Whiteboard and Grade Check by IO87wH


									Ms. Davis’ Whiteboard - Grade Check - Return 5/17/11
Print Name: __________________________________ Block: ____________________

Circle Class: Office 1, Office 2, Flash, Flash Gaming, Flash Game Graphics, Dreamweaver, HTML, A+Cert,
Alice 2.0, Visual Basic, Java Programming

Logon to Infinite Campus and check your grade in this class: Grade ___________;
Did you expect this grade so far: ________________
Why or why not: _______________________________________________________

Do you have any missing assignments (or 0’s)? _______ If yes, list the assignments and when you are
planning on doing them. If you did not save a document to your H: drive (My Documents) with the correct
name, in the correct folder, you may have a 0. Resave the document and put the date in that you resaved it. If
you think that you did the missing assignment and it is saved correctly please let me know. I may have missed
it. The computer lab is open during Access and from 3:00 to 3:45 pm 12/8 and 12/9.
Missing Assignment: Campus Name and ASSIGNMENT                       When will complete (Access, after
NAME: For example: Excel Lab 1: Lab 1-1 Konas Expresso               school, take home a book, by what
Coffee Annual Cost of Goods                                          date)

                               USE THE BACK IF THERE ARE MORE
As you complete the missing assignments, please email me to let me know they are
done so they will be graded.

              Yes, I was able to login to Infinite Campus and check my child’s grades.

              My child brought home a printed grade sheet for me to look at.

Parent/ Guardian Signature _________________________________________________

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