hard-
                                           ondary school education                     ware and software provides the latest op-
                                        The program has a system in accordance         portunities to assist offenders in achieving
                                       with the Americans with Disabilities Act        the goal of secondary completion.
                                       (ADA) to ensure that its services are ac-         Oklahoma Department of Corrections’
                                       cessible and barrier-free and that no adult,    Education Program is nationally recognized
                                       by reason of a disability, is excluded from     both in correctional education and in pub-
                                       participation or denied the benefits of the     lic education. When attending a national
                                       program.                                        Title I Conference recently in Dallas, Tex-
                                        Local adult education programs, such           as, Oklahoma Title I was honored as one of
    This article was written by Pam    as the Department of Corrections, are           the top fourteen in the nation. Personnel
    Humphrey, Senior Principal, with   expected to provide year-round adult            from the State Department of Education
    the Education Unit. Pam began      education and literacy services and a well-     cited the partnership with the Department
    her career with the Oklahoma       trained, certified staff to conduct such ser-   of Corrections as one of the contributing
    Department of Corrections in
    January of 1988.                   vices throughout the fiscal year.               factors for receiving the award.
                                        In compliance with the Adult Education           Offenders are provided with a “ladder”
                                       and Family Literacy Act, the State Depart-      of educational opportunities. Open-en-
try and open-exit classes are provided     and received a high school diploma.
which place the student in the appro-      The pass rate for this past year was
priate program, based on assessments,      76.9%, which is better than the state-
and move the student to the highest        wide Oklahoma pass rate. Oklahoma
level of achievement in the amount of      consistently has a better pass rate than
time they remain in our system. The        the national pass rate.
main goal is to achieve the high school      An additional portion of our correc-
diploma level; however, many achieve       tional educational program is the Cor-
                                                                                      Last year, 1,129 offenders
associate degrees and some achieve         rections Learning Network (CLN).           completed the GED Program
bachelor degrees.                          The federal grant received by the State    and received a high school di-
  Last year, 7,443 individual offenders    of Washington, provided each of our        ploma. The pass rate for this
participated in educational programs,      facilities in Oklahoma DOC, as well
                                                                                      past year was 76.9%, which
with 841,605 reported hours of in-         as the training program, the dish and
struction in the three basic education     receiver to be able to receive available
                                                                                      is better than the statewide
programs: literacy, ABE, and GED.          programming.                               Oklahoma pass rate. Too,
                                                                                      Oklahoma consistently has a
                                                                                      better pass rate than the na-
                                                                                      tional pass rate.

Region V attendees taken at the National CEA Conference in Anaheim, Cali-
fornia this past July.
                                                                                       Oklahoma Title I was
Our college program provided services        CLN, now in its eighth year of ser-
to 799 offender participants. Cur-         vice, provides programming to state         honored as one of the
riculum Materials Instruction Center       and federal prisons, jails, juvenile de-     top fourteen in the
(CIMC) Life Skills is provided for of-     tention facilities, and probation and
fenders closest to release, and an addi-   parole offices in forty-eight states. It   nation. Personnel from
tional program “Training Ex-Offend-        provides over 1400 hours of reentry,        the State Department
ers as Entrepreneurs” highlighted in a     life skills, academic and post-second-
previous issue, provides offenders with    ary programming and over 600 hours            of Education sited
information to be able to set up their     of staff development from twenty-six        the partnership with
own business upon release.                 national and federal agencies. All Na-
  Graduations are hosted at least once     tional Institute of Corrections (NIC)         the Department of
a year at each correctional facility       training is aired “live” on CLN. These     Corrections as one of the
throughout the Department of Cor-          classes can be viewed live or taped for
rections to recognize those who have       later viewing.
                                                                                      contributing factors for
successfully completed the GED Pro-          The most recent accomplishment             receiving the award.
gram, as well as other educational ac-     provided by CLN is that staff and in-
complishments. Last year, 1,129 of-        mates can earn post-secondary credits,
fenders completed the GED Program          up to an Associate of Arts Degree, at
                                                                                                      (continued	on	page	)
                                                                                                           which works with the Council
      One teacher commented that her most memorable moment was when                                        for the Advancement of Adult
     she was able to hand a seventy-two year old student his GED certificate.                              Literacy (CAAL). All of these
     With tears in his eyes, he stated, “I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do this.”                      are two-year terms. Having
                                                                                                           one of our own serve on na-
                                                                                                           tional committees brings great
 Recently, the field was asked for views of why Oklahoma is          $325 for three semester credits.
                                                                                                         recognition to our state’s cor-
considered to be a model correctional education program.             Correctional Education Asso-
                                                                                                         rectional education program, as
Items randomly listed are as follows: accreditation and stan-        ciation (CEA) owns the satel-
                                                                                                         well as to the department.
dards, certified personnel; excellent in-service training for        lite which provides the classes,
                                                                                                           Dr. Don Kiffin and Jan Walton
professionals; partnerships with other agencies, organizations,      so additional classes of interest
                                                                                                         also serve on the National CEA
college and universities; individualized instruction with state-     can be recommended and aired
                                                                                                         Board as Region V Director and
of-the-art technology and software curricula; communication;         through CLN.
                                                                                                         National Secretary, respectively.
and leadership.                                                        A most outstanding reason
                                                                                                         Other members of the regional
                                                                     that Oklahoma remains at
                                                                                                         office are Pam Humphrey, As-
  One administrator relates        tion classes during his public    the forefront in correctional
                                                                                                         sistant Director, Gussie Drain,
the receipt of a letter from       school years, began the lit-      education is the involvement
a former student, who had          eracy program in corrections.     in professional organizations.
been out for quite some time,      At one point, discouraged         Networking with other correc-
thanking the administrator         and ready to quit, his prin-      tional educators across the na-            Department
for assisting him in achieving     cipal counseled him, relating     tion and gleaning new ideas for
                                                                                                              of Corrections’
his goal during his incarcera-     to him that his assessments       curriculum and teaching meth-
tion, which was to receive his     showed that he had moved          ods provides extremely valuable             Education
bachelor degree. Since his         up several years academi-         professional in-service for our
                                                                                                                 Program is
discharge, he has become a         cally over the short time he      teachers and administrators.
journeyman electrician and         had been in school. “It was         Dr. Owen Modeland current-                nationally
continues on his road to suc-      as though a light came on         ly serves as the President of the       recognized both
cess.                              inside,” the principal relat-     National/International Correc-
  One teacher commented            ed. “His whole expression         tional Education Association             in correctional
that her most memorable            changed, and he left my of-       (CEA). In March, Dr. Mod-              education and in
moment was when she was            fice with renewed determina-      eland, as CEA President, will
able to hand a seventy-two         tion.” That student went on       be addressing the senior staffers      public education.
year old student his GED           to complete literacy, ABE,        of Senators Arlen Specter, Ted
                                                                                                         Regional Secretary/Treasurer,
Certificate. With tears in his     GED and nearly ninety hours       Kennedy, and Tom Harkin in
                                                                                                         and Jim Williams, Oklahoma
eyes, he stated, “I didn’t think   of college coursework before      educational matters that per-
                                                                                                         Representative. Region V is
I’d ever be able to do this.”      discharging the system. Fol-      tain to correctional education.
                                                                                                         made up of four states: Ar-
  Recently, a student at anoth-    lowing his release, he sent a     The hope is to have them spon-
                                                                                                         kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma,
er facility commented to his       letter offering his apprecia-     sor legislation that will enhance
                                                                                                         and Texas. Oklahoma remains
teacher that he never felt he      tion to the school and educa-     educational opportunities for
                                                                                                         very active at the regional and
was able to do well in school,     tion staff for “never giving up   offenders.
                                                                                                         national levels. The Oklahoma
but through the patience of        on me even when I wanted            Dr. Modeland also serves as
                                                                                                         Department of Corrections’
the classroom teachers, and        to give up on myself.”            Vice-Chairman of Academ-
                                                                                                         Education Unit continues in
the curriculum provided, he          Providing students with a       ic/Vocational Education and
                                                                                                         our quest for excellence and our
has renewed his goal to get        second chance to accomplish       Training Committee of the
                                                                                                         determination to provide the
his GED and go to college.         what they were unable to ac-      American Correctional Associ-
                                                                                                         offenders in our system the very
  Another student who              complish in public schools is     ation (ACA). He most recently
                                                                                                         best possible correctional edu-
had, by his own admission,         a highlight for correctional      agreed to serve on the new inde-
                                                                                                         cation program available.
struggled in special educa-        educators.                        pendent National Commission
                                                                     on Adult Literacy (NCAL),
          Oklahoma Department of Corrections
              Volunteer Training Program
                                      Fairview Baptist Church
                                          January 6, 2007

Left to right: Linda Jackson,          Volunteer program graduates       Left to right: Leo Brown, Depart-
Chaplain, Mabel Bassett Correc-        from left to right: Reverend      ment of Corrections, and Rever-
tional Center, Donna Thompson,         Charles Douglas, Cora Kemp        end John A. Reed, Fairview Bap-
Oklahoma Baptist Convention,           Epps, and Reverend Derrick Wal-   tist Church.
Prison Ministry Director, Leo          ter.
Brown, Religious and Volunteer
Services Coordinator, and Paula
Harth, Religious and Volunteer

          5th Annual Prison Ministry Workshop
                                 St. John Missionary Baptist Church
                                          March 31, 2007

          Reginald Hines
         Deputy Director                   Larry Adams, Chaplain         Addie Richburg, Keynote Speaker
 Div. of Community Corrections           Lexington Assessment and          Director of Training & Admin.
                                              Reception Center               National Alliance of Faith
                                                                                    and Justice

                  Project              by Dr. Don Kiffin
                                                                            WEB SITE
                                                                   The Training and Supporting
                                                                 Ex-offenders as Entrepreneurs’
                                                                 web site is
                                                                                                      the 33 have taken the quarterly
                                                                                                      surveys twice. Unquestionably,
                                                                                                      the measurement pool will be
                                                                                                      expanded as additional offend-
  As of August, 2006, over 800 individuals have been as-         The site was developed not only      ers are released and participate
sessed with a total of 264 graduates. The program is pleased     to disseminate information con-      in the surveys.
to report that 13 ex-offenders have started their own busi-      cerning the program but also for
nesses ranging from a trucking company to a home con-            ex-offenders to partake in three          EVALUATION PLAN
struction cleaning service to a catering business. In addi-      surveys. The surveys named            The Institute for Social and Ed-
tion, many graduates are currently employed. One of the          the Environmental Depriva-           ucational Research, which is the
teaching principles promoted by the program’s educators is       tion Scale (EDS), the Current        independent evaluative compo-
that the ex-offender may have to be an employee for a peri-      Satisfaction with Life (CSWL),       nent of the program, web site
od of time before he/she will be able to accrue enough capi-     and the Maladaptive Behavior         developers, and program staff
tal to start their own business. The program is well aware       Record (MBR) are utilized by         contribute to the modification
that one of the major reasons for business failure is the lack   the Institute for Social and Edu-    and/or development of the site’s
of capital. Thus, while being an employee during said pe-        cational Research which is the       surveys. Other instruments de-
riod, the offender should endeavor to accumulate capital         independent evaluative compo-        veloped and/or utilized by the
(the program staff recommends saving a minimum of 10             nent of the program. The sur-        Institute are the Entrepreneurial
percent per pay period), increase skills, and gain supportive    veys are taken quarterly by the      Selection Scale (ESS), the Law
and accommodating knowledge.                                     graduate releasees as well as con-   Encounter Severity Scale (LESS)
  One of the requirements for graduation is for the offender     trol group releasees. The pur-       and the Crime Sentiment Scale
to complete a business plan. This serves as an action plan       pose of the quarterly surveys can    (CSS).
and it aids in keeping the offender focused on his/her goals.    be used not only for comparative
Upon completion of the plan and a minimum of 100 train-          purposes but also can aid in the                DATABASE
ing hours, the offender is certified as a Training and Sup-      attainment of current informa-        A continuing database has
porting Ex-offenders as Entrepreneurs’ graduate.                 tion and help determine which,       been created for program enroll-
                                                                 if any, supports and services are    ees, including graduates, partial
  Pictured above: Back Row L-R Joe Mills, Dr. Robert             needed by the ex-offender. To        completers, dropouts/transfers,
  Jarrett, and Dr. Don Kiffin. Front Row L-R Dr. Owen            date, 33 ex-offenders have taken     and comparison group.
  Modeland, Rose Lewis and Tom Larman.
                                                                 the quarterly surveys once; 2 of

  STAFF DEVELOPMENT                    by offenders are discussed and
       AND TRAINING                    expanded upon through a vari-                                                      FACILITIES SERVED
 Interested Department of              ety of materials including large                                           Facility              Security Level         Gender
Correction’s personnel partici-        resource packets. Furthermore,                                             Jackie Brannon        Minimum                Male
pated in staff development and         program staff checks periodical-                                           Jess Dunn             Minimum                Male
training with regards to life skills   ly with many parole officers to                                            Eddie Warrior         Minimum                Female
and character education. Ac-           acquire status reports and offer                                           Mabel Bassett         Minimum                Female
cordingly, Dr. Ray and Diana           support services for the parolee.                                          Minimum Unit
McCalment, of Designs for              The program is pleased to report                                           Kate Barnard          Community              Female
Progress, Inc., have completed         that 13 ex-offenders have started                                          Hillside              Community              Female
three training sessions which          their own businesses ranging                                               John Lilley           Minimum                Male
were attended by correctional          from a trucking company to a                                               James Crabtree        Medium                 Male
teachers and case managers.            home construction cleaning ser-
                                                                                                                  Joseph Harp           Medium                 Male
The completion date for Meth-          vice to a catering business, and
                                                                                                                  Dick Conners          Medium                 Male
ods for Teaching Life Skills and       many other graduates are cur-
                                                                                                                  Lexington             Medium                 Male
Character Education Part I was         rently employed.
                                                                                                                  Mabel Bassett         Medium                 Female
October 13, 2005; Methods for
Teaching Life Skills and Char-              SECOND CHANCE                                                         Oklahoma City         Community              Male
acter Education Part II was No-                  NETWORK
                                                                                                                  Mabel Bassett         Maximum                Female
vember 10, 2005; Methods for             A networking organization was
                                                                                                                  Mack Alford           Medium                 Male
Teaching Life Skills and Charac-       recently formed to provide sup-
                                                                                                                  Howard McLeod         Minimum                Male
ter Education Part III was Feb-        port services for ex-offenders.
                                                                                                                  Riverside             Community              Male
ruary 16, 2006. Additionally,          The organization meets month-
the McCalments visited Mabel           ly to discuss employment, hous-
Bassett Correctional Center            ing, and other issues affecting
to monitor and advise partici-         the ex-offender. Membership
pants/offenders.                       includes, but is not limited to,    PERCENT OF RELEASED PRISONERS REARRESTED
                                       the Oklahoma Department of           WITHIN 3 YEARS, BY OFFENSE, 1983 AND 1994
           SUPPORT                     Corrections, Driver Carrier Ser-
  Ongoing support for many             vices, Oklahoma Department                                                                                        13
                                                                           OFFENSE OF PRISONERS RELEASED

graduates, as well as partici-         of Human Services, Hand Up
pants who did not complete             Ministries, Reconnect Staffing,

the graduation requirements is         the Urban League of Greater
an element of the program. Ar-         Oklahoma City, Career Con-
eas of support include, but are        nections, Felon Resources, and

not limited to, employment,            Vocational Rehabilitative Ser-
housing, and counseling. For           vices.
instance, the program staff pro-         Accordingly, the program

vides employment opportuni-            would like to take a moment to
ties through “felon friendly” em-      highlight Kirk Drury of Driver

ployers, housing opportunities         Carrier Services. Mr. Drury has
through Hand Up and Living             helped ex-offenders with infor-
Faith ministries; and counseling       mation, counseling, and em-                                                  0     10       20    30      40           50    60   70    80
through instructors and other          ployment opportunities in the                                                                           PERCENT

organizations such as the Second       trucking industry. Even though                                                                   1994
Chance Network (See Second             he will be leaving the organiza-
Chance Network below). In ad-          tion soon due to a significant
dition, reentry challenges faced       family illness, his commitment
to aiding the program’s ex-of-       Justice Statistics) in 1983 and
fenders is worth noting. It is       in 1994, one must conclude                                                              th
the program’s intent and desire      that recidivism is prevalent, se-
to find a suitable replacement.      rious, and a growing dilemma
                                     that must be thwarted. Conse-
      EX-OFFENDERS/                  quently, reentry programs such
       PARTICIPANT’S                 as this and others are a posi-
          FEEDBACK                   tive, constructive, and highly
 We are pleased to report that       useful tool to help combat the
many participants have in-           800 pound gorilla sitting at the
formed staff how the program         dining room table, and that is
has been very helpful to them.       recidivism.
                                                                               A N N I V E R S A RY
Additionally, program staff has        Thus, it is a great benefit to
received communications from         the department, participants,
                                                                                 M AY 8 , 2 0 0 7

several non-participant ex-of-       and the community to con-
fenders who were seeking help.       tinue on the positive course
This is a very positive develop-     of reentry. We cannot wipe
ment since it not only indicates     away all of society’s burdens,      DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS
offender needs but also demon-       but we can do our part since
strates program growth.              most of today’s inmates will be
                                                                         In his Legislative address on January 10, 1967, Gover-
                                     tomorrow’s neighbors and citi-
          SUMMARY                    zens. The changing of program       nor Dewey F. Bartlett announced:
  Valuable, effective, and innova-   participant’s attitudes through
tive reentry programs are imper-     education leads to changing         “I have prepared for introduction, today, a bill creat-
ative in the fight against recidi-   lives, which in turn, creates a     ing a new Department of Corrections. This bill has
vism, meeting the critical needs     better Oklahoma. Accordingly,       been prepared after consultation with leaders of both
of the individuals we serve, and     we should continue to strive to     Houses of the Legislature. It is a joint recommenda-
aiding to fulfill the mission of     promote the positive reentry        tion of your leadership and the administration. Briefly,
the department. Based on two         into the community of our pro-
                                                                         this bill provides for the creation of a new State Correc-
studies performed by the U.S.        gram participants by enhancing
                                                                         tions Department, consisting of a State Board of Cor-
Department of Justice (Office        entrepreneurial, personal, and
of Justice Programs/Bureau of        professional development.           rections, and State Director of Corrections, and three
                                                                         divisions: a Division of Institutions, a Division of Pro-
                                                                         bation and Parole, and a Division of Inspection. The
                                                                         Division of Inspection will perform the duties of the
                                                                         present Charities and Corrections Department.”

         Celebrate                                                       On May 8, 1967, the Legislature passed the Oklahoma
                                                                         Corrections Act of 1967 (title 57, section 501). House

     Mother’s Day                                                        Bill 566 created the seven member Board of Correc-
                                                                         tions, to establish and review operational policies, ap-
                                                                         point directors, confirm appointments of facility and
        May 13th                                                         unit heads, and provide oversight and direction of the

                                        Hall Center
                Lawton TownDevelopmentMeeting
                    Lawton Professional
                                             February 24, 2007

  An Oklahoma Department
    of Corrections public
      education project,
  coordinated in partnership
     with Drug Courts of
      Oklahoma and the
   Oklahoma Department
    of Mental Health and
  Substance Abuse Services.
                                  Philip Brandon, Oklahoma Department of Correc-   Kathy Kelly, Judicial Advocate
                                  tions, and Earnest Ware, Board of Corrections

                                           Mike Cooper, Videographer               Donna Thompson, Oklahoma
Dale Cagle, Comanche County                and Reginald Hines, Deputy              Baptist State Convention Pris-
Jail Administrator                         Director, Division of Commu-            on Ministry Director and Justin
                                           nity Corrections                        Jones, Director, Oklahoma De-
                                                                                   partment of Corrections

Patrick Loscalzo, Probation and           Vicki Downing, State Mental              Michael Tupper, Former Cleveland
Parole Officer, Mental Health             Health Coordinator, Department           County Assistant District Attorney
Court Office                              of Mental Health and Substance
                                          Abuse Services                                                            15
Part	I

Those	Who	Have	Served	

      Elvin Baum, an Oklahoma Depart-
                                               A Military Connection
                                               Infantry, later transferring to the 45th     Debbie Bonenfant was born and raised in
     ment of Corrections (ODOC) em-            Infantry, then transferring to the Army    Michigan, where her parents still reside. In
     ployee for almost 30 years, was born      Reserve under which he still serves.       1974, at age 18, she decided that she wanted
     and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsyl-      He is currently into his 28th year of      to see the world, prompting her to join the Air
     vania. He moved to Shawnee Okla-          service, having entered as a Non-          Force. As fate would have it, the part of the
     homa in 1972, when afforded an op-        Commissioned Officer. Elvin has also       world the Air Force first bestowed was Montana.
     portunity to further his education at     served with the infantry and military      While serving in Montana she met her husband,
     Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU)         police corps and has held ranks of         a civil engineer from Kansas, who was a carpen-
     via a basketball scholarship. It was at                                              ter involved in a remodeling project at the mis-
                                               Senior Drill Instructor, 2nd Lieuten-
     OBU where he met his wife Maggie.                                                    sile base where she was stationed in Malmstrom,
                                               ant, and currently holds the rank of
     They have one son, Elvin Baum II.
                                               Major. He has completed the Inter-         Montana. The marriage lasted eight years and
                                               mediate Level Education/Command            produced two children.
                                               and general staff requirements. Elvin        Eventually she did have the opportunity to ex-
                                               likes the structure and discipline as-     perience other parts of the world when she was
                                               pect of the military and believes these    deployed to Germany for approximately 3 years.
                                               fundamentals have proven benefi-           While in Germany she seized every opportunity
                                               cial. In addition to these influences,     to travel. Destinations included much of Eng-
                                               his parents raised and taught him to       land, Spain, and Malta. She was subsequently
                                               “always mind your own business and
                                               be respectful of others”. His parental
                                               and military influences have positive-
                                               ly impacted and affected his social life
                                               as well as his career in corrections.
                                                 When asked to describe himself, El-
                                               vin stated that he perceives that oth-
                                               ers may sometimes think that he is
                   Elvin Baum
                                               withdrawn and doesn’t want to get in-
                                               volved. However he believes that one
      Military service was a destiny and an
                                               should always show respect to others
     obligation, as well as a family tradi-
                                               and mind one’s own business along
     tion. His grandfather, father, both
                                               with honesty, integrity and humility.
     brothers, and maternal uncles have
     served in the military, primarily the       Elvin is a true public servant having
     Army. Additionally, most of these         devoted almost 30 years of service to
     family members served during a time       both his country and to the State of
     of war. Elvin initially joined the 95th   Oklahoma.

                                                                                                         Debbie Bonenfant
transferred to Tinker Air Force Base in          In January 1994, she reported to the USS         She reported to Naval Air Station Pensacola,
1982 and discharged from Tinker AFB in          McKee, AS-41 for duty in San Diego,              Florida (her hometown) to attend Aerospace
1983. Her military tenure lasted just over      California. She performed many of the same       Physiology Technician School in January
9 years and she attained the rank of Staff      medical and surgical procedures and was          1996. While attending school she became
Sergeant. She credits the military with in-     a member of the emergency response team          a certified Naval Instructor responsible for
stilling discipline. Time spent in the mili-    which was called upon in the event of fires,     teaching survival classes to aviators and
tary was enjoyable and she now regrets that     major damage and any radiation emergencies.      air crew members. After three months
she didn’t commit to a full 20 years.           She performed two dependant cruises              of training, she was assigned to Naval Air
 Debbie has been employed by the ODOC           aboard the USS Chicago, SSN-741 and              Station in Miramar, California. She became
as a Human Resource Management Spe-             the USS Pasadena, SSN-752 by providing           qualified to instruct aviators and air crew in
cialist for over 11 years.                      medical support for family members of the        the use of oxygen systems in their specific air
                                                crew attending a four hour cruise. She also      craft and taught crew members how to treat
                                                qualified as an Enlisted Surface Warfare         themselves after oxygen depletion using the
                                                Specialist as a Hospital man (E-3) which led     hypobaric chamber.
                                                to her honorary advancement to Petty Officer      She returned to Pensacola, Florida in 1997
                                                (E-4) through the Command Advancement            where she became a qualified Naval Water
                                                Program.                                         Survival Instructor. She provided survival

                                                    Tom Naughton was born and raised             his current wife, Carol, whom he married
                                                  in Boston, Massachusetts. His mother           in 2000.
                                                  moved Tom and his four siblings to Cali-        Tom believes that his military experience
                                                  fornia just prior to his senior year of high   has significantly improved his life as he has
                                                  school. Jobs being scarce and lacking em-      been places and incurred experiences that
                Carrie Croy                       ployable skills, Tom joined the Air Force,     would have otherwise bypassed him. It is
Carrie Croy joined the U.S. Navy on               in 1960, just out of high school. He re-       notable that his military tenure included
February 4, 1992. She attended boot               mained in the Air Force until 1972, only       the Vietnam conflict and he attempted,
camp at Naval Recruiting Center, Orlando,         to re-enlist in 1975. He retired from the      on more than one occasion, to serve in
Florida where she was in the first integrated     Air Force in 1983, after having served a       Vietnam but was never allowed to do so.
company in the Navy. Following 8 ½                total of 20 years. Most of his military ser-    When asked what might be something
weeks of boot camp she was sent to Naval          vice was spent overseas, primarily in the      that most ODOC employees don’t know
Hospital Corps School, Great Lakes, Illinois      Middle East. Assignments included sta-         about him, his reply was that he grew up
and graduated in August 1992. While in                                                           in New England but has long since relin-
                                                  tions in Iceland, Germany, England, and
Great Lakes she served as a member of the                                                        quished his New England accent and as-
Hospital Corps’ School Honor Guard.                                                              sociated characteristics.
                                                    In 1975, while stationed at Tinker Air
 Officer Croy received her first set of
                                                  Force Base, he met Mary whom he mar-
orders and reported to Naval Hospital
                                                  ried in 1983, just after discharging from
Beaufort, South Carolina, where she was
                                                  the military. This union lasted until 1999
assigned to Marine Corps Recruit Depot,
                                                  when Tom incurred the misfortune of
Parris Island as a Hospital Corpsman. She
served as medical support in the clinic and       becoming a widower. In September of
as an Emergency Medical Technician. She           1994, Tom accepted a job at the Okla-
qualified as a medical screener, allowing         homa State Reformatory (OSR) where
her to treat and diagnose recruits, perform       he remained for 6 years until promoting
minor surgical procedures and provide             to his current position in administrative
initial inoculations for incoming recruits.       payroll and moving back to Oklahoma
                                                  City. While employed at OSR Tom met
                                                                                                               Tom Naughton

training to aircrew members in the event       Rhonda Orange was in the Air National
they crashed into water. While Stationed      Guard for two years during 1977-1979.
at Miramar, she was able to train civilians   Her rank was E-2 and she worked in per-
such as Tony Hawk and Andy McDonald,          sonnel at the Federal Flight Administration
Frank Gifford, James Brolin and the cast of   (FFA) in Oklahoma City. Her primary
Pensacola Wings of Gold.                      reason for enlisting was to parachute and to
 In 1998, NAS Miramar became MCAS             travel. Unfortunately, she was never able to
                                              do either.
Miramar and Officer Croy took an
                                               She does, however, believe that she benefit-
assignment at the clinic as Senior Corpsman
                                              ed from her military experience as it made
running active duty sick call. She received
                                              her a stronger person. Prior to her service
an Honorable discharge in January 2001,
                                              she was shy and timid, traits she overcame
and joined the U.S. Naval Reserves where
                                              while in the military. She also feels as her
she served with Fleet Hospital Dallas. She    service caused her to be a more caring per-
has recently completed her military career    son.
after fourteen years of service.

  “For lack of knowing what to do” with       join the military (she grew up wanting                        Rhonda Orange
  her life, Nikki Kennedy enlisted in the     to be a policewoman), both grandfathers          She grew up in Oklahoma City, the daugh-
  Navy under the delayed entry program        served in the military, her dad served in       ter of a professional military man (Marine).
  while only sixteen years old. Upon          Vietnam, and her great grandmother              She also has military connections via a sister
  completion of high school, in 1989,         was a WAC during World War II.                  and a niece who have served in the Army,
  she was sent to boot camp in Orlando,                                                       and several uncles who have served in the
  Florida. She celebrated her 18th                                                            Air Force. These influences and her service
  birthday on the 3rd day of boot camp.                                                       resulted in her being a structured and de-
  Following boot camp she was sent to                                                         tailed person.
  San Diego, California, and trained in                                                        She has two children who both live in
  telecommunications. Nikki was next                                                          Oklahoma City and she has 7 grandchil-
  sent to Subic Bay, in the Philippines,                                                      dren. Hobbies include photography (she
  spending two months awaiting arrival                                                        has album upon album of pictures) and she
  of the USS Samuel Gompers, a 20,500-                                                        also collects purses, hand bags, and hats with
  ton destroyer assigned to the Pacific                                                       a penchant for the unusual.
  Fleet. Her Naval journeys took her
  to Japan and Korea before returning                                                          Samuel Terry joined the Air Force in
  to the United States; first to Alameda,                                                     1968. At that time, the Vietnam conflict
  California, then to Moffett Field, from                                                     was in full force with no end in sight.
  where she discharged.                                                                       Samuel believed that enlisting was the
                                                            Nikki Kennedy
   Nikki credits the military with teaching                                                   “right thing to do.” He ended up serv-
  her the true meaning of teamwork and         Nikki is an avid football fan, particularly    ing over 9 years. His first tour of duty
  making her a better leader. Her military    pro football. She traces her love of            was in Saigon. He was a member of a
  travels introduced her to other cultures    football to her girlhood days when she,         crew that conducted air lifts behind en-
  providing insight and enlightenment         usually the only girl, played football with     emy lines. In addition to Vietnam, he
  “first hand!” She also emerged with a       the boys in neighborhood streets. Having        was stationed at various times in Hawaii,
  sense of pride, believing her experiences   been born in Ohio, she is a diehard fan         California, Texas, and Alaska. Upon dis-
  to have molded her into a more complete     of the Cincinnati Bengals. She and              charge, Samuel took full advantage of the
  person; becoming a better person in the     husband Chris occasionally travel to
  community.                                  Texas to watch the Dallas Cowboys.
   While not influencing her decision to
                                                                                                 tember 1995. He served in the RIMA
                                                                                                 Unit in San Diego, California until July
G.I. Bill educational benefits. He has ob-                                                       1996. At that point he decided to take
tained undergraduate degrees from both                                                           time off from military service.
Oklahoma State University and Univer-                                                              After graduating from Northeastern State
sity of Central Oklahoma (UCO) and                                                               University and beginning his career with
also has a masters degree from UCO,                                                              the Department of Corrections, Officer
 After discharging from the Air Force,                                                           Tiger re-enlisted in the Navy Reserves in
Samuel initially settled in Alaska. While                                                        June 2001. He was assigned to the Unit-
residing in Alaska, in 1972, he decided                                                          ed States Pacific Command Detachment
that he wanted to tour the United States.                                                        111 which is based at Camp Smith, Ha-
He acquired a car in Seattle, Washing-                                                           waii. Officer Tiger’s reserve unit was based
ton, and began the tour. While tour-                                                             in Broken Arrow, OK. He served in that
ing, he spent some time with a military                           Ryan Tiger                     unit until May 2006. During this time he
friend residing in Oklahoma. Samuel re-                                                          received several Certificates of Commen-
                                                  Ryan Tiger, Probation and Parole Of-
sumed his tour, but while heading back                                                           dation for services provided in Hawaii on
                                                ficer III, began his career in the Navy at
to Alaska he once again visited his friend                                                       highly confidential assignments.
                                                eighteen years of age. He enlisted on Au-
in Oklahoma. This friend had set up                                                                In May 2005 Officer Tiger joined the
                                                gust 7, 1990 as an E-1 and attended Boot
two job interviews for him. One of the
                                                Camp from August to October 1990.                Embarkation Security Detachment Com-
interviews was with the Oklahoma City
                                                After Boot Camp he attended A School             mand Unit 263 based in Norfolk, Virgin-
Police Department. In March of 1973,
                                                where he learned to be a Gunner’s Mate.          ia. His reserve unit is in Broken Arrow,
he relocated to Oklahoma City and ac-
                                                  Officer Tiger began serving on the USS         OK. While in this unit, he completes
cepted employment with the Oklahoma
                                                David R. Ray in April 1991. As a Gun-            training required, including firearms, that
City Police Department under the Law
                                                ner’s Mate he was responsible for main-          to ensure the unit will be prepared if called
Enforcement Education Program (LEEP)
                                                taining the forward gun mount and the            to duty. The units job is to offer security
in the Human Resources Department.
                                                armory. He served on this vessel until his       onboard ships in the Persian Gulf.
After 6 years with the Police Department,
                                                honorable discharge as an E-5 on July 7,           Officer Tiger has been in the navy, active
he accepted a Human Resources posi-
                                                1995.                                            and reserves, for a total of ten years. He
tion with the Guthrie Job Corps Center.
                                                  After serving on active duty for five years    plans to retire from the reserves after com-
Next he taught Criminal Justice studies
                                                Officer Tiger joined the Reserves in Sep-        pleting twenty years.
at Langston University. While at Langs-
                                             ton University, Samuel encountered his             with the ODOC (8 years and counting).
                                             first contact with the Oklahoma Depart-            Samuel has a total of 21 years employ-
                                             ment of Corrections (ODOC) when he                 ment in Oklahoma with various public
                                             invited, then director, Larry Meachum              agencies. He is certified as a Mediator
                                             to speak to students in one of his classes.        through the Oklahoma Supreme Court.
                                             While teaching at Langston University,             He is also a certified Grievance Manager
                                             he lived in Oklahoma City and, tiring              and Alternative Dispute Administrator.
                                             from the daily commute, he accepted a               While serving in the military during the
                                             position, in 1985, with the Oklahoma               1960’s Samuel encountered discrimina-
                                             Merit Commission. Next, he worked at               tion. This was particularly concerning
                                             University Hospital as Grievance Man-              to him as he felt that, as a man who had
                                             ager and Employee Assistance Program               served his country, he was certainly an
                                             Coordinator. This was followed by em-              equal to all men. This influenced his
                                             ployment with the Department of Men-               course in life. Another moving moment
                                             tal Health as Civil Rights Administra-             occurred at the Oklahoma Department
               Samuel Terry                  tor and, most recently, his employment             of Agriculture while observing a display
   pertaining to Buffalo Soldiers. Samuel       confessing the thought of going to Vietnam       training new recruits who were enroute
 was not familiar with Buffalo Soldiers         was a little nerve-racking. Two days later       to Germany where the Sergeant missiles
 and he became engaged in conversa-             Private Allen found himself on a Greyhound       were deployed. He also traveled with the
 tion with a white man who proceeded            bus headed for Fort Leonard Wood,                recruits every six months to White Sands,
 to tell Samuel about these soldiers. That      Missouri. Arriving at Ft. Leonard Wood           New Mexico where an actual launching
 this man knew more about an aspect of his      after dark, the induction process began with     took place. He later transferred within
 culture (Samuel’s) than he did motivated       being assigned to barracks. Though going         the company to work in the unit armory
 Samuel to study and research Buffalo Sol-      to bed wasn’t the first thing the recently       where he was in charge of maintaining
 diers. He discovered that there was a Buf-     introduced drill sergeants had planned for       the company’s small arms such as pistols,
 falo Soldier motor cycle group and that        Private Allen and his newly made friends.        rifles, and the M-60 machine gun. He was
 there was no chapter in Oklahoma. Being        During the next few weeks, he had all of         responsible for issuing weapons and also
 a motor cycle enthusiast (he owns an 1800      his hair cut off, received a new wardrobe of     ensuring they were cleaned and in proper
 Gold Wing), Samuel established an Okla-        green clothing, green socks and black boots.     working order. He was also assigned as the
 homa chapter. This chapter currently con-      Vaccinations were given by a pressure gun in     Company Commander’s driver and than
 sist of 17 members, many who are military      an express lane with a hundred other guys.       later as the Battalion Commander’s driver.
 stationed at Fort Sill. Members of the group   There was hour after hour of written tests;        Thirteen months before discharge, he was
 ride their cycles to schools, organizations,   learning how to eat in a massive dining hall     detailed to work with the Ft. Sill Recruitment
 and events presenting programs about Buf-      in record time; how to make a bunk military-     Unit, in conjunction with the Ft. Sill
 falo Soldiers.                                 style; and understanding why you never           Museum Unit. The unit he was attached
   His mother and only sister live in Indiana   want to volunteer for detail duty. Truck and     to was named the “Fort Sill Field Artillery
 (his father is deceased). He has two sons,     front end loader has a different meaning in      Half Section”. This unit was comprised
 one lives in Austin, Texas, and the other in   the Army. To the Army, it means a wheel          of a facility to house ten quarter horses, a
 Owasso.                                        barrow and a shovel.                             cannon and caisson unit, saddlery, tack, and
                                                  He was soon assigned to Echo3-3                horse harness sets. Their function was to
  On July 25, 1972, Rick Allen volunteered      Company, where he was named as squad             perform skits at rodeos and parades around
 to be inducted into the U.S. Army, joining     leader spending the next eight weeks being       the country. Allen personally performed in
 under what was known as the “Buddy Plan”.      taught the fundamentals: automatic firearms,     the Houston Astrodome and the Cheyenne,
 This was where you and your “buddy” could      explosives such as hand grenades and rocket      Wyoming rodeo to name a couple. Though
 serve together throughout your military        launchers, first aid, survival techniques, map   he was not part of the ceremony, the unit
 career. On induction day, however, his         reading, physical endurance, self-defense        was used in the burial ceremony of President
 “buddy” got cold feet and backed out;          and of course, the ever popular fine art of      John F. Kennedy.
                                                marching. Upon completion of boot camp,            Coming to JHCC in 1999 as a case
                                                Rick remembered standing in formation as         manager, he began to get involved in inmate
                                                each person’s duty station was announced.        clubs. He has sponsored the Incarcerated
                                                When a name was called and the duty              Veterans of America (IVOA) club for over
                                                station was announced as Vietnam, you            three years and feels it has become the
                                                could instantly see the person’s shoulders       most worthy and prominent inmate club
                                                drop and a look of astonishment on their         at JHCC. First and foremost, the IVOA
                                                face. Most were staying stateside which          is solely for the purpose of remembrance of
                                                was a surprise. When his duty station was        fellow veterans, whether the veteran is a fallen
                                                announced, he couldn’t believe it. He was        soldier, or living. It makes no difference if
                                                going to Fort Sill Sergeant Missile group.       the veteran is incarcerated or not, there is no
                                                  Arriving at his duty station, he found         issue of undesirable or honorable discharges.
                                                himself assisting in activating a deactivated    The IVOA had a history of giving profits
                                                unit of Sergeant missiles. He was assigned       from food sales and charity drives to a
                                                to the company motor pool inspecting             variety of non-military related foundations.
                                                vehicles to include jeeps and trucks of all      That has changed and the IVOA under the
                  Rick Allen                    sizes. Working this assignment also involved     newly elected leadership have guided the
                                                                                                                           (continued	on	page	23)
                                                                                  Classes Merge
                                                                                   for	Reentry	Training
                                                                                               by Gaylia Johnson

In a lighter moment, Bryan Bell (training officer with probation & pa-
role) and Kristin Tims (case manager instructor from Sentence Admin-
istration) are reminding case manager, Yolanda Washington, Elk City
CWC, of a point to be considered in the scenario. Looking on (lower
right) is OSP case manager, Brian Joyce. P&P students are (back row,
from left) Geary Pittman, SEDCC, and Julie Whitehead, TCDCC (par-
tially hidden).

        or the first time in the    7 million adults under some        cannot be accomplished alone.       managers and probation & pa-
        history of the Employee     form of correctional supervi-      It involves bridging individuals    role officers worked together
        Training & Develop-         sion. Over 600,000 individu-       and networking agencies. In         on a pre-release scenario. Af-
ment Center (ETDC) in Still-        als are released from prison       January, ETDC staff felt that a     ter discussion, each group re-
water, two separate pre-service     each year and 1/3 of those are     good place to start that process    ported their recommendations
groups merged into one class        younger than 24 years of age.      was between case managers and       and referrals based upon the
to discuss a common concern         “Thus far, our efforts have not    probation & parole officers.        scenario. Following the train-
– how to reduce recidivism.         been successful at reducing re-      Since both groups were in
                                                                                                           ing one case manager reflected,
The rising costs of incarceration   turns to institutional confine-    Stillwater for pre-service at the
                                                                                                           “This introduced a whole differ-
and its impact on state budgets     ment,” said Gary Kempker at        same time, and both had their
                                                                                                           ent side of the job.” A bridge.
make this not only a major          the December 2006 Commu-           own respective reentry training,
                                                                                                            Present for the “merge” was
problem for Oklahomans, but         nity Safety Through Success-       it was decided to merge the two
for the nation. President Bush      ful Offender Reentry seminar.      classes on Thursday, January        Robert Dibble, ETDC Train-
has proposed a 300 million          “As it stands, offenders are not   11. Bryan Bell (probation &         ing Manager, Lenora Jordan,
dollar Prisoner Reentry Initia-     prepared for their return to the   parole) and Kristin Tims (case      Training Administrator, Terri
tive to help newly released pris-   community.”                        management) served as pre-          Vogt and Gaylia Johnson co-
oners find a new path.               Successful reentry takes col-     senters to the combined class of    ordinate PPO Specific Training
  The US leads the world in         laboration, a working together     24 students.                        and CM Specific Training, re-
incarceration rates with nearly     for a common goal – a goal that      During a group exercise, case     spectively.

                     Black Heritage Celebration
                                               Omniplex, Oklahoma City
                                                 February 27, 2007

Joyce Jackson,Administrator, Executive Com-     Dr. Howard H. Hendrick, Director, Oklahoma    Master of Ceremony Dr. Eric Anthony Joseph,
munications, Oklahoma Department of Cor-        Department of Human Services                  Chaplain and Assistant Professor, Langston
rections                                                                                      University, presents Colonel Jerry N. Ca-
                                                                                              son, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the Lifetime
   The Oklahoma Black Heritiage Cel-            east Academy Gospel Choir, singer             Achievement Award.
 ebration 2007 was held February 23,            Gary Williams, the Midwest City
 2007, at the Omniplex in Oklahoma              High School Jazz Ensemble, singer             Oklahoma Employment Securities
 City. The Master of Ceremony this              Melva Williams, the Star Spencer              Commission, the Oklahoma Depart-
 year was national lecturer Dr. Eric An-        High School Drum Line and poet Al-            ment of Corrections, the Oklahoma
 thony Joseph, chaplain and assistant           lyah Jeffery.                                 Department of Human Services, and
 professor at Langston University.                Sponsors for this year’s event were         the Omniplex.
   Entertainment featured the North-            the Oklahoma Historical Society, the

Dr. Stephen Jackson, Associate Research Sci-    Diane McDaniel, Supervisor, Deborah Rothe     Dr. Sherleen Jackson, Retired Civil Rights Admin-
entist, Oklahoma Medical Research Founda-       Group Home for Girls, is presented the Com-   istrator, Department of Human Services, Former
tion, is presented the Trailblazer Award.       munity Service Award.                         Chair, Black Heritage Committee

(Continued	from	page	20)
club into a total commitment which is        Taji, Iraq. Baby Sierra was born September    counselor and co-sponsor of IVOA
military related only. The club has gone     9, 2005, never knowing her father. The        (Vietnam veteran – combat medic);
from financial hardships to a position of    original opening of the account occurred      Rick Dickerson, Correctional Counselor
making a real difference in accomplishing    after the birth of Sierra and started with    (retired USMC); and McClain County
their objectives.                                                                          Bank President Charlie Sherman. Rick
 JHCC had sponsored a monument for                                                         says that what makes the IVOA club
inmates that were veterans and passed                                                      separate from other groups of inmates and
away while incarcerated at JHCC. The                                                       draws staff such as himself, is the unspoken
monument was a concrete block painted                                                      loyalty to one another. This commitment
gray with a plaque and engraved name                                                       creates a connection between people that
plates of deceased inmates on them. The                                                    can only be known by those persons who
club proposed to erect a new monument                                                      made that commitment.
made of granite and set out organizing an                                                   Rick is very proud of the fact that
inmate committee. One year later, out                                                      he comes from a military family with
of sheer determination, the project was                                                    members being in every U.S. conflict
approved and was erected this year. The                                                    since WW II. He can’t think of anyone
most amazing part of this was the project                                                  he personally knows that hasn’t had or
cost close to $2,000, with the majority of                                                 currently doesn’t have a family member in
monies raised by the inmate population                                                     the military. That is why when help for
through food sales and donations. Staff                                                    Sierra Shepherd was asked for, the response
also donated generously.                     A monument located at Joseph Harp Cor-        was enormous. This is what makes JHCC
                                             rectional Center honoring inmates that were
 The biggest accomplishment to date          veterans and passed away while incarcerated   unique, that they pull together in a time
has been the establishment of the Sierra     at the facility.                              of need. Rick would like for everyone to
Shephard college fund. Sierra’s father,      $100. Another $1,500 was added to the         know how much he appreciates Warden
Army Warrant Officer Steven Shephard         account a few months later. The account       Mike Addison for his input and guidance
was shot down and killed June 27, 2005       was established with the conjoined effort     which has allowed IVOA to be the success
while piloting his combat helicopter near    of Freddie Karcher, Lifeline program          that it is.

               To volunteer                                               Special Olympic
            contact Milt Gilliam                                           State Games
             at 405.525.4512.                                               May 9 - 11

Sex and Violent Offender
	 	 	 	 	 Registration	Unit
         arents for Megan’s Law       The Sex and Violent Offender Registration       training to probation and parole officers
         is an influential group     Unit maintains the statewide registries for      and facility staff, the unit provides CLEET
         in the country concern-     both sex and violent offenders. The Sex and      certified training for law enforcement
 ing sex offender registration.      Violent Offender Registries are available        throughout the state on the sex offender
 They desire good state registries   to the public via the internet by going to       registration process. Helping local law
 and lobby at the federal level; clicking on Offender        enforcement to stay current on registration
 for legislative changes and for     Information and then selecting either Sex        laws has directly resulted in higher offender
 funding at the state level. Each    Offender Lookup or Violent Offender              compliance. Prior to April 2005, the unit
 year, Parents for Megan’s Law       Lookup.                                          had only two full-time positions. Three
 issues a Megan’s Law Report          Information on all registered offenders         additional positions have been added to the
 Card for all states based on sex    has been available to the public on the          unit resulting in a much more efficient and
 offender compliance rates, the      agency web site since July 2005. Prior to        effective operation.
 public’s accessibility to sex of-   that date, information was available only          The Sex and Violent Offender Registration
 fender information, and the         on aggravated and/or habitual, high risk         Unit works diligently to maintain positive
 extent of sex offender infor-       offenders. The sex offender registry is a live   contact with local law enforcement and
 mation available. In 2005,          database of more than 5000 active offenders      the general public. Communication and
 Oklahoma received an F grade.       that is updated by the hour; making it one       sharing of accurate and timely information
 27 states received a D or F rat-    the most up-to-date and current registries       is essential to the success of the registry.
 ing, with only 5 states receiv-     in the nation. The site is very popular and      Please contact the unit if you have questions
 ing an A grade. In their 2006       receives several thousand “hits” daily.          or feel free to congratulate them on a job
 report, 33 states received a D       In April 2005, the number of delinquent         well done.
 or F, and only 2 received an A      sex offenders in Oklahoma was 1809. A
 grade, reflecting an overall na-    delinquent offender is one who has not                 Registry staff and their areas of
 tional trend down in the qual-      complied with the law by verifying their                responsibility are as follows:
 ity of sex offender registries.     address with his/her local law enforcement
 Oklahoma received a B for the       agency and with the Registration Unit.                 Lawana Hamrick, Coordinator
 year 2006. Only 5 states re-                                                                      405-425-2872
                                     As of July 2006, the number delinquent
 ceived an A or B grade, placing     offenders had been reduced to 786. In the             Carolyn Rhone, New Registrants
 us at the very top of state sex     2005 national report by the victim’s rights                 and Court Hearings
 offender registries in the na-      organization, Parents for Megan’s Law,                        405-425-7071
 tion. More information can be       Oklahoma’s compliance rate (percentage            Bonnie Yarbrough, Address Verifications
 found on the rating of all states   of non-verified addresses) was 33%. In                       405-425-7067
 at: http://www.parentsforme-        their 2006 report, the compliance rate for       the Oklahoma registry was 15.7%. The               Kerry Minyard, Delinquent Offenders
                                     national compliance rate was 24%.
     By Jim Rabon, Administrator      The decrease in delinquent offenders can               Rita Modesto, Deceased and
     Sentence Administration and     be attributed to an emphasis on training and               Out of State Offenders
           Offender Records          an increase in staff. In addition to providing                405-425-7145

                                  Legislative Breakfast
                                      Oklahoma State Capitol
                                                             March 6, 2007

Tony Coleman, Senate Staff; Beverly Young, Board of Corrections; Ted
Logan, Board of Corrections; Senator Constance Johnson; and Earnest
Ware, Board of Corrections

                                                                           Stella Ezugha, Oklahoma Department of Corrections, with offenders
    Sponsored by the Director’s Office,                                    from the Hillside Community Corrections Center Culinary Arts Skill
   Oklahoma Department of Corrections,
   Agri-Services, Oklahoma Correctional
        Industries, and the Hillside
     Community Corrections Center.

                                                              Justin Jones, Director, Oklahoma Depart-   Pam Ramsey, Oklahoma Department of Cor-
                                                              ment of Corrections, and Representative    rections, and Cheryl Harris, Oklahoma Court
                                                              Anastasia Pittman                          of Criminal Appeals

Department of Corrections’ employees Linda Parrish, Debbie
Mahaffey, and J’me Overstreet

Internal Affairs Investigator
Makes a Stand Against Teen Predators
N      o one can argue the internet is a
       technological revolution. A virtual
library of information exists 24 hours a day
                                                  assistants, and even video-game consoles.
                                                  Some video-game systems, for example,
                                                  are Internet enabled so you can compete
                                                                                                     programs which block certain sites on the
                                                                                                     Internet. It is important to realize that fil-
                                                                                                     tering programs cannot protect your child
at your fingertips. Unfortunately the same        against, and chat, with players around the         from all the dangers in cyberspace. To begin
advances in computer and telecommunica-           world. This provides a whole new avenue            with, no program can possibly block out
tion technology that allow our children to        to approach children on-line.                      every inappropriate site. What’s more, it’s
reach out to new sources of knowledge and          This prompted DOC Internal Affairs                possible, in some cases, for the programs to
cultural experiences are also leaving them        Special Investigator Bob Peak to co-found          block sites that are appropriate. If you use
vulnerable to exploitation and harm by            a non-profit organization known as “Teens          a filtering program, you should re-evaluate
computer-sex offenders.                           against Predators” or TAP for short. “The          it periodically to make sure it’s working for
                                                  response has been amazing,” said Peak. “In         your family.
• At any given moment, there are 50,000
  sexual predators online.                        just 90 days our corporate sponsors have             Regardless of whether you use a filtering
                                                  grown to include OG&E, Arvest Bank and             program, you should still be sure that your
• 1 out of 5 children have been solicited         the National Center for Missing and Ex-            teen follows all of the basic rules we teach
  by sexual predators or pedophiles on            ploited Children. The sponsors have been           in our class. Filtering programs are not a
  the Internet.
                                                  wonderful. It’s just incredible what corpo-        substitute for good judgment or critical
• Only 25% of solicited children were             rations will do for you when you approach          thinking. With or without filters, children
  distressed enough by their encounters           them with a worthy cause.”                         and their parents need to be “net savvy”
  to tell their parents; 75% remained si-          The first conference held in Moore, Okla-         The bottom line is to try and teach teens
                                                  homa had 125 parents and teens from the            and their parents to communicate with
 Most people think of computers as the            metro-area and plans are to hold six more          each other and show them the Internet can
only way to get online, but it’s possible to      conferences across the state in 2007. The          be a shared experience. For more informa-
reach into cyberspace from other devices in-      question asked most frequently regarding           tion, or a schedule of upcoming lectures,
cluding cellular telephones, personal digital     Internet safety for children, are filtering        contact Bob Peak in Internal Affairs.

                                                              T           HANKS
                                                                                                                               donated fo
                                                                                                              ths.  The hours         , Steve
                                                                                                  veral mon               y husband
                            F amily,                                                  the past se               t while m                   h-
                 rrections                                                received in               al suppor                   ut, not wit
     To My Co                                         for all the help I         nd, an d emotion            with h is cancer b           d.
                                            gratitude                ssistance fu 07, he lost his battle                      appreciate
                             y  profound            the e mployee a            15, 20                     neral w ere greatly
                 express m             tance from                  n January                 t Steve’s fu
      I wish to            ncial assis                lanoma. O                  -workers a                                             t came
                  ve, fina                 ith his Me                 e of my co                                            caring tha
       family lea             ruggling w                   d presenc                                             aring and                     so
                    I were st                    plants an                                          d at the sh                   s of need,
        Chase and               ve.  The cards,                                   e and  I marvele            oughtf  ul program
                   effort to li                                        else! Stev                so many th
        out great                                           anywhere                  dividuals,
                                         g so much
                                                      help                   cious in
                                                                   many pre              ffairs.
                       ima  gine havin             rrec tions. So             Internal A
         I  could not               artm ent of Co         ecially my own,
                      homa Dep                 rtment esp
          from Okla                  each depa
                       passion in
           much com

                                          and                  Family
                           Hern don-Chase
26         Nanette
                   37 Years                   Charles Riggs                       MCCC      Dora Leuty                          HMCC
Doris Sheppard                Muskogee CCC    Donna Burkhalter                  Training    Ralph Brewster              OCI Mfg/MACC
                                                                                            Richard Blann                      SWDCC
               35 Years                                       23 Years
Michael Norcross                       OSP    John Lewis                          WKCC                       18 Years
                                              Lori Evans-Wilson                   Legal     Terry Wills                       WKCC
               32 Years                       Ted Durfey                           BJCC     Jennifer Wells                      JLCC
Connie Roberts                        JCCC    Dannie Blevins                        OSR
                                                                                            Esther Vaughn                     EWCC
Kathy Moore                          CDCC
                                                                                            Norman Thomas           Agri-Svcs/WKCC
George Jablonski                    KBCCC                      22 Years
                                                                                            Larry Swigart                     WKCC
Bobby Cooper                          JLCC    Phillip Wilson                      DCCC
                                              Joel Sutton                         DCCC      John Somers                        JHCC
                   31 Years                   Roger Ingram                        JDCC      Rita Salmon                       WKCC
Patricia Collins                   SWDCC      Alan Howard                         MACC      Yvonne McMorris                   MBCC
                                                                                            James Martin                         OSP
                   30 Years                                    22 Years                     Russell Littlejohn                  JLCC
Frank Mesarick         Div. of Comm. Corr.    Linda Haines          Med. Admin./JCCC        Jimmy Lane                        MBCC
Becky Hart                         NOCC       Keith Baker                      DCCC         Kenneth Keith                      ECCC
                                              Ray Aldridge                   SWDCC          Craig Graham                       JDCC
              29 Years                                                                      William George                    WKCC
Robert Vaughan         Agri-Svs/HMCC                           21 Years                     Dave Fullbright           Agri-Svcs/JLCC
Barbara Goff                    HMCC          James Williams                 Educ./OSR      Denise Feltnor Division of Comm. Corr.
                                              Debra Elledge                Med./Admin.      Sanra England                     EWCC
                   27 Years                                                                 Christopher Crouch                JEHCC
Danna Traylor                  Sent. Admin.                   20 Years
                                                                                            John Croslin                       JHCC
Mance Morris                          JHCC    Millicent Newton-Embry              MBCC
                                                                                            Carrie Bridges                    WKCC
                                              Melvin Maxwell Comm. Sent./Fld. Svcs.
                   26 Years                   Kenny Holloway       Div. of Comm. Corr.
Kelly Morgan                       NWDCC      Robert Carter                        DCCC                      17 Years
Shon Bruesch                        JEHCC     Glenda Bradley                       CDCC     Bret Tustin                   SEDCC
                                              Pat Blankenship             Facility Class.   Ronald Shipman              NWDCC
                25 Years                                                                    Virlin Hearod                  EWCC
Patricia Ridgway    Med. Admin./MACC                          19 Years                      Lynda Forrester              TCDCC
Jim Rabon                 Sent. Admin.        Leslie Tollison                    OSR        Carmellia Brossett           NEDCC
Patricia Davis            Class. & Pop.       James Rudek      Division of Comm. Corr.      Herndon Aderhold Mental Health/LARC
                                              Kathleen Pittman                SWDCC
                   24 Years                   Daniel Pickett                    CDCC                      16 Years
Mark Shipman                        JEHCC     Daniel Orr                       SEDCC        Loren Wehrenberg                     JCCC

                   37 Years                                    29 Years                                      27 Years
Jerry Mayfield                       DCCC     Barbara Tittle                      MCCC      Robert Wilson                    HMCC
                                              Karen Peters                       SWDCC      Zelma Wiley             OCI Mfg./MBCC
               34 Years                       Jackie Lamptey                    Training
Jerry Massie     Communications Unit          Ron Anderson                         Legal                   26 Years
Donice Johnson            Fin/Acctg.                                                        Brenda Simpson              OCCCC/RS
                                                             28 Years                       Yvonne Olinger          OCI Mfg./LARC
                32 Years                      Billy Taylor               Educ./JBCC         Henry Needham                    NOCC
Marilyn Williams                     CDCC     Tony Marquis          Agri-Svcs/NOCC          David Dionne                       JLCC
                                              Stephanie Keesee        Medical/LARC          Catherine Brunken           Fin./Acctg.
               31 Years                       Pamela Cooper                    JLCC         Jim Boston                       JEHCC
Linda Parrish           Personnel Unit                                                                           (continued	on	page	28)
Vickie Eshleman Comm. Sent./Fld. Svcs.
(continued	from	page	27)
              25 Years                                         22 Years                          Lindsay Phillips       Oklahoma City CCC
Sharon McCoy                    JBCC            Marty Raiburn                   MACC             Angela Nielson             Medical/WKCC
Becky Lawmaster Comm. Sent./Fld. Svc.           Freddy Dove        Med. Admin./EWCC              Tracy McCollum                       OSR
Robert Hadley                  NOCC             Loycene Colbert                 MBCC             James McBane                  Sayre CWC
Deborah Gregg                  NOCC             Kenneth Beatty            Institutions           Trudi Lindsey                        OSP
Mark Carter          Field Operations                                                            Tommy Fitch                         JHCC
Dwight Burrow                    OSR                              21 Years                       Annette Fanning        Oklahoma City CCC
                                                Leola Isbell                              CDCC   Cloyce Conner                        OSP
                   24 Years                                                                      Jim Cearley                          OSP
Donald Watkins                   Hollis CWC                     20 Years                         Carl Bicknell                      HMCC
Leonard Vaughan                       HMCC      Janice Thompson              OCCCC/RS            Dick Bartley                       DCCC
Jimmy Sales                            CDCC     Billy Pharaoh      Operational Services          Kathleen Asbury               Edu./JHCC
David Powell                           JDCC     Michael Patterson              Training
Barbara Lewis                Medical/JEHCC      Michael Lillard   Gene Stipe Corr. Trng.                        18 Years
Jimmy Janway                          JEHCC                                   Academy            James Young        Med. Admin./WKCC
David Fleck                  Union City CCC     Vicki Lang                       NOCC            Kevin Smith       Mental Health/DCCC
Richard Davis                 Agri-Services     Brandyn Dorris        Trans. Unit/LARC           Julie Rose              Priv. Pris., Jails
Bobby Craft                              OSR    Martin Conway                    WKCC                                  & Safety Admin.
                                                Shirley Burton                  SWDCC            Delton Putman                    JEHCC
                   23 Years                                                                      Jackie Perkins                    WKCC
Gail Noblin                             NOCC                      19 Years                       Brandy Page                        JCCC
Patrick Dankbar                        TCDCC    Paul Yeary                    OCI Mfg./LARC      Michele Minietta                   Legal
                                                Jeff Woody                          SWDCC        Jack Merchant                     WKCC
                                                Sherre Sexton                          LARC      Karen Malt                 Edu./WKCC

           FINANCE & ACCOUNTING                                DICK CONNER CC                            CENTRAL DISTRICT COMM CORR
            John New, Accountant III                Cecilia Green, Administrative Assistant I       Jill Hinkston, Human Res. Mgmt. Spec. IV

             HOWARD MCLEOD CC                                   JESS DUNN CC
                                                                                                             JACKIE BRANNON CC
         Sean Pettyjohn, Corr. Sec. Off. IV              Janice Wyatt, Corr. Case Mgr. I
                                                                                                          Fletta Cook, Food Svc. Mgr. II
          Jimmy Wilson, Corr. Sec. Off. IV
              JAMES CRABTREE CC                       Charlotte Schmidt, Corr. Trng. Off. II                   JESS DUNN CC
       Jessica Morton, Accounting Tech. II                                                           Lealynne Martinez, Corr. Chief of Sec. II
         Michael Rogers, Unit Manager I                       MACK ALFORD CC
                                                    Donna Visotski, Food Service Manager III                   MACK ALFORD CC
               JOSEPH HARP CC
                                                                                                       Sally Wiggins, Customer Svc. Rep. III
        Jonathan Honan, Corr. Case Mgr. I                     DICK CONNER CC
                                                       John Cartwright, Corr. Sec. Off. IV
               MACK ALFORD CC                          David De Andre, Corr. Sec. Off. IV                         PROGRAMS
          Thomas Billy, Corr. Sec. Mgr. I              David Thornburg, Corr. Sec. Off. IV           David Calvert, Psychological Clinician IV
          Jay Goodwin, Corr. Sec. Mgr. I                Irene Whitney, Corr. Sec. Off. IV
                                                                                                     TREATMENT & REHABILITATIVE SVCS.
               JOSEPH HARP CC                                     IDABEL CWC
                                                                                                        Mary Leistner, Corr. Case Mgr. III
         Rebecca Bowen, Unit Manager I                  T. Frachiseur, Corr. Chief of Sec. I

                PROCUREMENT                                   MACK ALFORD CC                                  EDDIE WARRIOR CC
     Darlene Nicholson, Contr./Acquis. Agt. I            Regina Hicks, Food Svc. Mgr. I               Eldon Arnold, Constr./Maint. Admin. II
      David Williams, Contr./Acquis. Agt. I
                          NURSES APPRECIATION WEEK
                                MAY 6-12, 2007

                     Nursing ----a Profession and a Passion
In honor of the dedication, commitment, and tireless effort of the nearly 2.9 million nurses nationwide to pro-
mote and maintain the health of this nation, the Oklahoma Department of Corrections is proud to recognize
nurses everywhere for the quality work they provide seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Traditionally, Nurses Appreciation Week is devoted to highlighting the diverse ways in which nurses, the largest
health care profession, are working to improve health care. From bedside nursing in hospitals and long-term care
facilities to the hall of research institutions, state legislatures, and Congress, the depth and breadth of the nursing
profession is meeting the expanding health care needs of American society.

            Retirements                                           Calendar
     Rosalinda	Bonny,	Administration	Finance	&	Accounting
              Danny	Cooper,	Sr.,	Administration	IA
                                                            14     Flag Day
             David	Scheidel,	Information	Technology	
           Thomas	Naughton,	Administration	Personnel        17     Father’s Day
                   Jack	Anderson,	Institutions
                                                            21     Summer Begins
                  Henry	Anderson,	Institutions
                     Roy	Davis,	Institutions                19-22 Pardon & Parole Board Mtg.
                  Carl	Dickerson,	Institutions                    Hillside CCC
                    Joann	Jones,	Institutions
                                                            28     Board of Corrections Mtg.
                    Bob	Ludlow,	Institutions
                                                                   Dick Conner CC
                   Tyrea	Marker,	Institutions
               Lawrence	Nierengarten,	Institutions
                Donald	Wagenknecht,	Institutions
            Dennis	Cunningham,	Field	Operations             4      Independence Day
             James	Westbrook,		Field	Operations
                  Archey	Gearl,Institutions                 17-20 Pardon & Parole Board Mtg.
                 Glenda	Carter,		Institutions                     Hillside CCC
                  Bobby	Craft,	Institutions                 26     Board of Corrections Mtg.
                Barbara	Johnson,	Institutions                      Lawton Correctional Facility
                 Nancy	Kliewer,	Institutions
             Lenora	Arnold,	Treatment	&	Rehab
                                                            14-17 Pardon & Parole Board Mtg.
                                                                  Hillside CCC

           NEXT ISSUE                                       (No scheduled Board of Corrections
                                                            Meeting for August.)

            Probation and Parole

                 PART II
         Those Who Have Served                              Excellence is doing ordinary
         - A Military Connection                            things extraordinarily well.
         2006 Officers of the Year                                  ----John Gardner

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        100% Recycled Polyester
                           For Employee Sales contact the OCI showroom at 405.
 Java     Brick   Forest   Sapphire Blue Mist Purple   Black

                                               or see all of our products at
  Khaki    Magenta Burgundy Persimmon Sandstone Capri

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                                                                 Phone: 405-425-7500       3402 N. Martin Luther King Avenue      Visit us on the web at
                                                                   Fax: 405-425-2838        Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73111
                                                               Toll Free: 1-800-522-3565                                       Email:

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