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									CHAPTER I


Surat Al - Baqarah verse 286 which was down in Medina, mostly derived at the beginning of
migration, except paragraph 281 revealed in Mina on the Farewell Pilgrimage. The entire verse of Al
- Baqarah belonged Madaniyah, is the longest letter in the mail - a letter the other Koran. This letter
named Al - Baqarah because it mentioned the story penyelembihan cows that God commanded the
Children of Israel (verses 64 to 67), which described the nature of the Jews in general. Named
Fushaatul - Quran (Koran peak) because it contains some of the laws that are not mentioned in the
other letter. Named after the letter Alif-Laam also - Mim because it begins with the letter Alif-Laam -

While the letter of Al - A'raf totaling 206 verses belonged Makkiyah letter revealed before the
revelation of Al - An'am and Assab belonged letter 'uththiwaal (seven letters long). Named Al - Al
A'raf because of the word - A'raf contained in paragraph 46 which raised about the state of people -
people who were in the Al - A'raf, the highest spot on the border of heaven and hell.


                                                                            Ayat albaqarah 29 tros arti

God not only turn you the world, but also to prepare the means life on earth, He is God Almighty.
that create for you what on earth all that all that you need for survival and comfort of your life
                                                  unfold, and that evidence of His exuberant power.

Ayat al jatsiyah 13 tros arti

So not only the earth, but the heavens and all that is therein, Allah created for the benefit of man.
One more among the signs of monotheism or the oneness of God is a very complicated system, but
very thorough, which regulates the sky and everything in it, where scientists in the age of modern
technology and sophisticated department recognizes the weakness of the intensity of their universe.
Globe which is the source of life and all kinds of favors for us, no more merely a very small celestial
bodies celestial objects than others.

Al-Quran were called to a singular word, namely Al-Ardh. As for the sky, in many texts, the Qur'an
calls it "Sab'a Samawat" means that God stretched out the heavens were covered seven, based on
the management and meticulous arrangements, which he created for the benefit of man. Seven
heavens, which is based on other verses, the sky that can be seen by the human eye is called Sama
'udunya, meaning the lowest heaven. While the skies were six other layers are out of sight and reach
of human knowledge.

We may understand that the preparation of the God of nature, both the stars, including the creation
of the earth, or the sky is the wear time of the incident and the time of order, located outside of the
count period and the year we are in the world. For a matter of years in this world is very limited,
only the circulation of the earth around the sun and the moon around the earth. God is All-Knowing
all of that.

Al mulk 14 tros arti

The meaning of this verse is explained in the letter ha meme Sajda, a proposition which implied that
Allah swt. begin his creation by creating earth, then created the seven heavens. Indeed, that is the
way to build something, which starts from the bottom, after which the top.

According to an opinion, Ad-dahaa (penghamparan) earth made after the creation of the heavens
and the earth. Similarly, according to a history of Ali Ibn Abu Talhah, from Ibn Abbas.

As-saddi has said in the book of commentary, from Abu Malik, from Abu Salih, from Ibn Abbas also
of the Budget, of Ibn Mas'ud as well as from a number of the companions with respect to the
meaning of his word (Al-Baqarah: 29).

It said that the 'Throne of God Almighty. being on the water, when it is God has not created anything
other than water. When Allah swt. wishes to create a creature, then He fumes from the water, and
smoke (gas) is rising above the water until it is located above the water, dinamakanlah same (sky).
Then the water drained into the earth, and He menyatu.5
After that separated the earth and made in his seven layers in two days, ie Sunday and Monday.
Allah swt. created the earth above the big fish, and big fish is what Allah mentioned in His words in
surah Al-Qalam, which means "Nun, by Qalam".

Then the big fish move, the earth did quake, and Allah swt mletakkan mountains above it so that the
earth became quiet; mountain - the mountain that stands above the earth solidness

Al ambiya 31 tros arti

Allah swt. build mountains on earth and food for residents, creating all the necessary trees and earth
on Tuesday and Wednesday

Fusilat 9 – 10 tros arti

Fusilat 11 tros arti

The smoke is a vapor of the water earlier, and the smoke made the heavens seven times in two days,
ie Thursday and Friday. Indeed the day Friday so named because pafa day heaven and earth were
created simultaneously.

Al a’raf 54 tros arti

Allah SWT. says that He created the entire universe, including the heavens and the earth and what is
between them in six days. Things like this is mentioned in the Qur'an is not just one verse.

The meaning of the six days is Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. On
Friday all creatures dihimpunkan later, and on Friday did God create Adam

The scholars disagree about the meaning of terms these days. In other words, what is the day-to-day
is the same as our days now, as we understand it easily. Or is the length of each day is as a thousand
years, as she has dinaskan by Mujahid Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal and that it is narrated by Ad-Dahhak
from Ibn Abbas.

As for Saturday, it is not happening to him was a creation, since Saturday is the seventh day. That's
why today called on Saturday, which means broken.

Hadith narrated by Imam Ahmad in the book musnadnya said, had told us Hajjaj, had told us Ibn
Juraij, has told me of Ismail ibn Umayya, from Khalid ibn Ayyub, from Abdullah ibn Rafi 'Maula Umm
Salamah from Abu Hurayrah that relates that the Holy Prophet. holding her hand, and said:


ARTINYA: Meaning: God created the earth on Saturday, creating mountains on earth on Sunday,
creating a tree that is in the earth on Monday, creating things that are out of favor on Tuesday,
creating nur on Wednesday, sending the animals the animals of the earth on Thursday, and created
Adam after asr on Friday as the final being created at the last moment on Friday, exactly at the time
of asr and evenings.

This hadith narrated by Muslim ibn Hajjaj in the book and also the validity of Imam Nasai through
various channels of Hajjaj (ie Ibn Muhammad Al-A `war), from Ibn Juraij with the same sanad. In it
mentioned all seven full days. And Allah. Word has been mentioned in six days. That is why Imam
Bukhari and others are not just one of among the huffaz questioning this tradition. They make it as a
history of Abu Hurairah, of Ka'b AI-ahbar, ie not a hadith marfu '.

In relation to the meaning of this verse of the scholars have various opinions were pretty much, the
details are not in the book. But in connection with this we only pursue ways in which schools pious
Salaf scholars such as Malik, Auza'i, As-Sauri, Sa'd ibn Al-Lais, ash-Syafii, Ahmad, and Ibn Ishaq and
others Rahawaih from among the Imams of the Muslims, both the former and the latter. That
interpret as it is, but without giving an overview, resemblance, also without blurring definition. In
outline what is easily captured from the text paragraph by people who like to equate a thing does
not exist for Allah, remember Allah. it's nothing like any of His creatures.

Even understanding what is being said by the priests, among others Na'im ibn Hammad AI-Khuza'I
(teacher Imam Bukhari). He said that those who equate Allah with His creatures, he disbelievers.
Those who disbelieve in what God is characterized by the substance of his own, he's actually an
infidel. All of what has been described by Allah. about himself, as well as what was described by His
Messenger is not included within the meaning of resemblance. Clearly, anyone who believes in God
according to what is mentioned by the clear verses and authentic traditions, and construed in
accordance with the majesty of God and negate the substance of God's attributes are lacking,
meaning he was on the path of guidance.

That eliminating the darkness of night with the light of day, and day lighting to eliminate dark night.
Each of the two others followed quickly and was not too late. Even if that comes, then it goes and
vice versa.

Yassiin 37 – 40 tros arti

Word of Allah. which says "And the night would not be preceded lunch". That is, it will not be too
late and will not be her tardiness, and even the other comes directly after the other without any
separation interval between keduanya.13

Among scholars there who read lineage, some are reading rafa 'but each of the two adjacent
readings has meaning. In other words, everything is subject to the setting it up and submit to his will.
He is the right to control and regulate everything.

Ibn Jarir said, has told me AI-Musanna, Ishaq had told us, has been telling us Hisham Abu Abdur
Rahman, had told us Baqiyyah Ibn al-Walid, had told us Abdul Gaffar Ibn Abdul Aziz Al-Ansari, Abdul
Aziz from Ash-Syami, from his father, who predicated friend, that the Holy Prophet. once said


ARTINYA: Meaning: He who does not praise God for doing charity, which works righteousness, and he
even praised himself, then indeed he has broken and charitable abolished. And those who suspect
that God has made for His servants things of matter, means he has broken over what God revealed
to His prophets.

value of education
Tarbawi values of surah Al-Baqarah verse 29 and Surah Al-A'raf verse 54 that can be learned
and learning are:

1. Be grateful for what Allah swt. given us on this earth.

2. Humans are more precious than all that is in the earth and the sky, even he is the purpose
of the creation of all that.

3. Allah swt. created nature for us. Therefore, let us put ourselves just for the sake of Allah.

4. None of Allah's creation. in nature is wasted, because it was created for the benefit of the
people, even though the man himself is still not know where the interest tersebut.14

5. The world was created for man, not vice versa, man was created for the world. The World
is a means, not an end.

6. Humans are more precious than all that is in the earth and the sky, even he is the purpose
of the creation of all that.

7. Humans are more precious than all that is in the earth and the sky, even he is the purpose
of the creation of all that.

8. Allah swt. created nature for us. Therefore, let us put ourselves just for the sake of Allah.

9. None of Allah's creation. in nature is wasted, because it was created for the benefit of the
people, even though the man himself is still not know where the interest tersebut.14

10. The world was created for man, not vice versa, man was created for the world. The
World is a means, not an end.

11. All manner of utilization of the natural bounties is lawful for man, unless there is specific
evidence of reason and the Shari'ah mengharamkannya.

12. patience

13. Denying action of kufr to Allah Ta'ala.



These two verses are telling the creation of this earth by Allah swt. which everything
through the stages. This verse also teaches and reminds us not to do kufr to Allah Ta'ala has
made the earth and its contents to meet human life is a means to humans continue to
worship Allah swt. and establish proof or argument of the existence of God, qudrat and all
His mercy.

Man is God's most precious creatures. In the Qur'an a lot of verses glorifying Allah humans
compared to other creatures. And with the characteristics and properties of the main given
by God to man makes being chosen among the other holds the title as the caliph on earth to
be able to continue, preserve, and make use of all that God has created in nature with the
best of it.

The main duty of man is to worship Allah. All worship what we do with the diverse forms it
will return to us as well in the end.

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