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									Applying for an Overseas grant

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About Zurich Community Trust
The Zurich Community Trust is a registered charity funded by
pre-tax profits from Zurich’s UK businesses and generous
donations from Zurich’s UK people. It provides an umbrella for
all Zurich’s community involvement in the UK. The Trust has      Employee involvement programme
donated over                                                     The Trust manages and matches £1 million donations, 22,000
£70 million since inception in 1973 supporting disadvantaged
                                                                 hours of business volunteering time, including over 200
people in the UK and overseas. Over 700 charities are            annual team challenge activities involving around 3,000
supported each year.                                             employees.
There are two strands to the Zurich Community Trust −
national Transformation programmes and the employee              Recognition
involvement programme.                                           Zurich Community Trust has received much recognition
                                                                 for its work over the years. Zurich won the National Payroll
National transformation programmes                               Giving Excellence Awards for Best Large Employer Campaign.
We support pioneering projects that help some of the most        The payroll giving scheme is managed by Zurich Community
vulnerable people in society and often less popular causes.      Trust – 24% of Zurich’s employees donate to Give As You
The aim is to create sustainable change through long-term        Earn through their payroll.
funding and active employee involvement. Typically               Zurich also achieved a Big Tick in the prestigious 2009
partnerships                                                     Business
with charities are for 3-5 years and support those projects      in the Community (BITC) Awards for Excellence, for our
where                                                            employee involvement programme, Zurich Cares.
we believe we can bring about the greatest difference.
Our current programmes support vulnerable older people,
families where a parent misuses drugs and children and           Visit Zurich Community Trust’s website on
young people with mental health issues. In addition, there       for more details.
is a programme in southern India.
Please note that we only accept applications from
those organisations which are invited to apply to our
Transformation programmes.
What we fund and how to apply for an Overseas grant
To work with people who face poverty, disadvantage, physical or mental distress, and help them achieve real improvement in the
of their lives, and through our work, to provide Zurich staff with the maximum opportunity for involvement and professional
Typically we give grants in the range of £2,000 to £10,000.

What we fund                                                           Political organisations; religious organisations or places of
Priority is given to projects which show some or all of the             worship.
 A high degree of training and skills transfer.
 Cost effective appropriate solutions.                             Our Funding Cycle
                                                                    Applications for funding can be made from January to the end of
 Clear objectives and outcome, which can be identified
                                                                    May. We will acknowledge receipt of your application and you will
    and evaluated within a reasonable timescale.
                                                                    be informed of our decision by the end of September, at the
 A high degree of local empowerment, ownership, benefit            latest.
    and involvement.
 Addresses basic human needs essential for a sustainable           How to Apply
    quality of life.                                                You must be a UK Registered charity
                                                                    Ring the Overseas Programme Manager if you would like advice
We are unable to fund the following                                 about how to complete the application form or about the process.
 Advertising or sponsorship.                                       Contact details below:
 Animal welfare charities.
                                                                    Sarah Barter
 Applications by an individual for any purpose or on behalf        Email:
  of an individual.                                                 Telephone: (01793) 502202
 Conservation or environmental projects – unless involving         Working Hours: Monday to Wednesday 8am − 4pm
  disadvantaged people.                                             Complete the application form and email it with a copy of your
 Expeditions, exchanges or study tours.                            latest Annual Report and Accounts to
 Medical research, military organisations, playgroups or mother
  and toddler groups – unless specifically for special needs
Your organisation

 Name of organisation                           What does your organisation do?

 Name of contact person

 Position in organisation

 Daytime telephone                            How would you describe your client group or the focus of your work?
                                              (Tick all that apply)
                                                   Children (0-16)                     Young people (14-25)
                                                   Older people (50+)

                                                   Agricultural Sustainability         Physical/Learning Disabilities

                                                   Education                           Sanitation/Water Project
                                                   HIV/Aids                            Other

                                                   Human Rights
What type of group are you?
                                                   Human Trafficking

 In which year did your organisation start?
                                                If ‘Other’ please describe
 UK Charity Registration No.
                                                How many people does your organisation help each year?

                                                How many staff does your organisation employ?

                                                How many volunteers help each year?
Your grant application

Describe what you want to do with the money, giving a breakdown of expenditure and the type of activity your grant would support.
Your grant application

 What evidence do you have that funding is needed and are you     Please tell us who will work on the project or service (for example, new
 working                                                          or existing staff or volunteers) and what additional resources will be
 with an overseas partner organisation on this project?           needed?

What is the total cost of the project?

 Capital (equipment, premises, etc.)           £                  Who and how many people are expected to benefit from the project
                                                                  or service?
 Revenue (running costs, salaries, etc.)       £

 Total                                         £

 How much of this are you applying to us       £                  How will they benefit and what are the expected timescales of the
 for?                                                             project?

 How much funding has been secured for this project or service?
 From whom and for how much?
                                                                  How will you monitor and evaluate the success of the project or
 What other applications for funding have been made?
 To whom and for how much?
How do you plan to sustain the project or service?   What issues have you identified that might affect the
                                                     project implementation?
Financial information
Please tell us about the income and expenditure of your organisation.
                                                                             Project revenue costs (training, salaries etc)   £
Please use figures from your latest annual accounts, or projected cashflow
forecast if no accounts exist.                                               Other costs                                      £

12 month period covered by accounts or forecast is:
                                                                             Total expenditure                                £

 From      D D M M Y Y Y Y                 To      D D M M Y Y Y Y

Sources of income

 Government (inc. all global funding)                 £

 Voluntary (inc. Trusts and foundations,
 companies, events and individuals)

 Other (inc. trading, membership
 fees and investments)

 Total income                                         £

Expenditure (principle items)

 UK based running cost                                £

 Overseas running cost                                £

 Capital costs, (equipment etc)                       £
What reserves does your organisation hold?
                                                                     Who are the signatories for your organisation and positions held?

 Restricted funds                                  £

 Unrestricted funds                                £

 If you have applied to us before, when was it and what was the
 of your application?



 Name of organisation that the cheque should be made payable to if
 your application is successful?
                            And finally…
                            Through Zurich Community Trust we help disadvantaged people
                            through a wide range of local national and overseas charities.                       Support voluntary groups in setting monitoring and evaluation criteria

                            Are we getting it right and could we do it better?

                            Please tell us what you think Zurich Community Trust’s role
                            in the community should be (tick all that apply).

                                  Help innovative projects

                                  Build long-term relationships with the voluntary sector
                                                                                                             Thank you for completing this form
                                  Find projects where our personnel can contribute skills most effectively   Email your application back to us at
                                                                                                    with your latest report
                                                                                                             and accounts.
                                  Help maintain established charities and programmes
                                                                                                             Alternatively, please send them to Zurich Community Trust Grant
                                                                                                             Applications, PO Box 1288, Swindon SN1 1FL.
                                  Support the most marginalised groups

                                  Advocate on behalf of voluntary organisations

                                  Plug gaps in statutory funding

                                  Provide core funding

                        Zurich Community Trust (UK) Limited
                        PO Box 1288, Swindon SN1 1FL.
                        Telephone: 01793 511227. Fax: 01793 506982.
132627A01 (01/11) ZCA


                        Registered in England No: 1154049. Registered Charity No: 266983.
                        Registered office: UK Life Centre, Station Road, Swindon SN1 1EL.

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