10bn mobiles and tablets offered a new identity by IO87wH


									10 billion mobiles and tablets offered a new identity
‘One You. One Phone. One Case’: CaseMyWay.com launches in beta

According to recent research, by the end of 2012, the number of mobile devices will exceed
the Earth’s entire population.* By 2016, a staggering 10 billion mobile devices will be spread
across the globe, immensely surpassing its estimated 7.3 billion people.* But despite the
increasing number of phones, there seem to be very limited solutions available in the
marketplace for an individual to personalize their smartphone or tablets; Billions of phones,
yet they all look identical... until now! CaseMyWay (http://www.casemyway.com) is
providing a new online eCommerce platform offering over 7 billion custom design
permutations – more then the global population through their proprietary MT3
technology. No two phones need ever look the same again.

How? Completely customisable cases.: CaseMyWay provides an online platform for mobile
phone and tablet users to achieve complete customisation of their protective cases by
creating or uploading their own, fully wrap-around images, from holiday snaps to original
artwork, sporting moments to profile pics. Even Instagram, Flickr or Facebook images can be
added. Thanks to this new service, consumers need never again be bored by the uninspiring
“me too” case designs that cover the walls of mobile phone stores.

The beta version of CaseMyWay has just been launched and is already getting a lot of
attention in the US and European markets. CaseMyWay beta caters for several market-
leading devices – including the iPhone 4/4S, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Note, iPad
2 and the new iPad, and the world’s first customisable case for the Samsung Galaxy S3,
which has already reached sales of 10 million in its first two months worldwide**.

The full version of CaseMyWay is in final testing now and, when it launches in September,
will offer many more features and products, including MacBook cases. Also coming is a
royalty system to enable artists and designers to upload designs and receive royalties from
sales of cases that carry their work. Partnership with leading global artists and designers will
provide a range of pre-designed cases to complement the customisable options.

This major development in protective case design and printing comes about with
CaseMyWay’s proprietary 3D customizing software. On the CaseMyWay.com, users can
upload images and play around with different designs in real time and in 3D, to see how
their case will look. The design wraps the entire case, including the sides, thanks to the use
of an advanced printing process: MT3. Giving a high-resolution finish with true 3D coverage,
MT3embeds ink directly into the case itself. It is not a surface sticker and will not peel off or
scrapeaway with daily use.

The cases are slim, scratch resistant and provide tough protection. And, after full launch,
CaseMyWay will be the first company to offer fully customisable cases in different materials
such as leather, neoprene (soft) and even wood.

Manuj Bharti, founder and CEO of CaseMyWay Inc., comments:
“CaseMyWay is the world’s first company to create genuinely unique customisable cases for
a whole range of smartphones and tablets, from brands including Apple, Blackberry, HTC and
Samsung. Whatever look is wanted, we’re on the case – literally! Thanks to CaseMyWay,
each device becomes a visual stand-alone statement for its owner. No phone need ever again
look like the phone next door.”

He adds: “We’re starting with the most popular brands but eventually we want to offer
personalised cases in different materialsfor every handheld device in popular use.”


Notes for editors
CaseMyWay( http://www.casemyway.com ), a manufacturer of high quality customised
smartphone cases for Apple, Samsung, BlackBerry and other smartphones and tablet devices,
was founded in 2011. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the company has production facilities in
Asia anda regional presence in North America, Asia and the UK.

* Cisco’s “Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update”

For further information, please contact:
Manuj Bharti, founder and CEO, CaseMyWay
Tel: +44 703 590 3940
Email: manujb@casemyway.com

Federico Pizzutto, Manager,Art and Marketing
Email: federicop@casemyway.com
Company website: www.casemyway.com
Twitter: @casemyway
Facebook: www.facebook.com/casemyway

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