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					Taming of the Shrew Induction Scene i 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Study Guide Questions

Who is Christopher Sly? What trick does the Lord plan to play on Sly? What happens to Sly while he is sleeping? What does the Lord tell the players to do? What does the Lord tell his page to do? Paraphrase the Lord‟s speech (lines 136 – 144)

Scene ii 1. Where is this scene set? 2. Why does Sly tell the serving men, “call not me „honor‟ nor „lordship‟” (lines 5 – 6)? 3. According to the servingmen, how has Sly spent the past fifteen years? 4. How does Sly‟s “wife” put him off? 5. Why does the messenger comment that “melancholy is the nurse of frenzy” (line 135)? All 1. What purpose is served by the argument between Sly and the hostess at the beginning of the play? 2. What is the thematic purpose of the lord‟s plan to dupe Sly into believing he is a lord? 3. What purposes do the references to real local people and places have in Sly‟s speeches? 4. Does Sly truly believe that he is a lord? Prediction: Will we see Sly again? Explain your answer.

Taming of the Shrew Act I Scene i

Study Guide Questions

7. Why has Lucentio come to Padua? 8. What does Tranio mean by his advice to “study what you most affect” (line 40)? 9. What do Hortensio and Gremio agree to work on together (lines 134 – 145)? 10. How is Lucentio feeling when he mentions “Minerva” (line 84)? 11. Why does Lucentio decide to take a job as a schoolmaster? 12. Why does Lucentio need a “double” – who acts the part? 13. When Biondello sees that Tranio and Lucentio have traded clothes, what explanation does he accept? Scene ii 6. Why has Petruchio come to Padua? 7. What friend does Petruchio visit in Padua? 8. According to Hortensio, what are Kate‟s good and bad points? 9. Who will introduce Hortensio, in disguise, to Baptista? 10. Who will introduce Lucentio, disguised as Cambio, to Baptista? 11. Why does Gremio tell Tranio to “get you hence” (line 229 – 230)? 12. Why does Hortensio advise Tranio to “gratify this gentleman” (line 272)? All 1. What does Lucentio‟s opening speech reveal about his character? 2. What does Kate‟s first appearance on the scene immediately reveal about her? 3. What is the relationship between Tranio and Lucentio? 4. How does Petruchio‟s stated purpose in coming to Padua differ from Lucentio‟s? Prediction: What will Petruchio‟s first encounter with Kate be like?

Taming of the Shrew Act II Scene i

Study Guide Questions

14. Why are Bianca‟s hands tied and why does she weep? 15. Why does Baptista tell Petruchio that Katherine is “not for your turn” (line 63) 16. When Baptista asks Tranio why he has come (line 86), what is Tranio‟s explanation? 17. How does Petruchio learn what dowry Baptista plans to give any husband of Kate‟s? 18. Why does Petruchio tell Baptista that “where two raging fires meet together they do consume the thing that feeds their fury” (lines 132 – 133)? 19. How does Kate act when she first meets Petruchio? 20. According to Petruchio, what will happen the following Sunday? 21. Kate calls Petruchio a half lunatic and a ruffian – but Petruchio swears to her father that they have gotten along fine. How does Petruchio explain this contradiction? All 1. Why does Kate abuse Bianca? 2. How does Petruchio‟s first meeting with Baptista set the style for the rest of the courtship? 3. What kind of father does Baptista appear to be? 4. What purpose is served by Hortensio/Licio‟s account of his music lesson with Kate? 5. Does Petruchio‟s soliloquy reveal a concealed character? Why/why not? 6. Why are puns used so frequently in Kate and Petruchio‟s encounter? 7. Why is Petruchio‟s story about Kate‟s‟ agreement to marry him so readily accepted? 8. How does Tranio‟s decision to find a “father” reflect a theme of the play?

Taming of the Shrew Act III Scene i

Study Guide Questions

13. When “Cambio” and Litio” argue over who will give the first lesson, how does Bianca decide? 14. How does Bianca find out the real reason “Cambio” has signed on as schoolmaster? 15. How does Bianca find out that “Litio” wishes to woo her? 16. What does Hortensio mean when he says, “If once I find thee ranging, Hortensio will be quit with thee by changing” (lines 89 – 90)? Scene ii 1. Why does Baptista tell his daughter he doesn‟t blame her for crying on her wedding day (line 27)? 2. What is strange about Petruchio when he arrives for the wedding? 3. Why does Lucentio decide not to “steal our marriage” with Bianca (line 140)? 4. How does Petruchio behave at the altar – and how does the audience find out? 5. What does Kate entreat Petruchio to do after the wedding – without success? 6. Why does Petruchio tell Grumio, “draw forth thy weapon, we are beset with thieves” (lines 235 – 236)? All 1. What do the love scenes between Bianca and Lucentio and Bianca and Hortensio reveal about Kate‟s younger sister? 2. How does Kate and Petruchio‟s love scene contrast with Bianca‟s courtship? 3. How does Petruchio‟s delay in appearing for the wedding affect Kate? 4. What is the effect of Petruchio‟s shabby appearance? 5. What purpose is served by Petruchio‟s rude behavior at the wedding? 6. What is noble about Kate‟s reaction to Petruchio‟s announcement that they will leave before the wedding dinner? 7. What is ironic about Kate‟s statement “I see a woman may be made a fool if she had not a spirit to resist? Prediction: How will Petruchio treat Kate during the first day of their marriage?

Taming of the Shrew Act IV Scene i

Study Guide Questions

17. How had Kate gotten muddy on the way home – and how does the audience find out? 18. Why does Kate say to Petruchio, “Patience, I pray you. „Twas a fault unwilling” (line 150)? 19. How does Petruchio keep Kate from eating? 20. How does Petruchio keep Kate from sleeping? Scene ii 7. 8. 9. 10. Why does Hortensio vow not to woo Bianca any longer? When does Hortensio decide that he will get married – to whom? Why does Tranio approach the pedant? Why does Tranio tell the pedant that his own father “in count‟nance somewhat doth resemble you” (line 100)?

Scene iii 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. As the scene opens, why is Grumio saying, “No, no, forsooth, I dare not for my life” (line 1)? What does Petruchio insist Kate do before he allows her a small portion of food? Why do the haberdasher and tailor come and go without outfitting Kate? Were does Petruchio say he will go with Kate? Why does Petruchio tell Kate, “You are still crossing it” (line 191)?

Scene iv 1. 2. 3. 4. Has the pedant ever met Baptista before? What does Batista mean when he tells the pedant (as Vincentio) that he is pleased with his “plainness and shortness” (line 39)? Why does Baptista agree to the formal engagement between Bianca and Lucentio – but not at his (Baptista‟s) house? Why does Baptista send “Cambio” to get Bianca?

Scene v 1. With what absurd observation about the sun does Petruchio insist that Kate agree? 2. Whom do Petruchio and Kate meet o the way to Baptista‟s house 3. Why does Vincentio say that he is “amazed” (line 54) by his encounter with them? 4. Why is Vincentio on his way to Padua? 5. What does Petruchio tell Vincentio about his son – and why is the father “jealous” (line 76)? All 1. What evidence of change is apparent in Kate by Gurmio‟s account and by her own behavior when she enters? 2. How does Petruchio compare his treatment of Kate to the taming of a falcon? 3. How does the recruitment of the pendant further the theme of the play? 4. What does Kate‟s outburst at Petruchio over the cap and gown reveal? 5. Is Petruchio‟s speech to Kate about the unimportance of clothing hypocritical? 6. What do Petruchio‟s tests of Kate in scene four prove? Prediction: How will the real Vincentio react when he meets the false one? How will Kate and Bianca treat their husbands, in the long run?

Taming of the Shrew Act V Scene i

Study Guide Questions

21. Why is Vincentio worried that his son has been murdered? 22. Why does Biondello deny that he has ever seen Vincentio before? 23. Why does Lucentio ask Vincentio for “pardon, sweet father” (line 109)? 24. Do Vincentio and Baptista react the same way when they learn that their children have married without their knowledge? 25. Why does Kate agree to kiss Petruchio in public? Scene ii 11. What does Lucentio invite everyone to do (lines 1 – 11)? 12. What caused the widow to say, “he that is giddy thinks the world turn round” (line 20)? 13. Why does Kate tell the widow she has a low opinion of her? 14. What does Tranio mean when he tells Petruchio, “Tis thought your deer does hold you at a bay” line 56)? 15. Who makes a bet – on what? 16. Who wins the bet – and how? 17. What does Petruchio command Kate to tell Bianca ad the widow? 18. Summarize Kate‟s speech at the end (lines 136 – 179), in a sentence or two. 19. Which two lines in Kate‟s final speech do you find most memorable? 1. What does Vincentio‟s reaction to Lucentio‟s and Tranio‟s deceptions reveal about his character? 2. Is Petruchio‟s request for a kiss in scene 1 simply another test of Kate?


3. How doe Petruchio pursue an aim opposite to Lucentio‟s in the final scene? 4. How is suspense built up about the bet? 5. What is the essence of a wife‟s duty according to Kate? Questions over the entire play 1. Why do Sly and company disappear from the play? 2. Why does Kate change from a shrew to an obedient wife? 3. How does money motivate the characters and generate plot developments in the play? 4. Is Kate‟s statement at the end of the play about a woman‟s duties sincere or ironic? 5. How is romantic love portrayed in the play? 6. Is Petruchio‟s taming of Kate really kind?