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If you do happen to get a radar speeding ticket, get as much information from the officer as possible. You may even want to ask to see the radar with your speed on it.

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									                                   How To Deal With A Speeding Ticket

Many people have had the unpleasant experience of receiving a speeding ticket. Speeding tickets can
be extremely costly, depending on how fast you were actually driving. More importantly, they can
damage your driving record. Your monthly insurance premiums may also increase, costing you even
more money over the course of the next few years. In order to avoid these expensive increases in your
insurance premiums, as well as the actual cost of the ticket, there are a few things you can do.

The best way to avoid the increase in your insurance premiums is to avoid getting a speeding ticket in
the first place. Be extra cautious while driving, keeping an eye out for the speed limit signs. In some
areas, the speed limit can change quite quickly. When a speed limit changes abruptly, you usually can
expect a police car waiting for some poor individual who did not see the speed limit change. Stay within
4 miles of the speed limit to avoid getting pulled over. While every area is a little different with their
policies on writing speeding tickets, you may have additional cautions to be aware of. Until you know
for sure, play it safe.

If you do happen to get a radar speeding ticket, get as much information from the officer as possible.
You may even want to ask to see the radar with your speed on it. Although the police officer does not
have to comply, you can file for a motion of discovery later on. This motion will give you the specific
information about the radar detector. It will also allow you to view the officer’s notes, radar detector
calibration logs, and other pertinent information regarding your ticket. Let the court know that you are
contesting the ticket, and they will schedule a hearing date where you can fight the ticket in court. On
the day of your hearing, be sure to be prepared with your documented evidence, as well as some
questions to ask regarding your case.

Some states will offer a course in safe driving as an alternative to paying for your ticket. Although you
will be charged a fee for attending the driving class, your speeding ticket fine will be waived. Another
great benefit to attending the driving class is that your ticket will not be reported on your driving record.
This will save you hundreds of dollars on your insurance premiums, as they will not increase due to a
ticket on your record.

You may simply decide to pay for your ticket. After weighing your options, you may decide that paying
for your ticket is the best way to go. Many insurance plans have a forgiveness option, which promises to
not raise your premium for the first speeding ticket that appears on your driving record. Scheduling a
hearing and going to court to fight your ticket takes time. That is time that many people may not have,
and don’t want to spend in court.

Although speeding tickets can ruin your day, they are completely avoidable. If you are speeding, you
run the risk of getting a ticket. You will then either have to pay for the ticket, or spend the time
contesting the ticket in court.

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