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									The Scarlet Letter Essay Assignment                             Due: Friday, May 4

You may choose one of the following topics and write a rhetorical/stylistic analysis about the
passage selected.

1—You are to copy/paste or word process the passage for the analysis you are about to
perform from the chapter in bold at the top of your paper under your creative title. This will be
several paragraphs long, so copying/pasting would be faster.

2—You are to write a rough draft analysis and place on google docs. Two AP Language
students are to read and revise your paper with notes. Each student is to be identified.
Revision techniques used this year in class should be used when revising peers’ papers. Print
these revisions and turn in with your paper.

3—Write an analysis with evidence, meaning, and commentary and that all three are fully
elaborated and explained. D#1 should be printed, the peer revisions should be printed, and
then the D#2 should be printed as well. This will be your finest, most in-depth analysis essay
this year.

4—Be sure book title is italicized and chapter titles are in quotations marks. Be sure to follow
MLA guidelines when typing this paper. All the evidence you integrate into your words will come
from the passage you have typed at the top of your paper.

Select one:
      The section in chapter 8 when Dimmesdale makes his impassioned argument to allow
       Hester to keep her child when the government/church is trying to take Pearl away.

      In chapter 9,Dimmesdale's apartment is hung with tapestries depicting the Biblical story
       of David and Bathsheba and Nathan the Prophet. King David commits adultery with
       Bathsheba; in order to obtain her for himself, David orders that Bathsheba’s
       husband,Uriah, be sent to certain death in battle. Nathan condemns the king's action
       harshly (2 Sam. 11-12). Include the irony that these scenes decorate Dimmesdale's
       rooms as well as the effect the constant sight of them likely has on the minister's

      In chapter 10, “The Leech and His Patient”, Dimmesdale and Chillingworth have a
       debate (of sorts) about whether men should die with their sins/secrets hidden or reveal
    them to the world-- revealing the characters' natures. It can lead to a discussion of who
    has the right to judge, which is one of Hawthorne's arguments in the novel.

   Chapter 20: One or two of Dimmesdale's "temptations" will suffice.

   Chapter 21: See the great humor in this chapter, which is usually missed when reading
    the first time. There's even mention of a dancing ape! The narrative device where
    Hawthorne switches from expository to narrative mode by suddenly focusing in on
    Chillingworth talking to the caption of the Spanish Main has sinister implications.

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