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					                                 TADCASTER TOWN COUNCIL
                             ENVIRONMENT MEETING 17 JULY 2012

PRESENT:     CHAIRMAN                     Councillor Don Bain Mackay
             COUNCILLORS                  P A Britton; S J Cobb; I D Edmondson; Dr G Lodge;
                                          Miss M Middlemiss; G R Parker; R H Sweeting
             CLERK                        Avis Thomas
             ASST CLERK                   Janet Ibbotson
             ALSO PRESENT (PART)          One member of the public

E19   APOLOGIES – Were received and recorded from Councillor C W Metcalfe
E20   DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – None were put forward for recording
E21   SUSPEND STANDING ORDERS – Standing Orders were suspended so that the member of the
      public present could speak about matters of concern relating to the town
       Long, overgrown grass in areas at Islington – 30 mile hr sign was obscured on the A64
      approach to Tadcaster. The footpath (other side) on Oxton Lane had broken away. It was
      repaired two or three years ago. From bypass to bottom of footpath it is impossible to push a
      pram through.
       Speeding – on York Road, from traffic lights at Wighill Lane junction past residential houses;
      all along past Auster Bank. School buses also reported speeding
       Litter – and bottles etc., particularly behind the bus shelter on Auster Bank although there
      was a litter bin adjacent to the bus shelter. The litter had been there for some two weeks.
       Speeding on Wighill Lane – noted that a speed camera would be placed between
      Hudson Way and Ingleby Drive – cars parked outside cottages between Ingleby Drive and
      Prospect Drive provide own traffic calming measures.
      RESOLVED: (a) To write to both North Yorkshire County Council and to the Police to
      invite representatives from both organisations to attend the next Environment Meeting to
      discuss the problem of speeding traffic in the town.
      (b) To write to those who had contacted the Council re speeding in the town/their locality
      to inform them of who from which organisation will be attending which meeting should
      they also wish to attend.
      ACTION: Clerk to deal
E22   The Chairman thanked the member of the public for bringing the above matters to the attention of
      the meeting and Reimposed Standing Orders
E23   CLERK’S REPORT – Members noted the two outstanding items shown on the agenda:
      E23.1 - Coach and Horses – noted this was still in the ownership of Lawton’s of Tadcaster.
      E23.2 - Planting of trees – the land in question was thought to be owned by a local landowner.
      RESOLVED: To write to landowner to the effect that there had been an offer of trees but
      that there was no suitable Council land on which to plant them and that maybe the
      landowner had some land within the Tadcaster boundary where they could be planted and
      thus enjoyed by residents and visitors
      ACTION: Clerk to deal
      E24.1 - Members commented on the following Planning Application received from Selby
      District Council as follows:
      - 16/12 – 28 Calcaria Road – erection of a first floor extension above existing garage and
      conversion of garage to living accommodation
      RESOLVED: That members had no objection to this application
      ACTION: Clerk to inform Selby District Council accordingly
      E24.2 - Members noted the following Granted Application received from Selby District
                                TADCASTER TOWN COUNCIL
                        ENVIRONMENT MEETING 17 JULY 2012 (Continued)
      - 10/12 – 87 Wighill Lane – single storey conservatory to the side/rear of dwelling
      E24.3 - Members noted the following refused application received from Selby District
      - 09/12 – 2 Marlborough Avenue – First Floor extension to the property over existing Garage.
      This had been refused for the following reasons: The first floor extension by virtue of its siting,
      orientation, design, height and size is considered to create an inappropriate extension which would have a
      detrimental impact on the neighbouring property due to its overbearing and oppressive nature,
      detrimentally affecting the outlook and residential amenity of 4 Marlbrouogh Avenue, Tadcaster. The
      proposed scheme therefore, fails to accord with Policy ENV1 (1) of Selby District Local Plan and the advice
      contained within the NPPF. The proposed extension is considered to have a detrimental impact on the
      character and form of the area. The existing dwelling and unbalances the semi-detached pair by virtue of
      its unsympathetic design. The proposed extension is not subservient to the existing dwelling and is
      considered to be vusually prominent and would create a dominant incongruous feature in the street scene
      by virtue of its siting, orientation, and unsympathetic design. The proposal therefore, fails to accord with
      Policy ENV1 (1) and (4) of the Selby District Local Plan and the advice contained within the NPPF.
      E24.4 - Notice of Temporary Prohibition of Traffic Order for Ouston Lane, Tadcaster and
      Mill Lane, Stutton from 6 August 2012 for 18 months.
      Members noted that there was as yet no fixed date as to when the work will be done but
      adequate notice will be given to all in the locality.
E25   CORRESPONDENCE: Members noted and discussed the following items of correspondence:
      E25.1 Letter received from a resident regarding speeding traffic on Wighill Lane:
      RESOLVED: That after discussion it was agreed to respond as shown at E21 – re
      speeding above.
      ACTION: Clerk to deal
      Members who had attended such Conferences in the past spoke highly of the importance of
      being involved from both a networking and a learning aspect.
      RESOLVED: The Clerk will circulate information about the Conference to all Councillors
      and the item shall be an Agenda item on the next Council Meeting
      ACTION: Clerk to deal
E26   RIVERSIDE MAINTENANCE – The Clerk updated members concerning a recent meeting of the
      River Wharfe Partnership Board which would encourage people to take an interest in the natural
      environment and also to think about and realise the importance of the River Wharfe to Tadcaster,
      both from a brewing and an amenity point of view. This will be done through the annual Duck
      Race in September with stalls
      and information on the river bank. However, there was the problem of Himalayan Balsam which
      needed to be cut back and there had been difficulty finding the right time and the right people to
      undertake this task. Advice had been given by Askham Bryan College to the effect that a cut
      needs to take place before it flowers and thus seeds, although it was also thought that pollinating
      seeds could be reaching the town/river environs from upstream.
      RESOLVED: That monies would be spent to cut it back this year in time for the Duck
      Race, and to actively seek advice and someone specialised in this particular area of
      botany with regard to future cuts and maintenance. In future, to ensure two cuts per year.
      ACTION: Clerk to deal in liaison with River Wharfe Partnership Board.
      (Members noted that the orange fencing on the East side of the river near the supermarket
      was surrounding Japanese Knotweed which was being systematically cleared)

                              TADCASTER TOWN COUNCIL
                      ENVIRONMENT MEETING 17 JULY 2012 (Continued)

E27   ERADICATION OF WEEDS IN TADCASTER – Areas were being identified through the various
      walkabouts undertaken by Councillors and others which would then be dealt with accordingly.
E28   ALLOTMENTS – There were no outstanding issues. Members noted that Mr Darnton had won
      the Best Kept Allotment at the recent Stutton Road Allotment Competition. The Judge had said
      that it was a very tight competition but once again, Mr Darnton’s allotment was best overall.
E29   VIADUCT ALLOTMENT LAND AGREEMENT – Councillors had made a site visit to the Viaduct
      at 7 pm, prior to the meeting. Councillor Sweeting reminded members that the issue was the
      matter of the fencing and not the land. There was much general discussion about this matter and
      the Chairman asked for a show of hands re the siting of the fencing. There were six votes for
      fencing to be sited half way up/down the embankment.
      RESOLVED: As the vote had been in favour of the majority, the Clerk would write to all
      who back onto the viaduct to the effect that fencing has to be sited half way up/down the
      ACTION: Clerk to deal
      E30.1 - Tadcaster West – this had taken place and a record of required action had been made
      and would be taken forward.
      E30.2 - Tadcaster East – this had not yet taken place and those Councillors involved were
      asked to contact the Clerk so that a date and time could be fixed as soon as possible.
      ACTION: Councillors and Clerk to deal
      The following cheques were presented, approved and signed by three Councillors

 1    7518       Information Commissioner’s Office                35.00                        35.00
 2    7519       Enterprise Managed Services Ltd                 905.96    188.39           1,094.35
 3    7520       Mrs A A Thomas                                1,505.50                     1,505.50
 4    7521       Mrs J C Mottershead                             994.91                       994.91
 5    7522       Mrs J A Ibbotson                                575.73                       575.73
 6    7523       P O L (PAYE/NI DUE)                             937.49                       937.49
 7    7524       Scarborough Borough Council                      80.00                        80.00
 8    7525       Petty Cash                                       59.62                        59.62

                                      TOTAL                   5,094.21 188.39              5,282.60

      E32.1 - NEWSLETTER:
      E32.1.1 - Items already put forward for the September edition:
      War Memorial
      E32.1.2 - New Items:
      Adult Learning Classes at Tadcaster Grammar School
      Update about the Library
      New Walkers are Welcome Website
      RESOLVED: That all under items a and b above will be shown in the September edition.
      ACTION: Clerk to deal.
      E32.2 - WEBSITE:
      Information about the Adult Learning Classes to be forwarded to Councillor Parker
      for inclusion in the Tadcaster Town Council website/link
                                    TADCASTER TOWN COUNCIL
                        ENVIRONMENT MEETING 17 JULY 2012 (Continued)
      ACTION: Clerk/Councillor Parker to deal
      E32.3 - MEDIA: - No items put forward
E33   MINOR Matters: The Clerk asked Councillors to note the following:
      E33.1 - Death of Terry Clark who had been a former Clerk to the Council. No information
      as yet as to when the funeral will be. The Clerk had sent a card.
      E33.2 - Fundraising – tickets available to support Martin House Hospice and also a 10K twilight
      Walk would take place to raise funds for Marie Curie Nurses.
      E33.3 - Signage at the entrance to the Riverside Walk at the Viaduct needed attention
      E33.4 - Snicket from Oxton Lane to Crab Garth (past Quaker Burial Ground) in poor state –
      needs clean and repair. Reported to District Councillors and Selby District Council. Community
      Officer to inspect.
      E33.5 - North Yorkshire Area Committee takes place on Monday. On the Agenda was the
      waiting/parking restrictions on Station Road etc.,
      None were put forward – however, there may be action or updates to be given as a result of the
      above Minutes.


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