The Future of Red Hat Network Satellite

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                            A New Architecture
           Enabling the Traditional Data Center
                                 and the Cloud

Todd Warner & Todd Sanders
Product & Engineering Managers, Red Hat
May 5th, 2011
The Future of (Red Hat Network) RHN Satellite
●   Your data center
●   What is RHN Satellite?
●   Future system management direction of Red Hat
    (hint: it rhymes with crowd)
●   What that means for RHN Satellite
     ●   What that means ... in a bit more depth
     ●   Why you should be excited about this
●   Loose roadmap
Before there was Satellite,

    the data center
   was without form...

...and darkness was on the
     face of the admin
SOE (Standard Operating Environment)
System Life Cycle
Environment Life Cycle
Life Cycles within Life Cycles
               RHN Satellite’s

            reason for being
           A disciplined approach
to managing system and data center life cycles
             of RHEL machines
But times are a’changin’!
But times are a’changin’!
But times are a’changin’!

    A Physical Infrastructure
    (limited scale / complexity)
But times are a’changin’!

●   A Physical Infrastructure
    (limited scale / complexity)

                 Leads to a Virtual Infrastructure
                 (greatly expanded scale/complexity)
But times are a’changin’!

●   A Physical Infrastructure
    (limited scale / complexity)

             ●   Often leads to a Virtual Infrastructure
                 (greatly expanded scale/complexity)

                                Which often leads to the Cloud
                                (effectively unlimited scale, complexity
                                management, resource abstraction)
Major Components

●   System Engine

●   Application Engine

●   Cloud Engine
Major Components

●   System Engine
    ...the component that brings Satellite feature parity

●   Application Engine

●   Cloud Engine
  our next
Satellite but
also much,
much more
          System Engine
...enabling the cloud (100,000 ft view)...
RHN Satellite is...

   ●   Monolithic
   ●   Not nimble
   ●   A bit long in the tooth (born in 2002)

   ●   Not Cloudy enough...
RHN Satellite is...

   ●   Monolithic
   ●   Not nimble
   ●   A bit long in the tooth (born in 2002)

   ●   Not Cloudy enough... we are re-architecting from the ground up...
     RHN Satellite feature parity, but vastly improved

●   Vastly improved entitlement management model
●   Vastly improved content management model
●   Vastly improved configuration management model
●   New system life cycle management model
●   In sync with architecture of larger cloud model
           CloudForms (System Engine Component)
               ...short feature summary...
●   Subscription information delivered to each machine
     ●   Product & Support Level
●   Management of templates through life cycle environments
     ●   Product + Config + Provisioning
●   Smart Proxies to support network segmenting / Scale
●   Recipe based configuration management
●   Configurable RBAC with LDAP integration
●   Multi-System-Engine / Multi-Tenant / Multi-Org support
●   REST API with AMQP based Events
●   Cloud Enabling
                 New Subscription Management

Project: Candlepin
    ●   Products not Channels
    ●   Per system tracked:
        Product + Pricing + Support Levels
    ●   Identity driven all the way to the resource
         ●   x509 Certificate Based
    ●   System Inventory (smolt-like facts)
    ●   Per system expiration tracking
                           New Content Engine

Project: Pulp
     ●   Ultimately any content (caveats galore)
          ●   Fast fetch from Red Hat and any CDN
          ●   Products and repos, not channels
          ●   Yum-my!
     ●   Filters instead of cloned channels
                    New Configuration Engine

Project: Puppet
    ●   Extremely versatile configuration and scripting
    ●   No-op validation of managed systems
    ●   Configuration drift? No problem --> Reapply
                         New Provisioning Engine

Project: The Foreman
    ●   Intimate integration with puppet
    ●   DB for Persistence (improved scaling and reporting)
    ●   Centralized Reporting - overview of your entire infrastructure,
        not just a single subnet/location etc
    ●   Manage different pxe/dns/dhcp servers across different
    ●   Currently supports redhat, debian and jumpstart based
               Ties everything together
                    (pulp, the foreman, etc.)

(Katello is the upstream project for the System Engine component)
                Katello: New Life Cycle Model

●   Life cycle is it’s own object: an Environment
     ●   No more overloaded channel-cloning, multi-tenancy, or system grouping in
         order to implement life cycle
●   Define your own Environments
●   Define your own promotional path of Environments
         [Dev] -->     [Test] --> [Production]
             ...or even...
         [Lions] --> [Tigers] --> [Bears]
                    Katello: New Templating Model

Project: Katello
     ●   Templates live in Environments
     ●   Templates, not Profiles for definition
          ●   Products and Repos
          ●   Configuration classes
          ●   Provisioning instruction
     ●   Similar in concept, but more self-
         contained and robust
     ●   Templates are versioned
      Life Cycle Environments
a first order organizing principle of Katello,
        and by extention, CloudForms
                    Katello (the system engine component)
         ... very similar features, but vastly improved ...
●   Multi-tenant and Multi-organizational
     ●   Tenants (multi-tenant, each with its own set of orgs)
          ●   Org 1, Org2, Org3
●   Products and Repos
     ●   Channels are gone, but analogous
          ●   Filtered Products and Repos
               ●   Filters are for customization
          ●   Templates instead of profiles
●   RHN Proxy becomes Smart Proxy (true mirroring)
              System Engine
... very similar features, but vastly improved ...
               Need to scale?
                             System Engine
                          ...loose roadmap...
●   Right Now
    ●   CloudForms Beta Signup -
●   Calendar 2011 Q4
    ●   CloudForms 1.0
         ●   Limited configuration and provisioning (virt / cloud resources only)
         ●   Physical systems – runtime life cycle and update only
●   Calendar 2012 Q2
    ●   CloudForms 1.1(?)
         ●   RHN Satellite feature comparable / compatible
         ●   Plus much more robust Cloud feature sets
Questions   ?
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