Political Corruption to Gain Self Benefit by fandiermawan


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									                        POLITICAL CORUPTION

       Seen from its etymology, the world corrupt came from a Latin, corruptio
which has some meanings, like evils, badness, immorality, dishonesty, bribery
minded, and deviation from purity, humiliating or slandering words or utterance.

       Surely, the most vulnerable level for a corruption deed to happen is at the
central government. However, it’s also possible that corruption take place in the
region government.

       In broader meaning, corruption or political corruption is abuse of official
occupation for individual benefit. All kind of governmental forms are practically
vulnerable against corruption.

       Corruption brutalities differs, from the lightest one, in the form of utilizing
one’s dignity and support, in order to give and get help, up to the heavy weight
corruption level but legalized, and so on. The top point of corruption is
cleptocration, which has literally meaning of a governance of the thieves.

       Corruption arising in political and bureaucracy fields may take the form of
tiny thing and severe, well organized or not. Although corruption often makes
easier criminal activities, such as narcotic trading, money laundry, and
prostitution, corruption itself is not limited to only these things. In order to study
the case and solve them it’s important to distinguish between corruption and

       Corruption becomes serious challenge to development. Corruption makes
democracy and good governance difficult to establish a clean government through
destroying formal processes.

       Corruption during the general election and in legislative body has reduced
accountability and representatives when deciding a policy; corruption in the
justice system has stopped the legal order; and corruption in the public
governance creates instability of public services. Generally speaking, corruption
has reduced the government institutions capabilities, due to procedure ignorance,
resource wastefulness, where official are recruited or promoted not because of

        At the same time, corruption has made difficult government legitimacy
and democratic values such as trust and tolerance. Corruption has also made
difficult   economic   development     through     creating   distortion   and   high
inefficiencies. In the private sector, corruption increase the business cost due to
lost in illegal payment, management fees while negotiating with corrupt officials,
and the risk of agreement cancellation or due to investigation.

        Political corruption happens in many countries, and result in big threat
against their respective citizen. Political corruption shall mean the government
policies often make advantages to the bribery performers, not the people. Another
example is, as we can see how the politicians issues rules that protect large
companies, but cause detriment to smaller companies. These pro-business
politicians only want to return a help to the big companies once helped them with
large contribution during the election campaign.

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