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									Assignment 2– Word Processing, Mail Merge, Using Drawing/Picture Tools
(To submit in assignment 2: Submit written reflection and a screen shot inserted on
the page of the designed letterhead/mail merge letter and a second screen shot of the
address list. (Alt, PrintScrn).

1--Reflect on classroom integration ideas for word processing tools and PowerPoint.

2--Explore Office Button        ( Show Readability Statistics, turn on Developer tools)
3--Explore text, drawing and picture tools
  (drawing and picture formatting and tools; text wrapping, clearing Word formatting)
5--Design a ‘letterhead’ and add a mail merge letter.
4 -Create a directional handout with ‘Screen Shots’ as part of a brief ‘teach the class’
(an item from Word or Powerpoint or other program)
(ex: I’m making a math worksheet. How do I write fractions? How do I make the document default to
single space? What is the ‘reading level of the doc?
I want to personalize a letter to send to 20 people. How do I do a mail merge? Other ideas….._
As part of your written reflection, consider the impact of word processing on education.
Think about strategies to incorporate word processing into teaching and learning. What
are some of the functions of word processing software? How will you instruct your
students to use this software?

Think of integration ideas such as
- prewriting, outlining, drafting for easy editing;
- ability to share files for collaboration, reviewing and tracking features;
-creating a form; using the mail merge/database to create personalized correspondence;
-easy page numbering and adding headers/footers for formal papers;
-inserting pictures, clip art, shapes, smart art, to caption and collage, enhance documents
and presentations;
-hyperlinking to images, charts, diagrams, documents, spreadsheets, and web sites;
-saving documents in difference formats—PDF (Adobe Portable Document File), a Web
Page, Rich Text (removes formatting codes; can be read in multiple word processing
Explore      Office Button (Word Options)
  Popular tab–Check ‘Show Developer Tab in Ribbon’
      (to add Visual Basic script; embed video in PowerPoint slides)

Proofing tab –Check ‘Show Readability
   Statistics’(Review, Spelling Grammar).
                                               How to set single space –
                                               Home tab, Paragraph group, click
                                               right corner arrow for menu and set
                                               spacing before and after to 0 pt and
                                               line spacing to single.

Mail Merge:
Open a new Word doc. Press ‘Enter’ to move the cursor down the page a couple inches.
Click ‘Insert’ Tab –Use Shapes, Clip Art, Text Box tools to design a ‘letterhead’ graphic.
 On this doc create a ‘mail merge’ using the
mail merge wizard –a short letter with a
designed ‘letterhead’; variable fields, address
list of 4 people.

Save the address file and the letter file.
Submit both files in Blackboard Assignments.

Mail Merge Wizard
Follow Steps 1-6.
Save address list and letter doc.
Submit in Blackboard Assignments.
Editing Images -
Double click on an image to show the Picture Tools

The ‘picture tool bar’ and ‘format picture’ in Microsoft Office may be used to change the
contrast, brightness, crop, rotate, text wrap, set transparency (or opacity) of an image.
Use the crop       tool and drag from the corners.

Screen Captures or Screen Shots
Take a picture of the computer screen—the active window or the entire desktop.
Uses: --include an image of a web page in a Word doc or a PowerPoint slide.
--creating a directional handout for using a software program; doing a web search…

Press “Alt, Print Screen” keys to snapshot the active (title in blue) window.
The image is held in the clipboard until pasted in another doc: Press Ctrl V.
Press “Print Screen” key to snapshot of the entire monitor screen.

Working with images in Word
Click on an image to see the Picture Tools Menu.
Experiment using the Picture Tools. Adjust the image, crop, change the style, shape,
border, effects.
Arrange images –bring to front, send to back.
Try taking a screen shot (Alt, Print Screen). Paste onto the page and crop to show just the
menu (as shown above).

Format the layer allowing the image to ‘wrap’.

             Image in-line of text (notice the box).

Format the image to be a movable object.
                  Format the image to be an object.
                  Right click on the selected image. Format, Layout, Tight, OK.
                  (Notice the corner clear boxes. The image acts as an object that may
                  be moved or layered.

                   Text created in a text box is an
                   object—able to move easily.

Arrows – Click arrow tool, + drag to draw. Right click on arrow to format the line color,
thickness, and end points (or use arrow style tool on drawing tool bar).

Design captions for photos and clip art using Autoshapes, Callouts

                                                             Happy St.
                                                             Patrick’s Day
     Insert, Shapes

Create a ‘grouped’ composite graphic using the Drawing Tool Bar. (Format
tab, Arrange, Group—appears for text box tools only)

                                            Towson University
                                           College of the middle.
                                               Stuck in
                                                  I’m in front.
                                             I’m in back.

Click on the rectangle or oval. Place the + cursor on the page, hold the mouse
button and drag to draw the shape. Right click on object and experiment with the
fill bucket, line thickness, transparency slide bar, shadows and 3-D icons.

Insert, Picture, Clip Art. Format to be an object, layer, group. (Ungroup the
image below. There are six separate objects).
                                           Resize an object--click on the object to
                                           select the drawing (see four corner
                                           handles). Hold down in the middle to
                                           drag the object; pull on a corner to resize
                                           it proportionally; pull on a side to
                                           enlarge the width or height.

                                           Create an illusion of depth and
                                           movement: Copy the image (Ctrl C) and paste
                                           (Ctrl V) several times. Drag the objects into
                                           place. Drag a corner to resize the object.

To change the opacity of an image                        –
 Double click on image, Picture tools, Adjust, Recolor. Choose washout, black/white,…

               Assignment 2_Word_Processing_PPT_Images.docx

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