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					MDC 2


The purpose of this topic is to:  Introduce the 5W questions  Practise matching responses with the appropriate W question  Practise forming questions I Introduction II Mingling / Warm-up Activity

____ her husband’s name?


____ wants to watch another movie?


____ does the party start?


____ are you late for class?


_____ the bathroom?


Have the students mingle, reading aloud from their cards, trying to find the correct “W” question word for the question. . III Activity A– “Question Formation” Distribute laminated paragraph cards. Before proceeding, insure that students understand all of the words on the cards. Pair up students. Have them work together to form the maximum number of questions that they can from the paragraph. Give them a time limit I which to do so. The team which has the greatest number of correct questions pertaining to the paragraph can be declared the winner.

Anna’s Story Anna arrived in Shanghai in September with her family. Her father is a businessman and her mother is a lawyer. They are in shanghai to work for two years. Anna has two younger brothers and one twin sister. She also has a dog named Spot. Her family comes from New York. They are American. Anna has many hobbies. She likes to ski and skate in the winter. If it’s too cold, she likes to stay inside, read, and drink hot chocolate. In the summer, Anna likes to swim and ride her bicycle. Her favorite season is fall because both Halloween and her birthday are in the fall. Anna really likes Shanghai. She likes to eat Chinese food, especially noodles, and she likes to go to Chinese operas. Her favorite Chinese holiday is Chinese New Year. At school, she is studying Chinese and French. She hopes to speak Chinese well by the time she goes back home to America.

IV Activity B– “Guess the Question” Divide the students into two teams. Have one student from each team stand up. Explain that you will read them the answer to a question. The first team member to form the correct question will win a point fro his/her team. e.g. Answer: Shanghai is in China. Question: Where is Shanghai? Please note: A few of the cards have two possible questions which could step from them. e.g. We wet to a Japanese restaurant last night. What did you do last night? OR Where did you go last night? I’m going home now. What are you doing now? When are you going home?

V Closing Comments Sum up the focus language. Indicate and correct mistake patterns made in class. Answer any outstanding questions. Wrap up. VI Comprehension Check Have students listen to each sentence and in turn, compose the corresponding question. e.g. She didn’t come to class because she was sick. Why didn’t she come to class? 1. She didn’t come to class because she was sick. 2. His last name is Smith. 3. The museum will open at 9:00. 4. Jenny is the best table tennis player on the team. 5. I like watching movies on Sunday afternoons. 6. Marc’s mother is French. 7. Pam is a bus driver. 8. We didn’t come to the party because we don't like David’s boss. 9. The exam will be on Wednesday morning. 10. Our dog is three years old.

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