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What should I document?
Any time you have a conversation with an employee regarding performance or behavior and a
plan for improvement, you need to document the conversation.

        Coaching session – really a training session between supervisor and employee focused on task
        or assignment improvement. Not disciplinary in nature, but does document conversation
        between supervisor and employee.

        Written warning – disciplinary in nature – the first step in progressive discipline at Rose
        Hulman Institute of Technology. Remember an employee must have been on a performance
        improvement plan prior to this step in the disciplinary process.

        Suspension – disciplinary in nature – may be the final step before termination. This is generally
        when an investigation is being conducted into the events leading up to the suspension.

        Termination – employee will be leaving the organization, but it is still a good idea to have a
        termination letter documenting the reasons for termination.

How do I go about documenting?
Documentation does not have to require a great deal of time. It can be as simple as an entry in
your day planner. Remember, that employee documentation can be subpoenaed. It is important
to include the date of the infraction, the name of the employee, the name of the supervisor,
details of the issue, what changes were requested, and the names of any witnesses.

What form should I use when disciplining an employee?
Use the Personnel Action Notification Form below.

Supervisor________________________________                          Date of Action________________

                           The following action is being initiated in accordance with Institute
                          policies and will be entered into your central employee personnel file.
               ________Written Communication    _________Probation _______Suspension _________Termination

Employee signature indicates he/she has been provided a copy of this notification. It does not necessarily indicate
agreement with the content. The employee has the right to respond in writing. The response will be kept with this
document. The presence of Human Resources and/or an Ombudsman or member of the Employee Relations
Committee during the corrective action process is intended to ensure the staff member is treated fairly and Institute
policies are followed. Therefore, any fair treatment practices issue which arises in the corrective action process
must be dealt with in the corrective action process.

        (Immediate Supervisor)
        (Human Resources)

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