Making Quality Use of the Basement

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					Making Quality Use of the Basement
Far too many basements in Northern VA go unused as baron, unfinished, musky, dark, and damp
hinterlands of the home only ventured into to find the Christmas decorations and the occasional
forgotten gardening tool. But this space can be transformed into quality and useful square footage of
the home with a practical basement remodeling in Northern VA.

Remodeling Your Basement
Basement remodeling in Northern VA should be done by professional contractors who will be able to
execute the homeowner’s plans for the basement with exactness, quality, and craftsmanship.
Professional contractors who specialize in home remodeling and basement remodeling will also be able
to provide the homeowner with tips and suggestions of how to effectively use the area available within
                                  the basement.

                                   Some ideas for homeowners to consider when deciding how to
                                   improve their basement with a remodel will be discussed in the
                                   following paragraphs. It should be remembered, however, that a
                                   person’s home is their own and this means that the final decision of
                                   what should and should not be included in the basement remodel
                                   will be entirely up to the homeowner themselves.

                                    One of the first things to consider when planning a basement
remodel is how to effectively use the space available. This will largely depend upon the needs or desires
of the homeowner but a few general ideas for how to use the space in basement have been found
beneficial by many.

Uses of a Basement
One idea used by many homeowners is to transform the basement into a workable family area.
Incorporating an entertainment system, game tables, and furniture can easily change the downstairs
basement into a place where large groups can gather and recreate.

If this is the choice of the homeowner, the basement remodel
should be treated as if the room were on the main level of the
home with comfortable lighting, design, furniture and a pleasant

Another basement remodeling idea would be to use the space
for an extra bedroom and bath.

Placing a bed and bath in the basement will increase the capacity of the home if that need is present
due to a growing family or it can be equally used as a guest bed and bath for visiting company. One
more idea for how to remodel a basement would be to use the space to create an improved kitchen or
laundry room.
Doing this will allow for the current kitchen area to be used in another way or to have a smaller kitchen
preparation area for hosting parties or other functions. Whatever the main purpose of the basement
remodel is, there are a few things to always include.

Because it is a basement, the homeowner will need to plan on including additional lighting to chase
away the dungeon feeling that accompanies most basements. Planning in windows and doors where
possible will also help with opening this space to a more comfortable ambiance.

Basement remodeling in Northern VA, like in most other areas, will greatly add to the value of the home
while simultaneously creating a usable and practical space for the family and homeowner.

Description: Have an unfinished basement and are having a hard time deciding what to do with it? This article should help.