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					                                          School Family Council
                                            January 23, 2012

In attendance: Amanda Kowalik, Rhoda Goff, Virginia Herring, James Lindsay, Jr., Betsy Garry,
Tish Hild, Darlene Furno, Kathleen Rivetti, Craig Bedford, Matt Croson, Daniel Hellerbach, Debbie
Claiborne, Linda Knedler, Robert Heck, Kate Phelan, Catherine Gearhart, Umekca Horsey, David Lunken,
Georgia Woerner, Karen Schaefer, Stephanie Bass, Heidi Mozoki, Alicia Rucinski, Randi Crystal, Kelsey
Pellarin, JoAnne Huey, Carolyn Cole, Elizabeth Lusby, Craig Williams

Mrs. Kowalik opened the meeting with introductions. The minutes were posted online and a hard copy
was available. They were unanimously approved by the group.

Ann Quinn presented on Voice, Values, and Vision. She stated that, in the history of the school, many
things have been accomplished by various members of the school community. This group of parents
feel that a vision needs to be created for the school rather than individual projects. These parents feel
that we need to be more purposeful about defining a vision. A meeting was held open to parents, to
brainstorm. The parents discussed given questions, such as what they are most proud of at Roland Park.
She stated that they are following a process and are not sure what the outcomes will be. She stated
that the goal was for the faculty to follow a similar process, and eventually, for there to become one
committee made of both faculty and parents. Mr. Heck asked how the climate survey data will be
incorporated into the work of this committee. Ms. Quinn asked the teams to consider going through a
similar process as the parents did, and to participate.

Ms. Knedler gave the Achievement report. Best Practices committee continues to meet monthly.
Special education Network representatives observed and gave recommendations. They will also
conduct a demonstration lesson. Kathy Bacon gave suggestions on how to improve Science MSA Scores.
Mr. Lindsey is working on coordinating with Goucher to plan a spring science night. Next meeting is
2/16 at 3:15.

Ms. Hild gave the attendance committee report. Attendance has been high, with a current yearly rate of
96.8%. Perfect attendance information is being sent by teachers and perfect attendance boards will be
created, and certificates will be given out. The next meeting date will be announced.

Mr. Hellerbach gave the Climate/PBIS committee report. There was a teacher survey completed to see
how well the program is working. Most results were positive, and some areas for growth were
identified. Teachers seem to feel that students are working towards larger items and events. For
middle school, it will be a winter dance party on 2/24 for 8 tickets. For elementary, it will be called the
blue jean social on 2/22, for 10 tickets. A climate report was also provided, which discussed school-wide
supports to reduce referrals and suspensions, as well as gave the numbers for the past 3 years.

Ms. Hild gave the report for the Family and Community Engagement committee. They discussed ideas
about working with the PTA to utilize funds to support teachers and classrooms. They discussed a
possible partnership with Johns Hopkins, as we have so many parents who work there. An idea might be
for Hopkins students and the committee to help new students, including ESOL students, and families.
They also talked about possible new partnerships that could be formed, and whether the needs should
be presented, or funds solicited without specific projects. Some needs discussed were debate club,
business/financial education (possible partnership with PNC bank), and Girls on the Run (possible
partnerships with sporting goods stores). Ms. Schaefer asked that younger elementary students be
considered in partnership planning.

Ms. Cole gave the state of the school report. She thanked the new parents, and said that she hoped that
they learned something new, and found new ways to get involved. She gave examples of previous
partnerships that the school has taken advantage of. She gave an update on the air conditioning
installation. The multipurpose room will be available at the end of January. 38 8th graders are
auditioning at the Baltimore School for the Arts this weekend. She gave information about the numbers
of students who made honor roll. The numbers seem to decrease as the grades increase, and she asked
teachers to discuss this in their teams. On Monday, middle school students will begin their new Special
Area (SpAr) classes. We have added a girls’ volleyball team to the middle school. We have a traveling
team, and two intramural teams. She discussed budget planning, and that we need to set a date for a
pre-meeting on budget process and priorities. Mr. Heck gave an update on the school board’s activities
in regards to the budget.

Ms. Huey gave the PTA report. The last general meeting had a wellness theme and was very successful.
She thanked other committees for including the PTA in their activities.

Mrs. Kowalik adjourned the meeting.

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