Boston Massacre by H8469Q5


									                         Boston Massacre
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                           on the Boston Massacre

A timeline of the whole revolutionary war with links to additional information
on each event

Maps of Revolutionary Boston (Primary Sources)

A good resource on the revolution with specific pages on the Boston
Massacre, timelines, and the people associated with these events.

A timeline with brief explanations of the major events leading up to the
Boston Massacre

PBS website with African American view of Boston Massacre

a brief but informative summary of events.

a game where you become a secret agent and examine primary sources to
investigate what really happened at the Boston Massacre

A brief comic strip on the massacre with links to some additional
A more detailed explanation of events with some links to additional
information. Part of the American Revolution Home Page, which has
information on many parts of the war.

A brief biography of Crispus Attucks who was killed during the massacre

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