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									November 22, 2011

FROM: Betsy Hill, Vice President of Human Resources

TO: All Retail Store Managers – Services and Cooperatives
    All Wholesale Facility Managers



As we announced in early February of this year, as a federal contractor Southern States is
required to file an Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) annually. In order for Southern States to be in
compliance with this regulation, managers were requested to maintain completed applications
(HR-5H) for all applicants in a file folder, by position, to later be sent to Human Resources.
Locations were instructed to key the required applicant information into a temporary, easy to
use system in OpenStream, where the information from all the applications could be stored
electronically. All locations were required to follow this process with the exception of local
coop. facilities with less than 50 employees. If you have not completed this request for
2011, please do so immediately. You should follow this same process if you plan to hire
anyone between now and the end of this year. Please call 804-281-7703 should you have any
questions regarding this process.

WHAT’S CHANGING: The Human Resources division has partnered with ADP (Automatic
Data Processing), to provide an internet based Applicant Tracking and Onboarding System
called ADP/Virtual Edge. We are targeting a go-live date of January 1, 2012. This
partnership allows for an all inclusive program for the collection of all applications and resumes
through the internet. The system provides collaborative access to applicant data and will meet
all data storage and reporting requirements for our Affirmative Action Plan. Managers will also
be able to designate an employee at the location to be trained and serve as a “proxy delegate”
when you are not available to review applicants.

NOTICE TO COOP MANAGERS: This new process will include all Coop locations
beginning January 1, 2012 regardless of the number of employees at your location.

The Virtual Edge system brings benefits that will streamline the employment
   o All applications and resumes housed in one system
   o Easy to roll up and report data electronically
   o Meets all posting requirements of AAP – posts all open positions to the state
      employment commissions
   o Managers have access to simple templates to be used for creating requisitions
      with the ability to tweak for changes like work hours or job requirements
      without having to create a new posting each time there’s an opening
   o Human Resources will post all ST and REG job openings on your behalf which
      will generate a pool of applicants for consideration and next steps
   o Built in approval process sends a communication to your supervisor by email
   o Requisitions and Offers can be approved easily from your email or any remote
   o Allows you to select one “proxy delegate” to assist when needed
We need your support in the next step of the process, TRAINING. The system is new,
the process is changing and it will of course require getting used to, but once you have
familiarized yourself with the system, you will see the benefits and flexibility it will offer.

Training is scheduled daily (Monday – Friday) for a two week period beginning
WEDNEDSAY DECEMBER 7th and ending TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20th. A one hour Live
Meeting Demo will be available twice a day during this two week period. You can
choose 8:30 am or 2:00 pm any day during this period. All managers should sign up to
participate so as to learn the new process. You will need to plan on being at your
computer and phone uninterrupted for approximately an hour. Managers may also
assign an assistant manager, office manager or bookkeeper to be a “proxy delegate” and that
person should participate in the training as well. Everyone will be provided with a referral
document/job aide for their on-line training and future reference. Training modules will also be
available in KnowledgeMaster for future reference.

HOW TO SIGN UP for ADP/Virtual Edge Training Sessions:
  1. In your web browser, go to KnowledgeMaster at
     and log in using your assigned KM user name and password
  2. From the Catalog menu at the top of the page, select SSC Virtual Courses-
     VirtualEdge Training
  3. Click on the course title VirtualEdge Applicant Tracking System to view information
     about the course
  4. Select the Upcoming Sessions tab to view course dates and time
  5. Locate the session you wish to attend and click the Enroll button
     **Please note that each session is limited to 25 participants. If you select a
     session that is full, you can opt to stay on the wait-list for that session or you
     can select a different session to attend.
  6. Once you have enrolled in a session, you do not need to do anything else. KM will send
     an email to your inbox confirming your session registration.

We know your time is very valuable and we appreciate 1) your attention to this compliance
requirement and 2) partnering with HR to assist in your hiring needs. We’re very excited about
positioning Southern States as an employer of choice and bringing talented people into the
organization to fill your vacant positions. With that said, I think you’ll agree that finding the
right talent at the right time, adds dollars to the bottom line.

Cc:    Operations Managers
       District Managers
       Regional Managers
       Retail Accounting and Support Specialists
       Donny Dunbar
       Jobie Miller
       Greg Adlich
       Chris Franklin
       Allen Melton
       Jacque Borinski
       Alison Kosko
       HR Employment
       HR Training

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