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 First Grade
          Intensive PHoNICS-FIrST Approach to reading
          • Develops	early	word	analysis	and	comprehension	writing	skills.

          • This	approach	is	taught	systematically	throughout	kindergarten	and	lower	elemen-
            tary	grades	to	ensure	continued	growth	in	skills.

          • Concepts	and	skills	are reinforced	daily	with	seatwork,	using	phonics-based	texts	
            and other support materials. Correlated from K–grade 2, these texts and materials
            build upon the phonics foundation each year.

  Letters and Sounds 1                                                    Home School
  Provides daily seatwork to
                                                                          Phonics and Reading 1
  reinforce phonics concepts                                              Curriculum /
  that develop reading skills.          Handbook for                      Lesson Plans
                      #95125 $13.75                                       Day-by-day lesson plans for
                                        Reading                           use with Letters and Sounds 1,
   Support Materials                    Phonics Textbook                  Handbook for Reading, Lan­
      • HS Phonics / Reading 1          Presents the six easy steps to    guage 1, Spelling and Poetry 1,
        Curriculum/ Lesson Plans        reading. Blends and words         and A Beka Book readers.
             #96946 $35                 correlate with the sequence                           #96946 $35
      • Teacher Key (optional)          in which special phonics
             #95133 $22.50
                                        sounds are taught. Early
      • Student Test Book
                                        introduction of vowels pro-
             #95141 $5.25
       • Test Key #95168     $7.75
                                        vides faster access to whole
                                        words.            #94927 $10.25

                                         Support Materials
                                           • Teacher Edition (optional)
                                                  #94935 $20.50
 see Teaching Aids           p. 83.

“A Beka Book is to be praised for producing materials that
unleashes a child’s potential. Your ‘line-upon-line, precept-
upon-precept’ approach to phonics builds vocabulary, while
reviewing familiar words, with books that build one upon
another.” —Parent / California                                                  FREE
                                                                             at home school
 20       Order toll free             1-877-A BEKA BOOK
                                                                                    Reading               1

 reading                                                  See Order Form for optional Teacher Editions.
   The A Beka reading Program
      •	 Develops	 early	 word-analysis	 and	 comprehension	 skills.	 	 Children	 can	 read	 with	
         comprehension and write with understanding by the end of first grade.

      •	 Provides curriculum/lesson plans with proven methods of integrating reading and
         the total language arts program.

Fun with Pets                      Tiptoes                              Stepping Stones
An enjoyable first reader          Coordinates reading material         Includes stories, phonics re-
with simple one- and two-          with phonics concepts as they        view, and comprehension ex-
vowel-word stories.                are learned.    #94986 $10.25        ercises.          #95001 $10.25
                 #94951 $10.25

Secrets and                        The Bridge Book                       Kind and Brave
Surprises                          Reviews various phonics               Patriotic reader features ani-
Includes stories and plays         sounds through stories and            mal fables and true-to-life
based on children’s classics.      poems.         #95052 $10.25          stories.          #95060 $10.25

                  #95036 $10.25


Aesop’s Fables                     Strong and True                      Primary
for Young Readers                  Includes character-building,         Bible Reader (1–2)
Famous animal stories are re-      patriotic stories and poems          Narrative Scripture selec-
told with questions and word       along with exercises and             tions taken from the King
practice help.   #95087 $11.25     vocabulary.       #95109 $10.25      James Bible.   #94943 $11.25

                                                          Order online at               21
   1     Reading/Language Arts
    Supplementary Reader                                                                 Supplementary Reader

                                  Animals in the Great Outdoors
                                  Stories about animals in the forest, pond, back-
                                  yard, and on the farm. Can be used between
                                  The Bridge Book and Kind and Brave.

                                                                  Down by the Sea
                                    Features stories about the beach, sea animals,
                                    and having fish at home. Designed to be read
                                    after Strong and True.
       #61697 $10.25                                                                               #63746 $10.25

       language Arts
          Language Series (1–3)
          	 Helps	 increase	 thinking,	 reading	 comprehension,	 and	 writing	 skills	 from	
            year to year, as children master and apply traditional grammar to oral and
            written communication.

          Writing with Phonics (K–3)
            Presents a step-by-step approach to good penmanship that is consistent
            from grade to grade, emphasizing neatness and correct letter formation in
            daily	practice.		Also	improves	phonics	and	spelling	skills.

          Spelling and Poetry Series (1–3)
            Uses the teach / practice / test approach to spelling. Poems for memoriza-
            tion have been selected for their beauty of language, literary greatness, and
            character-building qualities.

                                           Writing with
                                           Phonics 1
                                           Begins with single letters and
                                           progresses to blends, special
    Language 1                             sounds, and words.                    Spelling and Poetry 1
    Provides daily seatwork to                         Cursive #95230 $13.75     Contains 30 phonics-based
    reinforce phonics concepts                                                   word lists with exercises and
    that develop reading skills.                                                 8 illustrated poems.
                          #95184 $13.75                                                                #95206 $9.50

       Support Materials                                                          Support Materials
        • HS Phonics / Reading 1                                                   • HS Phonics / Reading 1
          Curriculum/ Lesson Plans                                                   Curriculum/ Lesson Plans
         (includes language)                                                        (includes language)
                #96946 $35                                                                #96946 $35
         • Teacher Key (optional)                                                  • Teacher Edition* (optional)
                #95192 $22.50                                                            #95214 $14.75

                                           Cursive Writing                        *Includes student text; provides
                                                                                  study helps, teacher information,
                                           Tablet (1)                             and a sample sentence for every
                                           For cursive writing and seat-          word; and answers to exercises.
                                           work. (Order two or three per
see Teaching Aids        p. 84.            child for the year.)   #95249 $5.25

  22       Order toll free             1-877-A BEKA BOOK
                                                 Language Arts/Arithmetic                              1
                                                            Seatwork / Activity Book

 Home School
 Writing and Seatwork 1
 Curriculum / Lesson Plans                                  Bible Friends
 Day-by-day lesson plans for teaching cur-                  Activity Book        (1)
 sive writing with Writing with Phonics 1.                  Follows the sequence of Bible sto-
 Also gives complete list of daily inde-                    ries taught in the Bible curriculum,
 pendent seatwork assignments using                         reinforcing Bible concepts. Pro-
 Language 1, Letters and Sounds 1, Spelling 1,              vides variety in seatwork time.
 and Arithmetic 1, plus more creative                                                   #43389 $10
 writing exercises, arithmetic, and phon-
 ics review ideas.                #96962 $15

 Arithmetic Traditional Work-Text Series (N–6)
   Builds a foundation for learning more abstract concepts and teaches how to
   apply mathematical concepts to real-life situations. The lessons are rein-
   forced	by	classwork	and	seatwork	practice	and	daily	cumulative	review.		A	
   complete testing program continually evaluates progress.

                                                                             see Teaching Aids       pp. 85–87.

                                  Support Materials
                                   • HS Arithmetic 1 Curriculum / Lesson Plans #92231 $35
                                   • Teacher Edition (optional) #92193 $24
                                   • Student Tests and Speed Drills Book #92207 $5.75
                                     (contains 31 weekly tests /126 speed drills)
                                     • Tests/Speed Drills Key #92215 $10.50
                                   • Combination Dot Cards #151432 $17
                                   • Place Value Concept Cards #151424 $27.25
                                   • Arithmetic Drill Set A Flashcards #151459 $27.25
                                   • Addition Flashcards #151408 $15
Arithmetic 1                       • Subtraction Flashcards #151416 $15
Emphasizes number con-             • Teach-a-Coin Set #20443 $7.95
cepts, computational skills,       • HS Arithmetic 1 Charts and Games #75434 $12.50
accuracy, and speed. Includ-
ing topics such as
 • money/place value
 • graphs/measurements
 • time/temperature                                                        Home School
 • writing/reading numbers                                                 Arithmetic 1
 • addition / subtraction                                                  Curriculum /
   families to 12.                                                         Lesson Plans
                #92185 $14.25                                              Day-by-day lesson plans to
                                                                           be used for parent to teach
   Grade 1                                                                 child before pages are com-
Art & Music                                                                pleted in Arithmetic 1.
  pp. 78–79
                                                            #92231 $35

                                                          Order online at           23
            1                              History/Geography/Science/Health

                                            American Heritage Series (1–3)
                                                  Positive, patriotic themes encourage patriotism. History from a Christian per-
                                                  spective emphasizes God’s hand and guidance in the founding of our country.


                                                                                         My America and
             My America and My World

                                                                                         My World (1)
                                                                                         Introduces famous American

                                                                                         patriots, our basic freedoms,
                                                                                         and how our country was
                                                                                         founded. Includes well-known
                                                                                         American landmarks and patri-
                                                                                         otic songs. Emphasizes good
                                                                                         citizenship and develops read-
 95311005                                  History & Geography Series
                                                                                         ing skills.
                                                                        #95311 $11.25           Support Materials                                       #34851 $7.75

                                                                                                 •   Teacher Edition #95338 $24
     see Teaching Aids                                                     p. 19.                    (includes lesson plans—optional)
                                                                                                 •   Community Helpers Activity Book #34851 $7.75
                                                                                                     • Teacher Edition (optional) #40533 $11.50
                                                                                                     • Community Helpers Visuals #20206 $17

                                             God’s World Science Series (1–6)
                                             	 Written	 from	 an	 academic,	 yet	 distinctively	 Christian	 perspective,	 these	
                                               texts show God’s plan as it is revealed in His orderly creation. It provides
                                               a solid foundation in science based on biblical principles.

                                             Health, Safety, and Manners Series (1–3)
                                                   This Christian approach to good health and appropriate manners focuses
                                                   on	how	we	are	to	take	care	of	our	bodies	and	directs	students	in	how	to	
                                                   be responsible members of society.

                                             Discovering God’s World            (1)                                  Health, Safety, and Manners 1
                                             Presents God as the Master Designer                                     This book emphasizes
                                             of the world in studies of                                                 • nutrition/exercise/proper rest
                                                 • plants, animals, and insects                                         • good posture
                                                 • energy                                                               • safety habits
                                                 • health and the five senses
                                                                                                                        • good manners.
                                                 • seasons.
                                                                                                                     Activities and checklists help children
                                             Hands-on activities help increase com-
                                                                                                                     apply good principles of health, safety,
                                             prehension of basic science concepts.
                                                                                                                     and manners.                #95281 $11.25
                                                                                          #95265 $11.25
                                                  Support Materials                                                    Support Materials
                                                      • Teacher Edition #95273 $24                                       • Teacher Edition #95303 $24
                                                                                                                           (includes lesson plans—optional)
            24                                   (includes lesson
                                              Order toll free plans—optional)
                                                                   1-877-A                           BEKA BOOK

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