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									USC Ghetto Warz III Packet by Claremont B et al.: David Boone, Karyn Gibson, Charlotte Goodwin, Andrew Hunter, Nikhil Sonde, and Kristiana Willsey TOSS-UPS: 01. Scenes from this film include a fashion show (featuring the latest in lounge wear, wedding gowns, and tennis outfits), a trip down Broadway where a geeky fellow is refused by agent after agent, and a brainstorming session that lasts all night. With the tagline, “What a glorious feeling!,” FTP what 1952 movie musical featuring actors Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds and Jean Hagen, stars Gene Kelly as an actor struggling to transition from silent films to talkies. Answer: Singin’ in the Rain [accept “Singing in the Rain” with a sigh and a grimace] 02. This poetic work has been used as a source for such oeuvres as Eaters of the Dead, The 13th Warrior, and an episode of Star Trek: Voyager. It represents about 10% of the extant text in its original language and has no official title (it picked up its current moniker in the 19th century). FTP, identify this epic poem about Ecgtheow, which in a recent translation by Seamus Heaney begins, “The Spear-Danes in days gone by and the kings who ruled them had courage and greatness.” Answer: Beowulf 03. Its title can refer not only to this novel, but also to a 1943 movie, a Metallica hit, and a song from the Donnie Darko soundtrack. The protagonist of the novel further shares his name with the author of a popular series of fantasy novels, “The Wheel of Time.” That protagonist, Robert Jordan, is sent to destroy a bridge, and then dies protecting his comrades. FTP, identify this work that borrows its title from a line in John Donne’s “Meditation XVII,” a novel by Ernest Hemingway that depicts the horrors of the Spanish Civil War. Answer: For Whom the Bell Tolls 04. She was married to Prasutagus, and with him she ruled over the tribe Iceni. Always under the watchful eyes of Roman authority, she was spurred to rebellion when Roman soldiers raped her daughters before her own eyes. She then led a horde of thousands of warriors that routed the Ninth Legion and burned Roman strongholds at Colchester and St. Albans to the ground. FTP, identify this British heroine who came close to pushing Roman influence out of Britain, but was defeated on an unknown battlefield, where she committed suicide. Answer: Queen Boudicca [also accept Boudica, Boadicea, Buduica, or Bonduca] 05. Known locally as Mosi-oa-Tunya and now part of two nations’ national parks, they are unusually broad at about 1.7 kilometers, while also being quite tall (about 105 meters at their highest point). Fortunately, they are located in a narrow, slot-like chasm which makes them easy to view, and they were famously “discovered” by Scottish explorer David Livingston in 1855, while he was traveling on the Zambezi River. FTP, identify this geological formation of falling water, named after the then-reigning English monarch. Answer: Victoria Falls 06. Hermes, Coyote, Nanabozho, Maui, Bugs Bunny, Till Eulenspiegel, Kokopelli, Sun Wukong, Puck, Bamapana, Anansi and Loki are, FTP, all examples of what kind of mythical figure, whose behavior is characterized by breaking taboos, upsetting order, redistributing power and making dirty jokes? Answer: Trickster 07. Written by its author at the relatively young age of 29, this pastoral elegy on the subject of a former schoolmate’s death made an appearance in an early part of James Joyce’s Ulysses. While ostensibly commemorating the death of the schoolmate, it served more as a way to explore the subject of mortality.

FTP, identify this John Milton poem written for the death of Edward King, beginning with the lines: “Yet once more, O ye laurels, and once more/Ye Myrtles brown, with icy never sere/I come to pluck your berries harsh and crude…” Answer: “Lycidas” 08. For auxetic materials, this number is negative. For most steels, its value is around 0.3. For cork it is close to 0. For a perfectly incompressible material, its value would be exactly 0.5. It can be calculated by subtracting 1 from the ratio of Young’s modulus and twice the shear modulus. FTP what is this quantity, the ratio of lateral strain to longitudinal strain. Answer: Poisson's Ratio 09. Born in Maine in 1828, this man became a prestigious professor at Bowdoin College at an early age. When the Civil War began, he joined the Union army. Then, despite his complete lack of knowledge about military matters, he was made lieutenant colonel with the 20 th Maine Regiment under Colonel Albert Ames. More recently, he was featured prominently as a character in Michael Shaara’s novel, The Killer Angels. FTP, identify this Civil War hero who possibly saved the Union army at Gettysburg by ordering a surprise charge on Little Round Top. Answer: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain 10. Behind such award winning productions as “Fade to Black,” “The Masseuse,” and “The New Devil in Miss Jones,” this is one of the most well known companies in its field. While many competitors have recently tended towards more explicit productions made quickly with a low budget, they have become known for expensive, aggressively marketed, and less extreme movies. FTP, name this adult film studio which employs such stars as Briana Banks, Tera Patrick, and Jenna Jameson. Answer: Vivid Entertainment or Vivid Video 11. It starts off with an a phone interview between a fan and a reporter who clearly does not approve of the artist's new creation. This song references Crenshaw Boulevard, “MLK,” and the radio stations 92.3 and 106, all features of the titular city. According to the chorus, “You’ve got to be there to know it.” FTP identify this song from Tupac's album “The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory “that features Val Young and is also the name of a 1985 film starring William Petersen and William Dafoe. Answer: To Live and Die in L.A. 12. Written in 1741, this musical piece is perhaps its writer’s most famous work. An oratorio made up of 53 parts, it was originally intended for performance during Easter, though it has since become traditional to perform the work during Advent. Its aria, “I know that my redeemer liveth,” is often sung at funerals. An apocryphal story says that the work’s famous chorus of “Hallelujah” inspired King George II to stand during its performance. FTP, identify this tribute to Christ written by the German composer George Frederic Handel, whose Hebrew title means “anointed one.” Answer: Messiah. 13. The daughter of a researching zoologist, she spent a roving childhood in and out of schools before attending Victoria College in Toronto. Under the tutelage of such prominent writers as Jay Macpherson and Northrop Frye, she graduated with honours in English and was awarded an E.J. Pratt medal for her first book of poetry, Double Persephone. Not to be limited to verse, she has since published in nearly every genre, but is best known for her novels, including The Edible Woman, Onyx and Crake, and Cat’s Eye. FTP, identify this Canadian author of The Handmaid’s Tale. Answer: Margaret Eleanor Atwood 14. First proposed in 1742 in a letter to Leonhard Euler, it was “rediscovered” in 1982 by Doug Lenat's Automated Mathematician. Though its weak form is closer to being proved than its strong form, none of its

forms have been proven successfully. To this day, it remains one of the great unsolved problems of number theory. FTP, identify this conjecture that states that every integer greater than 2 can be written as the sum of two primes. Answer: Goldbach's Conjecture 15. She graduated from the University of Leipzig with a doctorate in physics and moved on to work in the field of quantum chemistry. However, she soon became involved in politics, eventually becoming the leader of the Christian Democratic Union in Germany. She is known for her pro-free market stance and her controversial support for the American invasion of Iraq. FTP, identify this current German Chancellor, who recently beat Gerhard Schroder in an extremely close election. Answer: Angela Dorothea Merkel 16. Despite having a successful writing career in English, he disapproved of the use of English in African literature. Writing primarily in his native Gikuyu, he has written many books, including: Weep Not, Child; A Grain of Wheat; and Petals of Blood. Upon his return to his native Kenya in 2004, his apartment was robbed and his wife raped. FTP, identify this author who, while imprisoned in 1977, wrote on toilet paper what is possibly his most famous work, Devil on the Cross. Answer: Ngugi wa Thiong'o [pronounced: Nah-GOO-gey) 17. To the left is an orange and blue bouquet, wrapped in white paper; to the right, a brown cake. They are festively displayed, along with pears and apples, on the edge of a red table. Intentionally simplistic in appearance – with unnaturally bright colors and little sense of perspective – FTP, identify this 1888 painting, misleadingly signed “Madeleine B.,” by Paul Gauguin. Answer: Still Life, Fête Gloanec or Nature Morte, Fête Gloanec 18. Einstein came up with his theory of special relativity after realizing that unless the speed of light was invariant, these were violated. Kaluza and Klein showed that general relativity – extended to five dimensions – could derive them. Using them, their creator hypothesized that light was composed of waves of oscillating electric and magnetic fields. FTP, identify these equations, originally 20 in 20 variables, but today simply expressed as 4 equations using vector calculus notation. Answer: Maxwell's Equations 19. Described by Marcos Hanna as the “advance agent of prosperity,” this man ran for president in 1896 against William Jennings Bryan. During the campaign, he rarely left his front porch, and usually conducted the campaign from his rocking chair. He ran on a platform consisting largely of domestic issues, such as silver, inflation, and the dangers of Populist demagoguery. However, his presidency was defined mostly by important foreign affairs. FTP, identify the man who led the United States into the Spanish American War, the nation’s 25th president. Answer: William McKinley 20. Featuring such songs as "Something to Sing About", "Walk Through the Fire", "Rest in Peace", "I've got a Theory", and "I'll never Tell," this musical revolves around a summoned demon's power to force everyone in the town of Sunnydale to sing and dance – and spontaneously combust! FTP, identify this musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer sharing its title with a cliched musical theater director's note – also the name of a card from the Magic expansion Unglued. Answer: Once More with Feeling [Prompt on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”/“Buffy”] 21. A simpler version of this suffices for most cases, unless we deal with small volumes or high pressures. Also, simpler versions do not allow for the prediction of critical temperatures. Two corrections separate it from the ideal gas law, one accounting for nonzero particle size, the other for intermolecular forces. FTP, identify this equation of state for gases derived by a Dutch chemist in 1873.

Answer: Van der Waals’s equation 22. Plutarch wrote of the advice that one warrior gave his wife before the battle: "Marry a good man, and have good children." It should not be surprising that the warrior was expecting to die, considering his side was outnumbered 40 to 1. However, thanks to superior training and the excellent choice of a narrow mountain pass to make a stand in, the defenders were able to hold off the attacking horde for several days, until betrayal allowed the attacking Persians to flank and destroy them. FTP, name this battle where Xerxes I barely defeated a tiny Greek force in one of the most famous last stands in history. Answer: Battle of Thermopylae BONUS QUESTIONS 01. Answer these questions about absolutely horrible movie adaptations of games FTPE. (10) While based upon one of the most famous games ever, this recent action flick starring The Rock bombed, grossing only 15.3 million the first weekend. Criticisms included barely seeing the iconic weaponry (such as the shotgun and chainsaw) and not using the actual enemies from the game. Answer: Doom (10) This movie, released in 2000 at the same time as a revised version of the game, was indeed quite bad, failing to use any of the stock characters (like Drizzt Do'urden) or usual settings (such as the Forgotton Realms or Planescape) that fans expected. A sequel went straight to the Sci-Fi channel in 2005. Answer: Dungeons and Dragons (10) This movie is possibly the worst video game movie ever. It tries to bring in as many characters as possible, most of whom disappear minutes after being introduced, never to be seen again. Not only that, but several fight scenes reuse footage from earlier shots. In the last scene, the elder gods tell Liu Kang that he will be allowed to decide the fate of the world in the title activity. Hint: it's a sequel to a halfway decent movie. Answer: Mortal Kombat Annihilation 02. What would a Quiz Bowl packet be without some Greek mythology? Answer the following FTPE. (5) Name this famous work that starts "Sing, O goddess, the anger of Achilles son of Peleus." Answer: The Iliad (10) Name this guy who may or may not have been Achilles's lover, but definitely brought Achilles back into the battle by dying at Hector's hands. Answer: Patroclus (15) *evil grin*. There are 24 books of the Iliad. FTP, give the book that Patroclus died in to within 3 books. Answer: 16 (accept 13-19) 03. Identify the following poems, given their opening lines for 10, and their British authors for 5: (10) “Had we but world enough, and time,/This coyness, lady, were no crime” (5) Andrew Marvell Answer: “To His Coy Mistress”

(10) “Mark but his flea, and mark in this,/How little that which thou deniest me is;” (5) John Donne \ Answer: “The Flea” (10) “Thou art not, Penshurst, built to envious show,/ Of touch or marble; nor canst boast a row” (5) Ben Jonson Answer: “To Penshurst” 04. Identify these famous musicals from lines FTPE, five if you need the song and lyricist. (10) "I got the horse right here, his name is Paul Revere, and here's a guy who says if the weather's clear..." (5) “Fugue for Tinhorns,” Frank Loesser Answer: Guys and Dolls (10) "Did I abuse her/or show her disdain?/Why does she run from me?/If I should lose her, How shall I regain/The heart she has won from me?" (5) "Agony," Stephen Sondheim Answer: Into the Woods (10) "The girls today in society/go for classical poetry/so to win their hearts one must quote with ease/Aeschylus and Euripides." (5) "Brush up your Shakespeare,” Cole Porter Answer: Kiss Me Kate 05. 30-20-10, identify the heavy metal band. (30) They are well known for their outlandish live shows--In 1999, the vocalist and keyboardist were arrested after engaging in "lewd and lascivious behavior" as part of a stage act during a show in Worcester ("Wus-ter"), Massachusetts. (20) Their motto is "Do your own thing. And overdo it!" Thus, it's no surprise that they are known for excessive pyromania (fans say "Other bands play, [this band] burns") and are named after an air force base which was the site of an air show disaster in 1988. (10) They are best known for their hit single "Du Hast". You very well might have heard their more recent single "Amerika" as well. Answer: Rammstein 06. Answer the following questions about Dick Cheney’s recent hunting accident, FTPE. (10) Name the 78 year old man Cheney mistook for a covey of quail. Answer: Harry Whittington (10) Name the local ranch owner who informed the Corpus Christi Caller-Times of the incident. Answer: Katharine Armstrong (10) All or nothing, name both the only other vice president of the United States to shoot a man, and his unfortunate victim. Answer: Aaron Burr, Jr. and Alexander Hamilton

07. Identify these cool theorems FTPE. (10) This theorem formally-stated says that any social welfare function satisfying Pareto efficiency and independence of irrelevant alternatives is dictatorial if there are more than 2 alternatives to choose from, or in simpler terms, no voting system is fair. Answer: Arrow's Impossibility Theorem or Arrow's Paradox (10) "I have a truly marvellous proof of this which the margin is too narrow to contain." No, the answer isn't Fermat's Last Theorem, but it is, FTP, this, which Andrew Wiles proved in 1993, and which Frey and Ribet showed in 1986 to imply Fermat's Last Theorem. Answer: Taniyama-Shimura Conjecture [Accept any combination of the names Taniyama, Shimura, and/or Weil.] (10) This simple theorem in graph theory was not proven until 124 years after its first proposal. It was the first major theorem proven by computer, and many mathematicians refused to accept the proof, as its length makes human verification difficult. If you change the condition from four to five, a proof becomes much easier to obtain. Answer: Four color Theorem 08. Identify the rapper from what he claims as "street cred" 5-10-15. (5) He may be a white boy, but growing up around urban Detroit before being famous counts as growing up in the ghetto, right? Hopefully 5 platinum records and a movie make for a better life. Answer: Marshall Bruce Mathers II or Marshall Mathers or Eminem (10) He claims in his music to have been "hit with a few shells but… [not] walk with a limp." Quite true; in his life as a drug dealer in NYC, he was shot 9 times and stabbed once, not to mention his mother being murdered in a drug deal. Answer: Curtis James Jackson III or 50 Cent (berate people for saying "fifty" instead "fiddy") (15) He grew up in the ghetto of NYC as well, going, in his words, from "ashy to nasty to classy." His early life as a crack dealer is documented in his music, in such songs as "Ten Crack Commandments." While only releasing one album, “Ready to Die,” before his untimely death in 1997, he is considered one of the best rappers ever. Answer: Christopher Wallace or Biggie Smalls or The Notorious B.I.G. [do not accept “Big”] 09. Who doesn’t love a good Victorian novel? Lost love! Melodrama! The endless scenery! FTPE name the works from principal locations; FP if the author is needed. (10) The story is divided between the beautiful country village of Helstone, from which the Hale family moves when Mr. Hale has a crisis of faith, and the booming factory town Milton where Margaret Hale finds love with mill owner Mr. Thornton. (5) Elizabeth Gaskell Answer: North and South (10) Fleeing an unhappy past, Lucy Snowe finds a new life and independence as a school teacher in the titular thriving French city – and yet still faces the difficult decision as to which man she loves best, the autocratic schoolmaster or the charming doctor. (5) Charlotte Brontë Answer: Villette

(10) From a resort hotel in Switzerland to the Roman ruins, the titular innocent American girl with the reputation of being a flirt navigates European high society – with tragic results. (5) Henry James Answer: Daisy Miller 10. FTSNOP name the theorem used in electrical engineering. (5) This theorem replaces a network with a voltage source and a single resistor Answer: Thevenin's Theorem (10) This theorem replaces a network with a current source and a single resistor Answer: Norton's Theorem (15) This theorem is used to calculate voltage at the ends of a circuit made up of only parallel branches. Answer: Millman's Theorem 11. Answer the following about some intense artists FTPE. (10) The paintings of this French post-impressionist artistic group, whose name is taken from the Hebrew word for “prophet,” are characterized by the use of flat surfaces and pure color. Its members emphasized the close relationship between art and life, much like the English Arts and Crafts movement. Answer: The Nabis (10) Name the artist who founded the Nabis after painting The Talisman, an 1888 work for which he claimed he had received step-by-step instruction from Paul Gauguin, the movement’s source of inspiration. Answer: Paul Sérusier (10) The only sculptor associated with the group, this man is known for such works as Monument to Cézanne, Desire, and The Mediterranean. Answer: Aristide Maillol [my-YOLE] 12. Name the country in which the stated hydroelectric power plant is located FTPE. (10) Itaipú Answer: Brazil and/or Paraguay [Accept one or both] (10) Churchill Falls Answer: Canada (10) Grand Coulee Answer: United States 14. Ready...Fight! Answer questions about dueling pols FTPE. (10) While it's probably been a very long time since anyone actually fought a duel here, this distance still separates the opposition from the government and its supporters on either side of the British House of Commons.

Answer: The “length of two swords,” or equivalents. (10) Charles Sumner, elected to the Senate from Massachusetts in 1851, was a passionate abolitionist. So passionate, in fact, that after a particularly fervent speech attacking the Kansas-Nebraska act (and mocking prominent Southerners), this man beat him over the head with a cane. Name him. Answer: Preston Smith Brooks (10) This man, later president, managed to avoid actually fighting James Shield, who challenged him to a duel in 1842. As the challenged, he was able to choose the rules of the fight, and choose large broadswords to emphasize the advantage his great height gave him. This convinced Shields to back down. Answer: Abraham Lincoln 16. Identify these algorithms from computer science FTPE. (10) This algorithm allows a quantum computer (existing obviously only in theory) to search an unsorted database in O(n^1/2) [Big “O” of the square root of n] time, rather than the O(n), the best possible classical speed. Answer: Grover's algorithm (10) This well known sorting algorithm does not match the fastest possible worst case time, but does have average case speed of O(n log n) (big “O” of n log n), and is commonly used due to its great speed in most situations. Ironically, its worst case behavior often comes on input such as a perfectly sorted list. Answer: Quicksort (10) This sorting algorithm, on the other hand, is very slow (about O(n^2.71) [Big “O” of n to the 2.71]), but is often used in programming competitions, as implementations can be coded very quickly. Its name comes from the fact that it divides its input into three overlapping portions, evoking the famous trio. Answer: Stooge sort 17. Answer the following about the organization which arranged the murder of Archduke Ferdinand, and thereby sparked World War I, 5-10-15. (5) Identify the Serbian nationalist group, which was responsible for his death. Answer: The Black Hand (or Crna ruka) (10) Identify their three-word slogan, or mission statement, if you will. Answer: “Unification or Death” (or “Ujedinjenje ili Smrt”) (15) Identify their apparently charismatic leader. Answer: Dragutin Dimitrijević or Apis 18. Crossover question,E.M. Forster novels and adventure movies! FTPE, give the title (for example a slasher flick to Marlowe play question could be Texas Chainsaw Massacre in Paris). (10) Lucy Honeychurch finds herself in Italy, where she meets 007 and becomes embroiled in an international plot to keep top-secret silicon chips out of the hands of the mad industrialist Zorin. Answer: A Room with a View to a Kill

(10) Two extremely different half brothers, Rickie, an intellectual cripple and the strong and earthy Stephen decipher a previous scientist's work and enter an Icelandic volcano where they begin a scientifically impossible expedition. Answer: The Longest Journey to the Center of the Earth (10) Margaret and Helen Schlegel love music and culture. Their love affairs with Paul and Henry Wilcox are complicated by that family’s preference for order, obedience and civility, and then complicated further when the men journey into the jungles of Ecuador to teach that heathen Waodani tribe about compassion and are brutally killed. Answer: Howards End of the Spear 19. Identify these historians FTPE. (10) He was the author of The History of the Peloponnesian War, an account of the 5th century BCE conflict between Sparta and Athens. Answer: Thucydides (10) A legendary figure in China, he was the self-proclaimed official historian to the Yellow Emperor and inventor of the Chinese characters. Answer: Cāngjié or Cāng Jié or Chongkit (10) A historian in the 5th century BCE, this man from Halicarnassus wrote a history of Greco-Persian wars, and is often called “the Father of History.” Answer: Herodotus 20. Given a French literary fairy tale, identify the author FTPE. (10) “Beauty and the Beast” Answer: Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve (10) “The White Cat” Answer: Marie-Catherine le Jumelle de Barneville, Baronne d'Aulnoy (10) Cinderella Answer: Charles Perrault 21. FTSNOP name the kind of organic reaction. For example, for the reduction of an alkyl halide to an alkane, using LiAlH4 (pronounced L I A L H 4), the answer would be nucleophilic substitution. (5) Hydrogenation Answer: Electrophilic addition (10) Friedel-Crafts reaction Answer: Electrophilic aromatic substitution (15) Reformatskii Reaction Answer: Nucleophilic addition

22. Answer the following about the Spanish Civil War FTPE. (10) This future dictator led the Fascist rebellion against the government of the Popular Front. Answer: Francisco Franco (10) Identify either of the two Spanish regions that anarchists largely controlled during the war. Answer: Aragon and Catalonia (10) Name the foreign author who ended up fighting for the anarchists, and in the process wrote his famous depiction of the war, Homage to Catalonia. Answer: George Orwell or Eric Arthur Blair

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