Citations and Captions for Images (MLA Format) by IO87wH


									                       Citations and Captions for Images (MLA Format)
    1.   Cite your images using NoodleTools. Generate a Works Cited list from NoodleTools.

From the NoodleTools menu,                                                       Works Cited
select the following formats:

Library Database
                                       "Chinese Terra-cotta Warriors." Gale World History in Context. Gale, 2010.
Select Photo or Image (Born
Digital) and then Database tab                  Web. 4 Dec. 2012.

                                       Lindesay, William. A Dismounted Cavalryman and His Horse. The Terracotta
Image Reproduced in a Printed
Select Book. Identify section of                Army of the First Emperor of China. Sheung Wan, Hong Kong:
book that includes image.
                                                Odyssey, 2008. 14-15. Print. Genius of China.

Image From a Website
                                       Qin Shi Huang Di. N.d. The Tiger Emperor. Web. 4 Dec. 2012.
Select Photo or Image (Born
Digital) and then Website tab                   <>.

    2.   To cite your images, place a caption directly below the illustrations. Captions are the first words in the citations
         included in your Works Cited.

         Note: If an image stands alone, you are citing the image. If the image is from a book, you are citing the section in the book.

          Library Database                                      Book                                             Free Web

                                                          Lindesay, William.
                                                                                                              Qin Shi Huang Di.
    “Chinese Terra-cotta Warriors.”

Note: This is the title of the image        Note: This is the author of the book that         Note: This is a description of the image as
provided in the database as no author       includes the image. These are the first words     no author or title was provided. These are
was provided. These are the first words     in the citation.                                  the first words in the citation.
in the citation.
                                       In-Text Citations and Works Cited
In most cases when you are providing in-text citations for books and databases, you will include the author’s last name
and a page number if available. For other cases, ask Mrs. Dolan or Mrs. Grossman.

An example of a page from a book:

                         Direct Quotation                                                    Paraphrase or Summary

“Qin Shi Huangdi’s opulent lifestyle wasn’t just confined to his time   Qin Shi Huang Di planned a very rich afterlife to match his
as emperor. It even extended into the afterlife” (Dutemple 44).         extravagant lifestyle (Dutemple, 44).

                                                               My Own Ideas

Qin Shi Huang Di really thought that he could take his riches with him into the afterlife.

Mrs. Grossman and Mrs. Dolan, 12/5/12.

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