Year 5 Term 4 2012 by o6C4A3


									             Year 5 Teachers
Mrs Crampton/Mrs White         Mr Boot
                          Term 4

• Science-Gases
• History- Ancient Greece
• Religious Education- Hinduism
• French
• DT-Biscuits
• ART- Talking textiles
                        Term 4

•   SEAL - Good to be me
•   Music - linked to water
•   Outdoor PE - invasion games
•   Indoor PE – dance - the Odyssey Story
•   ICT - linked to Biscuits and controlling devices
      P4C- means Philosophy for children

     "Regular practice in thinking and reasoning
    together has had an extraordinary impact on
  learning, on relationships and on mutual respect
        within and beyond the school gates."

P4C activities are a fantastic way for children to develop
their thinking, listening and speaking skills. It allows all
barriers to be taken away and children to speak freely
about their opinions. With this in mind, we can then work
on children’s literacy skills. This includes sentence
structure, choice of language and connectives.
              Let us have a go!!!
Think about the use of connectives
when you are giving your reasons
   See the object- In this, an everyday object is placed in
    the middle of a circle of children and everybody in turn
    given an opportunity to ask the object a question.

   Random words: This time, again working in a circle,
  each child says a word which must be unconnected to
  the last word spoken. If someone thinks there is a
  connection between the words they call out 'challenge!'
  and must explain the link.
For example- TREE- CRISPS- trees grow, potatoes
  grow and crisps are made from them.
    Discussion outside the classroom-
     ideas that you can do with your

   If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there, does it
    make a sound?
   If a squirrel falls from a tree, should you pick him up?
   If a tree falls on a squirrel, is it bad luck?
   If a tree falls on you while you are picking up the
    squirrel, is it a tragedy?
                   Who’s better?

   Are   dogs better than cats?
   Are   dolphins better than sharks?
   Are   cats better than dolphins?
   Are   sharks better than dogs?
   Are   children better than adults?
Is there anything
     we can
 help you with?

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