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									Women’s Empowerment

    Surendra K. Kaushik
        Women’s Empowerment
   The Women’s Empowerment
    Principles were launched on 9 March
    2010 in celebration of International
    Women's Day at a day-long conference in
    New York for business, civil society,
    Government academia and the UN to
    explore the application of the Principles in
    various contexts. In brief, the Principles
      Women’s Empowerment
1. Establish high-level corporate leadership
  for gender equality.
2.Treat all women and men fairly at work –
  respect and support human rights and
3. Ensure the health, safety and well-being
  of all women and men workers.
4. Promote education, training and
  professional development for women.
5. Implement enterprise development,
supply chain and marketing practices
that empower women.

6. Promote equality through
community initiatives and advocacy.

7. Measure and publicly report on
progress to achieve gender equality.
Mrs. Helena Kaushik Women’s College
The Honoree Helena Kaushik
          The Founders

Mrs. Helena Kaushik and Dr. Surendra Kaushik
Timeline of 1999-2012

Inauguration of the college on August 4, 1999
                    Timeline of 1999-2012

Foundation stone laying ceremony for the new academic hall on February 21, 2000
            Timeline of 1999-2012

Foundation stone laying ceremony for Residence Hall, July 15, 2000
                Timeline of 1999-2012

Inauguration of John Dorr Science Lab and Nell Dorr Art Gallery by
former Congressman Richard Ottinger in January 2002
              Timeline of 1999-2012

The Chief Guest Dr. Girija Vyas at the first international conference in
                    the college, January 18, 2002
           Timeline of 1999-2012

    January 2002                             March 2002

Community development activities in the college for the benefit of
                       local women
Timeline of 1999-2012

The completed academic hall, April 2002
        First Commencement 2002

Prof. K. L. Kamal lighting the lamp   Student Valedictorian
    First Commencement 2002

Inauguration of the guest house by Prof. K. L. Kamal,
Vice- Chancellor, University of Rajasthan, July 19, 2002
Graduation 2010
A Nigerian delegation headed by Mrs.
   Nnenna G. Ihejirika visiting the
      college on July 16, 2011
 Graduates of the Class of 2011
(More than 900 have graduated
      from 2002 to 2011
Presentation of Diploma to a
     Graduate in 2011
 Education Empowers.
 Education Creates Human Rights.
 Education Builds Human Capital in Women.
 Human Capital Empowers Women.
 Empowerment Reduces Gender Inequality.
 Women’s Empowerment is Necessary for
  Human Progress.
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