Acacia Training and Development Ltd

                                      Job Description

Job Title:           Office Supervisor

Reporting to:        Taunton Centre Manager

Responsible for:     All Administrative Assistants and Admin Apprentices

Job Purpose:         The main requirement of this post will be to supervise a team of Administration
                     Assistants to ensure the day-to-day efficient running of the Administration
                     office/Reception. The Office Supervisor will establish, maintain, review and
                     develop the administrative systems to support the Centre.

Principal Responsibilities

   1. Manage the Admin team’s work distribution to reflect the day-to-day requirements of
      maintaining an effective and efficient administration provision to the Centre.

   2. Oversee the production of management reports on progress. Producing monthly Admin reports
      for the Centre Manager and Business Team.

   3. Undertake timely quality assurance audits as defined by the Acacia Training and Development
      Ltd Admin Manual and ensure that all Admin staff adhere to procedures laid down in the Quality
      Assurance Manual, and Requirements of Funding guidance documents.

   4. Renew and develop the admin systems as an active member of the admin working group.

   5. Ensure that the Admin team’s work distribution reflects the day to day requirements of
      maintaining an effective and efficient administration provision across the Centre.

   6. In liaison with the Centre Manager provide point of contact and support for the Taunton office
      premises and its contracts.

   7. Maintain personnel files, PDP’s, electronic staff training plan and Centre equipment inventory.

   8. Perform any other duties deemed reasonable, as required by your Line Manager.


   1. Undertake line management responsibility for the Admin Assistants and Resources Assistant /
      Admin Apprentices

   2. Hold regular team meetings to ensure effective communication.

   3. Hold regular staff reviews in accordance with the HR and Quality Assurance manual, encouraging
      each member of staff to develop their own knowledge and skills.

   4. Be responsible for the recruitment, induction and on going development and training of the admin

   5. Manage the holiday bookings for the admin team to ensure sufficient admin cover is maintained.

                                                                                        Dec 12
Health and Safety
The post holder must be familiar with and comply with, and promote, Health & Safety and other related
legislation for safety of self, other employees and service users (including learners).

Equal Opportunities
To promote and act, at all times, in accordance with the Company Equal Opportunities policy.

Attitudes and Behaviours
To promote an environment of courtesy and respect.

Your attention is drawn to the confidential nature of this post. Disclosures of confidential information or
disclosures of any data of a personal nature can result in prosecution for an offence under the Data
Protection Act 1984 or an action for civil damages under the same Act.

Staff must have a working knowledge of “Every Child Matters” as well as the organisation’s (ATD) own
policy and procedures relating to safeguarding children and young people.

                                                                                            Dec 12

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