The Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Education Materials by fjzhangweiyun


									       Help your constituents protect their personal information online with
                publications from the FTC on these and other topics:

•    Information Security for High-Speed/Broadband Users
•    Information Security for Dialup Users [also in Spanish]
•    Internet Auctions (for Buyers and Sellers) [also in Spanish]
•    Spyware              All information is in the public domain, and we
•    Phishing             invite congressional offices to copy as needed.
                               Some also are available for bulk order:
•    Zombie Drones                     click here for details.
•    File-Sharing                      For more information,
•    Spam                         contact Derick Rill,

•    ID Theft (generally) [also in Spanish]
•    ID Theft (for victims) [also in Spanish]
    Click here for Congressional Project Ideas for Promoting Safe Computing Practices

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