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					                      AFFIDAVIT OF MANUEL J. CASARES
STATE OF FLORIDA            }

      MANUEL J. CASARES, being duly sworn, deposes and says:

             1) I am over the age of 21 years and submit this AFFIDAVIT, the

      substance of which is drawn from my personal knowledge.

             2) I am a permanent resident of Florida

             3) I am a first born Hispanic male who became head of household on

      June 4, 1975 with the death of my father. My cultural, racial, religious and

      business identity stems from a careful and conservative approach to good

      stewardship of capital.

             4) I stated to over 100 persons that the housing markets were

      overvalued in 2005 and house prices would fall 20% to 30 % and more so in

      Florida. I purchased the Home at 2716 Laurel Drive only due to advertising,

      brochures and statements from Ron Hughes and his wife who co-listed property

      that it was “restored” which is governed by ordinance to the standards and

      guidelines of the US Dept of Interior and as such would have had a value of

      $1,000,000 when I purchased it in July 2005 for $470,000.

             5) The sale and damages that have resulted from the sale can only be
classified as either an error to which Hughes(s) and the owners of Norris (Brown,

Grove and Schwiering) must file an insurance claim and completely state the

truth concerning the sale to insure a proper and quick insurance settlement any

delays or aid by any person to present false misrepresentation would be a felony

used to cause a less than fair and reasonable settlement to Casares. In the event

that this case is not settled as an proper insurance claim to which damages

which exceed $2,000,000 is not settled then it can only be classified as

intentional criminal fraud on the part of Hughes(s) and owners of Norris.

       6) In attempting to find attorney to handle case almost all attorneys

who Casares interviewed in area had a conflict of interest with Norris and

Casares was repeatedly warned about retaliatory actions the owners of Norris

would take from the lawsuit. Casares accepted the recommendation of John

Moore to use Harold Melville of Ft. Pierce to handle the manner this was

confirmed to be a good choice by Will Murphy who stated he could not take case

as he had represented Kay Brown in another matter. John Moore failed to

mention that his firm had Norris as a client in spite of fact co plaintiff and her

family was large clients of his firm (Rossway, Moore and Taylor) in violation of

Bar regulations concerning conflict of interest’s rules.

       7) Shortly after Norris received a letter from Stephen L. Mains insurance

Adjuster for XL insurance which was handling the claim Casares began to
Experience retaliatory actions to avoid a fair and reasonable settlement which

included Perjury in deposition by Ron Hughes, in the case Casares had before

court in another matter retaliatory actions by attorney at Rossway, Moore and

Taylor which included fraud, disparaging character assassination, extortion and

theft of funds from Casares through abusive coercement taking advantage of

Casares disability costing Casares in excess of $125,000. After Casares stated to

Will Murphy he would begin criminal actions against Hughes(s) and owners of

Norris for fraud 2 years ago Melville proceeded to abuse Casares, Melville stated

that after discussing case with attorneys that try cases in Indian River County he

determined it would not be advisable to state truth about “restored” and fact

that Casares sale should not have taken place but for same and proceed every

effort to change case and plead case fraudulently. The collusion on case with

other attorneys was unauthorized, a violation of Bar rules and a complete

violation of the reason for hiring Melville from Ft. Pierce. The resulting frauds,

disparaging remarks, character assassination of Casares by Melville as Casares

attempted to protect his integrity, identity, cultural heritage and sense of

respect while becoming more disabled as he was being relentlessly abused by

Melville. During the course of this process Melville committed numerous serious

felonies against Casares all with the intention of discrediting Casares reputation

and harming the nature of the absolute and unquestionable liability of Hughes

and Norris in the case. His actions were the cause of the divorce between

Casares and Bannack.
       8) Casares and Banack decided to have a peaceful, mature and as

decent a divorce as possible for the sake of their daughter Annabella, all of this

became impossible due to the relentless and abusive actions of Robert C. Nall

the attorney she hired to handle the divorce. The abusive actions of Nall began

when a meeting was set up with Nall in attendance to offer his advice concerning

the criminal and unethical actions that Melville had made in handling the case.

He has repeatedly battered Casares causing excessive and painful physical harm

from the severe emotional battering which Nall has seen first causes Casares

emotions to run afoul. The emotional disability which Casares has from the

mycotoxin poisoning is such that these battering have the same physical affect’s

on Casares as a bludgeoning with a weapon. The frauds he states concerning

Melville and others involved in the case vs. Hughes and his serve only to aid

Norris and it’s owners and also seem to confirm statements made by others that

he is part of the “good old boy” system which he laughingly states does not exist.

The actions of Nall have been of a heinous nature and Casares fears that he will

continue this criminal abuse against him. The last battering by Nall occurred on

Wednesday August 11 in the hall outside Judge Kanarek’s courtroom where

during what was a meaningfull settlement negotiation Nall started screaming at

Casares “You are a sociopathic liar!!” (this concerned the fact that Casares had

after conferring with Banack, Nall having stated Melville and Kanarek were

friends wrote same in answer for motion) in front of Geralyn Passaro defense

attorney for Hughes and Norris.
       9)    Following the Rigged Unfair mediation in November which Mellville

had arranged to have his friend Fraxedases tell us all the details of every meeting

he had with defendants including fact that in spite of defendants desire to settle

for $300,000 the number Melville rigged the deal to settle Mains argued that

insurance company had experience of winning 8 out of 10 similar cases in trial;

while Casares was in booth at Panera Breads enjoying a cup of coffee before

work he overheard conversation which was taking place in next table where four

gentlemen who Casares later identified to be Gary Wheeler, Bob Scolari and two

others talking about his case. Wheeler says “what are we going to do about the

Casares matter? How are we going to get insurance company to pay” to which

Scolari answers “ Ask Charlie to fix it, he can fix anything!”

       10) Casares possess the evidence, facts, witnesses to substantiate the

above all attempts to have both the Vero Beach police department and the

Indian River County Sheriff’s as well as the local States attorney office have been

met with the usual shuffle and efforts to have any criminal actions not be

prosecuted as the owners of Norris are “politically connected” and they are

substantially prejudiced against Casares. Casares has been victimized by the

Indian River County property appraisers office and has received prejudicial

treatment with respect to both his property taxes and the Value Adjustment

board hearing to which Casares was threatened with his taxes being raised if he

did not withdraw from the hearing. All of these events and issues are

memorialized by numerous methods including e-mail.

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