Performance Analysis Report Basics

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					                   Performance Analysis Report Basics
                                    What does it all mean?
                             What can we learn from your past year?

The Performance Analysis, or 12-month Analysis Report, is another tool used to help team
members evaluate where their businesses are right now by considering trends in sales
performance, distributor acquisition, and promotions over the past year.

Start with Congratulations
As with PVC Report coaching, always begin with identifying what is working well in the team
member’s business, and offer congratulations. Areas of strength might include:
        1. Paycheck increases
        2. Payline amount increases
        3. Number of new frontline distributors acquired
        4. Number of distributors fast-tracked or promoted
        5. Increases in number of PB and POB legs
        6. Volume increases in PB4 and PB5

Teach the Numbers
A primary goal of coaching is to help team members understand how to use the Performance
Analysis Report with the PVC Report to identify priorities in designing next step activities.

P/R Chk         Actual amount of paycheck

Earnings        Commissions + 5% & 4% Bonus

PB Volume       Volume qualifying for 5% bonus

Pers/DDC        My customers and frontline dealers (orders which earn full 22%)

PB1 - PB5       Volume by generation (only paid to 3 generations if fewer than 3 legs in bonus)

Payline Total Group Volume (Personal + PB1thru PB5)

Open            Volume qualifying for 4% bonus

POB Earn        Amount earned at 4%

PB Legs         Number of legs in 5% bonus qualification

POB Legs        Number of legs in 4% bonus qualification
New VF’s,         Number in frontline (only appear if new biz is developed)
DD’s & SC’s

BIB               Amount earned in Business Incentive Bonus

RSP               Amount earned in Retail Sales Profit

PB Quals          Number of Qualifiers in Payline for 12, 24 & 39 Club

Qualified         List only frontline (PB & POB)

      Earnings to Calculate BIB

      1.   Take actual check amount & subtract RSP and BIB, then add back fees.
      2.   BIB is paid to SSC’s, QNMD’s and NMD’s with 2 POB Legs
      3.   10% BIB is paid to SSC’s & QNMD’s with monthly Earnings less than 2500
      4.   20% BIB is paid to NMD’s & QNMD’s with monthly Earnings at 2500 or more

General Coaching Considerations:

      1. Increases in paycheck and payline numbers indicate growth in business.
      2. Number of new frontline distributors correlates to business growth and paycheck growth.
      3. Increases in number of qualifiers signifies a business builder who is moving people
         through the 4-month process.
      4. Number of promotions correlates to moving people through the process, fast-tracking and
         using the system.
      5. Large opens (4000+) usually signify difficulty in promoting distributors to SC.
      6. If there is a large difference between payline and PVC, with payline being less, it usually
         signifies one large leg.
      7. The higher the promotional level, the larger the portion of the paycheck that is 5% money.

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