Environmental Science Chapter 18 Study Guide by zlPmEyM


									                    Environmental Science Chapter 18 Study Guide
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1. Define renewable energy.

2. Give examples of how biomass fuel is currently being used.

3. Where can geothermal power plants be used to generate electricity?

4. What 2 things does a hybrid car use to generate power?

5. Compared to washing clothes in warm water, how much less energy does washing in
cold water use?

6. How does a geothermal power plant get energy?

7. What are the most energy-efficient vehicles available today?

8. What are 2 ways hydrogen can be used as a fuel source?

9. Define energy efficiency.

10. List disadvantages of wind energy.

11. List disadvantages of ocean thermal energy conversion.

12. How is biomass fuel used is developing countries?

13. Describe the differences between passive solar and active solar energy.

14. Describe how a hydroelectric power plant works.

15. Identify three ways that people can conserve energy in their daily lives.

16. What is the equation for determining energy efficiency?

17. What form of renewable energy meets most of the energy needs of developing

18. Salt water corrodes metals rapidly. What effect is this likely to have on the cost of
electricity produced from tidal power?

19. List the 6 forms of renewable energy. Describe how the sun creates the various forms
of energy listed. If any do not come from the sun, identify their sources.

20. Choose a form of renewable energy, and describe its advantages and disadvantages.

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