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									                        Animal Testing

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What do you think?
What is animal testing?
Animal testing and genetics

  Sometimes scientists genetically manipulate animals as a
  first step to experimenting with humans.
  Cloning animals will lead to the possibility of cloning humans.
  Most scientists say that they would not create a full human
  being but produce ‘stem cells’ in the laboratory so that they
  can be grown into any particular organ that someone needs.
  Creating a cloned embryo to
  produce the cells would mean
  that the patient would not reject
  the transplant or need anti-
  rejection drugs for the rest of
  their life.
The law
Does animal testing work?
Is animal testing right?
The debate

  There is to be a TV debate about testing on animals for
  medical research.
  In groups of three, use the information you have gathered
  so far to plan a debate. One of you is the chair, one is
  against testing and one agrees that testing is a good
  idea. Remember you are discussing animal testing for
  medical research not cosmetics.
Peaceful protests?
The Christian view

    Christians believe that animals are part of God’s creation
    and should be respected. All Christians are against
    cruelty to animals but some do see experiments for
    medical research as a necessary evil.

    God made man ‘in His image’. Many Christian scientists
    believe that God gave them the brains and abilities to
    find cures for humans by experimenting on animals and
    to not use these abilities would be denying God’s plan
    for them.
In Genesis God told Adam to ‘rule over’ all living
creatures. To many Christians this implies that God
created humans as superior to animals and so man can
use animals in experiments as long as it is done for the
right reasons and with proper care.

Jesus said ‘Look at the birds of the air…are you not
much more valuable than they?’ Some Christians say
that this gives them the right to use animals in
experiments because humans are of more value.

When God created the world and all that is in it he saw
that ‘it was good’. Some say that this means we should
not experiment on animals because they are a part of
God’s wonderful creation.
What the Christian Churches think

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