Why Your Internet Marketing Business Need a Blog by sunnysherry2007


									       Why Your Internet Marketing Business Needs a Blog
Having a blog can be an incredible benefit to internet marketers. Blogging can offer vast
opportunities that other types of marketing and promotion can't. After six years of
continuous growth, blogging isn't going anywhere in a hurry. In fact the number of blogs
on the scene grows by leaps and bounds every day. It's only logical to aim at a piece of
that action. After all, there's plenty of scope with a blog that far surpasses a boring, static
sales page. If you intend to build a profitable internet marketing business, you should
consider this opportunity to grow sales.

Blogging allows you to give your online business its own personality. So many sellers
seem to think that, in order for them to make sales, their sales pages need to sound
incredibly professional and use very formal language. You might have even hired a
professional copywriter to help you create a page to convince people to buy from you.
Blogging is a whole lot more casual and you can put your visitors at ease by letting them
know there's a real person behind the business agenda. People are more likely to buy
from you if they realize there's a real person behind the sales spiel.

By providing exceptional content on your blog you ell be able to start a paid newsletter
that people want to sign up to. Your newsletter can be sold at a reasonable price. Even at
$1 -2 per sale you can bring in a substantial income. Okay, for example, you have
decided to charge $1 per copy and mail out two issues a month. You send this to 150
subscribers. For only a small amount of work each week you have just added $300 per
month to your bank account. As an internet marketer you should always be looking for
ways to make money ?this is a great one!

Every post you make on your blog is another opportunity to work on your keywords,
which helps your blog to rank better in search engines. The higher your ranking, the more
people will see your pages and, potentially, buy your products. Search engine visibility is
something that internet marketers compete for and being on the first page can be an
amazing boost to your business.

Whenever you comment to someone's blog; be sure that it is well thought out and
something that they would welcome or even write their self. When you visit other
internet marketer's blogs and leave a valuable post then you automatically will attract
visitors to your own site but you will also be creating an opportunity to build a
relationship. These are people with whom you can work on joint ventures and product
development. You might even be able to sell to each others audiences! You must start
blogging if you want to keep a competitive edge in this field. Blogging attracts people to
your blog that are interested in your products. You meet people that can have a very
positive impact on your business. Plus blogging is one of the funnest ways to make

With blogging you can be as outrageous as you want to be without worrying about the
uptight types trying to pull you back to their world. The fact is that there are other reasons
to add a blog to blog directory than there are to not add a blog to your business. Never
before have there been something so useful for your online business and its all there for
the taking.

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