Element Family Research Project by Iia7Y8E


									        Element Family Research Project
                Presentation Date: Monday, September 24, 2001

This project involves the study of groups of elements called families. You will learn
about the properties, natural occurrences, and uses of these element families through
group presentations. You will work in groups to research a chemical family and present
your findings to your classmates. This assignment will contribute to the “Test/Project”
component of your nine weeks grade in IPC. You will also be quizzed over the
information presented in class.

As a group, you will sign up for a topic – Alkali Metals, Alkaline Earth Metals, Transition
Elements, Carbon Family, Oxygen Family (Chalcogens), Halogens, or Noble Gases.
You will research the following information on your topic:
 MEMBER ELEMENTS – Which elements are members of the family?
 CHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL PROPERTIES – What do all the elements have in common?
   What trends are there within the group in terms of reactivity or other properties?
   (Do NOT simply list detailed properties of individual elements.) Use what you
   learned in Chapter 9 to distinguish between chemical and physical properties.
 NATURAL OCCURRENCES – Where can these elements be found in the environment,
   human body, etc.?
 USES – How are these elements used in the world around us? Do they have
   industrial, medical, or other commercial applications?

You may use the following sources of information. You must use at least ONE item
from EACH category: textbooks, science books, and computer sources.
TEXTBOOKS (classroom)
   Physical Science textbook
   other textbooks
   reference books (science encyclopedias, etc.)
   other books (may be checked out)
COMPUTER SOURCES (library    & computer lab)
   Internet (Web sites for Britannica, Periodic Table, etc.)
   science databases (CD-ROM)

Element Family Research Project                                                         IPC
As a group, you will present your information orally to your classmates using some sort
of visual aid. All group members are expected to participate in the presentation. You
should be prepared to answer questions from the class and/or teacher.
Visual aid ideas (should include pictures)…
 poster
 tri-fold pamphlet**
 PowerPoint presentation (save on 3½ floppy or Zip disk)
 Web page (save on 3½ floppy or Zip disk)
 other ideas must be approved
**Please provide copies for the class (30). I will make copies if you give the pamphlet to
  me by 8:30am on the due date.
In addition to the visual aid, you must turn in…
 Bibliography – A typed list of your sources including books, periodicals, CD-ROMs,
    and Web sites.
 Quiz Questions/Answer Key – A typed list of 5 multiple choice quiz questions on
    your topic with the correct answers circled.

There are three components to your grade:
 Did you cover the required information?
 Was your information accurate?
 Was your product attractive (including pictures) and well-organized?
 Did you provide a bibliography? Did you use the required sources for your
 Did you provide 5 quiz questions and answers? Are the questions thoughtful and
  appropriate? Are the correct answers given?
 Did all group members contribute equally in all phases of the project – research,
  preparation, and presentation?
 You will be asked to rate the participation of all group members, including yourself,
  to determine a portion of the participation grade.

   Begin background research using textbook and home sources: 9/6 – 9/11
   Library research day: 9/12
   Meet with group to begin product: 9/13 – 9/20 (some class time on 9/18 after test)
   Final workday (entire class period): 9/21
   Present to class: 9/24

Element Family Research Project                                                          IPC
Element Family Research Project   IPC
Element Family Research Project Sign-Up Sheet
**Keep in mind that you will need to meet with your group outside of class.**

FAMILY                            NAMES

Alkali Metals (1)

Alkaline Earth Metals (2)

Transition Metals (middle)

Carbon Family (16)

Element Family Research Project                                            IPC
Element Family Research Project Sign-Up Sheet
**Keep in mind that you will need to meet with your group outside of class.**

FAMILY                            NAMES

Oxygen Family (16)


Halogens (17)

Noble Gases (18)

Element Family Research Project                                            IPC

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