Safety Issues on the Internet by z786c4


									Safety Issues on the Internet

         Sherry Elliott
               Risks Exist
• Although the Internet is a powerful tool that
  makes instant communication and
  accessibility of information possible and is
  a tool that has immense academic potential
  students must be warned of the dangers that
  also exist.
• The benefits of the Internet outweigh the
  risks, but the risks must be recognized and
         What are the Risks?
• Just as predators exist on the street that
  students need to be wary of predators exist
  on the Internet who use the tool simply to
  locate, identify, and stalk innocent victims.
• In addition to those who wish to cause
  physical harm, others simply wish to con
  victims and gain access to personal and
  financial information.
  Guidelines to Follow for Using
           the Internet
• Never reveal any personal information to a
  stranger you encounter on the Internet
• Do not disclose the following information about
   –   Name
   –   Address
   –   Phone Number
   –   Age
   –   Photograph of yourself
 Guidelines to Follow for Using
          the Internet
• Never reveal financial information because
  strangers could use the information to steal
  money from your account or make
  unwanted purchases at your expense
• Never disclose the following:
  – Credit card number
  – Social security number
  – Bank account information
  Guidelines to Follow for Using
           the Internet
• Never arrange to meet a stranger that you have
  met on the Internet
   – Even if you feel that the individual is no longer a
     stranger, but a friend you should not meet them
• The anonymity that the Internet provides allows
  strangers to create any image they want no matter
  how far it strays from the truth
   – Even if you receive a photograph the picture may not
     be of the person you are talking to
  Guidelines to Follow for Using
           the Internet
• Never download or install any software or
  programs on the school computer or your home
  computer without first checking with the teacher
  or your parents
   – Some programs that can be downloaded contain viruses
     that can cripple the functioning capabilities of the
   – Other programs that can be downloaded allow
     computer hackers to have access to your computer and
     your personal information
    Strategies to Protect Internet
• Students and teachers should engage in an
  ongoing dialogue throughout the year to ensure
  that students are aware of the risks and that they
  have the opportunity to ask questions and share
  their comments and perspectives.
• Student use of the Internet should be monitored to
  ensure that inappropriate conversations are not
  occurring and that the computer is being used in a
  responsible way
      Student Responsibilities
• High expectations exist and it is the
  student’s responsibility to exercise sound
  judgment when using the Internet
  – Any questionable or unwanted messages you
    receive should be immediately reported to the
  – Do not use the Internet to disrespect others
     • Do not send anonymous, rude messages
• Be a good online citizen

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