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									                                                           Hospitality by Design

Grade            Career                 Lesson Plan
Level:           Preparation             Timeframe:   2-3 weeks                          Topic:    Hospitality systems                       State   IA
By:              Carolee Fogg Mordi                                           Chapter/School:      Middleton High School

Overview & Purpose                                                                                 FCCLA National Program(s)

Students will research and design a hospitality system.                                            Leaders at Work

                                                                                                   Programs of study
National FACS Standards                                                                            All FCS courses
1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 6.0 13.0

Lesson Plan Goals &                       Students will develop the framework for a hospitality system.
Objectives                                Students will research and compile information on the different aspects of a hospitality system.
(Specify skills/information that will     Students will present their hospitality system to the class.
be learned.)

Materials Needed                             Paper
                                             Pencil
                                             Computer with internet
                                             Project guidelines
                                             Other materials as needed
Introduction of Subject                   Discuss components of a hospitality system.
Anticipatory set
(Give and/or demonstrate necessary
HOSPITALITY BY DESIGN                                                                                                                   Page 2

 Activity 1                               Have students design a Hospitality System using the Project guidelines.
 (Describe the independent activity to
 reinforce this lesson)

 Activity 2                               Have students present their oral reports.
 (Describe the independent activity to
 reinforce this lesson)

 Activity 3
 (Describe the independent activity to
 reinforce this lesson)

 Assessment                               Written Projects
                                          Oral presentation

 Summary/Evaluation                       Write a paragraph about the feasibility of your system in your current town. Would it work?
 (Assign Homework, or Reflect on
 the Outcomes)

 Other Resources                          (e.g. Web, books, etc.)

 Additional Notes                         Easy to turn this into an entrepreneurship STAR Event.

 Source                                   National Spotlight Project
 (If Applicable : cite any published or
 copyrighted materials used in this
 lesson plan)

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