Underwater Rainforest by uA1asz



                                       Underwater Rainforest

        “Good Morning, Acacia, how was dreamland?” asked Acacia’s annoying brother, Drake.

        “Ha! Not funny! You’re just jealous of my imagination,” Acacia said, but she wasn’t

mad. As a matter of fact, she was used to it; she had to be. He was in charge. “I forgive you,”

Acacia said honestly.

        “I never asked for it,” said Drake rudely.

        “I know…..but I love you,” Acacia explained more as she got a plate and loaded it with


        “That’s gross, don’t ever say it again,” Drake said as he pretended to gag.

        As she walked out the door to go eat outside, she whispered, “I’ll always love you.”

Suddenly, she felt the warmth of the sand beneath her feet and the mist of saltwater in her face.

She sighed and calmly said, “If home is where the heart is, this is my home.”

        Acacia walked peacefully down the long, rickety dock and sat down at the end. She

dipped her feet in the warm water. Something had changed. As she ate her breakfast she thought

about how she loved fish but most of all, coral. The winding designs inspired her and made her

think in new ways. She lingered on these thoughts while she ate, then began to think about the

influence of her parents. They had always told her to chase her dreams, and she always had. She

thought about how her dad made her laugh when he said coral reefs die mostly because of stress.

She later found out that it was possible. She felt the urge to jump into the coral filled saltwater

she called home. When she finished breakfast she ran to the shore, grabbed the fish food, and

submerged herself. This was her getaway, she was free here. As she swam, she thought about

how she knew her brother cared, he just didn’t show it. She was and always had been the grace-

giver in the family. He didn’t have good control of his anger. That was his problem. She had

never done anything bad before her parents passed away, so he guessed that she wouldn’t cause

any trouble after they were gone. He was right, but he caused more trouble than both of them

could, combined! Many times she would spend days, weeks and sometimes months alone while

he did his time in the shiny silver prison in the city. She would have the robots cook, shop online

and carry on with everything they normally did. She was ripped from her thoughts so suddenly it

almost hurt. Her eyes had fallen upon a whole school of dead fish, and her face began to sting

when she saw why. The fish had been tangled up in the trash she saw her brother “take out” last

night. He had been working on fixing the trash compactor robot, but the amount of trash they

had was out of control. She swam back to shore and bounded up the stairs to her dwelling pod


        “How could you, Drake?!” She said, now angry with her brother for the first time.

        “How could I what?” He said innocently.

        “I know you, but I guess I never thought you would do that!” At this point Acacia was

nearly yelling.

        “Hey, Hey, what happened to the, I’ll always love you,” Drake said, letting his lips curl

into a smile.

        “Oh, you heard that?” Acacia said, she was embarrassed, “I have to go,” and that was it,

she was gone in a blink of an eye.

       “Acacia! Wait! Please, Acacia!” Her brother pleaded as she ran down the street.

Suddenly, she turned around and stopped running. She stopped only because she wanted to see

the soft side of her brother. “Thank you,” Drake said, hands on knees, panting.

       “What do you want? I’m guessing it’s something like, ‘Oh, I don’t want to get in trouble,

or I don’t think anyone would forgive me if you ran away.’ I have feelings too, you know!”

Acacia was also out of breath, so she led him over to a rock on the side of the road.

       “Please listen, and let me finish,” Acacia nodded her head as Drake said this. “I-I love

you too. I know I don’t show it sometimes, but you’re just so nice, I feel like every time I talk to

you I will look like I’m not trying. Do you want to know what really happened, Acacia?”


       “Whatever, I’m going to tell you anyway. Last night when I took out the trash, I saw a

big white thing floating by the dock. I walked over with the trash in my hand, to see what had

happened, and all I found was a lot of dead coral. It was white. I wasn’t sure at first what it was,

so I set the trash down, braced myself and looked in the water. There was a random gust of

wind, and it blew some of the trash into the water. I would’ve gotten it, really! I just

remembered how dad had tried to teach me to swim. If he hadn’t been there I would have

drowned. I certainly didn’t want to jump to my death and more importantly, I didn’t want you to

have to be here alone, all of the time. I’m sorry, Acacia, I know how much that meant to you,

but I was scared. So anyway, I didn’t tell you because I thought maybe you would just think the

hovercraft trash pick-up had dropped something. I think the reason your fish died was because

they didn’t have the protection of the coral. I’m sorry; I’m not good under pressure. So, how

about going to see why your coral is dying?” Acacia agreed, so they ran back to the beach, and

Acacia jumped in the water.

       Later she returned to the surface holding some white coral. She explained to Drake that a

few days ago she had seen this same coral. It had a little white dot on its hot pink surface; at the

time she thought it had just been a shadow. This whole thing was a mystery to them. They went

inside together and researched “Coral Illnesses” on www.googlegold.com/2050. A picture

popped up of the exact same type of coral. They were amazed that the title at the top said:

“Coral Bleaching Due to Recently Confirmed Global Warming (Cause: deterioration of the

ozone layer).” They found out that the fish hadn’t died because of the trash; they had died

because of the Coral Bleaching. Over the course of one month, over five schools of fish died just

in Acacia’s reserved area of the Southern Pacific Ocean.

       One night Acacia woke up and remembered what her dad had told her to look up “Coral

Uses and Remedies” in the TechBook. She ran to the platform of the old hovercraft and

uncovered a spotless TechBook; it was as if it was winking in the moonlight. She powered it up

and logged on to her account. She remembered that it would answer any question known to man.

Instead of typing in what her father instructed her to, she typed in: What do corals eat? Her

answer was simple: “Plankton and sometimes small shrimp.” She knew she would need to find

the right type of plankton and shrimp because she knew that coral reefs are very sensitive.

Immediately, she got to work on a coral remedy. She planned out what it would include, how it

would be made, and even how it would be given to the coral. She finally decided it would consist

of zoo plankton, because it helps the coral eat, and other nutritional substances. It would be fed

to them at night, their eating time. Small amounts of antibiotics would be contained within the


                                    THREE MONTHS LATER

        “Drake! Drake! Come fast!” Acadia screamed from the new metallic silver dock.

        “Are you okay?” Drake called back as he ran down the genetically altered grass.

        “Yea, I’m fine, but look! Remember how I made that coral remedy that you promised

wouldn’t work?”

        “Yea, because it won’t,” Drake insisted.

        “Well, it just did! Look! See that piece of purple coral! I injected the medicine in it

yesterday! So, I was right!”

        “Wow, I can’t believe it! Congratulations! Let’s go sell your idea and buy a huge Living

Pod 10,000!” Drake was excited but obviously joking.

        “Ha! Ha! Nice! I have a better idea. Let’s sell my idea and save all the coral, but let’s stay

where we are. I like our pod…… It’s where my heart is,” Acacia finally realized where she


        Acacia sold her new technology to the Department of Interior in Brazil. The authorities

liked it so much that the remedy was put into production almost immediately after their meeting.

Acacia and her brother, with the help of their country, began saving coral around the world,

resulting in happy and healthy marine life and countless benefits to mankind.

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