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									                     ********* By : Chaouki Ahmed Amine ***********

                                   Grand Theft Auto IV

                     ********* By : Chaouki Ahmed Amine ***********
 Rarely has the excitement as we won at the cake drag in readers PS3 and Xbox 360. GTA
IV, the name is enough to destabilize as it was imagined that could hide the most anticipated
game of the year. Three long years and a few months after San Andreas, the series puts his
suitcase in Liberty City, based on New York city already theater events of GTA III. But the
comparison goes much further, this new installment revisits a place already worship, to bring
 him the hint of life and mystery that will delight more than one player. A vast playground
          transformed for the occasion into a living hell. Place to settle accounts.

 Size and average build, two-day beard, look banal and neglected physical advantage ... not
 really Niko Bellic is not the hero who rolls mechanical and dropped the girls by the dozens.
The opposite of that clearing the Tommy Vercetti, Carl Johnson and company, the character
 that the player will incarnate for several tens of hours aside shots another time. Rockstar
has matured with his series, more worrying than ever. Coming straight from Eastern Europe,
Niko joined his cousin Roman, moved to Liberty City, which promises a tranquil and luxurious
 life as a well-deserved retirement. An American dream, which of course will cut short our
  "man of the Balkans", soon faced a darker reality than the one he had described the old
Roman. Upon arrival, Niko finds damage. A privately owned taxi business shortly flourished, a
   guest room which includes just the minimum ... No rhinestones or sequins, no beautiful
      bodywork or strippers, not even the shadow of a decent home. The fall is tough.
Table de
 signed by Niko is clouded by tasks accumulated his dear cousin, a recognized specialist for
the wrath of Zouaves unsavory. It actually needs the rare talents that Niko has to put some
                             order into life at risk every day ...

Liberty City has nothing to do with the city of GTA III. Fully modeled by a graphics engine
that finally marks a technical evolution of the series, the city consists of three major islands
 (plus a fourth, smaller) that the player will travel from east to west during his journey. A
 player will sometimes have the impression of being a twig among others in the middle of the
urban jungle that is full of small details. Liberty City has a soul and does not need facts and
actions Niko to live and see the population go about their business. From dawn to dusk, they
will walk, jog, clean their front door, answering the phone, light cigarettes, do their shopping
and sometimes to submit to the authority of the police, everywhere. Niko and eventually the
  adventure begins as a citizen among millions of others, without the magnet disasters that
could be his predecessors. More than ever, discretion is required and whoever refuses to play
the low profile will suffer the consequences that can sometimes lead to an arrest, sometimes
                by a death caused by a shootout between Niko and the police.

 This attitude, the player must adopt not only feet but also vehicle. Thus, tolls, if he does
not get bored, Niko will have to pay, just like everyone else. A short stop at the wicket and
   our friend throws a piece giving access to the next section of the highway. Driving too
dangerous and may even cost him his life. It is not uncommon after a frontal impact, a civil
   opens the door of his vehicle, then staggers slumps lifeless on the pavement, it is also
    possible to see Niko through the windshield of his car. Gauge the level of your life,
  symbolized by a green semicircle around the mini-map (it is possible to double with a flak
jacket), then depend on the consequences of such an accident. And in view of the difficulties
   to control the driving in GTA IV, the player chooses rather to slow down and avoid the
traffic attempting to force the passage or sneaking into a mouse hole. In fact, the steering
  is most troubling: it is not uncommon to rebound against the elements of the decor. It is
 indeed difficult to put head that it is imperative to release the accelerator and turn every
turn must be widely anticipated. The expression lead on eggs then takes its full extent. Very
    close to the previous GTA, driving does not always feel the real weight vehicles, very
unstable, but for the first time forced to drive at reasonable speed. It also opt more often
  for long distances, for taxis. By pressing a slice, Niko whistles and jump in the first taxi
 free of any passenger. The player to choose the way to zap in real time (with a few extra
 dollars) or take the time to be buffeted by often approximate driving drivers Liberty City.

 That naturally brings us to one of the main principles of GTA IV car theft. An Enhanced,
  more realistic, so much so that we avoid as much as possible to point to a vehicle to get
wildly driver. Firstly, because crossing the street from Liberty City without taking the time
to look at both sides of the road, taking the risk of being struck or run over by anyone who
does not have time give a brake. Then because civilians tend to rebel more frequently, which
is more protected by the abundance of police cars. So, if the player needs a vehicle, it will
instead choosing to force one, parked in a calmer and less frequented by police. But another
difficulty arises in him. Now, residents of Liberty City have the annoying habit of thinking to
 lock their cars ... Logic. Niko will therefore have to break a window to enter the vehicle,
      and then play the electrician connecting jumper cables under the steering wheel.
    During this time, precious seconds are flowing, increasing the risk of being caught in
 flagrante delicto. But once the meteor stolen, Niko is not necessarily out of the woods. In
 our time, most vehicles have anti-theft alarm ... GTA IV also ... It only remains to hope
 that no police car does not cross the road until the cessation of distress signals, namely a
                                        dozen seconds.

But Niko goes obviously no time to wander. He is a man of action. Brilliantly animated, it also
  benefits the new graphics engine and physics to gain credibility in his actions. If fighting
barehanded simply some movement summary (punches, kicks, counters ...) and are particularly
 soft, the gunfights have their side reached a plateau enormous. The ability to hide behind
 any piece of scenery allows Niko to shoot and to cover alternating (it can even pull cover if
  the angle allows it) and reload cover. It can even drag like a paintball player coverage to
another by simply pressing a button. All using an automatic referred diabolical precision. And
   when it becomes capricious (the player wants to target an enemy target but insists on
 another opponent), it is possible to switch to manual gameplay using the right analog stick.
During the gunfights, the game turns into a shoot in the third person very effective despite
   some gaps in space and movement of the camera, often treacherous in the heat of the
  action. But like any self-respecting GTA, the arsenal available to Niko (guns, submachine
     guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, grenades, Molotov cocktails, etc.). Quickly made the
                        difference, all in a soundscape glaring truth.
 The single player mode has no downtime. Niko is constantly a new relationship with his cell
 phone with which it can call anyone, anytime, to set an appointment or get fun. It can even
      dial 911 and summon an ambulance, fire or police where he is. The main missions
(assassinations, protections, deliveries, etc.). Enjoyed a phenomenal variety that will delight
    the player. At times, Niko will even use cyber cafes for contact relationships or use
 computers in police vehicles to trace his next target. Some missions will become even cults.
   An example would be the motorbike chases in the subway or gunfights following a bank
robbery in the HEAT. In parallel, a bunch of side missions are planned. Among these, there
is also the possibility of going out with girls met on the Internet, and to take a drink at the
           bar, zieuter the spectacle of a cabaret, bowling, darts, billiards to ...

   But GTA IV is also a multiplayer mode that extends the comprehensive adventure in the
 streets of Liberty City. It represents the beginning of the series online game. In total, no
  less than fifteen different modes available to owners of an online account. Up to sixteen
 players can take part in deathmatch (single or team) to police chases / thieves in the car-
jacking (you must fly a specific type of car before the other), in races in Liberty City, turf
  wars and many other ways in which a number of rules and conditions are established. For
  example, it may be asked players to access a specific point on the map before all others.
    Hosting a party can then select the location of the action, its duration, the weapons
 tolerated, the type of target (automatic or manual), the presence or absence of the police,
traffic density, and a whole bunch of other parameters. The player can also choose the look
of his character, the sex of the face through the clothes and accessories, although the basic
choices remain limited to this level. That was to quibble, multi remains no less excellent, like
                                     the rest of the game

                                    Graphics :       17/20
                                    Gameplay :       17/20
                                    Life :           18/20
                                    Soundtrack :     18/20
                                    Scenario :       17/20
Rating:         18/20

 By : Chaouki Ahmed Amine

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