How to Eat_ Chicago Style by chenboying


									How to Eat, Chicago Style!
Weekly, Monday night family storytime with food for SRP ages 5-6 aprox.

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Intro (food and Chicago) Books & T.A. Games/Activities Craft Food Handout (take home)

Ideas to include (each week?) -Name tags -Intro (facts, trivia, etc.) -Storytime format -Craft -Trivia or other game (teams? Family? Determines order of getting food?) -Activities (games, drama, etc.) -Food -Take home sheet -music? -nutrition guide -Tellable tales (other storytelling books) Notes: Read one book while eating?? Or during craft?? What order for events??? How prepare food??

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Name tags Intro (welcome and theme background) Opening T.A. (same or theme?) Story T.A. Story T.A. Games/Activities/Trivia Craft (read?) Food (read?) Story Closing T.A. (same or theme?)

Foods/Themes: 1. Pizza (Deep Dish) 2. Hot dogs (Chicago Style) 3. Cookies (and brownies) 4. Candy (Candy Capital of the America/World?) 5. Sandwiches (Italian Beef, delis, picnic food and more) 6. Chinatown (My neighborhood) 7. Summer in Chicago-Hot! Hot! Hot! (Ice Cream) 8. Popcorn (Cracker Jack, Fairs, & Baseball games)


How to Eat Pizza, Chicago Style!
Books: Hi Pizza Man!-Walter Hold the Anchovies!-Rotner & Hellums Pete’s a Pizza-Steig The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza-Sturges Pizza Kittens-Voake Extra cheese Please! Mozzarella’s…-Peterson (NF) Pizza-Martino (NF) Little Nino’s Pizzaria-Barboor Curious George & the Pizza-Rey Pizza Fun-Bastyra (Cookbook) How Pizza Came to Queens-? The Top of the Pizza-Basso Magic School Bus Explores the Senses-Cole T.A.: A Pizza the Size of the Sun-Prelutsky (Poem) *see handout SRP binder On Top of My Pizzza-tune of Old Smokey (Song) * see handout SRP binder I am a Pizza (Song/Chant) *see handout-SRP binder Making Pizza (Action) *see handout SRP binder Story Telling: The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza-Sturges (felt story) or dramatization Felt Pizza-what toppings? (felt activity) Acting out Pete’s a Pizza with kids or with stuffed animals If you give a Pig a Pizza… (create a story) *see handout example to start-transfer to “pizza wheel” Crafts: Make a paper pizza (paper plates, paper circles, clay, felt, etc.) clay to feel how dough is kneaded Decorate room like a pizzaria (checkerboard tablecloths, sign, menus, etc.) *see handouts Pizza wheel story- see above (paper plate, fastener, story) *see handouts Games/Activities: Pizza games to make (as a group or each?) *see handouts & SRP binder Pizza Twister, BINGO Pizza poems on wedges to display as whole *see handout Pizza activity promps –pizza wheel to make (Copycat) *see handout Food trivia game (repeat each week with new theme) *see handouts Weekly food theme handouts (puzzles, crosswords, mix up words, etc.) teams? Info: -First deep dish pizza-Pizzaria Uno in 1943 (in Chicago) -Others; Due, which was opened just down the block by Sewell in 1955,Gino's East, Edwardo's, Connie's, Giordano's, Carmens, Pizano's and Lou Malnati's -The Chicago-style pizza shares more in common with a casserole, such as lasagna. True Chicago-style pizza, a unique deep dish variety, features a buttery crust-cheese-chunky tomato sauce construction. While stuffed, pan and thin-crust style pizzas are also served in Chicagoland, it is for the deep-dish style that Chicago pizza is most famous. -Hearty, coarse Italian sausage is the number-one pizza topping in Chicago.Some restaurants lay on the sausage so thickly that it covers the whole surface of the pizza, like a giant sausage disk. Other common pizza toppings in Chicago include pepperoni, broccoli, spinach, onion, green peppers, olives, and mushrooms. Other: -Talk @ history (pizza and deep)*see handouts and compare to other cities, thin Vs deep (NY) -Decorate room like a pizzaria (checkerboard tablecloths, sign, menus, etc.) *see handouts Name Tags-Pizza shape, whole or slice (add toppings?) Take Home Sheet-Chicago style pizza recipe, Pizza Critters *see handouts


How to Eat a Hot Dog, Chicago Style!
Books: The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog-Willems The Hallo-Weiner-Pilkey Gumdrop and the Great Sausage Caper-Biro? Today is Monday-Carle Fifty Million Sausages-Benedictus T.A.: Take me out to the Ball Game (Song) *see handout SRP binder Oh, I Wish I were an Oscar Meier Weiner (Song) *see handout SRP binder 5 Little Hot Dogs (Finger Play/Action) felt or hands *see handout SRP binder One Little Hot Dog (Song) *see handout SRP binder Story Telling: 5 Little Hot Dogs (felt or fingerplay) *see handout SRP binder Chicago style toppings? (felt activity) The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog-Willems (felt, puppets, story) Crafts: Decorate a hot dog stand. Make apron? Name our stand (paper, vests, etc.) look at exs. (See below) Make your own hot dog w toppings (paper, clay, felt) Dramatics-hot dog vendor Games/Activities: “Hot Dog” (instead Hot Potato) Family fun from web (Viennagrams, riddles, word search, crossword, fatcs) *see handouts I’m a Hot Dog! Paper hot dog to put face in??? Food trivia game (repeat each week with new theme) Weekly food theme handouts (puzzles, crosswords, mix up words, etc.) teams? *see handouts Info: The "Chicago Style" hot dog got its start from street cart hot dog vendors during the hard times of the Great Depression. Money was scarce, but business was booming for these entrepreneurs who offered a delicious hot meal on a bun for only a nickel. The famous Chicago Style Hot Dog was born -A Chicago-style hot dog is a steamed or boiled all-beef, natural-casing hot dog on a poppy seed bun. It is topped with mustard, onion, sweet pickle relish, a dill pickle spear, tomato slices or wedges, sport peppers, and a dash of celery salt[1]; but not ketchup. - Generally acknowledged as having originated at Fluky's, a well-known Maxwell Street stand, in 1929. -Other names; "Depression sandwich", "dragged through the garden", "salad on top", (“garbage dog”???) -Superdawg has two giant hot dogs (Maurie and Flaurie) on the roof of their building. -Vienna Beef is a manufacturer of the classic Chicago hot dog, as well as Polish sausage and Italian beef. Their factory resides at the intersection of Elston, Damen and Fullerton avenues in the city, on the Chicago River. The company has been located in Chicago since the Columbian Exposition in 1893. Other: Talk @ history and compare to other cities. First? Other names. Periodic Table, Posters (*see handouts) Talk @ hot dog stand/cart names (see above activity) silly names, make up our own (ex. Weiner’s Cirlce, Superdawg) Create our own stand/cart (*see pics) to serve, practice calling for business, “Get your dogs here! Hot dogs, right here!” Name Tags-Hot Dog in bun (add toppings?) Ellison Take Home Sheet-Activity Sheets *handouts


How to Eat Cookies, Chicago Style!
Books: Calling All Cookies! Cookie Count Cookie-Store Cat Fortune Cookie Fortunes Last Chocolate Cookie Little Shopping Mmmm, Cookies! Tough Cookie Who Took the Cookies from the Cookie Jar? Young Cam Jansen and the Missing Cookie If You give a Mouse a Cookie The Doorbell Rang Cajun Gingerbread Boy Cookie Count Gingerbread Baby Gingerbread Doll The Gingerbread Girl-Ernst The Gingerbread Cowboy-Squires Can’t Catch Me-Hassett Gingerbread Mouse Snipp, Snapp, Snurr and the Gingerbread The Gingerbread Boy Gingerbread Boy Maisy makes Gingerbread-Cousins Kinder Kittens-Calmenson Ben’s Gingerbread man-Daly Gingerbread Man-Bret, Galdone, Goodman, Holdsworth, McClintock, Rose Stinky Cheese Man-Scheska??? Frog and Toad? T.A.: Great Big Cookie (Song) *see handout Five Little Chocolate Chips (Song/Action) *see handout Make Cookies (Song/Action/Fingerplay) *see handout Gingerbread (Song) *see handout Story Telling: Gingerbread felt story or story telling Frog and Toad storytelling Crafts: Gingerbread People (moveable arms and legs) Make your own cookie person (paper plate, goggle eyes, accordian paper strips, etc) Games/Activities: Dramatics for Gingerbread story Retell story with new characters Food trivia game (repeat each week with new theme) cookie fact??? Need some Weekly food theme handouts (puzzles, crosswords, mix up words, etc.) teams? Info: -The brownie was invented in Chicago in 1893 by the chef of the Palmer House Hotel at the request of Mrs. Bertha Palmer. The ladies attending the Columbian Exposition needed something they could eat with their hands without getting them dirty, you see... - In 1995 16 billion Oreo cookies were made at Nabisco.


Other: Nabisco is world’s largest cookie and cracker factory (in Chicago). In 1995 16 billion Oreo cookies were made there. Name Tags- Cookie shape (Oreo) Take Home Sheet-Brownie recipe


How to Eat Candy, Chicago Style! Chicago-Candy Capital of the World
Books: Little Pea-Rosenthal Oh, Ducky! A Chocolate Calamity-Slonim Stega Nona Takes a Vacation-dePaola Curious George Goes to a Chocolate Factory-Rey The Candy Store Man-London If I Owned a Candy Factory-Stevenson Hansel & Gretel-Lesser, Zelinsky, Marshall How Sweet it is (& Was) The History of Candy -Freeman (NF) Does Candy Grow on Trees?-Rice (NF) All Hallows Eve: The Story of the Halloween Fairy Arnie, the Doughnut Boo! Candy Counting: Delicious Ways to Add and Subtract Cookie Count Gingerbread Baby Harriet's Halloween Candy How Raggedy Ann Got Her Candy Heart Lilly's Chocolate Heart Trick or Treat? Birthday for Frances Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chocolatina How Spider Saved Valentine's Day Legend of the Candy Cane Owen's Marshmallow Chick Somebody loves You, Mr. Hatch The Lemon Drop Jar Gumboot’s Chocolatey Day-Inkpen Cocoa Beans and Daisies-Allamand But No Candy-Houston The King Who Loved Candy-Hughes Gumdrop and the Great Sausage Caper-Biro? My Father’s Dragon-Gannett T.A.: If you Like Candy and You Know It… (Song) *see handout SRP binder Let’s Go to The Marshall Fields… /Macy’s now/ (Chant/Action) *see handout SRP binder 5 Little Chocolate Chips (Finger Play/Action/Felt) *see handout SRP binder (see below) Candy (Poem) *see handout SRP binder Sticky Lollipops (Finger Play/Felt) *see handout (see below) Stick of Candy (Song/Chant) *see handout Story Telling: 5 Little Chocolate Chips (Finger Play/Action/Felt) *see handout SRP binder Sticky Lollipops (Finger Play/Felt) *see handout Storytelling about history of chocolate-Aztecs, Spanish, etc. *see handout Chocolate–like B-i-n-g-o (Song/Felt) *see handout Crafts: Make cotton candy or decorate lollipop (paper, markers, cotton balls, cone, etc.) *see handout SRP binder Pixy Stix sand art (pixy stix ? 5x3 or 4 colors each-colors, glass jars) *see handout SRP binder Part favor “Crackers” -decorated tube with candy inside (tubes, tissue paper, ribbon, glue, candy) *see handout Candy necklace (twine or ribbon, packaged candy pieces) *see handout


Games/Activities: Making rock candy (takes a week, make before? Demo with take home sheet) Candy toss (buckets, wrapped candy or ball-like carnival games, win candy) *see SRP binder Candy bar story game (find names in story) *see handout Candy Tic-Tac-Toe (edible-licorice, other hard candy small pieces) *see handout SRP binder Food trivia game (repeat each week with new theme) Chocolate Facts *see handout Weekly food theme handouts (puzzles, crosswords, mix up words, etc.) teams? Info: -Chicago has been the home of many famous candy manufacturers, some are still here today. -Blommer (North America's largest producer of raw chocolate), Frango Mints, Primrose, Fannie May, Brach's, Wrigley Co., Ferrara Pan Candy Co., Tootsie Roll (still headquartered in the area), Some of the names that made Chicago the chocolate and candy capital of the nation. But among those companies, only Blommer (Primrose?) is still producing in Chicago. -Mars Inc. still produces Milky Way, Snickers, Three Musketeer bars and others. -Chicago was the birthplace of some of the nation's most popular candy bars. Many were invented or once made here. "Jelly Bellies," "Milk Duds," "Cracker Jacks," the "Oh Henry" bar, "Chuckles," "The Dove Bar," "Turtles," and "Pixies". -Small local stores in Chicago; Chicago Chocolate Co, Margie's Candies -Chicago was a natural hub for the chocolate and candy industry, European immigrants skilled in the trade came here -Brach's (German immigrants in 1904), and Ferrara Pan (Italian immigrant in 1908). Proximity to railroads and the Great Lakes made for easy transport of raw materials and finished products, and before refrigeration the long winters meant a longer producing season than in other parts of the country. A lot of the candy companies came here at the turn of the century because the air was very cool and dry. There was not any air conditioning & chocolate melts at about 78 degrees Fahrenheit. And it was also great crossroads for all the fresh ingredients they needed. The milk from the Midwest and the corn and the corn syrup, and the sugar cane. So, Chicago was the perfect place to have your company." - As many as 40,000 different candy bars appeared on the scene after WWI. Other: Talk @ history of chocolate, gum, candy, Worlds Fair, and companies in Chicago. Candy Capitol. Chicago once had the largest concentration of candy companies in America (still? Headquarters) Home to over 100 candy companies, ranging from the local mom and pop retail stores to large international confectionery manufacturers. Holloway (Milk Duds), Mars (Mars bar , Baby Ruth, Snickers, Three Muskateers), Tootsie roll, Peerless (starlight mints), Fannie May, Brach’s, Wrigley, Frago mints, Ferrara Pan Candy (Lemon heads, Red hots, Jaw breakers, Gummies etc.) Name Tags-Candy (wrapped or lollipop) Take Home Sheet-Make rock candy, nutrition sheet, candy game websites *see handouts


How to Eat a Sandwich, Chicago Style! Italian beef, delis, picnic sandwiches and more
Books: The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog-Willems The Hallo-Weiner-Pilkey Tony’s Bread-dePaola The Rinky-Dink Café-Davis The Rats Who Lived in the Delicatessan-Berson The Sleeping Bread-Czernecki Everybody Bakes Bread-Dooley Today is Monday-Carle Fifty Million Sausages-Benedictus Pickles to Pittsburg-Barrett Pickle Things-Brown Gumdrop and the Great Sausage Caper-Biro? WORLD FAMOUS MURIEL AND THE MAGIC MYSTERY-Alexander, Sue PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY- Westcott, Nadine BREAKFAST BY MOLLY- Radlauer, Ruth GIANT JAM SANDWICH- Lord, John Vernon YUMMY LUNCH- Mayer, Mercer T.A.: Found a Peanut (song) Take me out to the Ball Game (Song) *see handout SRP binder Oh, I Wish I were an Oscar Meier Weiner (Song) *see handout SRP binder 5 Little Hot Dogs (Finger Play/Action) felt or hands *see handout SRP binder One Little Hot Dog (Song) *see handout SRP binder Story Telling: 5 Little Hot Dogs (felt or fingerplay) *see handout SRP binder The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog-Willems (felt, puppets, story) Crafts: City scene *see paper book Neighborhoods, Immigration *Chicago map, Maxwell street vendors Make up your own original sandwich-make a ad for it (see poster samples) logo, slogan Games/Activities: Picnic Bingo Maxwell Street, food vendors-trading/buying activity (like furs) * CHM activity. Use $ prices from the time period Food trivia game (repeat each week with new theme) Weekly food theme handouts (puzzles, crosswords, mix up words, etc.) teams? Info: -An Italian beef sandwich consists of thin slices of beef served inside Italian bread or some other crusty bread (often soaked), which has been cut lengthwise and into individual portions topped off with sauteed green bell peppers, or hot Chicago-style "Giardiniera" peppers. -The usual story seems to be that this dish is known as "Italian beef" because the vendors who once sold it in the street were of Italian descent. - A Maxwell Street Polish consists of a grilled or deep-fried Polish sausage topped with grilled onions and mustard on a bun. The sandwich was first created by Jimmy Stefanovic, a Macedonian immigrant, who took over his aunt and uncle's hot-dog stand (now Jim's Original) in Chicago's Maxwell Street marketplace in 1939. The Maxwell Street Polish soon grew to be one of Chicago's most popular local dishes, along with the Chicago hot-dog. -Others famous Chicago sandwiches; pork chop sandwich, Other: Talk @ history-Maxwell Street, Immigration, sandwiches the lids like? Make one of the treats in Remy Charlip’s Peanut Butter Party, Tricycle Press, 1999. *handout Pics of sandwich posters *see handouts


Name Tags-Buildings Take Home Sheet-


How to Eat in My Neighborhood, Chicago Style! Chicago’s Chinatown
Books: Everybody Cooks Rice-Dooly Dim Sum for Everyone(Not food related) My Chinatown: One Year in Poems-Mak

The Squiggle-Schafer The Magical Monkey King: Mischief in Heaven-Jiang Cat and Rat: the Legend of the Chinese Zodiac-Young (NF) Yeh-Shen Asian Tales and Tellers-Spagnoli Ruby’s Wish-Bridges Sam and the Lucky Money-Chinn I Love you Like Crazy Cakes-Lewis Henry’s First Moon Birthday-Look Moonbeams, Dumplings & Dragonboats-Simonds (NF) Exploring Chinatown: A Child’s Guide to Chinese Culture (NF) Made in China: Ideas and Inventions from Ancient China (NF) A Thousand Peaks: Poems from China A suitcase of Seaweed, and other Poems-Wong The Song of Mu Lan-Lee Lon Po Po-Young T.A.:

The People in your Neighborhood (Song) modify to fit places/themes *see handout SRP binder
Story Telling: The Magic Paintbrush, or other traditional tale (shadow puppet show) *see handout Crafts: Calligraphy Banner (together or indiviual?) *see handouts Paper Cutting *see handouts Jacobs Ladder paper folding bracelet *see paper book Games/Activities: Chase the Dragon’s Tail Game *see handout The Magic Paintbrush, or other traditional tale (shadow puppet show/drama) *see handout Food trivia game (repeat each week with new theme) Weekly food theme handouts (puzzles, crosswords, mix up words, etc.) teams? Info: - Eight blocks comprise Chicago's Chinatown - Chinese immigrants did not start arriving in Chicago until the 1870s, after the completion of the transcontinental railroad. By 1970 (almost one hundred years after T. C. Moy settled in Chicago in 1878), our city had the fourth-largest Chinese population in America. Even though Chicago's Chinatown is a small enclave (consisting of eight blocks only), it's a very popular place for both Chicagoans and tourists to visit. Other: Talk @ history and compare to other cities? What foods do you like/see in Chinatown Other neighborhoods/foods Name Tags-Dragon, Pig (N.Y.) Ellison Take Home Sheet-Honeydew Bubble tea recipe *see handout


How to Eat in the Summer, Chicago Style! Hot! Hot! Hot! Ice Cream & Summer in Chicago
Books: Ice Cream-Cooper Hot Fudge-Howe Ice Cream Bear, It’s the Bear-Alborough Ice Cream for Rosie, The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch-Armitage Curious George…-Crook? Rey Ice Cream Cones for Sale-Elaine Greenstein (NF) The Kid Who Invented the Popsicle: And Other Surprising Stories About Inventions-Don L. Wulffson Frozen Desserts: The definitive guide to making ice creams, ices, sorbets, gelati, and…-Caroline Liddell, Robin Weir Ice Cream: Including Great Moments in Ice Cream History-Jules Older, Lyn Severance I'll Have What They're Having: Legendary Local Cuisine-Linda Stradley Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla: A History of American Ice Cream-Anne Cooper Funderburg Beyond the Ice Cream Cone: The Whole Scoop on Food at the 1904 World's Fair-Pamela J. Vaccaro Why Didn't I Think of That? Bizarre Origins of Ingenious Inventions We Couldn't…-Allyn Freeman, Bob Golden Frog and Toad? T.A.: Eighteen Flavors-Silverstein (Poem) *see handouts I Scream! (Poem) 5 Little Ice Cream Cones (Rhyme/Felt) *see handout Story Telling: Ice Cream rhyme (felt story) *see handout, have pieces Build an ice Cream Cone (felt poem) *see handout Frog and Toad storytelling Crafts: Make ice cream cone (paper or felt, pompoms) *see handout Hand print Ice cream cones (paper, paint, glue) *see handout Games/Activities: Picnic Bingo Ice cream scoop relay (make this up??? Stack “scoops”) team or individuals Food trivia game (repeat each week with new theme) Weekly food theme handouts (puzzles, crosswords, mix up words, etc.) teams? Info: -The U.S. produces more ice cream than any other country; about 13 quarts a year per capita. -It takes an average of 50 licks to polish off a single-scoop ice cream cone. -Brothers Frank and Charles Menches who, in 1885, were credited with inventing the hamburger in Hamburg, N.Y. also claim credit for Cracker Jack invention in 1893 and finally the ice cream cone in 1904. -About two-thirds (65 percent) prefer ice cream in a cup. More than one in four (28 percent) prefer ice cream in a cone. Seven percent were non-committal about cone or cup preference. -Origins of the Ice Cream Sundae - Version One - Evanston, Illinois In the midwestern parts of United States, laws were once passed that prohibited the selling of soda water on a Sunday. The town of Evanston, Illinois was one of the first towns to pass such a law around the year 1890. As an alternative on Sundays, local soda fountains started selling ice cream sodas minus the soda, which left only the ice cream and syrup. That became the recipe of what was to become know as the ice cream sundae. Other: Talk @ history of ice cream, popsicles, cones. Keebler (in Chicago) world’s largest ice cream cone factory National Ice Cream Day will be Sunday, July 15 - JULY IS NATIONAL ICE CREAM MONTH! In 1984, President Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday of the month as National Ice Cream Day. Name Tags-Ice Cream Cone, Sun (add toppings?) Take Home Sheet-Make your own Sundae ?


How to Eat Popcorn, Chicago Style! Cracker Jacks, Popcorn, Fairs, Baseball games
Books: Popcorn-Moran The Popcorn Book-Tomie de Paola. Popcorn-Frank Asch The Huckabuck family and how they raised popcorn in Nebraska and quit and came back-Carl Sandburg The popcorn dragon written by Jane Thayer; illustrated by Lisa McCue. The Biggest Popcorn Party Ever in Center County-Jane Hoober Peifer, Marilyn Peifer Nolte Corn - 140 recipies: roasted, creamed, simmered + more Olwen Woodier If You Take a Mouse to the Movies-Laura Joffe Numeroff Popcorn at the Palace-Emily Arnold McCully Popcorn Magic-Phylliss Adams, Virginia Johnson Popcorn Plants-Kathleen V. Kudlinski Popped Culture: A Social History of Popcorn in America Andrew F. Smith Science Fun With Peanuts and Popcorn Rose Wyler The Popcorn Shop Alice Low The Popcorn Tree Carolyn Mamchur, Laurie McGaw (Illustrator) What Makes Popcorn Pop? Dave Woodside Atheneum Publications 1980 Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Corn Popper Not Now, Said the Cow- Demarest, Chris. Pop Corn and Ma Goodness-Preston, Edna Mitchell Stella and Roy- Wolff, Ashley Popcorn Shop Popcorn! T.A.: (many!) Take me out to the Ball Game (Song) *see handout SRP binder I’m a Little Popcorn Kernel (Song/Action) *see handout SRP binder and handouts Popcorn (Chant/Action/Fingerplay) several by this name *see handout SRP binder and handouts Popcorn Sizzlin’ *see handouts I’m a Little Popcorn (Song) *see handouts Story Telling: 5 Little Hot Dogs (felt or fingerplay) *see handout SRP binder How Corn Grows (felt activity) *see handouts Popcorn folklore -why it pops (storytelling) Native American, others *see handouts Crafts: Popcorn art- seed mosaic, or popped collage (popcorn or (colored) kernels, paper) Popcorn apple blossom tree, clouds, flowers (popcorn, sticks, glue, paper) *see handouts Popcorn vendor-at a baseball game? Fair? (make hat, button, vest, cart, box, etc.) Games/Activities: Drama-Popcorn vendor-at a baseball game? Fair? (use props from above) Popping bubble wrap Activity sheets from web (word search, etc) *see handouts Food trivia game (repeat each week with new theme) Weekly food theme handouts (puzzles, crosswords, mix up words, etc.) teams? 5 senses *see handout Taste test (flavors, blindfold) Relay race (teams?) move popped corn, one piece at a time, using a spoon and walking across the room without the popcorn falling off. This is more difficult than it sounds! *see handout Kids all hold onto a sheet, and toss popcorn on the sheet. The kids all toss the popcorn up in the air by moving the sheet


Info: -Cracker Jack is a brand of snack consisting of caramel-coated popcorn and peanuts. - July 5th is Cracker Jack Day. -Frederick William Rueckheim and his brother, Louis, mass produce Cracker Jack and sell it at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893. It was a mixture of popcorn, molasses, and peanuts and was called "Candied Popcorn and Peanuts". -Popcorn is the official Illinois state snack -Americans consume 17 billion quarts of popped popcorn annually or 54 quarts per man, woman and child. It is one of the most wholesome and economical foods available. - Major popcorn producing states are Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska and Ohio. Other: Talk @ history and facts of popcorn and Cracker Jacks. Why does it pop? Book. State snack. Fair firsts Talk about snacks you get at a fair and at a baseball game. *Also, check out two books by Carolyn Feller Bauer: Read For the Fun of It, which has a popcorn magic trick on page 309, and This Way To Books, which describes Popcorn Day on page 95. Science Fun With Peanuts and Popcorn by Rose Wyler, which has lots of ideas and activities, including riddles and tongue-twisters. Also look at Tomie DePaola's The Popcorn Book for a brief, clear explanation of why popcorn pops. Name Tags-Popcorn bucket, fair image, or baseball Take Home Sheet-Activity sheets *see handout


MISC. FOOD BOOKS: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs-Barrett Chato’s Kitchen-Soto Beast Feast-Florian (Poems) ? Where the Sidewalk Ends-Silverstein (Poems) ? It’s Disgusting-and We Ate It!-Solheim


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