Arkansas Great Dane Adoption Application by Z329MR


									                         S.P.O.T. Small Dog Adoption Application
                 Please remember that adoption is a privilege and that we reserve the right to deny any adoption.


Co- Applicant’s Name


City, State, and Zip

Date of Birth:

Email Address:

Home Phone                            Work Phone                                 Cell Phones

What is the latest I can call?

Place of Employment:

How long?

Pet being Applied for?



Household Information:
1.       Do you live in a house?                  Apartment                        Live with relatives
         Do you have roommates and how many?

         Do you rent?                 Own?            Approx. square footage of house

         Landlord’s Name and Phone                                                Have you paid a pet deposit

         Do you have a fenced yard?                    How big?                 How tall is your fence ?

         What type of fence is it? ( chain link, privacy, barbed wire, etc…)

         Number of adults in home                      Adults home during the day

Sex & ages of children:

Describe your Lifestyle?              Active:            Calm:                     Both:

Who will be the primary care giver for this animal?


Number of CURRENT pets owned: Dogs                Cats      Other         Male           Female

Breed and ages of CURRENT pets?

Are all CURRENT pets spayed or neutered?

Are your pets current on their vaccinations?

Are your CURRENT pets on heartworm preventative?

If yes what brand and where do you purchase it?

Do you understand the importance of heartworm preventative?

What brand of flea/tick prevention do you use?

Dog food currently feeding ? Dry       Soft         Brand

Are all CURRENT pets house dogs? If not why ?

Where do your CURRENT pets sleep?

Where do your CURRENT pets spend their day or when you are not at home?

Method of Training/correction used on CURRENT pets? (Crate training, positive reinforcement, etc.)

Have you had other pets in the last five years?

Do you still have these pets?

If not, what happened to them?


Will the NEW pet be a house dog?

Where will the NEW pet spend their day or when you are NOT at home?

Where will your NEW pet sleep at night?
What food do you plan to feed your NEW pet? Dry             Soft         Brand

Have you ever adopted a rescue pet before?

From which organization (please provide phone number if you have it available)?

Are you fully aware that rescue dogs can have issues?

And are you committed to working through these?

Have you ever housetrained a dog before?                     Method used?

Realistically, are you able to deal with accidents in your home?

Most dogs chew when bored and when young. Dogs can be destructive. Are you prepared to buy chew toys,
bones, etc…. and provide stimulation and supervision to prevent your house from being destroyed by a young or
bored dog?

Do you have contingency plans while your new animal and your current pets adjust?

Are you aware that it may take two weeks for your current pets and new pet to acclimate to each other?

Are you prepared for this?

Have you researched the breed that you are applying for?

Veterinarian Information:
Name of your current veterinarian?

Name of Clinic?

Phone number

Standard medical care costs a minimum of $200 per year. Emergency care can cost hundreds of dollars. Are you
willing to provide standard and emergency care for this pet?

Post Adoption Requirements: All points must be initialed.
If the adoption does not work out, you agree to pay all expenses associated with returning the animal. (ie.. air fare,
boarding, etc….).
You agree that if you must return the animal that you will give SPOT two weeks notice to arrange transport and
foster placement ?

You cannot transfer ownership, give away or sell any animal adopted through SPOT ?

You are responsible for providing nutritional food, water, exercise, medical care, and humane treatment at all
times. You agree to keep your adopted dog on heartworm preventative, flea prevention?

You agree that any dog you adopt through our organization will be kept as a house pet and not forced to live

You agree that some dogs would benefit from an obedience class. When recommended by SPOT for a particular
dog, taking your adopted dog is not an option but becomes a requirement and part of the adoption contract.

I certify that the information given on this application is true and correct. I am not less than twenty-one (21) years
of age. I have read and understand the conditions of the adoption application. If approved I agree to all the
conditions of this adoption application.

Signature of prospective Pet Owner:

Printed Name

Signature of Co- App

Printed Name


       Emergency contact person for your new Dog adopted thru SPOT

       Name, Address, home, work and cell phone numbers.

       Revised 10-7-09

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